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Wynonna Earp Cast, Crew & Fans - a Famdom

,We’ve just began season 2 and as this show gains new fans, new followers on here, twitter and even YouTube, old fans wanna remind the new ones to please see how this fandom has acted and continue that way.

We don’t pry into the actors lives, we support them as they support us. When they have stuff going on in their personal lives we’re happy for them. If they care about a cause then we jump on board with them doing whatever we can to help. In term we’ve raised a couple thousand for different causes and charities. When something bad happens in their lives we dont pry, we give our love and support and the cast all know that we’re there for them whatever they need. 

There are no shipping wars in this fandom, I know from personal experience the 100 fandom and the Once fandom in particular can have one hell of a shipping war if people dont agree on a ship, and personally if everyone supported the exact same ship, itd get hella boring. if someone ships a couple of characters such as Waverly and Champ then we accept this. We all know the most famous ship at the moment is Wayhaught due to the show and it’s show writer defying the ‘bury your gay’ trope ( which FYI included a lesbian character being shot and living cause she wore a BPV). This happened in the middle of the big debate from Lexa being shot in the 100 after finally being happy to Root being shot in POI. It got to the stage where soon as Nicole was introduced people messaged Kat saying that ‘I hope your character has a bulletproof vest), it changed views, it made people remember that all LGBTQ+ people are valid and they can be happy and find love and be all the things in the world.

The cast themselves care so much about their portrayals, Dom and Kat even carrying out research into their roles and what LGBT means in the community right now, they’re researching the struggles, everything a person might go through and it’s changed them as people. The cast is doing anything and everything they can in order to change stereotypes, to give people confidence, to allow people to be themselves and to not be scared or ashamed, to be able to accept themselves and who they are. Its a show where people can be vulnerable, be a joker, be a fuck up, but still have so much inner strength, that we are more than just one thing. that we are more than what people perceive us to be.

Wynonna Earp is a show where people can find themselves, find their voice, find their inner strength, to face your demons, to accept themselves. Wynonna Earp is a show where the cast and crew treat the fans as friends and not just people the other side of the screen.Every con they make sure they talk to everyone, to hear their stories, to make sure our voices are heard too and they’re affected by this. They care so much and give back to their fans.

The crew behind the show constantly giving back to fans by doing giveaways, creating content to go with the show, to create awesome behind the scenes videos. (Major props to Allison, David, Robbie and all the gang at IDW)

There’s a video called Road to purgatory where the cast and crew talk bout the fans and what they mean to them.

Its a show where the fans have serious no chill from being the main reason why the show got S2, its a show where no chill involves sharing love every single day for each of the main cast and its show runner. A show where no chill involves saying thanks to the people BEHIND the show for everything they do and have done for fans. Its a show where the cast, crew and viewers all want the same thing.

This fandom is more than just a set of people with a similar interest, it’s an environment where people can be accepted, to make friends, to find their partners, when people are going through a hard time the fandom is right there offering support and a shoulder to lean on. Its a fandom where people can go when they believe all hope is lost, no matter what background, what race, gender, sexual orientation, everyone here matters, everyone is valid.  

It’s a famdom that can save people, that can heal wounds, that can make anyone feel at home. Its a place where people can talk about the show, the cast or just anything in general, its a place where people can make friends, find their partners, its a place simply full of love and support and passion.

This fandom is more than just a group of people, it’s a family that’d do anything to give back to each other and to support each other and I hope as it grows it stays this way. Just please if you’re new, see how the fandom has acted in the past and please keep that going so we’re a place of hope, love and compassion for anyone and everyone that might need that certain place in the future,

One day last semester I was on the bus heading to class and I was like ‘fuck class started ten minutes ago I’m going to be late again.

And then I looked down and realized that my professor was in the seat in front of me editing his powerpoints for the class that we were both supposed to be in.

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Hi! I love your art, it's really cool, especially your bakumomo!!! Please, share more of this awesome and cute rareship. Thanks!!!! :)

Hahaha tyvm! Here’s something i shared in the bakumomo discord server (based from a hc convo that baku probably had piano lessons as a kid which is something i like to think too bc his dad loves classical music!!! And momo learns about this and they play together)

(Bakudad is very delighted !)

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Can't you just speed your que to x2 until it's up to date or is there a possess that you have to set everything through first?

Not really! We already post just under once an hour; while some of you might not mind having your dash be all SMPS all day, a lot of others would find it annoying. Plus, the more we post, the more submissions we get! We’ve tried strategies in the past to get the queue caught up, but nothing’s worked - you guys just have too many awesome quotes to share! :)

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Might be a stipid question but do you have multi people running the blog

Yep, there’s two of us!

