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…are you happy about it? About the baby?“ Outlawed in Scotland, barred from his own home, and with only vague prospects in France, he could pardonably have been less than enthused about acquiring an additional obligation.

He was silent for a moment, only hugging me harder, then sighed briefly before answering.

“Aye, Sassenach,” His hand stayed downward, gently rubbing my belly. “I’m happy. And proud as a stallion. But I am most awfully afraid too.”

“About the birth? I’ll be all right.” I could hardly blame him for apprehension; his own mother had died in childbirth, and birth and its complications were the leading cause of death for women in these times. Still, I knew a thing or two myself, and I had no intention whatever of exposing myself to what passed for medical care here.

“Aye, that–and everything,” he said softly. “I want to protect ye like a cloak and shield you and the child wi’ my body.” His voice was soft and husky, with a slight catch in it. “I would do anything for ye…and yet…there’s nothing I can do. It doesna matter how strong I am, or how willing; I canna go with you where ye must go…nor even help ye at all. And to think of the things that might happen, and me helpless to stop them…aye, I’m afraid, Sassenach.

“And yet”–he turned me toward him, hand closing gently over one breast–“yet when I think of you wi’ my child at your breast…then I feel as though I’ve gone hollow as a soap bubble, and perhaps I shall burst with joy.

april study challenge // days 27 - 30 (04.27.2017 - 04.30.2017)

blueberries and calligraphy! i’m so sorry i haven’t been consistent with this challenge. i’ve been having a really stressful week that involved me sleeping past midnight for five days and i couldn’t really find the time to update this. 

what is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

read, draw/practice calligraphy, catch up on yt or tv updates! and creative writing or poetry if i’m in the mood for it ofc. 

april is stress awareness month! what tips do you have for balancing school and mental health?

none at all i suck at balance didn’t i say i slept at like three on thursday night

i really think the only thing i have to say is that you need to take care of yourself. not doing that is only going to result in your grades slipping anyway. mental health takes a toll on your academic life, not to mention your personal one. so get enough sleep, make sure to eat/drink at regular intervals and don’t forget meds if you’re on any!! 

what is your favorite kind of weather for studying? what’s your favorite kind of weather in general?

tbh i don’t really have a preference for study weather. i’ve been told i prefer a cooler environment, but while that’s true to a certain extent, i don’t care too much. in general, i like rainy days, or warm/breezy days. 

how has the month of April been for you?

*sighs* well that’s a complicated question. i guess it’s been okay. this challenge helped me a lot in the beginning, but i ended up slacking off at the end, so i’m not sure about its effect. but i think that has more to do with me than the concept of productivity challenges itself, so. 

the first part of april was really quiet for me, because my school just had spring break and none of the teachers seemed to want to assign a lot of work. also, a few of my assessments got delayed to around may, which means less studying and prep. this past week was absolutely hectic though and i’m still frantically trying to finish all my work on sunday night… overall, april was alright, but it could have been better, and i could have probably been more productive ^w^

again, i really enjoyed doing this challenge even if i didn’t quite do it everyday, so a huge thank you to @nkbstudies for creating it! 💖

Six Shades of Red

Imagine being a on call researcher (kind of like Bobby) and working with the Winchesters every now and then. You can’t help but fall for Sam, however you are about the shyest person and Dean loves to tease you about it. But luckily Sam thinks its adorable.

The day started out like any other, some coffee, a little web browsing and checking in with some hunters you had been working with. That is until the phone rang
~Carry on my wayward son, there will be peace when you are done…~

You knew that ringtone. Winchesters.

As you went for your phone, your mind couldn’t help but to drift to the Younger one. You secretly hoped it was him on the other end of the phone. Not that you had anything against Dean, You just preferred Sam.

You swiped across the screen and hit speaker, “Hello ”

“Y/N” Sam greeted and your heart fluttered. you felt like the most pathetic school girl pining over him like this but you couldn’t help it. “We need you to dig up anything you can on…. ” and the line when dead. You panicked. Your mind immediately jumping to the worst That is until the phone rang again making you jump.

“SAM!” You gasp, relieved that he was still there.

“Relax,Y/N . We just ran into a bit of a situation, nothing too bad but, no you know what we are in some deep stuff here. We need you, like really need you. How fast can you get here?”


Next thing you knew you were on your way to meet the boys.

