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Dirty Mouth

Characters : Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose, its more Mox era though) x OC/Reader

Summary: OC gets turned on by how Mox treats her in the ring. She goes to find him in the locker room. Fun happens.

Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Choking, Blood, Swearing, Dirty Talk, Unprotected Sex.

Do let me know if you wanna be tagged in any of my fics (:  Please please please let me know what you think!

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anonymous asked:

What are your motivations behind the injections? Aside from the aesthetic changes to your penis and scrotum, what are the benefits? Does it make you feel more confident about yourself? I know it's not mine to understand as it's your thing but I'm trying to wrap my head around why you would do something so drastic.

This is another question I’ve had trouble answering succinctly, but this is a good opportunity to figure out a good way to do it. Forgive me if it’s not too cohesive.

To this day, I still can not tell you why I like what I like, and I don’t know that I ever will be able to. Regardless, it’s undeniable that I crave size and masculinity. Not a controversial position of course - it’s popular opinion that a guy with muscles is more attractive than not, a beer gut (while not mainstream attractive) is considered pretty manly, and of course everyone would like a bigger dick.

But for whatever reason, that’s never been enough for me. From day one, I found myself unsatisfied with what most people considered “big.” It’s not an accident that I found GReg’s videos in my early days, I sought them out. I wanted to see the biggest muscles, the fattest bodies and the biggest dicks. I was never satisfied, and a big reason I started drawing - no one even drew the sizes I wanted to see.

To me, it’s not enough to have muscles. I dream of being overburdened with mass; grotesquely huge, with arms so thick I could touch the peak of my own bicep, a chest swollen and protruding several feet forward, all muscles nearly useless from their own limited range of motion.

To me, it’s not enough to be fat. I dream of being on the cusp of immobility; forced to take slow, plodding, and thunderous steps wherever I go, constantly out of breath, limited in every way by the fat that envelops my entire body.

To me, it’s not enough to have a big dick. I dream of a package so big I could barely walk; with a shaft as thick as a can of paint, and balls so big and pendulous they hang down to my knees like beach balls.

That’s the common thread - excessive size. Overwhelming, impractical size. Size that is limiting and burdensome. Size turned up to 11. What nearly everyone would turn their nose up in disgust at, and declare stupid and “too big,” that’s what I like, and that’s what I want to be.

That’s where silicone ticks all the right boxes. It’s appealing because it’s freaky and unnatural-looking. Because it’s all thickness and no length in your shaft, you quickly look overinflated, and eventually engulf your own head with thickness. It’s the perfect combination of size and freakiness beyond the point of practicality. It’s unappealing to most people, but that’s exactly how I like it.

I know I’ll never live the dreams I have of the extreme sizes mentioned above (which is why I end up drawing it instead). Some men are capable of achieving pretty extreme sizes, but I know my genetic and (especially when it comes to silicone) practical limits. Still, I intend to come as close as I can.

Every time my bulge grows, I feel a little closer to my goal. Every pound I gain, every inch of new mass I measure, I feel more like the “me” I dream about. It does make me more confident in myself, not because I want everyone to envy me—quite the contrary, I want them to find me excessive and weird—but rather because I feel more comfortable in my own body. It feels right.

It’s a bit embarrassing to write out like this, because it seems shallow (and probably not all that unique of a mentality, from what I’m learning from you all), but it’s a part of me that I cannot deny. Growing in any way gives me immense fulfillment and satisfaction, and in the end that’s why I do this.

5 Times Alex learns something about Maggie.

Okay guys, so, this is my first fanfiction ever. I wanted to post one for a really long time but never had the courage or time to do it, university takes up a lot of my time and energy. English is not my first language and I don’t have a beta. Anyway…here it is…Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!


Maggie has siblings.

Alex was not stupid.

She was an agent and she was trained to analyse the body language, so she came to understand- in the few months she had known Maggie- that talking about her family wasn’t something that her girlfriend did easily, if at all.

