it's too early for this i just woke up

I just randomly remembered that when I put up my band posters I got this Green Day one from their Madison square garden show and when my mom was helping me put it up she said to me “Put your finger on billies penis.” Instead of just “Can you hold this poster up while I put on the first two tacks?” And I honestly had never felt more self conscious in my life when I had to hold the poster up from there.

So, you guys know how I kinda want to draw a bunch of unmasked champions? I was looking at Shaco’s skins for some possible reference and the Asylum Skin have him wearing a half mask like in those movies.

So then I checked on google for his 3d model and???

He looks too good and not like the splash?? Like this must be a mistake????

Then I went to LoLKing and zoomed in..

Wtf-???  Then I painted it over with my shit skills



I heard what happened. Your brother’s strong. He’ll make it.

you aren’t a real pink guy fan if you don’t live in a pink world like me baby, literally everything in my life is pink, you think this is a game?? you think i’m fuckin around??? because all day and all night and everything i see is just pink, like, me, inside and outside, pink my house, with my pink little window and my pink corvette, and everything is pink for me and myself and everybody around cause i ai N T GOT NOBODY TO LIST E N

Alla Prima- Chapter 2

Prologue  Chapter 1

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“So, wait, what time are we going to dinner?”

           “4:30, Marsali said.”

           “Are we planning on getting a senior citizen’s discount?”

           “She said she wanted to give us plenty of time afterward to get ‘piss drunk.’ Her words.” The phrase ‘piss drunk’ sounded wrong coming out of Mary’s sweet, teacher voice.

           Claire cringed. She was not so young as she used to be, and being ‘piss drunk’ did not entice her as it once did.

           “Ugh. All right. Come to my place at 4. We’ll ride together.”

           “Okay. I’ve got to go. Got to pick up the small children from lunch. See you, Claire!”

           “Bye, Mary!”

           Claire hung up the phone with a sigh. She was not particularly thrilled with the evening’s planned activities. But, she felt it her duty as friend of the bride and cousin of the groom to make an appearance at all wedding events, including this bachelorette party. Even if her wallet didn’t agree.

           She gazed out into the empty lecture hall. Vacant seats echoing the beating of her heart. Was she so lonely that this sight should sadden her?

           It was more than that, she knew. Visions of red curls filled her mind, paint stained hands dancing across a page, dancing across her body…

           She wouldn’t get to see him today. Her artist.

           Had this stranger become so integral to her happiness?

           She was afraid of the answer.

           Whiskey. Her eyes. They were whiskey. Amber. Resin. Her hair the bark, her eyes the liquid amber that flowed out of it.

           He swirled his own a liquid amber, contemplating colors. Brown and yellow definitely. Maybe some orange? Not too much, though…

           “What’s wrong, Jamie?” He was surprised to see that his brother had crept up behind him. “Yer staring at that glass like its telling ye secrets.”

           Jamie couldn’t tell him the truth: that he was fantasizing about some woman in the park. He would never live that one down.

           “Ach, just tired. I woke up early. To paint, ye ken? The lighting— “

           “I gotcha.” Willie was as thrilled about the mechanics of painting as Jamie was about the hardware of a computer. “I invited a couple lads. Just Rupert, and Angus, and Ian, if Jenny’ll let him.” The mention of their sister brought a smile to Jamie’s face. They were thick as thieves growing up, and he missed her greatly. But she and her husband Ian had been expanding their family rapidly, which kept her busy. He usually only saw her once a week, for Sunday dinner.

           “Weel, Rupert will sure bring the good times.” Jamie glanced around the pub, The Usual Place. It was the Fraser men’s favorite, and was unusually quiet fir a Friday night, save for a few straggling drunks and a small group of women tucked in a dark corner.

           “Aye, they should be here anytime. I told them 8:30…” Willie craned his neck, scanning the large room for their friends.

           “Dinna fash. When Rupert and Angus show up, we’ll ken it.”

Claire pulled at the hem of her dress, trying to stretch it. It was an older dress, worn during the wild days of cheap liquor and strangers’ lips. Since then, her hips had rounded considerably, and it felt like her arse was showing with each step.

