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Omega!Hux and Alpha!Kylo had a meaningless one-night stand years ago - back when they were Lieutenant Hux and Apprentice Ren. They never even exchanged names. Years later, when Kylo Ren comes on board the Finalizer, he meets Hux's child - who is exactly the right age, has all-too-familiar eyes, and a Force Presence that /burns/ like the rising sun.

Kylo has never met an omega before.

He’s been told that they smell divine; like the most forbidden of fruits, where biting into one would mean eternal damnation of the soul for giving in to such a tempting creature. Their very skin is meant to glisten with lusts and wants, their needy heats setting them apart from the rest of the galaxy. They’re rare, craved by alphas and envied by betas. A true prize, worthy of a budding knight like Kylo Ren.

Mating has never been high on Kylo’s list, not even when he presented as an alpha when he was in his late teens. Alas, he finds that, on this night in a tacky bar in a dusty town, Kylo’s needs have gotten the better of him.

He moans, delving back in for another kiss off the pretty redhead he’d managed to pique the interest of at the bar before he’d offered to serve him drinks back at his accommodation. Kylo had smugly accepted. After only a few shots and cocktails, Kylo has the redhead pushed back against the nearest wall, consuming his lips in a desperate kiss.

“You’re beautiful,” Kylo whispers, tasting the remnants of their last fruity shot on his partner’s lips.

“So I’ve been told,” the redhead replies, pushing Kylo away from him for a moment.

Kylo watches eagerly as the other begins to strip, his nimble fingers unfastening the button of the high collar of his jacket before shedding it.

And it’s then that Kylo smells it.

“You—you’re an omega,” Kylo gasps, taking in the seemingly glowing form of the other, lapping up every inch of his pale skin.

“Aren’t you lucky,” the omega says, sauntering forwards, making sure every twisting movement is exaggerating the curves of his body; the sharpness of his hips, the plumpness of his ass, the perkiness of his nipples. “A night with an omega.”

The omega is suddenly upon him, chest pressed against the front of Kylo’s dark robes, his hand rubbing the front of the alpha’s pants. Kylo gasps, growling, before hoisting the omega up until his long legs are wrapped around Kylo’s hips and they’re back against the wall, kissing as though their lives depend on it. Unable to help himself, Kylo buries his nose in the omega’s neck, and feels as though he’s elated.

The omega already smells of sex, as though heat is radiating from his skin, but there’s a uniqueness to his scent that Kylo has never sensed before among anyone. Kylo picks up the scent of ash, as though the fire isn’t just in the omega’s hair colour but in his heart too, flickering away, threatening to burn anyone who comes too close. But underneath the threatening layers of heat and fire, the omega smells sweet; like a freshly baked pastry drizzled with a fruity syrup and covered in sugar, just begging to be liked before being devoured by its hungry customer.

Kylo drools.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Kylo growls, feeling the omega shiver in his hold. “I want to see beneath your beautiful.”

Yes, alpha,” the omega whines, craning his neck upwards to allow Kylo better access to the hot underside of his jaw. “Please. Fuck me.”

Lost to the intoxicating magnetism of the omega in front of him, Kylo doesn’t bother to ask the omega for his name. It’s a fling, a quick fix for the needs of his inner alpha. It’s the best fuck he’s ever had, but it means nothing.

In the morning, Kylo dresses and leaves before the omega has a chance to wake up, feeling that his sexual urges have been satisfied but there remains a coldness in his chest as he walks towards the door, his heart even jumping when he hears the omega whine softly in his sleep.

But regardless, Kylo leaves, returning to his shuttle and leaving the town before the planet’s sun has risen.

What has happened is irrelevant, and Kylo knows he’ll never see the omega again.

Whether he’s content with that is another matter entirely, and one that he quickly pushes to the back of his mind before he returns to Master Snoke.

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The night was laden with electricity, cracking over the asphalt. The air heavy and burning, still reeling with the screams of the dead as darkness encroached the world and their lives. The battle was still going strong, circle members littering the long walkways within the garden. Charred flowers were left in its wake, and Magnus couldn’t help but mourn the destruction of such beauty.