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20 Questions for Ed Sheeran, January 25, 2017.
  • Interviewer: What's the most exciting thing in life right now?
  • Ed: Uh, the new album. Coming out third of March.
  • Interviewer: What are you completely tired of right now?
  • Ed: Uhh... I dunno. Walking Dead. I can't seem to get into it. I'm on season four and it's just, I haven't-
  • Interviewer: I'm there as well! Which episode are you on right now?
  • Ed: I'm on like episode five? They're all ill and they're coughing up blood, and-
  • Interviewer: Oh, yeah. It gets better though. Keep on watching it bro.
  • Ed: See, everyone's been saying that, but I've watched like sixty episodes now, and I'm like, I can't quite... so yeah, I'm trying to get through it.
  • Interviewer: What song took you the least amount of time to write?
  • Ed: Thinking Out Loud.
  • Interviewer: What's the first thing that you do when you get an idea for a song?
  • Ed: Uhh, I shut the doors and go away from people.
  • Interviewer: If you could teach one subject at a school, what would it be?
  • Ed: Music. I'm actually going back to teach music at my old school soon.
  • Interviewer: Beautiful, I like that. Did you ever have detention during growing up and going to school?
  • Ed: 'Course, all the time.
  • Interviewer: All the time? Every day?
  • Ed: All the time.
  • Interviewer: What's your favorite drink?
  • Ed: Uhhh... beer. Ale. Like ale. Good, good English ale. Does Finland do good ale?
  • Interviewer: I don't know about that. Not so good. It's okay, but I think it's better in England.
  • Ed: Yeah. You can't drink too much of it though 'cause it's so heavy, it just, I just fall asleep. So I have three and I fall asleep. But the first one is like... glorious.
  • Interviewer: What's your favorite food?
  • Ed: ...Fish and chips? I reckon. Fish and chips. If you give me a fish and chips and an ale, pfft, game over. That's my day.
  • Interviewer: That's perfect. That's heaven. What's one thing you need to have in your fridge always? No matter what-
  • Ed: Ketchup.
  • Interviewer: Ketchup? With fish and chips.
  • Ed: I've actually refused to eat fish and chips when there wasn't any ketchup. I just think it's a travesty.
  • Interviewer: I get that. What's your favorite movie of all time?
  • Ed: Goodfellas.
  • Interviewer: Oh that's a good one. Classic. Favorite TV show?
  • Ed: A show called Love/Hate actually. It's an Irish TV show, like Gangland Dublin. It's amazing.
  • Interviewer: What's the funniest thing you've ever read about yourself on the internet?
  • Ed: That I introduced Adele and her husband Simon. Um, 'cause I do - I now - know them, but like when that came out I, well I'd met Adele, but I'd never met Simon. So I don't know how I could've introduced them.
  • Interviewer: Would you love to work with Adele?
  • Ed: Yeah. I don't think anyone's going to work with Adele. I think Adele kind of doesn't want to work with anyone. I think she does her own thing. So yeah, I think I'd say yes but I don't think it would ever happen.
  • Interviewer: What's the best way to relax for Ed Sheeran?
  • Ed: Sleep. Always a good way, yeah.
  • Interviewer: That's what I do as well. Name one thing you can't live without.
  • Ed: Um. My cats.
  • Interviewer: How many cats do you have?
  • Ed: Two. And they're GREAT.
  • Interviewer: Are you thinking about getting a third one?
  • Ed: I think it'd be unfair. They're sisters, so if you add another cat into the mix it might get weird.
  • Interviewer: What scares you the most?
  • Ed: Uh, heights. Yeah.
  • Interviewer: Me too, I'm afraid of heights. Have you ever done a bungee jump?
  • Ed: I did, yeah. I hated it. Have you done it?
  • Interviewer: Really, you did it?! So you've probably beat that then.
  • Ed: No, no it's made it even worse. Even worse, yeah. Never do it.
  • Interviewer: Really? Okay, I'm not gonna do it then. Thanks for the tip man.
  • Ed: Oh god, I'm just remembering falling down that, like oh god, it was horrible.
  • Interviewer: What was your first job?
  • Ed: My first job, I worked in a pub. I washed, I did the washing up in a pub.
  • Interviewer: If you could travel to any place in the whole world, where would you go?
  • Ed: ...Iceland. Iceland again. I love, I love, I love Iceland.
  • Interviewer: So you've been there, like-?
  • Ed: Once. But it was one of the best places I've ever been to.
  • Interviewer: Have you ever been to Finland?
  • Ed: Yeah. I've been to Finland, yeah. I think I played a small show in Finland once.
  • Interviewer: If you were in a boyband, what would the band's name be?
  • Ed: Wrong Direction.
  • Interviewer: [Laughs] Wrong Direction, I love that. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
  • Ed: Always be nice to people.
  • Interviewer: That's cool. It works out every time. If you could work with any artist in the world, who would it be?
  • Ed: Beyonce. Beyonce. I have worked with her before, but not on an original song.
  • Interviewer: Could you name three things that make you happy right now? This Wednesday.
  • Ed: Uh, my cats. Pictures of my cats. And hearing about my cats. I like my cats. Three things.
  • Interviewer: [Laughs] What's the biggest no-no purchase you've ever bought?
  • Ed: No-no? Astin Martin. Astin Martin, yeah. I only drove it a couple of times.
  • Interviewer: Really?! How much was it?
  • Ed: It wasn't cheap. I feel like, I felt... I got it, and I felt cool. And then I felt like an idiot. I don't think sports cars are for me.
  • Interviewer: Do you still have it?
  • Ed: I do still have it, yeah. I let my manager's wife drive it. She uses it.

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Prompt #4. “Is that my shirt?” - Young Sully and Marlowe. Please?

[i hope this is alright! I’ve never done this ship before, and honestly never written Marlowe in a fic so hopefully it’s not too ooc!]

Victor Sullivan was usually better with the ladies. Spilling a drink on his lady was not what he’d had in mind for his one date opportunity, but here they were. By chance, Katherine Marlowe had arrived in the city the night before his flight out, and had been in the bar below his motel room when he’d come down for a drink.

Now he was sitting alone at the table while she searched upstairs for a new shirt; her blouse soiled from an enthusiastic swing of his beer after one of his jokes. She had been extraordinarily unimpressed, and he worried what the mood of the night would be on her return. He suspected that the ruined item had been worth more than his motel room.

When his panic had reached nearly its maximum, the sound of a door opening alerted Victor to Marlowe’s return. Still dressed in her slim black slacks, she was now sporting a rather flamboyant pattern button-up that was a good few sizes too large. She was also sporting a very disgusted expression on her face.

“Is that my shirt?” Victor said, an eyebrow raised. Kate wearing one of his shirts willingly was one of the last sights he thought he would see. Then again, willingly was probably the incorrect word to use.

She lowered her gaze at him. “I think I should be asking if this is your shirt - you look like a street merchant!”

Victor gaped in protest.

“Well excuse me, darling, but I actually like my sense of style! You didn’t have to put on the shirt.”

“I disagree - every shirt in your wardrobe is an abomination. I had no choice.”

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can you please do some laurens x thomas??? it's a severely underrated ship and there's so many possibilities,, like thomas being SUPER possessive / overprotective of john omg i love that

I haven’t seen too much of this ship…LET’S GET TO IT MY LOVLIES! What’s a good ship name? Jomas? Thohn? Lomas? Thaurens? 


Thomas growled under his breath, eyes narrowing dangerously at the man drunkenly flirting with John. James was sipping his drink, looking between Thomas and John, mixed emotions going over his face. 

“You know,” James spoke up, “You could always just, go over there?”

Thomas downed the rest of his beer, making James jump at the rough slam. “No no, John’s a big boy. He doesn’t like when I get too possessive,” James rolled his eyes, “Besides it’s not like - “

The man’s hand had clamped down on the upper of John’s thigh, and the freckled man was clearly uncomfortable. He was all but trapped back into the bar stool, uncomfortable grimace set on his face. 