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hey i really enjoy reading your blog and hope you’re having a fine day

Aww, thanks, Anon! We hope you’re having an excellent day yourself! :)

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Hey Tia! I've got a project coming up, would you share how to make colors look awesome? =)

oh, hello there! i don’t really know how to make colors look awesome (thank you btw, that is too nice of you to say) but i can explain the way i choose colors for my drawings!

okay, so

first of all, i draw something with its original palette:

looks nice!! but then, when i get to the second step

choosing a base background color

it doesn’t look so nice anymore, does it? 

so what i do next to make them look nicer is that 

i tweak the colors so that they seem likethey are what they aren’t on that background:

i’m really bad w/ words, but hopefully the image above gets the idea across. see the way that grey blob looks green-ish on that hot pink bg? this is what i meant by that!

also, notice how all the tweaked colors are near red/warm on the color wheel:

that’s something you should remember while correcting the colors. if your bg is warm, so will be everything else! (in this case, anyways)

and here the bg is pastel pink, so the colors have to be pastel too!

but there aren’t really any rules to coloring, so don’t be afraid to experiment and get a lil weird!

hope that helps! good luck with that project, friend! i’m sure you’ll do great (^u^)b

Dammit I should be sleeping but this came into my brain for some reason I don't even know why and its too important not to share so

Inukag AU where Inuyasha brings Kagome home for the first time and instantly Inuparents are distrustful because she looks so much like his ex that screwed him over big time and they don’t want to see their precious puppy go through that again so they try everything they can think of to get to her leave like being mean, then overly nice, being embarrassing, weird, or just whatever but all their ideas fail because it turns out Kagome just agrees with everything they do and think they’re pretty awesome/fun/responsible/protective and all that and Inuparents are just like “???? um” and they keep trying but Kagomes just like “lol cool” until eventually mom and dad start to see that she’s nothing like his ex and they start to like her and they all live happily ever after.

Meanwhile Inuyasha is making eyes at his new gf and doesn’t even notice his parents being mortifyingly embarrassing and trying to drive her away because he’s too busy imagining making babies with her and only comes back to the real world when the words “baby pictures” enters his brain and that’s when the shit REALLY hits the fan.

The One With The Sunrise - Jack Avery Imagine

Requested: Yes, by anon

Summary: After waking up to the sound of construction early in the morning, you and Jack find it hard to get back to sleep. Instead, the two of you spend this time watching the sunrise and cuddling with one another.

Word count: 651

A/N: Hope you enjoyed reading this anon! I actually loved writing this one so much, your prompt was awesome! Xx

Your eyes tear open to the sound of construction work just outside your house. Loud drilling and banging against metal fills the modest bedroom you share with Jack. You look at the clock on your bedside table and nearly cry when you see that its only five o'clock in the morning. You groan and try to drown out the noise by covering your hands over your ears. Jack moves next to you, letting out an exasperated sigh in the process, making you realise that he was awake because of the noise too.

“Oh my god, not again…” He groaned, his words slightly muffled by the pillow. This was the second morning in a row where the construction work has woken the two of you up. It was starting to become a real problem.

You both toss and turn for a while, not being able to fall back into sleep with all the commotion going on outside. After about twenty minutes, you sit up in bed frustrated. You felt like you were going to explode if you had to listen to another minute of construction.

“Can’t sleep, baby?” Jack’s voice breaks through the noise. He brings his hand to rub your back gently as you stare out at the still dark room.

“Yeah,” You say, exhausted from your lack of sleep.

“Me too.”

Jack sits up as well and wraps his arms around your waist from behind you, resting his chin on your shoulder. You can feel the slight fan of his breath against your neck every time he exhales, sending small shivers down your body. You place your hands on top of his, his warm skin feeling fiery against yours.

By now, the slight beginnings of sun rays peaked though the curtains of the bedroom window, finally showing the signs of daylight. You remove Jack’s arms from around your waist and get up from the bed.

“Baby, where are you going? It’s cold without you!” Jack pouts, his protests making your heart flutter. Why was he so cute all the time?

“I’m just opening the curtains so we can watch the sunrise together,” You responded while pulling back the plain curtains. Various shades of pinks, oranges and yellows flooded the room, making it feel like you’ve just been transported to a different world. “It’s so beautiful.”

“It is,” Jack murmurs as he stares directly at you and wears a cheeky grin.