           “Where are we going, exactly?” Claire wondered to the bride-to-be. Marsali flipped her corn-silk hair, and turned around.

           “It’s called The Usual Place. It’s nothing special, just a regular pub. But the drinks are cheap, so we can get in the right state o’ mind for the rest of the night!” She twirled, her silver dress sparkling under the florescent street lamps.

           “Weel, I hope we get there soon! My heels keep getting stuck in the grates…” Geillis bellowed from behind, waddling as if she were in quicksand. “I dinna ken why we couldna get a cab…”          

           “We’re here!” Marsali led her ladies-Claire, Joan, Mary, Geillis, and Louise-into the dim pub.

Jamie heard them before he saw them. Always one to make an entrance, Rupert flung open the doors with a mighty bellow.

           “FRASERS!” He sauntered to them with the cockiness of a man that knew he was the biggest in the room. Which he probably was. Behind him trailed two smaller men- Ian and Angus. “We hear ye’ve pleased another man today.”

           “Why does everything that comes out of yer mouth sound filthy?” Jamie asked as Rupert clapped a paw on his shoulder

           “Dinna ken. Ye’ve got a filthy mind, probably.” He winked.

           “How will we be celebrating tonight?” Angus asked, scratching his scraggly beard with a look of false contemplation. “Shots?”

           “Nay!” Ian spoke up. “Ye’ll ken what happened last time…”

           “It’s no out fault ye canna hold yer drink,” Rupert teased.

           “Yer company is celebration enough, lads,” Willie appeased, placing a hand on both their shoulders.

           “Speak fer yerself,” Jamie muttered and waved the bartender over. He tried not to see her eyes in the bottom of his glass.

The pub grew steadily louder, and Claire found it more and more difficult to concentrate of her friends’ conversation. A mixture of the noise and alcohol.

           “And, when are we going to see ze dancers?” Louise’s question caught Claire off guard.

           “Marsali, you didn’t…”

           “I only plan on getting marrit once. I’m doing my bachelorette party right.” She giggled, disarmingly sweet compared to the plans she had. “We should leave soon, though. So we can get a good seat.” The twinkle in her eye made Claire shake her head in mock disgust.

           Much to Claire’s surprise, she was having fun. Not what she would have normally done on a Friday, she was glad to be out with these women. Her friends.

           As they filed out, Claire saw a flash of red by the bar. A trick of the light, probably.

Jamie knew he was drunk. Was he hallucinating? He saw his stranger, wild hair trailing behind her as she walked out of the door. Perhaps he should call it a night.


“Young Master mm..” He moaned as he pressed his lips against the little Lord’s endlessly.

“Sebastian?” He looked at the demon, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

He didn’t respond, just continued to kiss his lips gently, his tongue entering his cute little mouth.

“What’s.. gotten into you?”

“I just woke up with a craving for your lips..” He mumbled sheepishly, pressing kisses on the little one’s neck, moving them back to rosy lips.

“How odd. You usually wake up with a craving to fuck me..” He snickers, small fingers moving through Sebastian’s hair.

“I love kissing you..”

“Love it’s a strong word, demon. I’d use it for something else.”

“I love being inside you as well.”

“That’s cheating. You only get to choose one. What would it be?”

“Both.” He decided.

“Are you telling me that you don’t know which? Then pick the one I prefer, you greedy moron!” He insulted him yet his voice was holding a playful tone.

“I m greedy. I want all of you. And I’ll make you swallow your previous words one day. Admit that you’d go insane without my kisses.”

Ciel laughed softly before falling asleep one more, Sebastian pressed tightly against him.

That peacefulness only lasted for a few minutes.

“Young Master it is time to wake up…” He kissed him again.

“Don’t try to trick me. I have one more hour of sleep.”

“But Young Master it is time.”

“Time for what?!”

“Time for me to fuck you…” He whispered into his mouth.

“Oh… Then I think I can get up earlier… In a half hour..” He moaned, trying to turn on his side.