Still, he thought as his fingers sparked and the skies roared, there was no time to dwell on the concept of mortality. Raising his hands, he threw the approaching circle member, a man slowed by the arrow sticking out of his leg, against a low barricade, satisfied by the sound of breaking bones. Another arrow flew past him, the sound somehow loud despite the screams of pain all around him. Magnus knew that Alec wasn’t supposed to be here, having been assigned to the other shadowhunters within the building. A smile played at his lips when he imagined Alec’s glare as he listened to Imogen’s words, the ever present war of head against heart raging fiercely. It was clear which one had won this time.

Jace had been here too, a moment ago. Throwing a thankful nod in Magnus’ direction after they had briefly fought together. Jace’s words were still ringing in his ears, the boy standing in his loft with guilt ridden eyes. I know nothing I say will make this right. But I’m here if you need me, Magnus.

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Your suit hcs just killed everyone, so I was thinking.... what if you made formal wear hcs for the girls? Would that be possible? My gay ass is thirsty. Completely okay if you don't want to, though, or if you just can't imagine it. Just an idea. :)

Ladies clothing is a whoooole new can of worms. May you quench your thirst. ;D

Original Suit Headcanons here, part 2 and 3 respectively.

Kiyoko. [Elie Saab]

  • Long, plum velvet that falls to slightly below her ankles. The dress is a long, thigh high split dress with a staggering deep-v neckline that resembles two pieces of fabric falling forwards and being belted around her slim waist with an elegant twist of the cloth. Splits both below and above, this dress is reminiscent of a toga-style, bare backed and embellished with large crystal brooches the shape of bird feathers and other sequins and diamonds clustered around her left shoulder and her right hip. A pair of bare, strappy metallic sandals of around four inches complete her look.
    • This look is all Kiyoko. Her style, her choice and her favourite colour, this dress, although baring a lot, covers without fear any part that isn’t commonly seen. It glides around her like waves due to the reflectiveness of dark velvet, and the cutting wraps around her making her as slim and mysterious as willow.
      • By far, this isn’t the only thing she thought of wearing. Because of her milky skin and slim figure, she can almost wear anything at all and bring it to its potential.
      • However, for an evening affair and among such close friends, she chose fashion and elegance over making a statement or being too eye-catching. Perfect for her personality.
    • Her black hair is left in waves behind her back. Slightly curled and not too long, they cascade past her shoulders and swirl around the base of her neck, adding to her striking profile.
      • Truth be told, she rather dislikes having her hair up. With her jet black hair and stern expression, people usually assume that she’d wear something austere, but she much prefers to let loose.
      • There is minimal product in her hair, except for the heat curling and a setting spray. It looks far too shiny for anything else to tamper with the smoothness of her hair tonight.
    • She doesn’t touch the dance floor at all, despite being asked multiple times by multiple men, she declines them all politely. Preferring to spend time with her team and catch up with other managers that she’s become friends with, she nurses a single martini for the whole evening and enjoys the relatively relaxing mood of the jazz band.

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Fallen Star | Zach Dempsey

Originally posted by oriondiary

Warning: suicide attempt

The week was long and it wasn’t anything close to good.

Earlier in the week I had gotten into an argument with mum about my future after high school and the fact that I had no idea of what I wanted to do caused her to get mad at me, so I was basically avoiding going home, either sleeping at other people’s houses or going home super late when mum would be asleep, which made me extremely tired.

School wasn’t any better because it was raining all the time so everyone’s mood was gloomy, usually Zach made it better, but he wasn’t here this week because of a basketball tournament, so I felt more depressed than usual. Though we texted and talked on the phone every day, I needed him, the real him. I needed him to hold me when I cried, to tell me everything was going to be alright and to distract me from the thunder that without effort scared me to my core.

And to keep the list going, some particularly nasty students decided to bully me again, and I say again it’s because they used to but stopped because Zach and the basketball team told them to back off, but now that I was alone they took their opportunity. Pushing me down in the middle of the hall ways, slamming my books out of my hands and onto the floor, and they even went as far as following me home to bash me up today, just because their image was tarnished when they were cast away from the popular group for bullying me.