You blush at his flirtatious comment, unable to stop the smile that’s spread on your face.
You pad your way back into the warm bed and lay down next to Jack, intertwining your bare legs with his. He brings his arms around you and holds you against him tighter, making sure that every part of your body was touching his. His fingers trace invisible patters on the exposed skin on your hip, leaving tingles in their path.

You think about this moment of pure bliss and how nothing has ever made you more happier than you are now. “I want to stay like this forever,” You say honestly, shifting your head up slightly to look Jack in the eyes.

The little crinkles that occur at the corner of his eyes become evident as he smiles at you, loving that you admitted something like this to him. He places a light kiss on your head and runs his thumb over your bottom lip. You could feel his hot breath against your lips and you have to bite your lip to fight the urge to just kiss him with all your will. He drives you absolutely insane.

“I’ll stay here forever with you if that’s what you want,” He offers, nuzzling his head into your neck.

“I’d like that.”

The two of you spend the rest of the morning in each other’s arms watching the sunrise, the noise and lack of sleep quickly slipping from your minds with each minute that passes.

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Don't feel pressured to fill this ask because you're great and I wouldn't want you to write something you don't like. But what about a fic where Tony is perfectly capable of defending himself but the Guardians are still way overprotective. And then somehow the Guardians get captured but Tony is able to break them out, smirking because he knows he's proved himself perfectly capable. I'd rather there be no angst.

first let me say thank you for those kind words! :3 of course i’ll write you that, because its such a cute idea! ( i hope there is no angst :O)


“Alright are you all ready?” asks Peter when their ship lands on the planet. It seems uninhabited but they don’t know for sure.

“Born ready.” says Rocket and grins up at Peter. He has already two guns on his belt and another big one in his… uh paws.

“I wanna use my new knife. I hope its not really uninhabited.” says Gamora and she is smiling. Peter likes that about his team. Always ready for another adventure.

“What about me?” asks Tony and his voice sounds a bit off, because he is wearing his new armor. Peter turns around.

“You are coming with us. Need your ability to scan the walls of the old castle.” says Peter and Tony groans.

“I wanna fight, too! I mean i don’t want to boast, but my new repulsers are awesome.” Peter can’t see it but he knows that Tony grins at his words.

“Well… yeah. But you team up with Drax and Rocket.” says Peter finally and takes Groot on his shoulder.

Its not that they don’t trust Tony or think that he’s weak but… you know… only human. Well Peter is, too. But you know.

“Fine. But i’ll get any shiny things that we’ll find.” says Tony and Rockets looks up at him.

“No way Ironhead. But maybe i share it with you.” says Rocket and Tony holds his hand for him out.

“Deal, Raccoon.”

Peter is not sure why. But when Tony says Raccoon Rocket isn’t angry at all. He seems to like it, when it is Tony, who calls him that.

“So Gamora i want you on the right side. Me and Groot take the left. Rocket give Drax a jetpack. And you go from the air with Tony.” explains Peter and everybody nods.

Not Drax. He already complains about the jetpack. (you will know why when you see GOTG2 :D)

“ATTACK!” yells Drax a moment later and Peter wants to strangle him for that.

The planet is not uninhabited.

Those residents looks a bit weird. That is the first thought that Peter has. A moment later one of them shoots something sticky at him. It feels like a net. But its so tacky, that Peter can’t move is right leg anymore.

“Shit.” he growls into his comm.

“What?” is the answer from Gamora, Rocket and Tony.

“Don’t know he hit me with something. Drax? Get Tony out of here.”

Peter doesn’t think much about his words. It’s just that Tony is always the first one on his mind. And he wants to protect him.

He gets shot another time and now he lays on the ground. The sticky net around him. Even Groot is captured with him.

“Oh no.” he hears a moment later and he knows its Rocket. And he also knows Rocket got struck, too.

“Gamora?” he asks because he can’t move and the bad guys are coming closer.

“Not a chance. I can’t move.” is her answer and Peter sighs. Great. He hopes Drax got Tony out.


“Dude! That hurts?!” says Peter when the alien throws him in a prison cell. Meh.

“I don’t think he cares.” answers Gamora who sits already on a bench. Her hands are tied behind her back with the same sticky material. Peter is tied up, too.

“Okay anybody hurt?” asks Peter because he may has a scratch but nothing else. Gamora shakes her head.

“I am Groot.” says Groot and sits down. His whole body is surrounded by the sticky gear.

“I still don’t know what you mean.” says Peter at that and Rocket groans.

“He said no. He is alright. They didn’t do anything beside tie us.” says Rocket then and Peter nods.