“Now…” He said, pulling Ciel on top of him.

“Oh alright. You horrible, horrible, petty man. You keep me up all night, then wake me up one hour earlier with your needy little kisses..”

“But you wouldn’t have me any other way…” He smiled gently, lifting the boy’s chin up to kiss him once more.

“I wouldn’t have you any other way…” He smiled back, hooking his arms around the devil’s neck, losing himself into the kiss.

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Could you do a scenario of Kirishima having to wake up early in the morning to go to work, but his S/O (female or gender neutral) wants to snuggle still, so he lays there half asleep giving them little kisses all over their face and ends up being late? (Heck I'm sorry if it's confusing but I just want fluff yah know 😂)

I hope this is ok and fluffy enough for you. Fluff is my kryptonite. I can write the dirtiest smut you’ve ever seen with a straight face, but make me write something sweet like candyfloss and I’ll just lose it.

The alarm was blaring, playing its annoying tone that Kirishima had grown to hate. He groaned, his hair sticking up in rough patches, giving him a lopsided look as he sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. As he fumbled to turn the obnoxious sound off, you woke up too, blearily looking up at him with sleep filled eyes.

“Wha time is it,” you mumbled, starting to sit up. Kirishima’s hand met your shoulder and pushed you back to your pillow.

“5:30. I need to be into the office early today for a meeting. Go back to bed; I’m sorry I woke you.” Kirishima yawned; he was still half asleep.

You tugged him back down to lay beside you, pressing soft kisses to his collarbone and shoulders.

“No, stay,” you murmured against his skin. If you had been more awake you probably would have chastised yourself for behaving so immaturely and causing him to risk being late, but right now all you cared about was the warm skin beneath your lips and the spicy, earthy scent that was your boyfriend.

“Y/N,” Kirishima groaned lightly. Somewhere inside of him, he knew that he needed to get moving if he wanted to be on time for his meeting, but a louder voice kept telling him that his bed was right there, and that his girlfriend was so soft and warm, and that he was an idiot for getting up right now. He decided to listen to that voice, if only for a few minutes.

You hummed in approval and pulled your boyfriend into your embrace, running your lips over his skin and stopping every so often to plant a kiss.

Kirishima knew that he was going to regret this in the long run, but Kirishima couldn’t give a damn right now with you softly running your tongue over his skin. He could easily banish the angry voice of his boss in his head, even if he knew that he was going to have to work late to make up for it.

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What if Todoroki's s/o was really strong but like super lazy to put in any effort when actually fighting. It's funny to imagine the s/o," I could actually fight or lose and go home to sleep" Sorry if this idea is too weird

“How have you lost all your fights without a single scratch?” Todoroki stared at your reflection, finishing putting bandaids over his injuries. “I’ve been winning, but here we are.”
You smiled up at him lazily from your phone and tried not to think about how tough it was going to be to kiss him with a busted lip. “Eh, I’m good at dodging fists. ‘Sides, I woke up early and I was really tired and I just wanted to go home.”
He looked at you perplexedly, seemingly trying to formulate the right words. “So… did you just… quit? In the middle of the match?”
“Nah, more like… I let the other person win for my own benefit, and then I go home and recharge. Rebuild my strength via napping and all, you feel?”
Todoroki raised an eyebrow, trying not to reopen a cut on his forehead. “I suppose… but how do you plan on becoming a hero without putting in the effort?”
“Hey! I fight when it’s real! I fight real good, man.” He nodded along. “Say it, Todoroki.”
“You are remarkably strong, I’ll agree to that.”
“Thank you, dear. Means a lot.” You leaned over to kiss his cheek, deriving happiness from the tiny blush on his cheeks. “Hey! Maybe with that motivation I’ll start putting in energy!”
“Oh thank god I was worried.”