As you pulled into the parking lot of the motel you noted the impala and parked right next to it. As you get out of the car you are startled and draw your gun only to be greeted by the warm presence that was Sam Winchester. You of course blushed, one because your jumpiness embarrassed you, and two because you always blushed around Sam, even for the stupidest things like being in, oh I don’t know a mile radius of him. This trip should be interesting you think to your self as you put your gun back into your waistband.

“Y/N”, Sam greeted you with those dreamy hazel eyes and that open smile … damn those dimples. You stood in shock not knowing what to do when he came in for a hug.  You tried to be as casual as possible but that wasn’t in your vocabulary apparently.

Sam helped you get your stuff into your room and the two of you walked next door to he and Dean’s room.

“Hey ,Y/N” Dean greeted as he flopped down on the crappy couch with a beer. “Beer?” he offered.

“No thanks.” You say as you go to plug in your laptop. You sat down at the table opening the browser. “So what do we know about this thing so far?”

“Nothing really. none of its behavior is matching anything we’ve ever seen.” Sam said as he slid into the chair to the left of you. His close proximity already making you flustered and distracted. All the sudden he got up and leaned over you typing on your keyboard. “Here you have to see this.” he said as he pulled up an article from the local paper. and then a video a witness shot. Now you were in full on nervous mode. You could feel the heat radiating off of him and you ddnt know what to do. When he turned around to get a bottle of water from the fridge, you looked up long enough to be met with emerald eyes and a shit eating grin. You blushed furiously knowing that Dean knew. You’d never live this down.

Sam made his way back to his chair and asked “ So what did you think?” You were staring at your screen so intently as to avoid eye contact with Dean that you didn’t hear Sam. “Y/N” he repeated louder making you jump. This earned a chuckle from Dean at which point you shot him a bitch face, making him laugh even harder. “Are you alright Y/N ?” Sam asked. you didn’t have to look at him to know that concern was etched on that beautiful face of his.

You could feel the heat in your cheeks and decided not to look at him “Yes Sam. Just a little zoned out that all.” You tried to sound as convincing as possible.

After a little more research Sam stood up and stretched announcing he was going to get a shower. You were still looking at your laptop when the bathroom  door closed and the water started running. “So Y/N’s got a thing for Sammy!” Dean chuckled as he made his way to the table. Your face was burning at this point. “You know I think you two…” You got up darting for the door. Dean cut you off though. Damn those hunter reflexes. “Woah where you going? all I was gonna say is that you two are a lot alike”

Your face flushed  big time. “ You really need to get that under control though. you have like five different shades of red when Sammy is involved.” he grinned.

“I do not!” you tried to retort but your face limited your effectiveness.

“Yes you do. You have one shade for when someone mentions him. One shade for when you think of him. one shade for when he is near you, one shade for when he looks at you/ speaks to you, and one for when he touches you.” he held up his hand and looked at you triumphantly as your face just got redder and redder.

You two kept on with this agreement and you all but jumped out of your skin when the bathroom door opened. “What are you guys talking about?” Sam asked looking confused as he exited the bathroom clad only in a towel while  drying his hair with another towel. Your face was scorching hot now as you quickly diverted your attention.

“Make that six shades of red” Dean burst out laughing and you just went to your room.

a couple minutes later you heard a knock on your door. You looked through the peephole to see it was Sam. You opened the door and he greeted you with a his kind of smile that made your heart melt. “So Y/N…” Oh God he knows. you thought.

“Look Sam, I can explain.”

“Good because I still don’t know what happened in there and Dean is too busy rolling on the floor laughing to tell me. Was it something I did. I don’t remember doing anything funny. and what is he talking about ‘shades of red’? ” he asked furrowing his brow in confusion.

“Its complicated. ” You looked away as to avoid giving it away.

“If you and Dean are seeing each other in any sense just tell me”

“WHAT!? God no. ew.”

“Oh Good.” did he just sigh like he was relieved. well maybe he just doesn’t want things to be awkward. it doesn’t mean anything. All of the sudden he grabbed your chin and made you look at him. “Why won’t you look at me?” he questioned. Your face flushed big time. “If I make you uncomfortable, im sorry. I don’t mean to invade your space.”

“No Sam its no that at all” you giggled. seriously did you just giggle like a little school girl.

