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[…]I remember when before all this crazy political climate was happening we were just like… Well, no matter what, like, can go a really good way or can go a really bad way, but a good way for artists. And we can just kind of, like, stick together and kinda project all of that energy, negative and positive, or any kind of, like, sadness… Anything! Into your art. No matter what it is: wiritting, painting, stoning, making outfits…

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So, imagine Tony working for the villains and making them weapons and stuff. And (like me) he kept mishearing Crossbones' name, so one day he hands Crossbones some sort of high-tech Crossbow and wonders why everyone is staring at him so weirdly.

Okay but imagine Tony secretly building the villains weapons and stuff. Batters is many things but he doesn’t let a tiny kid near any weapons, trust me on this. He’d slaughter any villain who’d try suggest it too. (Not that they do. They don’t know he’s Tony Stark after all, and also why would they ask a kid to make them weapons?)

So obviously Tony is working in secret. It’s not that hard to get his hands on the material. Batters is a good guy but he’s not gonna win most responsible and attentive caretaker of the month, that one’s for sure. So Tony builds.

Maybe he doesn’t even start with weapons. Maybe he starts with fixing a minion’s battered watch. And then that minion is so happy because this watch was a present from their dead grandmother, they are attached. And Tony is so happy to make someone else happy and he realises that this is a way to make himself useful, to help out, to make people like him. (Some of them even thank him!) 

And that’s how it starts.

Now about Crossbones. Tony has always been confused about that name. (A lot of names tbh. There’s just no Jacks and Timotheys around here, and it’s kinda odd. But he likes it.) But he doesn’t understand why everyone calls Crossbones Crossbow.

Tony’s seen him on TV a couple of times (shhh, don’t tell Batters) and he doesn’t even fight with a crossbow. Is the name supposed to be ironic?

Maybe so, but if that’s it then it’s stupid and Tony isn’t gonna put up with it any longer. He’s gonna take action. He’s gonna make Crossbow the best crossbow ever.

So he does.


Spoiler request number three!

Finally got this done. Welp. Beans. So precious I cry. X3

Ev holding N, Star, and Abyss while they all lay in Ev and N’s bed. Everyone just sleeping so soundly. X3 Honestly they are all so incredibly cute. I love this and the idea.

This is just some stuff that have been planned behind the scenes for @askeverythingandnothing with @sanstronomy and I love it. I just. I have cried from the precious cute so many times now. Take the cute!


Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching


Bleach 152 // Bleach 673

Renji Abarai and Rukia Kuchiki