The man leaned in, John leaned back, but he still got close to his face, whispering something in his ear.

“Oh hell no!” James caught the beer bottle before it fell, watching as Thomas all but stormed over to his boyfriend.

“Hey baby boy,” His southern accent drawled out stronger, arms wrapping around John’s slender shoulders.

John turned quicker than ever, and Thomas leaned down, lips soft but firm as he deeped the kiss. He pulled back, smug looking smirk at John’s flushed face.

“Hi there, I’m Thomas Jefferson, one of the top lawyers in all of America and on top ten for some in Europe, also used to be on the football team in High School and College. Perhaps you’ve heard of me?”

The man was wearing a UVA jersey, the college Thomas went to (and his family helped found) and the guy looked almost star struck.

“Dude holy shit! You’re a legend at our school! Thomas Jefferson number forty three!”

Thomas grinned, “Oh so you a fan?”

“Dude hell yeah! Man - you’re like, an inspiration! Every big game with nationals coach still plays one of your speeches!”

“Oh cool,” What the hell? “So I assume you also know how strong I am yeah?”

“Dude even if you hadn’t played football - shit man you’re ripped!”

John raised an eyebrow, confusion as to where this was going. Thomas let out a fake laugh. “Oh thanks, so here’s a thing.” He clapped his hands together sarcastically.

He reached a hand out, gripping the man’s shirt in his fists, pulling the shorter man close to his face. “Listen here, you arrogant prick. The guy you were flirting with - quite clearly is mine. You know about me good. You know I can knock a grown man three times my height and weight out without breaking a sweat imagine what I could do to a piece of shit your size. Lay another hand on me, and you’ll end up in the hospital, being sued for every damn thing you own.”

He let go of his shirt, patting the wrinkled out. He sent one of his dazzling smiles. “So we good?”

The man was shaking, hands gripping at his shirt as he backed up. “Y-Yeah man! I-I’m sorry bro! I-I’ll go I - I.” He ran off, and Thomas smirked. If he were a dog the damn thing would have run off with his tail between his legs and piss dripping down them.

John tried to hide his amusement with a pout. “You didn’t have to do that, I had it under control.”

Thomas kissed his cheek, leaning on John’s back. “I know baby boy, but he was touching what was mine and I do not share well.”

John rolled his eyes, “You talk of me as if I’m a possession of yours.”

“You are, a prize I hadn’t had to fight for, and prize better than any damn thing I’ve received in my life and I’ll be damned if anyone take you from me.”

John gulped, seeing the fire in Thomas’ eyes as he spoke, and he found himself speechless. Whenever Thomas got like this…

Tonight was going to be a fun night for sure…

she’s gonna save me (call me baby)

A very happy belated birthday to the amazing @superirishbreakfasttea! Tbh,  I wanted to write like 10k of this but had to restrain myself….

“Really?” Raina asks with a perfectly arched eyebrow. “You’re going to pick that one?”

“You told me I could pick whoever I wanted,” Daisy replies stubbornly, staring at the glossy headshots spread across the table.  It’s her fake boyfriend, after all. If she’s going to spend the next few months being photographed getting coffee and posing on the red carpet with someone, she should at least get to choose who it is.

“Robbie Reyes?  Really?  You think that the tabloids are going to react well to America’s sweetheart dating the same guy who once punched James Hellfire in the face at an afterparty?” Raina counters.  

“Hellfire is an asshole,” Bobbi interjects. “And everyone who was at that party says that Reyes didn’t throw the first punch.”

Daisy gives her a grateful look.  She hired Bobbi as her manager the minute she turned eighteen and the other woman’s never steered her wrong.  Bobbi’s the one who landed her a supporting role in last year’s  Best Picture and the lead in last summer’s biggest comedy and Raina may be the reason she’s been appearing on more and more magazine covers lately, but Bobbi hired Raina as her publicist in the first place.

“You put him on the list,” Daisy tells Raina. “Therefore, I get to pick him if I want to.  And I do.”

And that’s it.  Robbie Reyes, action star and former street racer, is now her latest celebrity boyfriend.

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sillysouthernwitch  asked:

Domesticate Nyx Ulric: What does he have in his fridge, his bathroom, his computer, what's his ringtone for his friends, would he have a cat or dog (or something else more exotic) as a pet or all three? Feel free to add your own

Omg yass I love this!

Hmm, I mean my idea of what domestic Nyx is like might be different to what other people think, but my headcanons are below with a bonus of what changes when his S/O (you) steps in!

Nyx’s fridge: Definitely always has beer in it. Like always. If he has only a little money left and nothing in his fridge, he’ll go get some beer to put in there. He goes out to eat more often than not, so maybe there’s only really snacks in the pantry or something. He just doesn’t have much time to cook. Libertus and Crowe are always on his ass about cooking at home more. He can, there’s just not a lot of time.

When you come into his life, he makes a much more conscious effort of keeping at least basic condiments and things like tea, coffee, milk and sugar in the pantry and fridge. Like, just in case you come over for a bit and don’t want a beer, he has other stuff he can give you because he’s a good adult, okay? Eventually he offers to cook for you a lot. He cops a lot of shit from his friends about this; its pretty funny.

Nyx’s bathroom: has more grooming items than you think. Like, he’s kind of scruffy looking, but it’s a well-kept scruffy looking. He has like really good hair care products. He’s got a cologne for like every kind of situation in little bottles. It’s his little luxury. The bathroom is clean too; he hates big clean ups (lazy), so he cleans up a little everyday.

When you come into the picture, his bathroom starts to fill up with some more stuff. You keep some of your things at his place just in case you end up staying over out of the blue. One day he steps in when you aren’t around and just looks at all the little things you have all over the place. It makes him smile. He likes having you around… Maybe you should move in with him? Wouldn’t be a bad thing to talk about.