“Well what is it then?"  He inquired as he stepped closer to you with a grin on his face. He knows, He knows.

"Uhh Um. Um ” You stutter trying to make a sensible sentence form.

Before you knew it he had our face cradled in his hands looking down at your bright red face. “You know, You’re so unbelievably adorable when you blush” just when you though your face couldn’t get any ore red.

“Make that seven shades of red.” You both laughed.

“Oh, that’s what the six different shades of red came from.” he laughed.

“Ain’t nothin slow about you Winchester.” and with that he brought his lips to yours in the softest, most love felt kiss ever.

When you pulled away you could feel the heat in your cheeks and laughed. “eight?”

“Okay we better stop before we reach ten” You looked back up at him and he placed another kiss on your lips just as Dean walked up.

“Oh thank God its about time.”

“Oh yea Dean, its now eight shades of red.”

This time he was the one to blush. “I don’t wanna know.” he waved his hand and shook his head as he walked away. You and Sam laughed hysterically and high fived to celebrate your victory in annoying Dean.

Liam Dunbar Imagine: Love Always

“Hey babe, what's  up” you said quickly giving your boyfriend Liam a kiss. He smiled and  grabbed your hand holding it tightly. You two had been dating practically since the first time you saw each other, which was seven years ago in a week. “Me Lydia and Stiles were thinking about getting some ice cream you want to come with me? We haven’t hung out in forever!” You said really excited for  this opportunity. Between school, all your sports, and Liam’s pack responsibilities you two hadn’t had time to hang out in over a month.

“I’m sorry I can’t babe I really wish I could but I have some work to catch up on and I really just need some rest.” You understood where he was coming from. It really had been a very busy month.

“Okay that’s fine we can hang some other time.” You said and let go of his hand to go join up with Lydia and Stiles already laughing and having fun with them. What you didn’t see was his sad smile as you walked away.

“Hey y/n, Liam not coming?” Stiles asked and you shook your head. You tried not to be sad about it but not seeing the love of your life for month feels like you’re drowning even though you have all the air in the world at the tip of your tongue.

Lydia hugged you and Stiles put his arm around you. It made you feel a lot better to know you had such amazing friends. You spent the rest of the week with Lydia having sleepovers and shopping expeditions because she was helping you plan Liam and yours seven year anniversary.

At school you saw Liam here and there but he wasn’t the same something changed and it wasn’t a good change. You found him ignoring you and when you grabbed his hand one day he shimmied away and made some lame excuse about needing to go home quickly.

You decided texting him would be your best option.

Hey u coming over Sat. right?

Ya I’ll b there.

Okay I love you bye <3


Saturday Lydia helped you set up and it looked amazing. The whole date was planned more for Liam then yourself but you still thought it was awesome. You had pictures of the two of you all over the room and you made his favorite food for dinner, and you had a movie marathon of movies you both loved. You told Liam to be there at seven and by six thirty Lydia had left and you were sitting in your apartment alone.

Seven went by, then eight, and slowly as nine neared you felt your phone vibrate with a text from Liam

Sorry can’t come tonight maybe another time?

You couldn’t believe him, not only did it take him hours after he was supposed to be there to tell you he wouldn’t come but he was missing your seven years. You were fed up and done with him.


You hit send and turned your phone off. Sitting alone you blasted some  of the most hateful music you had and threw all the pictures you printed out into the fire you started a long time ago. You weren’t crying. It wasn’t sad for you, if Liam didn’t appreciate you he wasn’t worth your time.

Much past midnight you started to fee tired but you wanted to go on a walk instead. You lived near the McCalls so you figured why not walk to Scott’s house and back then you could go to sleep. As you passed his house you heard a crash from inside and knew the danger and knew you needed to help. You’re a werewolf so you weren’t going in there stupidly.

Running up to where you heard the sound you saw Liam in tears on the floor a broken desk next to him and his hand bloody and ruined. Scott looked at you and saw tears already in your eyes so he thought better of what he was about to say and instead left the room to the two of you.

“I’m so sorry y/n really I swear I just its complicated.” Liam sighed in defeat.

“Then uncomplicated Liam, I have put up with you for a month like this. You missed our anniversary and I have been working so hard on that this entire past week.”

“I love you y/n I do I swear.”

“That means nothing to me right now you need too explain yourself.” You said and sat down across from him.