I limped home this afternoon with a black eye and bruises all over my body, I knew Zach was coming home today but my body was too hurt and drained to even have an ounce of excitement or happiness inside of me. I sighed as I stood in my underwear in front of my bathroom mirror, looking over the purple blotches over my body. Some would say I looked close to death, my skin had lost some of its colour, and my eyes had dark bags under them. I opened my mirror to check for band aids but instead I saw a bottle of pills, I grabbed the bottle and sat on the bathroom floor.

After half an hour of looking over the bottle and remembering my hard week, it felt right. I immediately swallowed as many pills as I could than began to feel light headed, I laid on the ground starting to cry as my body began to hurt until eventually everything faded to black.

*Zach’s Point of View*

The team and I had finally gotten back into town, a little earlier than expected so I was excited to get y/n back, weirdly enough they hadn’t been answering my calls or texts, so I decided to surprise them and head straight to their house.

I groaned to myself seeing as the sky was dark, that meant a storm was coming, y/n must have been feeling uneasy, which is why they didn’t answer their phone. I walked up y/n’s driveway and noticed none of the lights were on so I assumed y/n had fallen asleep straight after school.

I opened the front door with a key y/n had given me, the house was cold which was weird, y/n liked to make the house warm when a storm was coming or else it would be freezing later on. I stalked up the stairs and started to feel like something was wrong, I dropped my bag at y/n’s closed door and quietly opened it in case they were sleeping.

I opened the door ajar to peek in but nobody was on the bed, I pushed the door open more and walked inside, there was no sign of life but y/n’s backpack was left outside the bathroom door. I instantly opened it, I gasped as I saw y/n unconscious on the floor clutching a now empty bottle of pills.

“Baby?” I rushed and took them into my arms, I checked for a pulse, it was weak so I quickly called an ambulance crying as I feared losing the love of my life.

*Y/N’s P.O.V*

Beep. Beep. Beep. I woke to an unfamiliar sound. I opened my eyes to a blinding light, I lifted my hand to cover my eyes and noticed the heart monitor on my finger and a hospital wrist band. I groaned as I remember what happened, I wondered why I was even still alive, my mother wouldn’t have come home until late hours of the night which I assumed would be too late to save me.

But then I saw him, a familiar head of raven black hair rested next to me, Zach’s sleeping face captured my attention, his messy locks made it clear to me he was distraught and the constant movement of his resting eyes seemed as though he was searching for something. I sighed and pushed his hair back but he instantly shot up in a rush.

“You’re awake! Are you okay? Why did you do that?” Zach pleaded for answers.

I sighed and whimpered starting to cry, Zach instantly came to my side and held me in his arms, “It’s been such a hard week, especially without you. Mom hates that I don’t have a plan for my life and the bullies are back.”

“Those assholes? Fuck, when I get my hands on them they’re as good as dead.”

I sniffed and cuddled more into Zach’s chest, taking in his scent and listened to his heart.

“Y/N you once told me you feared thunder, so the next time there was a storm I drove out in the middle of the night to you because I knew you were scared. You remember?” I nodded, “I came to your place with your favourite food and held you until the storm was over, and when it was we looked out your window over all the stars that were once hidden behind the clouds and then I looked at you … and I realised the stars were concealed in your eyes as well, behind all your fear, is something beautiful. That night I made a promise to myself to always be there from you and help you overcome your fears that cloud your mind because that spark of greatness inside of you deserves to be let out and I’m going to be here for you no matter what.”

During his speech I began to cry tears of joy and hugged him tighter, “We will overcome this, one step at a time, together, okay? Because you’re my fallen star, alright? And I’m not going to stop until you’re shining again.”

I smiled brightly as Zach kissed my forehead and held me tightly in his arms, for the first time in my life I was sure about my future, that no matter where I ended up, I was going to be with him.