Nyx’s laptop: he hasn’t got a desktop because he likes the idea that he can carry the laptop when he needs to, but he never really needs to. Lol. Plus it doesn’t take up as much space? He doesn’t use it often, mostly for just emails, storing photos, etc. Libertus sends him cat videos and videos of people doing stupid reckless shit. Nyx likes those videos a little more than he admits because he’s a reckless shit too. There might be a couple of videos of him and Libertus doing something stupid with like Pelna screaming in the background or something.

When you come into the picture there’s loads of stuff on his laptop that’s just all about you. There’s pics of you, videos of you guys derping around, saved email threads, all of that stuff. When you first start dating, his browser history is full of hurried searches like ‘good dating spots in insomnia’, ‘flower bouquets’, 'what the hell is [something you’re really into and he has no idea]’. After awhile, sometimes the words 'engagement rings’ sits in the search bar, but gets deleted because he hasn’t got the courage to hit enter just yet.

Nyx’s ringtones: he doesn’t care for this stuff much, so he let’s people pick their own tones. Pelna is thankfully very rational and just has a really nice jingle for his ringtone and it never changes, so Nyx always knows when its Pelna calling. Its Crowe and Libertus who are really confusing because sometimes they fight over who gets what song because they have similar tastes. In general Nyx just checks if his phone is ringing if any phone is ringing in the general vicinity.

When you step into the picture, the ringtone that’s set for you is something you made Nyx pick because you realised that no one else really let’s him pick. He changes your ringtone often, but he always knows its you calling. Libertus notes they’re all very Galahd themed. He thinks its probably because you’ve become home to him too.

Nyx’s pets: I think he’s a huge cat person. There’s one cat he gets that everyone is kind of wary of because it has some very similar physical traits to a Coeurl. Maybe its got some of that monster blood in it, but its tame, at least for Nyx. Its a big cat, the size of a smallish dog and very intelligent and independent. It has to be since Nyx is away a lot. Both the cat and owner are very stubborn and headstrong and sometimes they fight, in a fun kind of way. Like, the cat is a little shit and takes over it’s owner’s bed in retaliation to not being fed yummy food or something. On Nyx’s awful days his cat is the perfect companion, curling up against his legs and purring, giving its owner as much affection as he needs.

When you come into the picture, Nyx’s cat is actually very aggressive towards you. Its wary around strangers, but for some reason its very defensive when you’re around. To be honest its probably because its noticed Nyx is around you a lot and its scared you’re going to do a shoddy job of looking after him. You don’t know how to keep him company when he’s sad, not like the cat can. Don’t worry, eventually it warms up to you and it actually likes you better than Nyx. That makes your boyfriend a bit pouty.

If you’re allergic to cats, don’t worry! You won’t be allergic to this one. Its definitely got some monster blood in it and its fur is a special pelt that’s cat-allergy friendly. Snuggle the cat and make Nyx feel bad. Ahaha!

Nyx’s car: I don’t know if he actually has one, but say he does, I reckon hes the kind of person who’s like 'my music or no music’. He won’t let people touch the music unless he trusts their taste (closest friends really). Generally really clean, sometimes it’ll slip when hes got long missions though. Has spare clothes and boots in the trunk just in case.

When you step into the picture, there’s loads of complaints and general freaking out when Nyx just hands you the aux cord or let’s you play with the music without much care. They learn pretty quick to shut up when Nyx gives them a look. Its totally not fair! He must really like you a lot. Sometimes when people really misbehave in the car, Nyx let’s you play really bad music to make them shut up. The car sometimes is supicously clean after date night. Y'know… 'Cause you gotta clean up after some events. >.> There may be spare clothes for you hidden in the car somewhere. Just in case.

[FIC] Pocket Full of Sunshine (G)

Member: DK/Lee Seokmin
Prompt: Mascot!Seokmin
Word Count: 9,736 jisooschrist
Genre: Fluff 
Warnings: A lot of grease, a lot of sweetness, the author contracted diabetes shortly upon its completion 

A/N: WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE. I CAN’T BELIEVE I WROTE A NEAR 10K WORD FIC A MONTH BEFORE MY ENTRANCE EXAMS.  But seriously, this will definitely be my last work in a while. And its about time I gave Seokmin a fic of his own, too.

Anyway, wow was this the most enjoyable story I’ve written in a long time. I was definitely inspired by a LOT of things: BTS’ For You PV, Super Junior’s and SNSD’s SEOUL MV sparked the idea of basing a story off a mascot, and Seokmin filled the role very naturally. Yoo Seungwoo’s songs helped me out a lot too by providing apt BGM to the story (please check his music out this child is severely underrated)

I know fluff isn’t my forte, but I did try my best :”D I hope you will enjoy my first Seokmin fic!


Originally posted by imagine-a-pocket-sized-seokmin

Unlike many other people your age, there are a lot of reasons why you looked forward to going to school. You have great friends, love the classes you take and you get to pursue your passion in Taekwondo in high school.

But best of all, you got to see your eye candy every single school day.

A student of the class adjacent to yours, Lee Seokmin is easily one of the most handsome males in school, for you, at least. He is a humorous, optimistic and outgoing individual, easily fitting in your ideal type. Aside from cohosting a student radio show with a junior Boo Seungkwan, he’s also a the head of the first-aid club, and is well-known amongst the student body as a kindhearted, accepting guy with plenty of friends.

If only he is like that around girls as well.