“I swear I never would have done this to you if it were up to me, and let me finish before you say anything. I’ve been getting letters telling me that they’ll kill you if I keep seeing you, I’m trying to protect you!”

You hugged him, although his seemingly stupid reason for ignoring you, it was more proving his love more. He knew you could protect yourself but he still felt the need to take it upon himself to protect you instead.

“I love you y/n, I just want to be able to wake up with you in my arms, give you surprise kisses, snuggle and drink hot coco when  it gets cold, and I want you to be my wife. I don’t have the ring with me but I love you and I want to marry you as soon as we can even if that means right now.” He took each of your fingers and kissed the tips of them before carefully lying your head on his chest and falling asleep together almost engaged.

thacmis  asked:

wow. nikorita. i'm gonna. fight you on xma's magneto's outfit i think iT's RAD AS BALLS (what did you think of xmdofp's magneto's outfit then?)

THACMICITA, with all due respect, I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN WITH HOW UGLY IT IS first of all why do those complicated white bits in the chestplate are for? IT’S CLASHING WITH MY AESTHETIC 

his DOFP attire was okay. it was the most i liked a magneto outfit. it was simple, yet practical. even elegant????? (and also looked like he made it himself at home. imagine erik struggling with a sewing machine lfmao)

but this new one dissapoints me. it looks too … overdressed? too much. I DON’T LIKE IT AT ALL.*CIVIL WAR*

Seven Months

I. Right After

It’s been so many nights since you slept in my bed and each was last-day-before-payday-just-sent-in-the-rent-check-and-paid-the-bills-poor. It’s hard to say come back when you are sleeping sounder without me. It’s hard to say come back when your days pass like crinkled eyes squinting into the sun and mine are like pulling garbage across asphalt, dragging so carefully just in case the bag bursts and spills trash all over the street.

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Post Amazing Maleeni

For the xf writing challenge: What games do they play? prompt @leiascully

The sunny weather that Los Angeles offered was not able to cast away the frustration weighing on her mind. The case had been successful as it could be. Mulder was delighted to fly them across the country with the pretext that it involved magic. Criminals had been arrested, the case was closed and they were enjoying themselves. As per usual with any investigation, there were a few minor details that needed their attention from the local law enforcement and therefore they would not be heading back to DC tonight as planned.

The forced layover caused Scully to feel irritated and tired. Their flight was scheduled for tomorrow morning 9 AM so she had to endure another night at this sorry excuse for a motel. And, just like Maleeni’s act, this room was in desperate need of some magic.

She looked around the bland room and groaned internally. If only she could somehow transport herself back at her apartment for some much needed rest in her own bed. Her back and feet ached from the constant standing around and was in urgent need of easing physical tension. Going back home also promised another private night with Mulder, to which she constantly looked forward to after most cases, especially if neither of them ended up in a hospital.

She reveled in the memories of their joining; their bodies matching and fitting perfectly together like magic. A mental connection with Mulder had always provided a strong sense of fulfillment in all the years she had known him but now their carnal connection provided her with a whole other sense of completion that she found she could not get enough of.

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32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

Angst + Fluff

I sit in my lecture, listening to my professor as he goes on and on about  the music industry and how it was developing as time went on, how music was changing as well as the bands and singers and so on and so forth.

Suddenly the doors to the auditorium opened, making me turn to see who it was before turning back instantly, praying that they hadn’t noticed me turn. I heard the footsteps creak over the voice of my professor who took no notice to the newcomer.

But my prayer went unanswered, gulping and shutting my eyes in annoyance as the boy pulled out the chair beside me, sitting down and placing his backpack beside mine. I looked in the corner of my eye to see Jabum as I could also see him trying to catch my attention.

Jaebum and I had been going out on a few dates in the past few weeks. I enjoyed them of course, I actually loved them. But I just didn’t want to get too deep with this relationship, I didn’t want to get hurt … Not again.

I listened to my professor more effectively, trying to ignore the boy beside me. I reached over to grab one of the textbooks on our table before I felt Jaebum’s hand brushing against my own, a shiver running down my spine instantly and I looked up into his eyes, the first eye contact we had made that entire day.

His eyes were filled with pain as I flinched away from his touch, and as the lecture ended, before he could even speak a single word to me, I was on my feet and out of the auditorium.