“Alright. Good. So i hope Drax got Tony out and they can…” Peter starts and then looks to his right.

“Hello Peter my friend.” says Drax, also tied up. Peter groans.

“I told you to protect Tony?” says Peter and Drax shrugs. Or he tries to shrug. Its hard with the sticky gear.

“He said he would save us.” answers Drax and Peter sighs. How is he gonna do that?

Peter rolls to his other side. Maybe he could get to Gamoras sword and…

“Missed me?” says a robotic voice and Peter sees Tony still in his armor on the other side of the bars.

“What the?” says Rocket and Tony lifts the faceplate.

“Hi.” says Tony softly and the smile he sends them is really cute.

“How did you do that?” asks Peter and Tony waves with his hand.

“Told you my new repulsers are pretty awesome.” answers Tony and then shows Peter how awesome they are. Because first he burns the bars down. Then carefully the sticky gear.

“And why are they awesome?” asks Rocket and holds his hand up. Tony high-fives him.

“Because you helped me.” answers Tony and grins back.

“Very sweet. Now we need to leave.” says Gamora and Peter agrees with her.

The way out is easy. Tony really knocked the bad guys out and Peter has to say he is really impressed.

“Good work.” says Drax and he pats Tony on the back. Even though Tony wears his armor he still trembles a bit under his hand.

“Thanks.” says Tony and because of his still open faceplate Peter can see the tiny blush.

When they discover that there isn’t anything to steal, they go back to the milano.

“Peter can i talk to you?” says Tony when the others are already inside. Peter nods.

“So uhm… why did you told Rocket and Drax to go with me and you know protect me?” asks Tony and now its Peters turn to blush.

“I just…i didn’t want you to get hurt.” mumbles Peter then and Tony nudges him with his elbow.

“You know that i’m Iron man right? I’m made out of iron.” grins Tony and Peter laughs.

“Okay okay i get it. You can protect yourself. Next mission you can pick a partner or be on your own if you genius have a better idea than my plan is.” answers Peter and Tony nods.

“Thank you. That means a lot.” says Tony and Peter smiles back at him.

He can’t help it. He knows how strong Tony is but he still likes it when he is protected.

“And Peter?” asks Tony and then trips on the ladder towards the ship.

Peter literally jumps forward and catches Tony in his arms. He breathes hard. Dude. That was really dangerous.

“Sometimes i still like it that you protect me.” grins Tony up at him and before Peter can do anything Tony kisses him right on the mouth.


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I just want you to know I completely adore your Noah and Robin. I'm so happy whenever you share more about them. I know your comic is an incredibly difficult work, but I have fallen madly in love with the art, story and characters. It's really fun for you give little tibits about them like who's a morning person and such. :D

aaaaaa thank you 💜 do you know that people asking me about them is just? like, so good. it feels really good. you all give me the opportunity to share little things of them with you and i’m so thankful about that!! i spent so much time working on them and i know it sounds cheesy but really… how awesome is it that you guys ask about them and want to know more about them? of course i do this story for myself, too, but now i can share them with you and it makes them so real somehow

i’m emotional right now okay, here is a small random wip instead

oh yes and please look at this UPDATE INFO i posted (together with another wip). i’ll do a small extra called “bed sharing adventures” (?) soon~

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Hi there! It's Dianamond again. I was just wondering if it was possible to submit more than one piece of fan art! I really loved drawing your Asriel and I have one more idea in mind I want to share with you all. I'm also so glad you liked the first fan art picture, too! Thank you for reading these asks and providing the community with such an awesome AU comic. <3

Oh gosh, yes of COURSE! Submit all the art you like, we love it! ;D

Thanks so much for the kind words and your lovely artwork!

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Do you know of any Hinny smut fics in English that have bearded Harry?? I've fallen in love with your Hinny art and can't see them any other way 😂😂

@moonshoesweasley has just posted a fic inspired by one of my NSFW Hinny drawings and it’s just awesome :D If you want to check it out, it’s here!