Hi lovlies, here’s another story for you, hope you enjoyed this. Thank you for reading and don’t be afraid to request ♡

Originally posted by flawlesshime

Run, run, run; the thoughts raced through your mind as your feet continued to tremble their way into a sprint.
        It was stupid, this plan was stupid. It would have been better if you were to leave when he didn’t notice, but you had acted out on instinct. Something broke inside of your Master the day the moon had glistened in its full form, the luminous light shone in between the gaps of his closed curtains, and it hadn’t been nice. The cold grey-blue eyes you had adored shone wildly, the hues intensified greatly with colour, whilst the side of his lips curved upwards to show his pearl white fangs, his thunder-like laughter reverberated into the air. From a simple kiss between two, his nails had dug into your skin and his lips firmly pressed onto your lips whilst his fangs nipped at your skin, things had escalated too quickly for your mind to be able to comprehend.
                Or maybe your thoughts had over exaggerated what happened.
                        Either way, you had to run.
                                You had came this far already, you couldn’t stop now.
                                        Run, run, run.
        The actions which actually had happened repeated in your mind. It hadn’t been one you were too proud of, when your Master had grown with desires, but what’s done had been done. You had jolted away from him, your exterior trembling in panic, and the only thought which had plagued your mind had been to dash off. Your eyes had seen much different things to how everything had played out, ones which reminded you of old folk tales of demons with fangs, and now… Now you were running.
        In the beginning, his words had spoken out clearly on what consequences would be played through if an escape had been made. And here you were, running… Not only had you been caught in such action, but how you had promised not to leave. Each punishment, each training, each whip on your bum, you had repeated some words. I will not talk back, I will not run, I shall listen to my Master. 
                “I will not run,” the words breathed your lips.
                        “That is very correct.” Your body immediately jerked upwards, muscles tensing with each word. “It’s seems like my Livestock have not understood my words even after this long…” Your head slowly snapped backwards, fingers curled into your palm. “Did I not made the consequences clear?”
                                Fingers tucked underneath your chin, the corners of his lips twitched upwards as his monotonous eyes stared down at yours. “Prepare yourself, Livestock.”

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Request: It Will Rain

Request: Will you please do a dean x reader imagine, based on the song “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars? Please and thank you! :)

Word Count: 759

Song here! Hope you like it, and thank you!

“Dammit!” Dean kicks the chair, splintering the weak wood under the force of his rage-infused kick. He sits down on the bed, nearly breaking it in his angry carelessness.

You argue. That’s pretty normal for you. But you’ve never walked out before. You needed a break and he didn’t know if you’d be back.

After a moment, he leaves the motel room himself. He races towards the dark, dense forest, where you’ve no doubt gone to hide away from the world. He tries to keep quit but can’t stop the unbidden sob that rises from his throat.

I hate you sometimes.

You think a simple sorry can patch up any wound, Dean, but it can’t.

You’re pathetic.

I wish I’d never met you.

Your words echo through his head followed by his own.

Useless bitch.

I’m sorry we ever met. Better?

I never loved you.

You disgusting whore, stay the hell away from me.

Mentally beating himself to death, he yells your name in a tear filled, broken voice. He can’t lose you. He loves you too much and he knows it.

“Y/N? Y/N, please. I’m begging you.”

That’s when he hears a sob from behind a tree. He stumbles over to it, and upon seeing you, falls at your side and wraps his arms around you.

“You’re bleeding.” He whispers.

“I fell.” You hiccough, your body moving closer to his. It’s freezing out and the blood running down your head had terrified you into shaking like a leaf.

“Oh, God.” He whispers, wiping the red from your forehead with a sleeve. “It’s okay, baby. Oh, God, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Please, you have to-“

“Dean.” You interrupt him, placing a slightly bloodied hand on his face. “Please, just- don’t, okay?”

He stares at you, more tears forming in his already shining eyes. “Wha-?”

“No- not like that. Just…I screwed up, okay? This is my fault.” You say, wiping the tears from your face. He sighs with relief.

“Oh. Okay. But no, it’s not your fault. It’s mine. I went way too far, I’m so sorry.” He whispers, pulling you closer to him, so you’re practically on his lap.

You shake your head, about to speak, but he silences you with his lips on yours.