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I just woke up and its too early for me to be feeling this emotional

i keep sleeping thru everything bc they keep posting at 4am or 5am my time but i forgive them bc it gives me smth sweet to wake up to even tho i’m waking up in tears

Kite (Nathan Prescott x Reader)

A/N: I am so hungry for more reader inserts with this fucker, but I don’t see any. Sad face. I made a poor attempt at making a reader insert. If you like it feel free to write a request. Excuse me if my grammar/spelling is incorrect. English is not my mother language. 

(S/R/N) Something that rhymes with your name.

The reader is a female and no body type or skin color is implied. She is going to be a medium height 5′6/ 5′7. Feel free to ignore it if it does not imply to you.

Warnings; usage of weed and swearing.

Word count; 1,305

Mornings. Jesus fucking Christ, did you hate mornings. You slowly got up from your bed, stretching up from the weird position you were sleeping in, you looked at your clock in the shape of a robot that just woke you up. 

Fucking clock, man. Fuck it so hard. Staring at you with its drawn, black, soulless eyes. Probably mocking you for not getting enough sleep. 

‘Well fuck you too’

Your motion
Got me rollercoastin’
I want all in your ocean
Man look it when I goes in

You had an ‘early’ class, 3 pm, with Michelle Grant. Ms. Grant.  She teaches mathematics and science. You considered her a great science teacher. She was smart. Always eager to help you with something you couldn’t understand. Which was mostly everything. Ms. Grant was a nice and smart teacher.

The first thing of your morning routine was to brush your teeth, which you already went to do. 

In the bathroom Victoria Chase, Taylor Christensen and Courtney Wagner were mildly chatting. The trio was considered bitchy and evil, especially Victoria Chase. She was a queen bitch. Victoria had the typical Aryan features. White skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was pretty, but her attitude was a big problem. She was talented in photography and had a great taste in fashion, however her ‘safety mechanism’ would always kick in and try to hurt other because of her insecurities. They were keeping her down. That was a big downer. 

I have no friends
But if you had seen where we came
You would know that we’re just makin’ a name
Just off Dex and we straight to a plane
Man, I’m insane
This ain’t a game

She never really bothered you, as she could sense that you were a strong person who would never leave their horse in the mud. Metaphorically.

The second part of your routine was to choose an outfit. A flirty, black, cropped top. A cream, floral print mini skirt. Last, but not least,  vintage, brown, leather Dr Martens shoes. 

The last part of the morning routine was the make up. It was really simple, not that much too. Foundation to give a balanced color to your face, eyeliner to compliment your eyes, eyebrow pencil just to make your brows pop a bit. Lipstick depended on the outfit. Today felt more like a pink tinted lip-gloss. 

You went out of the girls dormitory into the school. There wasn’t much to do really, but class was going to start in two hours and you did not want to be late. 

Talking to friends was not an option to you. Sure, you talked to people, always friendly, but you never considered them as friends. 

Half of you jokers don’t hear what I’m sayin
But this is real, I’m feelin pain
All of the things, I don’t say them in vain
Great as a dane, you in my domain 

Yelling and heavy footsteps could be heard echoing around the halls. No one but Nathan Prescott, a.k.a the rich bitch, was causing these psycho outbursts. He sure as hell was a fucked up kid, you knew that. He was mean, insensitive, rude and a hot-head. 

Daddy issues. You thought. It  may have been as a joke. He always trash talked about his dad. Everyone knew Sean Prescott was an asshole. Literally the whole Arcadia Bay hated the Prescotts. 

No one really saw Nathan relaxed or happy. Always on the edge, nervous, angry. Unusual was when he would laugh. He did not do that often. 

He was one of the people you would talk to, in a more special way. Nathan was your ‘weed buddy’. It started out when you first came to Blackwell, a few weeks after your arrival. You would see him having his rich bitch tantrums. 

I can be Batman and you could be Bane
Fast as a train, sharp as a brain
I am a poet, I do not explain
These are my feelings, I don’t entertain

One day he sat outside the building, hidden, sitting on a bench surrounded by bushes, getting baked. 

You were not a big stoner but the week had been hard on you. Blazing was a less dangerous way to relief the stress. Nathan had a joint, you were craving it, telling the principal about this would not have made Nathan happy, so he had to share.

