it's too early in the day for these emotions

DAY 3121

Jalsa, Mumbai               Oct 15/16,  2016                Sat/Sun  2:53 am

In a day of mourning and prayer meetings for two friends, there is the unrealistic award ceremony for glamour and a Timeless Icon recipient for me ! Unrealistic because the irony of life is too demanding for mere mortals such as us. A prayer meeting in the early hours of the morning for a dear dear friend, one that epitomised the essence of friendship, and happiness and immense glamour and style .. and another the relative of a dear costar .. both in remembrance and dedicated presence of warmth for the one that has passed away .. and then at night, the same night, to be honoured for glamour .. seemed odd, especially at this age .. the switch that dictates our lives .. form one emotion to another .. from one feeling to another .. is not just remarkable in its events in a day .. but one that justifies that superior power which we address as different deities !

Those that go through the pain of loss ;  those that celebrate the accolade of presence .. are fortunate to be at both circumstances, but not entirely involved.

The pain of loss cannot possibly be compared to the gain in recognition the same day .. but it happens and it happened .. God in his graciousness has given us the leeway to the path of glory and in reincarnation a better living or finally diminish us to that which we never ever want in our circumstance ..

I must be to bed now .. with a mixed feeling of despair in one and wondered awe of the recognition in another .. 

Praise be to them that can contend amicably thus .. all do not .. I am one ..

Amitabh Bachchan