“Listen to me. This is important.” You nod silently and he wipes more blood from your forehead. “I can’t lose you. If I did…I would break into a million pieces. It’s never been like this and God, it scares me to death but I need you, Y/N.” He sniffs, wiping at his eyes. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t know if you know what but you need to.”

You offer a small smile, leaning into him. You feel the start of rain hitting your skin, and he hugs you tighter against the chill.

“I’m not perfect. Hell, I’m about as far from perfect as you can get. I know your parents don’t like me. I don’t care but if you do I’ll do anything to make them. It’s all for you.” The rain is becoming heavier, falling onto your skin in large, heavy, cold droplets.

“I…I screw up, okay? I did. I went too far but I promise, I didn’t mean a word of it.” He doesn’t let you get a word in edgewise. “If I lose you my world loses its light. A sunny world becomes rainy, the colours turn to grey. The clouds close in on the clear blue sky and everything loses meaning.

“I love you.” He finishes, “So much. I don’t think you’ll ever know and I don’t care about that, but for God’s sake please don’t forget that I love and need you.”

You let out another sob, the rain soaking through your clothes, sticking them to your skin. “I love you too. So much, Dean. Believe me, I’m sorry.”

He pulls you close to him, burying his head in the crook of your neck. “It’s over. Not happening again.” He promises, kissing the bare skin of your collarbone. “Okay?”

You nod, a half smile crossing over your face. You wipe the blood away from where it’s threatening to trickle down your face, and then press your lips to his. The water cascades down now, and it soaks both of you. He pulls you to your feet, standing up himself.

“Let’s go get that cleaned up, okay?” He says, his finger ghosting over the small wound. You nod, and he wraps his arms around you as you walk back the motel.

1. Charles Xavier

Request:  “hello can u pls do 1, 6, 21, and 22 with Charles? Thank u!”

Hello to you all. Sorry if we’ve been a bit behind with requests lately we’ve had way more than we ever expected, which is great and we just want to thank all of you guys for requesting stuff and being awesome. So sorry for the awfulness of this imagine… I ran out of inspiration for this particular prompt.

~Much love, Ive

You were bored. It happened a lot nowadays. You’d been hanging around the mansion for weeks and had done literally everything you could think to do. Your mutation generally stopped you from going outside too much, I mean no one looked at you and thought you were normal. Your skin has was the same colour as a tree trunk and your hair been like the leaves. If you looked close enough you could see the lines along your skin that resembled the same pattern as bark. You didn’t complain so much becasue the powers that came with your looks were worth it. You were sitting in the garden waving your hand in front of a rosebud making it bloom and shrink back into its bud at your will. You started making other flowers bloom, you could tell that they weren’t happy about it since it was the middle of winter but you were curious to see how long they would last with your help. You sighed and looked up to see Charles standing over you.

“What are doing to my garden?” He asked looking slightly concerned.

“I’m just playing.” You shrugged and stood up walking over to the nearest tree and climbing it.

“Well it looks lovely but I get the feeling they shouldn’t be in bloom just yet.” He laughed and looked up at, by this time you had made it to the top of the tree. “Would you come down here so I could talk to you please? I came over here becasue I have something to say.”

“Come over here and make me.” You giggled hanging on to a branch with one hand.

“I’d really rather not.” He yelled up at you, it was followed by something you couldn’t quite make out.

“What?” You yelled back down to him.

“I’m trying to tell you that I love you and that I hate seeing you cooped up here so I was…” You didn’t catch the end of what he was saying as you were trying to stop yourself from falling out of the tree. A huge smile broke across your face and you willed the tree to let you down smoothy. You slip along the trunk all the way to the ground landing right in front of him.

“You what, sorry?” You asked purely becasue you wanted to hear him say it again.

“I hate seeing you cooped up here, you seem bored all the time. I’m trying to figure a way to get you out into the world.”

“No no not that the other thing. The thing before that.”

“Oh… I love you.” He stammered.

“I love you too.” Your face burst into a massive smile leaving him with no other choice but to kiss you.