‘Can I have some?’ He looked up at you, a bit startled.

‘Um, no? Get lost.’ Ouch. That was rude.

‘You wouldn’t like anyone to know you are smoking grass on the school campus, would you’ What a great manipulator. Always try and get what you want kids. 

‘You sound fucking annoying trying to buy me off and stuff. Good that I am cool at the moment, but you’re killing my vibe.’ He waved his hands around irritatingly. 

‘Busted or share? Sharing is caring. Help a stoner out.’ 

‘I visibly don’t care. I would rather keep my reputation clean though’ But are you sure it’s ‘clean’. Because no one in this city had found you clean or pure, Nathan. 

Keepin it plane, my take, it look like I’m me
You don’t know what I attain
When I drop flame
I knew I can’t get the game
All of these jokers are lame

You and Nathan had the special sign meaning it was time to get fucked. Not literally, of course. Nobody enjoyed when he let out his bitch fits. He was solid ten feet away from you when you gave him the hand sign. He saw it and hurried to go outside, you followed slowly and non-suspiciously. 

Back when you and Nathan began smoking together, you would always try to find a new place to get baked. A more secretive place, like the underground stairs behind the school. No one ever wen there, besides the security authorities. 

Lost in space and I see your face on Mars
No trace but I find you in them stars
I’ll chase you til this planet falls
Lil mama got bar, lil mama got bars

He was already there waiting for you. A blunt stuck between his teeth eagerly waiting to be lighted. 

‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, lasses and lads, _____ (S/R/N) is here to fuck up the twats!’ He changed his mood pretty quickly. From sad to happy. Human behavior.

‘Pass it, bro!’ You reached out for the blunt, his fingers slightly brushed on to yours. Something in you kind of sparked. You never felt like that around him. The thought of him- thinking about him makes you feel weird. You never thought about him. Never. A contact like that couldn’t have possibly awakened something in you, right? 


You stare into my eyes, I know you hear my cries
‘Cause you look at the sky
You wanna fly? I got the kite
I got the kite for you to fly

You tried to ignore whatever thought that was going in your head, lightning up the green cigarette. 

He was staring at you though. No emotions shown on his face, he was calm and he didn’t even took a drag to already be high. You felt a bit uneasy.    

‘Dude, what’s wrong? You’re looking at me weirdly.’  As you said that he immediately turned his head facing the street. 

‘No, jeez, pass me the blunt.’ A grumpy douche again. He sounded kind of embarrassed as he tugged at the blunt. 

‘No need to be a dick, though. So how is it going? School and private life.’ 

‘Everything’s shit, why do you think I exploded back there? Because I’m doing well? Bitch, please!’ 

‘Bitch, seriously, wazzup?’ He sure as hell was not doing well, it was already obvious. 

‘Can we just chill, maybe listen to music. I don’t wanna talk.’ Nathan and you were on a Jaden and Willow Smith kind of wave recently. You would listen to them as you got high. 

You stare into my eyes, I know you hear my cries
‘Cause you look at the sky
You wanna fly? I got the kite
I got the kite for you to fly

Here you were. Sitting on the stairs blazing and chilling. 

Suddenly you felt something soft and warm touch your hand. Oh fuck, oh no. You were brave enough to look at him when unexpectedly, a soft pair of lips were on your chapped ones. It really took you by surprise but you eventually gave in. 

I gave you kisses on yo neck
And chilled after my curfew
I treat you with respect
And girl I never would hurt you

Nathan sure was a big deal, but damn was he a good kisser. Both of you were groping and grabbing at each other as you hopped on his lap. The kiss was not soft at all. It was a hungry, rough and sloppy one. 

Soon enough you broke apart. Your hands were gently by either side of his face as you stared at him. A saliva connected your lips. Nathan looked like he expected you to react in a negative way or something, but you just…

‘Dude, you fucking suck!’ You smiled as you shoved him to the side. 

‘You ain’t that great either, _____.’ For a long time in forever he smiled. A genuine smile.

