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Mars in the 4th House - Sleep tight, battle scarlet 

People born with Mars in the 4th house have an excitable inner world. There is much inner chaos, infusing with dream, naivety, aggression, and confusion. The individual may contemplate the feeling she was abandoned on this earth, alone and unprepared. Day to day life can feel like surviving with Mars in the 4th. The individual may be reactive, emotionally charged, and dysregulated. There may be quiet and withdrawn behaviour in the workplace or around friends, but once the individual is at home amongst family the fireworks begin. Home is an energizing place. The individual may finish work and return home to re-arrange the whole house, tend to the garden, and fanatically complete domestic tasks. She may consciously or unconsciously generate conflict in the household to test the boundaries and the capacity of their love. Living much internally, the individual may hesitate and participate through imagination rather than experience. There may also be trouble with nightmares, that of being chased or violent events.

Although the individual takes pride in self sufficiency, there is a profound sensitivity present with Mars in the 4th. The emotional activity can be extremely difficult to neutralize and manage. Confrontation can be especially hurtful, not only for the things that were said to the individual, but for the guilt of said things in a moment of rage. And the individual can experience these fits of rage that can be so powerful there can be a dissociation or amnesia. There is a vulnerability with Mars in the 4th. An inner child that is often lost, puzzled about its needs, and somewhat fragmented. There may have been conflict and intimidating aggression by one or both of the parents, or the child may have been forced into independence too early, and this only exaggerated the abandonment complex. The father may have been the emotional nourishment and the sentimental influence. But life can be very exciting with Mars in the 4th. There is an ability to contemplate the daily miracle, to be inspired by new experience, and to feel like every day is fresh and sparkling. This brings a sort of radiance and sunshine to the individual’s expression. She can regenerate people who are depleted. It’s like you can feel the heat of the star she burst from.

There is a solitary nature about Mars in the 4th house. The individual appreciates being in the safety and comfort of home, and tends to provoke her own anxieties about stability and rejection. Desires are intense, and the protective instinct in Mars in the 4th can become supernatural. Swords are raised for those who dare threaten family. The individual may confront significant challenge soaking into her femininity, this part of her may have been forced into silence during childhood. There is a river of scarlet intuition flowing here. Messages from the spirit may be cataclysmic, sudden, and perceptive. Inside, the individual is being guided to what she really wants, the pure necessity beneath the emotional chaos, fear, and memories. The personality and breadth of consciousness is built from the substance of experience. Voyages through the inner and outer world generate spellbinding enchantment, a lullaby for the child inside. The destruction of the world and the softness is so apparent with Mars in the 4th, and she crosses between combat and hypnosis, fighting for a palace she hasn’t built yet. 


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SURPRISE! 12 weeks + 1 day! 

I posted these on my twitter yesterday and then realized…I should probably make a blog post too…But surprise, I’m pregnant!

I’ve known for awhile now, even before I took the test…which I put off, a lot, and still pretended to be surprised at when I took it lmao, but now…I’m sort of grasping the whole being pregnant thing. Much better than my initial reaction because rather than telling my husband like a normal person I threw the pregnancy test at his head and ran off, I’m a keeper, I know. But I still think it was some good news to have given to him on Father’s day. 

Emotional turmoil aside…we’re all doing really well. Lu is too young to grasp the idea of a pregnancy yet but I think she’s taken notice to just how emotional I’ve been lately…on top of the weight gain, I’m carrying pretty big for this early on lol. She pats my belly despite having no clue of what’s actually happening and I think its adorable. The Goober is all good, we had an ultrasound already (of which I almost passed out at) and everything is growing as it should, they’re on track to making a healthy entrance into the world. And Mooshie and I are still….processing, excitedly processing. I love them already…but I still haven’t quite processed that I will no longer be only Lu’s dad. If you couldn’t guess this pregnancy was not planned, so, now I’m just like ‘Woah, more than one kid…that’s uncharted territory’ and I’m not sure that I’ll process it fully until they get here. But for now, that’s okay, what matters is that they are loved and cared for by the time they make their arrival, and I know they will be considering all the love I have in my heart for them already.