I rush into my apartment, throwing my bag onto the floor hurriedly before racing to the bathroom. I let the cold water run, throwing the substance up on my heated skin. I sighed quickly, gasping for air as I looked up into the mirror, whispering to myself, ‘Oh Y/N, what have you gotten yourseld into?’

I groaned loudly, rubbing the heel of my hands against my eyes gently until there was loud banging upon the front door, echoing lavishly throughout the almost empty apartment.

I rolled my eyes, thinking as I made my way down the hallway, “Who on earth is it?” I didn’t even bother to look in the peephole, opening the door. But without another second I slammed the door shut, but Jaebum fought against me until I had shut it properly, locking it securely.

'Y/N! Open up!’ He said, knocking continuously as I breathed heavily, leaning against the door, running my hands through my hair. 'Why are you ignoring me Y/N? Look if it was something I said at dinner the other night, or if it was because I was late … for anything! Just tell me please …’

'No … Jaebum-It’s not you!’ I said as I felt the tears already coming up, sniffling slightly. My breathing was uneven as I got nervous, my hands sweaty and wringing each other to distract myself from the current situation.

'Then … what is it?’ He asked in a much softer tone, hearing the pain and uneveness in my voice. I shook my head, as if he could see me, 'Its-Its complicated you see, its too hard to explain …’

I heard him sigh before small thud was heard, his head probably against the white door, 'Please … Y/N. Let me in …’

I sighed softly, wiping my face before taking the lock off, finally when it was off, I placed my hand on the doorknob. My hands shook as I turned, pulling it back only the slightest before Jaebum came through.

I didn’t even make eye contact with him as I shut the door. I turned my body towards his, my only looked down at my bare feet and his converses. Finally, I spoke, 'I-I’m sorry.’

'What for?’ I heard him say. 'For ignoring you. I shouldn’t lead you on like this, I shouldn’t have.’

'What do you mean? What are you talking about?’ He says, coming closer to me, my whole body shaking now as he now stood only a short distance away, our feet nearly touching.

'I-I was scared … I’m scared …’ I whispered softly, but I knew he heard me as he took my face into his hands, pulling it up so I would look up at him only to show the tears that fell fast down my cheeks.

'I-I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified Jaebum …’ I said softly as he wiped my cheeks with the pads of his thumbs. He nodded, 'I understand, but just know Y/N. That, whatever you’ve been through before me … Know that I will NEVER mistreat you. I’m different, I WILL be different. We’ll have our bad days of course, but all couples can’t be perfect can they?’

I nodded slowly, watching as he gave me a small smile. Slowly, he began to grow closer, until his breath was batting against my lips, his forehead pressed against my own. And I just let myself go.

He pressed his lips softly against my own, almost like a feathers touch against glass. I couldn’t return it, not just yet as I trembled under his touch, gasping softly before letting my hand creep to one of his own that held my face.

Jaebum pulled away, kissing my forehead gently with a smile as he pulled me into his chest, holding me tightly.


I don’t know. I’m worried he’ll end up trashing this one, too. That maybe he did resent me for everything that happened in our lives, and this was just one of those things he could use as ammunition someday. Part of me feels like I’d deserve it, crappy as that is to think… But I’ve got to believe in him. I gotta believe in my brother. And fuck, I’m just happy that he’s not trying to smash my head in, alright? I’m just happy to have my brother back. Not a demon or a corpse or an empty seat next to me… 

I just… want to fix things. I know I can’t completely let go of what he did to me all those months ago. And I know I screwed up too much in the past to ever make things how they were when we were happiest, but god — This is better. This is… something, after all that, right? We’ve been okay. Dean could have thrown this one away, too. It’s just a little crappy clay replica. He could have thrown it away.

It’s got to mean something, in the end.

Pork Noodles and a Shotgun: Part Ten (Final)

Yes, you read right, that said final. There may be more Aiko and Takuto in my writing future, but this is it for this story. Thanks for coming along for the ride- enjoy the last chapter!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine

I was doing my very best to stay composed after realizing I was going into labor, but Takuto was not helping. “B-but we have three weeks left! You said it was just false labor!”

“Well it looks like I was wrong,” I replied through gritted teeth. “Damn it, I haven’t even gotten to pack my hospital bag yet. Help me to the bedroom so I can do that.”