Jai Brooks Smut #9 (REQUESTED)

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content DONT READ IF YOU AINT INTO THIS STUFF

“Beau, Luke are you guys ready?” I say to them from down stairs. “Yeah give me a minute I’ll be ready” Beau says to me.

“I’m coming” Luke says running down the stairs. “Wow you look hot y/n.” Luke says looking at me. “Thanks Luke” I blush before taking a seat on the couch next to Jai. “Whatcha doing Jai ?” I ask him. “Nothing Just on Twitter, can Beau hurry the fuck up I’m getting bored.” He says before placing his phone down to lay his head down on my lap.

Beau starts making his way down stairs. “Alright let’s go.” He says while walking towards the door. We all follow behind him and get into the car.

“I love this song.” Luke says before turning the music up all the way in Beau’s car. We all sing along and laugh together until we arrive at the party. As soon as we get there, Jai and I go into the kitchen were the shots are being served. “Y/n let’s get so drunk tonight that we can’t even walk straight.” Jai says into my ear over the loud music. “Yes!! Let’s get fucked up!” I say to him.

After we took shots, we made our way to the dance floor. We start grinding on each other and for some reason, our dancing had a little more something in it. He was closer to me, his grip on my waist was more firm and his eyes were a darker shade. We were so wasted.

Jai pulls me in closer so that he can lean in to kiss me. His left hand was on my lower back and his right cuffing my cheek. He leans in and presses his lips against mine. The world around me completely stopped, almost like we were the only people in this room. This was the first time Jai and I kissed. All I felt were butterflies and the weight on my shoulders was lifted off.

The kiss was slow and passionate and lasted a while before he broke it. “Why haven’t we kissed before? You’re so good at it beautiful.” He says. He looked deep in my eyes before laughing. I laugh with him and we begin kissing again.

His tongue grazes against my bottom lip begging for entrance which I don’t give him at first. His left hand leaves my lower back to grab my ass. He squeezes it lightly and I give him access. His tongue massages mine and my hands go up to his cheeks. Luke and Beau notice us and run over to bother us. “Oh yeah get some y/n!” Beau says putting his left hand on my back and his right hand on Jai’s back.

I expected Jai to break the kiss but instead he just keeps kissing me, and I let him. “Use protection!” Luke says while messing with Jai’s hair. Jai still doesn’t budge, but he pulls me in closer. “I think we should go now so they can be happy.” Beau says.

“Jai lets go home now.” Luke says into Jai’s ear. He still doesn’t move away from our kiss. “Jai come on.” Beau says to Jai. Finally he breaks the kiss and he looks at me before taking my hand into his leading us into Beau’s car. Jai opens the door for me and I get it with him following behind me. As soon as we get in the car we start kissing again.

Beau looks in the rear view mirror and laughs. “Luke they’re still making out.” Beau says. “Yeah they’re fucking tonight, Look at Jai’s boner.” Luke says to get Jai to respond and he doesn’t.

We arrive at the house and Beau opens the door for us because Jai and I were still Making out. He gets out the car and he falls. We both laugh at what just happened and we walk inside still laughing. Luke and Beau are in the living room getting ready to play Fifa and Jai and I are stumbling our way into Jai’s room.

When we reach the bedroom, Jai playfully pushes me down on the bed. He takes off my shirt and unclasps my bra then takes off his shirt. The whole time we’re both laughing for no reason. I sit up to unbuckle his belt to pull down his jeans. His erection is visible through the material of his boxers. He lays me down gently before pulling down my underwear. He spreads my legs and presses his tongue against my clit.

“Fuckkkkk.” I moan. He licks faster and starts fingering me. “You like that y/n? You like my fingers inside you don’t you?” He says looking up at me. “Jai I need you now.” I moan.

He stops and pulls down his boxers. He positions him self at my entrance and then pushes himself inside me. He starts thrusting into me really hard and fast. “Fuck Jai don’t s-stop.” I moan. “You’re so tight.” He says. “Ah sssshit.” He grunts.