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The 2Ps when their family is visiting
  • 2P!America: ok sup but when are you leaving
  • 2P!China: heyyyy, it's been so long since i last saw you! *leaves*
  • 2P!England: I got you a gift, and you a gift, oh and a gift for you too!
  • 2P!France: .......did you bring me anything
  • 2P!Russia: i have a headache already
  • 2P!Italy: if you ask me about school or my social life i will slit your throat open
  • 2P!Germany: HEY FAM WHAT'S GOOD????
  • 2P!Japan: ...., i completely forgot i have a thing to do. *locks self in bedroom*
  • 2P!Canada: hey kid, get me a beer
  • 2P!Romano: Eeeiii, I'm so happy to see... sOME of you!!
  • 2P!Prussia: hi hello i love you how have you been??? i've missed you so much *hugs hugs hugs*

anonymous asked:

its sleep over time! 2 years ago i had this friend, he thought i was cool cuz i had my first beer at 16, and cuz i told him, he wouldn't stop asking me to bring some to school. i knew it was a stupid idea, but he wouldn't stop asking and i was starting to loose my shit, so one day i brought a metal bottle and gave it too him, i told him there was beer inside, he drank it all and then got "drunk" and then suspended. but he still doesnt know that i put redbull instead of beer in the bottle. sodumb

how iconic, playing boys since the tenth grade

drunk tmnt (??)


  • rarely drinks and lightweight as fuck
  • always says hes not gona get too fucked up but two beers in he’s slicing lime
  • generally happy drunk but if u bring up honour or leadership he WILL cry
  • first one to pass out first one to get sick
  • smoking of any kind is off limits for him
  • he does not care about romance hes just tryin to have a good time
  • always wants to listen to brittany spears 


  • he drinks often and he drinks a lot but still gets drunker than anyone
  • pretends to like scotch and rum but really he just wants a fucking cooler
  • very emotional drunk but its all happy, hes crying because he just loves you guys so fucking much
  • if theres karaoke u better watch tf out
  • he’d smoke a whole pack if you let him 
  • always down for weed
  • he will cuddle anyone he isnt related to (CASEY) but he’s probably not too interested in them he just wants some physical affection 
  • he and mikey always stay up the latest 


  • a bit of a light weight but not as bad as leo
  • he will do absolutely anything while drunk (and so will raph depending on how fucked he is)
  • he wont stop telling you to dare him to jump over shit
  • he just wants to DO something
  • he’ll drink literally anything (likes coolers tho)
  • he provides the jams but donnie always ends up taking over
  • the first to suggest weed but will never touch a cigaret
  •  will also cuddle anyone not related to him but if hes really drunk he’ll curl up next to raph (lets be real)
  • if hes into the person hes gettin cozy with it honestly getts kinda uncomfortable (for everyone else)


  • chill drunk
  • he likes beer and mixed drinks, no shots for donnie
  • laughs at everyones jokes
  • more of a one on one conversation kinda guy tho, may or may not be on his phone texting
  • and boy does he have things to say
  • official joint roller
  • when hes drunk all he really wants is to smoke a cigaret and put his arm around somebody cute
  • a casual flirt
  • usually fucks off to his room to watch movies at some point (cuddle buddy is invited)

thechubbyowl  asked:

You said to ask you more about Grantaire and sports headcanon since you have a thing, I'm here to ask for the thing?


- like i said, grantaire is kind of ripped from all these sports right? but heres the thing

- he like never takes off his shirt. ever

- even when les amis decide to go to the beach for a couple of days

- and theres grantaire, surfing while also doing a handstand or like dominating beach volleyball without breaking a sweat but also wearing a shirt the whole time

- and enjolras has like realized his absolute pining for this boy and it becomes The New Cause to get Grantaire without his shirt on

- another idea is that over the course of the ultimate friendship that is Les Amis, they all learn that when it comes to grantaire, just assume he’s good at sports

- eventually, after grantaire kills them all at the pool table at the corinthe, combeferre snaps and says “is there any sport you can’t do?”

- grantaire hums and takes a sip of his beer. he shrugs and says “basketball. never quite clicked”

- for whatever reason, enjolras is IN LOVE

- another thing

- enjolras can’t stop looking at grantaire’s butt in his baseball pants

- its Too Good

- (   ͡°  ͜ʖ  ͡° )

BTS Theory - (WINGS) Solving the mysteries behind the short films ~ STIGMA

 [Hyyh Theory (MUST READ!) / Intro + Begin Theory / Lie Theory]

STIGMA short film :

« It was the first fissure in the columns that had upheld my childhood, which every individual must destroy before he can become himself. Such fissures and rents grow together again, heal and are forgotten, but in the most secret recesses they continue to live and bleed »

This quote is Sinclair explaining how his first sin « fissured » his « egg ». He’s saying that a person must completely destroy the egg (bright realm) in order to become himself. But those sins, even if they’re forgotten years later, they’ll never completely disappear and will remain as scars.

The first scene is starting with V carving something onto a garage door. This scene actually took place before Taehyung killed his father. If we look at the clothes, he has a nirvana tshirt and they’re the same type of clothes he was wearing during RUN era, which means in the past, before he committed the murder. It throw us back to that scene where he was doing grafitti on a garage door with Rap Monster but they want to show us that Rap monster is not here with V this time. He’s alone.

It looks like he’s carving the words « Abraxas » the name of the god of good and evil. In the novel, Demian argues that Jehovah, the Jewish God, is only one face of God; it rules over all that is good, but there is another half of the world, and an infinite god must encompass both sides of this world.

This is what Demian said : « In the same way, they praise God as the Father of all life, but when it comes to sex life, on which life after all depends, they simply bury it in silence and as much as possible declaire it to be sinful, the work of the Devil![…] my opinion is that we should honor everything[…] the whole world, not just this artificially detached, official half ! And so, alongside the divine service for God, we must also have a service for the Devil. I think that would be proper. Or else, people would have to create some new God, who would also include the Devil within Himself. » They will later discover that a God like this actually exists and its name is Abraxas. The symbol of Abraxas appears as a bird breaking free from an egg or a globe. It’s going to become their own little symbol of a better world.