“We don’t have time for that,” he tried to protest. Ignoring him, I hauled myself up from the couch and waddled toward our room, determined that I was not going to leave this house empty-handed. I could hear cursing, but Takuto made no immediate move to follow me, and I reached the bedroom uninterrupted. As I tossed toiletries and clothes into an overnight bag, I heard the bedroom door open behind me.

Gently, but insistently, Takuto removed the shirt from my hands and replaced it with his smart phone. The screen was open to a contraction tracking app- I cracked a smile, because of course he had found one of those. “Sit,” he demanded, guiding me to the bed. “I’ll pack, you rest. But if they come five minutes apart, we leave right away.”

“Deal,” I agreed readily. “Start packing your own bag next, okay?” He nodded and, with a bit of guidance, hurriedly put together everything we needed.


“Stop arguing with the doctor, Takuto!” I shouted as I came down from another tough contraction. “This baby is coming whether you like it or not!”

“But-” The look on my face must have been something to behold, because one look at me shut my stubborn husband up in an instant.

“Please,” I begged, reaching for his hand and squeezing tight when I felt his long fingers wrap around mine. “I’m scared too. But getting angry isn’t going to fix anything.”

At 37 weeks, I was far enough along that the doctor would not try to stop my labor, but there were still risks involved in delivering this early. We had been informed of the facts ahead of time to prepare us for the worst- we might have a perfectly healthy, if somewhat small baby, or we might not. The medical staff was on high alert and our baby would be whisked away almost immediately for an extra thorough exam. I had listened through a haze as my husband ran the doctor through the wringer, as if he could argue this problem away. It was all happening so fast now, and yet so slow too- there was so much pain and fear instead of the happy anticipation I thought I would have in the delivery room. I needed Takuto by my side right now, and he finally saw it in my eyes.

“Have you told everyone we’re at the hospital?” I asked, trying to keep my mind off the tightening that signaled another contraction was imminent.

“I called both our parents while the nurses helped you change. Haven’t had time to call anyone else.” He brushed a strand of hair from my forehead as I clenched my teeth reflexively, then remembered to breathe through the pain instead. There was no way I could speak through these episodes anymore, but I kept trying to pick up the conversation in between.

“You should call the guys while you can,” I panted, closing my eyes and trying to rest a moment. “Just come back quick, okay?”

“No way.” I felt his soft lips on the back of my hand. “They’re going to have to put up with a text. I’m not leaving your side.”


“I still can’t believe we only got a text.” Boss was whining as he hovered over his phone, eagerly awaiting an update via text despite his complaints. “It’s so impersonal!”

“You’re so old, Boss! Everybody talks by text now, it’s no biggie!” Hiro had his phone out, too, updating Seiko who had been working too late at the hostess club to join them.

“I don’t blame Takuto, he was probably too busy to call,” Kenshi cut in. “You know he won’t leave Ooto- Aiko- alone if he doesn’t have to. Right Riki?”

“Huh?” Leader jumped a bit at the sound of his name- he’d been staring intently at the screen of the laptop he had brought along to the waiting room. “Yeah, right.”

“Whatcha doing, Rikkun?” Hiro prodded, his curiosity piqued by Riki’s reaction.

“Working,” the older man grunted, almost too quickly. “Unlike a college student, I can’t afford to sit around for hours just waiting idly.”

“He keeps reading about premature babies,” Atsumu revealed. He was sitting nearest Riki and had caught more than a few glances at the laptop screen. “Someone is worried!”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Riki scoffed and slammed the computer shut, his face red.

Hiro opened his mouth, ready to tease their leader for showing his soft side, but Kenshi clapped a hand over the youngest Black Fox’s mouth. “We’re all kinda worried,” he admitted, and the smiles faded from Atsumu and Hiro’s faces before they nodded solemnly. For all the skills their group possessed, they were as helpless as any normal civilians at a time like this.

“I told you dumbasses you didn’t have to come until morning.” Everyone jumped at the familiar voice. Takuto was doing his best to glare as usual, but he was grinning despite himself. “It’s two AM. Go home.”

“Like hell.” Riki snorted. “What’s the news?” Everyone automatically rose to their feet, eager to know how mother and baby were doing.

“She’s fine,” Takuto answered, his grin widening. “She’s tough.”