 I won’t bore you with one of those log things, that’s what my pregnancy app is for, but I will say this first trimester has been rough. I’m happy to kiss it goodbye and hopefully start to enjoy this pregnancy a little more than I have been.

Much Love,

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marvin and whizzer's 1, 5, 6, 7, 16, 23, 31, 38, 40, 43, and 50 for the otp ask thing! (aaahhh sorry that the numbers are all over the place ps ilysm and your writing is so good)

its ok i Luv them 

1. Who is the early bird/ Who is the night owl?

Whizzer stays up all night just doing nothing while Marvin has to get up at seven to go to work every morning and TORTURES whizzer by waking him up too

5. Who usually has nightmares?

Marvin has nightmares,mostly about Jason being hurt or sad. And Whizzer can tell when it happens cause Marvin then has an immediate urge to speak to Jason

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day? 

Although he’d deny the hell out of it, Whizzer sometimes just sits down for tea in the morning, has a quick breakdown, then gets ready 2 start his day

7. Who sweats the small stuff? 

  MARVIN CAN’T BE CALM EVER. Even making brownies he’s !!!!! stressed

16. Who is scared of thunderstorms?

Whizzer hates storms with a passion and hides under the covers practically wrapped up around Marvin

23. Who asks who out on the first date?

Marvin asks Whizzer mostly just cause  Marvin offered to buy him clothes and Whizzer was THERE

31. Who is more affectionate?

They both find actual affection kinda cheesy but every once in awhile Marvin will just hold Whizzer as close as possible for a few moments and it’s so cute.

38. Who likes to star gaze?

Marvin lives to stargaze. And they love to drive out to the fields around the city and look at the stars and make out like teenagers

40. Who is the fun parent/ Who is the responsible parent?

Whizzer is totally the fun dad who takes Jason to the fair and the mall and to basketball games. Marvin makes sure he takes his vitamins and tells him about the dangers of sex. (his response is: “it’s ok, mom told me that it can lead to your marriage falling apart”)

43. Who wins the stuffed animals at the carnival for the other one?


50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

Whizzer just wants roses and candlelit dinners and living room cuddles and Marvin delivers….at times. 

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Thanks for sharing Nissi. Ive been talking to this guy for a month now and things are going so well. Hes everything ive wanted in a guy plus more. I know its so early but im hoping for a relationshi. How can i relax and take things one day at a time. I feel like i might rush into things or end up asking whay we are too soon.

it’s ok to have that rush of emotions. when you meet someone that’s great and you have an instant connection, it’s amazing. i would say that you should just remind yourself to keep yourself grounded in reality. sometimes when you meet a great person you begin imagining a whole life with them. then that person becomes a fantasy. you have only known each other for a month. you still have to get to know him. the dating stage is important. don’t rush through it. enjoy it and allow yourself to get close to the real him and not the fantasy

DAY 3121

Jalsa, Mumbai               Oct 15/16,  2016                Sat/Sun  2:53 am

In a day of mourning and prayer meetings for two friends, there is the unrealistic award ceremony for glamour and a Timeless Icon recipient for me ! Unrealistic because the irony of life is too demanding for mere mortals such as us. A prayer meeting in the early hours of the morning for a dear dear friend, one that epitomised the essence of friendship, and happiness and immense glamour and style .. and another the relative of a dear costar .. both in remembrance and dedicated presence of warmth for the one that has passed away .. and then at night, the same night, to be honoured for glamour .. seemed odd, especially at this age .. the switch that dictates our lives .. form one emotion to another .. from one feeling to another .. is not just remarkable in its events in a day .. but one that justifies that superior power which we address as different deities !

Those that go through the pain of loss ;  those that celebrate the accolade of presence .. are fortunate to be at both circumstances, but not entirely involved.

The pain of loss cannot possibly be compared to the gain in recognition the same day .. but it happens and it happened .. God in his graciousness has given us the leeway to the path of glory and in reincarnation a better living or finally diminish us to that which we never ever want in our circumstance ..

I must be to bed now .. with a mixed feeling of despair in one and wondered awe of the recognition in another .. 

Praise be to them that can contend amicably thus .. all do not .. I am one ..

Amitabh Bachchan