But I found something really disturbing. If you look at the video closely, it seems like he’s actually trying to erase the word, or cross it out. Why would he cross out the thing he and « Demian » (I guess Rapmon, or BTS in general) believe in ? Well one thing I didnt mention in my Hyyh theory is that, before V killed his father, I believe that the members were on bad terms. Something happened. They either argued or started to get annoyed with each other, or maybe they just spent less and less time together. This is why V kept remembering the good times they had and how close they were in I NEED U, but also their problems and how they started to draw away from each other. I think it’s started with Suga and Jungkook. They were obvious with the fact that they had a really big fight. Jungkook couldn’t keep up with Suga’s attitude anymore and Suga was also annoyed by Jungkook’s behavior. And then it continued with Jihope. Jhope was getting sicker and he couldn’t live without being constantly on drugs anymore, and that made Jimin feel even more lonely. And then we have Vmon, the ones who couldn’t stay away from each other and always did stuff together. Rapmon started not being here anymore. He was getting more and more alienated. Why is that ? We’ll see that in Reflection (rapmon’s short film) theory. V who loves his friends more than anything felt disappointed. He was here alone, erasing the word « Abraxas » to express his anger. But he suddenly got caught by the police. Rapmon is not here with him this time, and V is not in is usual state of mind. He acts like he’s confident and doesn’t give a shit about police. He enters the police car and then we have this theatre theme once again with the moving set. We saw with Jungkook’s video that when you’re not involved in the action, it means you’re able to have an objective point of view of the situation, of your life. But here V gets really involved, like when he resists to the police for example. If they’re very involved it means it is not from an objective pov anymore but an emotional perspective.

The policeman starts to interrogate him and this is when we actually realize that he’s not that confident anymore. He’s scratching the table as a sign a anxiety. The careless boy image is just an act, behind his mask he’s afraid. His bad boy character is an escape. He puts on this character because he’s angry at his family. He’s angry at life. He wants attention. As we saw earlier, he doesn’t run away when the police catches him. He surrenders with a smile. He doesn’t have the attention and care Rapmon used to provide him when he was with him so he’s lost and confused. Being caught by the police is a form of compensation for that. He wants people to listen to him and take care of him. While answering the policeman questions he suddenly appears running desperately in the middle of nowhere. The song starts playing. He’s wearing his outfits from the Begin concert trailer, which symbolizes the fact that it’s the old, more innocent taehyung that we’re seeing right now (before he killed his father). Everything is dark around him and he’s crying. This must’ve  happened after running away from home, probably because of his father again. The poor boy living with an abusive father can’t take it, so he just runs towards nowhere. There’s nothing around him. It’s a metaphor symbolizing how there’s no one there for him, no one understands him, he has nowhere to go.

The policeman asks about his parents and he looks away. And all of the sudden, his innocent self is getting beat up by something invisible. Him getting beaten up represents all the suffering he endured living in the dark realm. They beat up an innocent boy without him even doing anything bad, they beat him up until he became a mess.

We see that eye again, it’s the same eye that was in Jungkook’s video. It’s also parted in two. One part of him wants to break free so bad but the other bad part is haunting him. He thinks about eve. Eve in the novel is Demian’s mother. She’s sinclair’s role model, mom figure, and eternal love. She knows everything and she’s his protector. She console him, help him, take care of him.

V wants someone like Eve, someone to rely on. Someone who’ll always be there for him. That’s why her image appears in the eye. But the thing is, he doesn’t have an Eve.

He anwers the policeman « I don’t have such things » to the parents question.

He’s lying on the floor, all beaten up. And then we suddenly get a glimpse of Rapmon’s telephone booth. V needs Rap monster.

In the next scene, he’s lying on the floor next to his sister. His father’s alcoholism is punctuated here. His father is located at the left part of the screen, in opposite of Taehyung and his sister on the right part of the screen. Their father is the dark figure haunting their lives. It’s so strong that just seeing the policeman drinking water bothers him, because it reminds him of his father drinking alcohol (since they just talked about his parents). He says « why were you like that to me ? »

We can think that he’s talking to his father, but it can also be him talking to Rap monster. Remember that Rap monster was getting further away from V and there’s a possibily they might have had af fight. He’s asking Rapmon why things became this way, why did he leave him alone.

He’s lying on the floor when a white puppy suddenly comes to him. The white puppy symbolizes the pureness of the good realm. V, who entered the dark realm way too early, takes the white puppy and hugs it. He finally gets to experience the good realm that he never had, but as soon as he’s in it, the stigma cage comes down and traps him. The good realm doesn’t like people like Taehyung. They get rid and emprisonned people who rebel, people who are different from the others, people who have the mark. Cain’s mark.

He was living in a dark realm, with his abusive family and did everything to get out of this chaos. He ran away and discovered that there’s actually another realm, which seems really nice. But his naivety lead him to think the good realm would accept him. I said in my hyyh theory that taehyung was the most influencable and the most easily manipulated. But that’s understandable since he never had someone to rely on, to trust, until Rapmon who took care of him later. He never had a normal education.

The good realm deceived him with its happy and perfect appareance, and ended up caging him because of his identity. V’s holding on so hard to the small amount of happiness and innocence he’s left with, but the puppy eventually goes away.

V finds himself alone. He’s been neglected not only by his family but by society too. He feels more betrayed than ever.

In this pic he’s looking towards the top right side. Symbol that he wants to break free of the egg, he’s really near. But his demons are stronger than his will (dropping the beer bottle on the floor) and that would lead him to kill his father later.

They added clips of V cutting his hair from Danger, into this short film. Cutting off hair in ancient Asia (Japan, China, Korea & possibly some other Asian cultures) symbolizes being banished or rejected from their home. He’s been neglected by his family and also by the good realm. In the more modern age, cutting long hair into a short cut means to forget the past, leaving the old and starting anew. Maybe that’s what taehyung wanted to do, he wanted to forget his past with his abusive family and start a new life but he didnt succeed. It kept haunting him and he ended up taking his father’s life.

V asks the policeman if he can make a call. Probably Rapmonster. Even though they were in bad terms, V thought that Rapmon would come in a situation like this, since it was kind of important. He didn’t really have any one else to trust completely. He remembers Rapmon as the one solving all the problems and finding solutions everytime. The leader. His Demian.

But Rapmonster didn’t answer.