“But the baby…?” Kenshi prodded, looking worried.

“That’s what I said dummy. She’s fine. They’re checking her out to be sure, but in the delivery room the doc said she looks good.” Pride and relief shone on the new father’s face as all of his friends started to celebrate.

“A girl!” Hiro cheered, hugging Takuto in his enthusiasm. For once the hacker did not protest the affection (though he did not return it, that would be too much to ask).

“I told you so,” Atsumu laughed, clapping his hand on Takuto’s shoulder. “My predictions are never wrong!”

“You had a 50-50 shot, Boss,” Riki sighed before he got his turn to congratulate his friend. “So Aiko’s okay?”

“Yeah, she’s resting. No complications, she’s just tired. No visitors until tomorrow, so seriously, go home.” His words were blunt but Takuto’s face had never fallen from its almost permanent smile. “I want to go to sleep too.” Everyone laughed a bit at his expense and congratulated him one more time before leaving, however reluctantly.


I slept away the hours they kept our daughter under observation; it was a blessing, as it kept me from worrying. When I was woken by a nurse needing to check on me and she asked if I was ready to see my daughter, I answered so enthusiastically it woke Takuto who had been asleep on the guest cot. He was irritable about it at first, but when he heard they were bringing our baby back to the room he was wide awake. He eagerly hovered over me when the nurse placed the tiny bundle in my arms. She was small, having arrived a little early, but still perfectly formed and quite healthy looking. We could expect to go home right on time.

“We still have to name her,” I whispered as I studied her sleeping face. It was hard to say who she looked like since her all her features were rounded and soft like any baby, but the way her eyebrows furrowed a bit in her sleep did remind me of her father.

“I thought you picked a girl’s name already.” Gently Takuto stroked the little tuft of dark hair sticking out of the pink hat the nurses had put on her. He touched her as if he was afraid to break her, and it made me smile.

“Well I did have a favorite, but you never really gave your opinion. We should agree after all.” Still focused on our baby’s face, Takuto just shrugged at me and I sighed. I knew him, though; if he didn’t like the name he would have made it abundantly clear. “Do you want to hold her?”

Suddenly his hand jerked back and my husband looked nervous. “I… You should hold her. You have to bond and stuff, right?”

I suppressed a giggle at his expression. “She should bond with you too. You’re her father.” I sat up a bit straighter in the hospital bed and beckoned him over, then helped him cradle her gently so her head was properly supported. He looked tense at first, especially since she stirred a little after being moved, but as soon as she looked relaxed again so did he.

“It was Hanae, right? The name you liked?” I nodded, watching his face as he gazed adoringly at our newborn. “Yeah, that’s good. Hi, Hanae. I’m your dad.” My heart utterly melted at the sight of the two most important people in my world, face to face for the first time.

A knock came on the door, and a nurse poked her head in. “Are you accepting visitors?” She asked cheerily. “Some very handsome young men have come calling and they’re quite insistent that they should be allowed in!”

I laughed a little, knowing who she had to be referring to. “Yeah, they’re our friends. They can come in.” Looking delighted, the nurse scurried off, and soon the door opened again and the quiet room was suddenly filled with life and laughter.

“What on earth…?” My eyes went wide as they entered; no one had come empty handed. “What is all this?”

“Just saying congratulations,” Riki answered as he set a huge bouquet on the table beside my bed.

“And saving you from hospital food!” Kenshi added, holding up a lunchbox from Kikufuji.

“Ohmigosh. Hi, little fox!” Hiro had zoned in on Hanae right away and was hovering over Takuto already. “She’s so cute! And so tiny! Just like a little doll~!”

Takuto scoffed at the comparison. “She’s not a doll, don’t be weird.”

“It’s a compliment, Takkun,” Boss chuckled, then looked to me. “Have you decided on a name?”

“Yes, she’s called Hanae,” I answered, and everyone murmured their approval.

“Well, let me hold her,” Riki suddenly demanded, standing next to Takuto and holding out his arms.

“How about no,” my husband quipped back with a frown. “We only just got her back, nobody else holds her yet.”

“But I’m her godfather!” Riki insisted, still holding out his hands.

Takuto clicked his tongue and turned up the laser glare. “Nobody ever agreed to that!”