A/N: It appears I end all my imagines with a kiss or something. Clearly I need to find a better way of ending my writing or maybe I should make it my signature thing. I didn’t want to spoil the ending which is why this is at the bottom of the fic.

~Much love… again, Ive



Frogfish are anglerfish from the family Anternnariidae known for their exceptional camouflage. Frogfish often have colourations and patterns that resemble coral rock or sponges, an effect which is magnified by their bumpy skin. Their fleshy bodies are able to mold seamlessly around any surface.

The fish are ambush predators, their camouflage allowing them to hunt unnoticed. Like other anglerfish, the frogfish has a fleshy lure extending from its head, which it waves in front of a mouth to attract prey. Once a curious fish comes too close, the anglerfish gapes its mouth and sucks in the prey as rapidly as 6 milliseconds.

Silke Baron, Chris Karrer, Klaus Stiefel, Andreas Metz via flickr

Guh honestly its not the best thing I’ve ever drawn but I did it on a samsung galaxy note tablet so it was a really great learning experience!! I learned a whole lot about how to colour without relying on the program for filters like multiply and luminosity.
(Bonus?? I got started on Blood and Chaos AND Evicted. It’s been a good day.)

(kind of rant, read at own risk and w/e)

(didnt want to put under read more because it would be hard to read on my blog)

okay so ive said this before (when the whole baek-laughs-at-black-face-thing (which turned out to be fake) a while back and im only going to say one more time.

Things regarding race and racial slurs are not taught around most parts of East Asia. And when I say East Asia, I especially mean China, Korea and Japan (though japan seems to be more open with the rest of the world). I honestly hadn’t even heard of the ‘n-word’ until I was 14 and im only 15 now. Even then, I’d only heard it in rap music and I didnt know I wasnt supposed to say it. This meaning, I have also said the 'n-word’ and probably unknowingly offended lots and I do apologize but at that time. I really. Really. Did. not. know. it was a bad thing

I, myself havent even watched the 'jongin n-word’ video and i really don’t plan to because being from Korea, which is like, super closed-off compared to Hong Kong, there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE that Jongin did not know the meaning of that word. Did not know it was offensive. And did not intend for it to offend ANYONE. 

This has bugged me for a while because I’m not sure a lot of you realize that things about race (skin colour and again, racial slurs) aren’t that wildly talked about around here. When the members say things like 'Jongin’s skin is dark’, they are NOT making fun of him, degrading him or being offensive to him. They are just say that his skin is dark. And it is. They arent lying. YOu guys are always quick to say “wow that was SO racist” and send hate and flame when you dont understand that commenting on skin colour is very damn normal here. Its the same as saying 'wow, you gained a little weight’ or 'you cut your hair!’. Their intention is not malicious or hurt-intending in the slightest. (also, the members are close. they joke around about each others’ skintone because THEY ARE CLOSE WITH EACH OTHER. i joke around with my friends too. im sure you do too) 

I see this so much. Especially with the international fandom and it makes me so mad because i want to yell this out

they are not trying to be racist

they are not trying to offend you

89% of the time, they dont even know what theyre saying could be offensive to anybody and i can say that confidently because i know grown chinese adults that do not know that the 'n-word’ is offensive. When I tell them it is, and that they shouldnt say it, they get so shocked and guilty and the genuine shame i see on their faces tells me how much they didnt know how offensive they were being

Im not saying jongin should be let off the hook for saying that, cause he shouldnt but at least try to keep in mind that he had no bad intentions. He probably heard it, thought it sounded cool, and said it (as i do recall him saying that he enjoyed rap music in the past)

at this point, its for certain dan and phil are just friends. here are the significant point to assure you *cheeky wink*

been knowing each other for 7 yrs, living together just separated by a thin wall for more or less 4 years,
watched the fault in our stars together, had the same pattern of bed linen only differentiate by colour
sit whenever wherever too close to casually brush their skin
have no affiliation / romantic interests outside each other
understand each other’s quirkiness weirdness and puns
matching bants
matching bangs
dm each other inside the house

recently and finally admitted that dan was phil’s stalker

yeah just friends , folks

—  @youcantbuyrhythm / my self every damn day