If Rapmon is not there for V, that means he litteraly has no one. That would mean EVERYONE abandoned him.

V ends up leaving the police office somehow (he won’t get in prison for carving something on a garage door) and returns home. The same life continues. His father is still an alcoholic abusive father. V’s clothing style changes. He wears darker clothes (I Need U).

Knowing that he has no one on his side anymore, he eventually ends up committing the worst. He doesn’t care anymore. He becomes crazy and stabs his father.

The beginning of the prologue, after V killed his father, as I told in my hyyh theory, shows V calling Rap Monster. Even though he didn’t answer his call at the police station, V tries to call him again one last time. His world just broke into pieces and he has no idea what to do. Rap Monster probably didn’t answer this call either. V doesn’t hang up though. He leaves a message. He tells him he misses him and wants to see him.

This is why after he falls asleep, in the prologue video, he dreams of Rapmon actually coming for him, and be like « Hey ! What are you doing ! ». Because this is a dream where all of V’s fears are reassured (hyyh theory). So he dreams about being with his friends, getting along with each other and laughing like the old times.

This video, Stigma, is like V explaning the reason why he ended up killing his father. He feels horrible and he hates it. In my hyyh theory, I explained all the mental journey he went through in order to accept the fact that he murdered his father. Thankfully, when he wokes up after Run, he was finally ready to take complete responsabilities. But even though he’s ready, his scars will forever continue to live and bleed deep inside.

Stigma’s lyrics :

« I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry my sister,

Even if I hide it, even if I disguise it, it isn’t erased

So cry, please dry my eyes.

The light, please illuminate my crimes

Deeper, Darkly, I feel like I’m dying

Please punish me, Please forgive my crime

Please. »

He’s explaining to his sister what’s going on in his mind and why he acted like this. It’s his way of saying « Look ! I was not okay ».

The more we go deep into the video and the more he’s revealing about himself. He starts with little things like his name, his age, etc.. until we end up knowing the root of his problems and the reason he killed his father. He desperately wants people to understand him, to have pity of him and to take care of him. He needs attention. He wants his sister to understand why he comitted this act. And wants her to know that he’s ready to pay the cost.

Why didnt Rap Monster answer any of V’s call ? It’s a mystery for now, and the only hint we have is this phone booth. I looked up at phonebooth symbolisms and it is said that the phone booth is an expression of public but limited communication. Hence, if you dream of a phone booth in an incorrect or complicated location, you will face the momentary rupture of an affective relationship for matter of business. The phone booth here is surrounded by sand. I thought that was really weird but it makes sense that way. And if we also count the fact that there’s chains all around the booth, I think it is safe to think that vmon obviously have communication problems for some reason… We’ll know why in the Reflection Theory.

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First Love 



Awake + Final story timeline


Steve Rogers (Brother) x Reader, Eventual Bucky x Reader

Warning allusion to domestic violence, and Brock Rumlow is not a good guy in this imagine


You sighed as you placed your purse on the kitchen table, you were running late. One of your co-workers had left sick and someone had to stay to cover their shift and your supervisor had ask if you would be willing to fill in. You really didn’t want to, but on the same token you hated to say no so in the end you stayed. Your job was far from glamorous, you worked in a call center for a retirement plan. Glancing at the clock in the dining room, you knew you only had 30 minutes before Brock came home, and you knew he would expect dinner. Rushing to the kitchen you got out the steaks you had put in the fridge to marinate over night and grabbed the squash, onion, zucchini, and green peppers as well. You began cutting the vegetables and placing them in a foil pack along with some butter and a couple ice cubes before sealing it up and sliding it in the oven and turned on the kitchen timer. Only then did you get your purse from the table, Brock preferred the house to stay orderly and you hung your purse in the hall closet along with slipping your shoes off and sitting them in there normal spot.

You had almost made it back into the kitchen when you heard your cell phone ring, you smiled as you heard the ring tone, the star spangled banner running to get it from your purse you turned it on, “Hey big brother” You smiled even though you knew he couldn’t see you.

“How is my baby sister doing” he ask with a laugh and you couldn’t help but smile. Your had idealized your brother growing up he was four years older than you, and when he turned 18 he had joined the army right along with his best friend, ever mothers nightmare James Buchanan Barnes. That had been fifteen years ago, and both were still active military.

“I’m fine Stevie” you told him softly, it was the answer you gave every time you spoke with him.

“Peg and I have some good news” He told you excitedly, you knew he was smiling just by his tone, “Your going to be an Auntie”

“Steve that’s wonderful” You exclaimed, “I am so happy for both of you” and you honestly were, you loved your sister-in-law she was the perfect mix of a prim and proper lady, but could kick any mans ass even on her worst day. She and Steve were perfect for each other and had been married five years now,but had been together for 8 but with both of them in active service you were unsure if you were ever going to get an opportunity to be an Aunt.

“Pegs, is already drawing up the battle plans” he told you laughing, and you couldn’t help but chuckle when you heard him let out a ooomph as you heard your sister-in-law exclaim, “I heard that Rogers”

Before you could say anything else you heard a car pulling into the driveway, “Give Peggy my love Stevie, I gotta go finish dinner” You told him and he started to say something “I love you Stevie” You told him hanging up the phone and putting it back in your purse.

You hurried to the kitchen and opened the oven to check on the vegetables, they were looking good but not quite done yet, and scrambling to get a pan you sat it on the stove and turned the eye on. Looking at your watch you frowned he was home early.

“Y/N, I’m Home” You heard him call from the foyer.

“In the kitchen” you called back as you placed one of the steaks in the pan hearing the sizzling.

You heard heavy boot falls make there way into the kitchen and you turned from the stove to look at him, he was still in his work uniform, vest strapped on the only thing that was missing was the standard issued hat. He was even still wearing his utility belt. “Dinner isn’t ready” He ask his voice low.

“It’s almost done” You assured him biting your lip, “I got home late and Steve called”

“And all those things are more important than making sure you have done the one thing I ask you to do” He ask and you bit your lip harder.