He reaches down to run my clit and thrust in my even faster and deeper, getting me closer to my high. “Jai” I moan. My hands scratch his back leaving marks. We finally cum together and we end up having round two, round three and so on.Minutes turn into hours until we pass out.

The next morning I wake up in Luke’s room for some reason. I hear people arguing in the other room and I figure it out that’s Luke and Jai. I notice that I’m not wearing any clothes and then I see condom wrappers all over the bed. I put on my panties from the floor and grab a towel to wrap around me so I could hurry to Jai’s room without anyone seeing me.

As soon as I get into his room I drop the towel and grab a pair of his boxers to put on and his shirt to put on.

I leave the room to go calm them down. “Boys stop its too early for this” I say groaning holding my head. “Y/n go back to sleep I didn’t mean to wake you.” Luke says to me. I shrug and go back to Luke’s room and lay down.

“Next time don’t fuck on my bed you asshole!” Luke yells. “I didn’t know I was in your room you cunt I was drunk!” Jai fires back. “You better wash my fucking sheets that’s so fucking disgusting.” Luke says. “I will, I already said I’m sorry I woke up and I knew I wasn’t in my room.” Jai says.

“Whatever just don’t do it again, I mean I’m happy that you guys are I guess together now i don’t know because you guys were all over each other last night.” Luke says.

“Okay, I’ll wash your sheets.” Jai says

Jai comes back in the room and lays down next to me. “You know what we did last night?” He asks me. “Yeah, I mean well I it was Luke at first cause I was in his room with condoms all over his bed.” I say to him. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I was drunk and if you don’t want to speak to me again I understand.” He says to me.

“Jai I don’t remember all of last night but I remember how I felt when you first kissed me last night, I love every moment. So don’t apologize because I loved it.” I say to him. He smiles. “So what does his mean?” He asks. “I don’t know how did you feel when we kissed?” I asked him.

“Honestly the same way, I couldn’t believe I was kissing you and I didn’t want to ever stop. Some thought in my head told me I would have the chance again so I didn’t let anything stop me.” He says. “Well you can if you want.” I smile. He smiles back before leaning in to press his lips against mine. The kiss was short because again we were in Luke’s room.

“So does this mean we’re together or something?” I ask. “Only if you want to be, because of course I want to be with you but it’s up to you.” He says. “Yes I do want to be with you.” I answer him.

“Okay. But I need to redeem myself and ask you in a better way. Maybe dinner tonight?” He smiles. I nod and we laugh together. “Ok so now we have to leave Luke’s room soho can wash his sheets.” He says laughing. “You were so wet last night.” He winks.

“Jai!” I say laughing and then I swat at his arm. He laughs and kisses me again.

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ok so since you get nsfw fic requests, I have a question. Who do you think has a bigger dick and what do you think they would prefer in pubic hair (like shaved or not shaved on reader or it doesn't matter to them) ?

Phil’s definitely has a long slender member. Just like him.

I don’t think Phil does much more then a trim here and there. I don’t think he would have a preference about your pubic hair. I think he would have other things on his mind…

Dan’s member isn’t as long as Phil’s but he has more to him. The first time you had sex with him you definitely had the thought of that is not going to fit.

Dan keeps it clean. As for you he would never say anything about his preference because it’s your body and you do you. But he prefers everything shaved but the front. It’s just easier when he’s going down on you.

(I just woke up guys wtf. What do you do to me?)

my family wasnt home when i woke up and they ate all the doughnuts so i was looking for something to eat for breakfast but there isn’t really a lot (i dont usuallt eat breakfast bc i have to wake up too early) so i just kinda went “fuck it” and now im eating ice cream for breakfast and

honestly its such a big mood

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I did!! Woke up early today to make sure I listened to it as soon as possible haha I looooooooved it! Good vibes to it. I’m really proud of him too and happy to hear you say that. He seems like he’s truly happy in his life right now. Something has just been different these past few months, he has more energy and just high spirit. He seems really satisfied and excited with his work. Always good to see the people we admire like that. Can’t fucking wait for the full album though!