“Aiko, look what we got!” Hiro did his best to distract me from the quarrel unfolding by holding up the bag he had carried in. “Did you know they make special clothes for preemie babies? Look how tiny they are!”

I watched as he started showing off his finds- at least a dozen outfits, all in girly colors and full of ruffles. “I think you went overboard, Hiro,” I giggled, “but thanks. You guys just got us gifts at the baby shower, you didn’t have to go to the trouble again…”

“Just get used to the idea of having the most spoiled little girl around, okay?” Boss smiled indulgently, looking over our little makeshift family. “Her dad and uncles won’t ever let her want for anything.” He raised the digital camera he had brought and snapped a quick photo of all the guys gathered around our newest addition, looks of joy and wonder plastered on their faces. It would be a memory I treasured for many years.

“Everyone shut up. Aiko, here.” Tired of being the center of attention, Takuto carefully placed Hanae back in my arms, lingering a moment to stare at her one more time. “They can’t hold her yet, they’ll break her. Idiots…”

“No one is going to break her,” I laughed. “But at least decide a fair way to see who goes first? All this arguing is going to wake her up!” Right on cue, a shrill cry came out of the little bundle in my arms, and no matter how I shushed and rocked her, Hanae was awake.

“She probably needs a clean diaper,” I mused, peeking inside her blankets. I grinned as a thought occurred. “Whoever changes her gets to hold her first.”

Silence fell over the room suddenly. “Hey, we need some drinks to go with the food, I’ll go buy some!” Kenshi was gone in a flash, with Boss and Hiro hot on his heels “to help”.

I looked at Riki, the only brave soul left. “Well?”

“A godfather has to be able to change diapers,” he said with a shrug. “Give her here.”

“Tch, shut up. I’ll do it.” To my surprise Takuto swept in and scooped up Hanae again, taking her to the changing table before I could say a word. He mumbled something about nobody else doing his job, and I was left hiding a giggle behind my hand as I watched him try to figure out the swaddling blanket and then the diaper. Riki hovered over his shoulder and tried to direct everything, claiming to have read about this online.

By the time everyone else returned, Hanae was freshly changed and somewhat haphazardly swaddled, snuggled into the crook of Riki’s arm. After begrudgingly admitting that our leader had helped out a bit, Takuto had acquiesced and let his friend have a turn. Now wide awake, Hanae’s bright eyes kept focusing on any face that came near her. Since Riki had his turn, Takuto had to let everyone hold her, though he hovered near whichever uncle held his precious daughter at the moment. Since I was still confined to the hospital bed for a few more hours I was content to sit back and watch them make a fuss, and eat some of the food Kenshi had brought to share. Soon a nurse popped in to check on Hanae and mentioned that we were a bit loud even from the hall. All the boys apologized, but I quietly smiled as the nurse handed my daughter back to me after her checkup. Life with the Black Foxes was indeed a little loud and rowdy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hanae might as well get used to it from the very start.


Six weeks later

Three AM, and I was walking the halls with Hanae again. She was healthy despite her early arrival, but she had some challenges to overcome too- at the moment I was dealing with her very sensitive little digestive system. Painful gas bubbles kept her awake in the wee hours of the morning, and I could do nothing but soothe her until they passed. “She still up?” I jumped a bit at Takuto’s voice- he had been locked in his office all night, staying up late to work as usual.

“Yeah, but I think she’s almost asleep now,” I answered, though Hanae set out to prove me wrong as she squealed loudly to protest my sudden lack of movement. I tried to resume my rocking motion, but it was too little too late.

“Give her here. I’m done for the night.” Takuto reached out and took his little girl from my arms, settling her into his shoulder in a now familiar posture. I formed a protest in my mind, intending to tell my husband to go on to bed, but the thought died on my lips when I saw Hanae settle in to her father’s warmth. She already had him wrapped around her tiny fingers, but in return she was usually adamant in her own nonverbal way that Takuto was her favorite person and nowhere was better than her daddy’s arms. “Go get some sleep. I’ll rock her a while and we’ll join you soon.”

“Okay.” Smiling softly, I stood on my toes to plant a gentle kiss on the cheek opposite our sleeping daughter. “Thanks, Takuto. You’re a really great dad.”

“Yeah, well.” In the dim light I could just make out the flush of his cheeks, which could have been either from the kiss or the compliment.

Some things were never going to change, and I was fine with that.