“No” you mumbled

“What’s that sweetheart, I couldn’t hear you. Speak up with your talking to me” He told you grabbing your chin with his fingers and forcing you to look at him.

“I said No” You said a little louder.

“That’s right sweetheart, I take care of you as long as you take care of me, Got it” he growled letting your face go.

“Got it” You whispered as you turned back to the stove to turn the steak over.

“I’m going for a shower, dinner better be on the table by the time I get out” He told you slipping down the hallway.

You sighed, you knew he didn’t expect you to give him an answer. He hadn’t always been this way, and to be honest you can’t remember exactly when it had changed maybe a year after you had started dating. He had been so sweet in the beginning, he was a couple grades ahead of Steve in school, and had been away from town awhile just coming back three years ago. You were struggling with your mother’s death and didn’t want to burden Steve who had a lot on his plate at the time, he had finally made the rank of Captain and He and Peggy were in the middle of being re-stationed from England back to the united states.

Brock had pulled you over for speeding, and instead of giving you a ticket he had only issued you a warning with the agreement that you would have coffee with him, which you agreed to. You weren’t sure if he really would have given you a ticket if you had said no to coffee, but you knew you couldn’t afford a ticket so you agreed. The rest was history. You had hit it off. It wasn’t love at first sight, but you enjoyed his company, and you quickly went from friends to lovers.

You sighed again turning the steak, he was just stressed you told yourself. There was a lot of pressure on him from the department, and he wanted to move up the ranks. It would blow over, all relationships had rough patches right?

Before you could ponder it anymore you heard the shower turn off and you threw open the oven door getting the foil packet out. Opening it, you put vegetables on a plate and the steak and hurried to put it at his spot on the table, you also ran to the fridge to get his favorite beer out and sat that down as well, and not a moment too soon as he walked back into the dining room and had a seat. “Good it seems like your learning to listen” He told you and smirked as he picked up his knife and cut into his steak. You held your breath, as he looked at it then looked back up at you. “What’s this” He ask quietly as he held up a piece of steak for you to inspect.

“Its steak” You told him biting your lip.

“Do I like my steak well done sweetheart” He ask

You shook your head no, and he frowned, “No of course I don’t always like my steaks medium, medium well is pushing it Y/N, Do you just want to make me angry tonight” He ask.

“No, I’m sorry, I will put another one on for you right now” you tried to smooth it over and you flinched as you heard the plate smash into the dining room wall.

She’s Leaving, Dean

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 19,511 (holy fuck)
Warnings: Swearing, angry Sam, smut
Authors: Both of us
A/N: So, this is us just screwing around. We’re winging it. It’s making my computer laggy by sitting in drafts, so here’s the first part. Also, we tried to keep things as close to their personalities as possible, and if a power isn’t in the show…just go with it haha- Brittiny

“Sammy?” You called out, walking in the door. You’d been out on a solo hunt for a few days, and missed your best friend. You adored him, and would have jumped at the chance to be with him…but you didn’t think he felt the same way. Dean knew about your crush. It wasn’t like you did a good job of hiding it. 

Figuring that he was in his room, you dropped your bag off on your bed before walking to his. You debated on knocking or not. Normally it didn’t matter, so you shrugged it off. Opening the door, you hadn’t expected to see another person with him.

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A Good and Lovely Intention

Snape: Miss Lovegood, what are you doing outside of my office?

Luna: I am hanging butterbeer corks on your door, sir.

Snape: *resists urge to pull out hair* …Why?

Luna: I’ve been sensing some very bad vibes around the castle lately, sir. Bad. I think something terrible is going to happen soon, and I think I may know why. Tell me, sir, have you been noticing things missing from your office or classroom recently?

Snape: I – what? How did you know that?  

Luna: Hmm, yes, I thought so. I felt their aura very powerfully, here. I’ve been sensing them in the dungeons, off the Serpentine Corridor on the third floor by the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom, and, oddly enough, in the seventh floor corridor, across from the tapestry by Barnabas the Barmy, though I’ve no idea why. There’s nothing there to steal…

Snape: *genuinely intrigued, despite better judgement* What are you talking about, Miss Lovegood? Do you… Do you have any solid, pertinent information about the strange happenings at Hogwarts this year…? *looks over shoulder, lowers voice* …Do you know something, Miss Lovegood?

Luna: *nods deeply*

Snape: *is honestly expectant*

Luna: *lowers voice as well* ….Nargles.

Snape: What?

Luna: Nargles, sir. They’re tricksters. Invisible creatures that steal things and pull pranks for fun. They often take my shoes and other things. But I’ve never seen them this bad before. Usually it’s just clothes or homework. But they’ve just been insatiable this year! So I am placing butter beer corks everywhere I’ve sensed a heavy infestation. Like your office.

Snape: ……Miss Lovegood, take your…butter beer corks and go back to your common room.

Luna: But the nargles—

Snape: Nargles are not real, Miss Lovegood.

Luna: ……Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not real. But okay, sir. *takes down butter beer corks* *sighs* Their auras really are getting out of control, sir. I don’t think that even stealing from teachers is going to satisfy them, soon.

Snape: ……

Luna: Bad vibes, sir. Bad vibes. I think they might start stealing…lives.

*stares unblinkingly with giant eyes, butter beer corks dangling uselessly in her limp hand*

Snape: *feels irrationally and entirely too disturbed*

Luna: ……

Snape: ……

Luna: *sudden smile* Well, I’m off to the seventh floor, then. Have a good evening, sir.

*wanders away in wrong direction*

Snape: *considers drinking more butter beer and holding on to the corks*

anonymous asked:

Dude fighting on who cheated on beer pong omg its so cute i feel like Shawn is such a sour loser its too cute

Me too! Like he would be such a bad loser. He’d be denying it, making up excuses and like not talk to you for a good ten minutes haha. But he’d also be such a bad winner. Like he’d be mocking and laughing and teasing.