If there are more smut fics inspired by my drawings in general, feel free to share and tag me so I can read it too!! (Since more people ask me for permission, just want to let you know I really don’t mind having fics inspired by my art, I love it!)

why have i never thought about lesbian jily before?!?!???? holy shit THE POSSIBILITIES

  • first of all james is a trans girl. yeah she chose the name james literally just to be an asshole and fuck with people’s expectations
  • she’s not exactly popular, but she’s an awesome quidditch player and she + the other marauders are brilliant enough that most people don’t fuck with them lest they be cursed to next tuesday
  • lily, however, is not most people
  • her approach to james is pretty much “i don’t know how to hit on her so she has to die” but replace death with pranks
  • lily and remus are friends and remus is all too willing to be lily’s person on the inside
  • (ya lily and james share a dorm but rubber snake on the pillow and glitter in the shampoo loses its novelty pretty quickly. besides, dorcas, mary and marlene teased her relentlessly about it)
  • also lily also tried out for the quidditch team but only just missed out on a spot. the first match after that happened she refused to watch and then had immense regrets when gryffindor won and everyone but her had an excuse to hug james
  • (it’s possible that all the others didn’t think of it as an ‘excuse’, but whatever)
  • the first time she gave james a congratulatory hug she poured butterbeer down her shirt. the look on her face may have been what started the pranks off
  • but also,, james has never dated anyone and lily doesn’t know if it’s bc she doesn’t want to so pranking seems a lot safer than actual flirting
  • tbh everyone thought james and sirius were a couple until sirius one day got up on the table in the great hall and yelled “i’m not dating james!! i’m single and also gay!!! get in line lads!”
  • (lily and remus had a long whispering talk in the library after this. poor nonbinary remus was like “am i gay crush material? am i a lad?” he winced. lily suggested asking sirius about it and remus laughed hollowly)
  • anyway. it’s a couple months before their seventh year ends, sirius and remus have long since gotten their shit together, and sirius more often than not joins lily and remus in prank planning
  • they’re by the lake, planning a very elaborate operation involving the room of requirement, a muggle telephone, and sirius’ owl archimedes
  • “how are you gonna prank her once we’re out of here?” sirius asks
  • lily shrugs, as if she hasn’t lost sleep over that very question
  • remus and sirius exchange a look and then remus says, “maybe you should just ask her out”
  • “ha! right.” lily pours over the map, avoiding looking at them. “hi james, i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but i’ve actually been flirting with you this entire goddamn time! honestly. does she even like people? or, you know, girls?”
  • “i like one girl,” says james’ voice behind her. lily’s head snaps around so fast she pulls a muscle in her neck
  • remus and sirius are roaring with laughter. they got frustrated with the obvious yet somehow oblivious mutual pining and prepared a plan to prank the prankster
  • it works out beautifully
  • after a short conversation, james and lily finally kiss, and remus manages to take a picture at the exact moment when james pours butterbeer down lily’s shirt

and they lived in lesbian love happily ever after. the end
Kelly Clarkson Played Us Her New Album. Here Are 7 Songs You’ll Love.
The pop star gave EW an exclusive early preview of her upcoming soul record, out Oct. 27

For EW’s Fall Music Preview issue, Kelly Clarkson is giving us an exclusive first listen of her new soul album, Meaning of Life, out Oct. 27. “None of my records were this much fun to make,” says Clarkson, perched on a couch in the palatial Nashville recording complex where much of the LP was recorded. “I’ve never been more proud of every single song. There’s always [been] a compromise — like, ‘Ugh, I did not want those songs’ — and this just doesn’t have one. Which is so weird. And awesome.” She’s already shared two tracks from the project — lead single “Love So Soft,” and an album cut titled “Move You” — but there’s plenty more that will move you, too. Here’s a small taste of what’s to come:

“Whole Lotta Woman”
“Texas women do it bigger,” Clarkson howls on this brassy number, which uses Southern food as its central metaphor and features horn and bass contributions from Earth, Wind & Fire. Says Clarkson, “That day [in the studio] I was like, ‘You know what I’m tired of? I’m tired of people running their mouth. I am a whole lotta woman — accept it or walk away!”

Clarkson calls her vocal runs on this funky ’90s-influenced track “so Mariah” — and her high notes will have you feeling plenty of “Emotions,” too. “I wanted to make something like the albums that I was inspired by when I was in junior high,” Clarkson explains. “If En Vogue or Whitney or Mariah were going to make an urban pop [album] now, what would that sound like?”

“I Don’t Think About You”
When Clarkson asked songwriter Jessica Karpov, who records as Harlœ, for a Whitney-esque ballad to showcase her range, Karpov penned this crown-jewel breakup anthem, whose lyrics were inspired by Clarkson’s split with longtime label, RCA Records. “Jessica was talking about a situation in her life, and I was like, ‘Once you get to a certain age, you don’t have the time to worry about it,‘” Clarkson says. “You get old enough to where you’re like, ‘Okay, cool, it didn’t work out, and you’re kind of a douche, but thank you for making me a stronger human. Let’s just move on. I wish you well, but I wish you not near me.'”

“Slow Dance”
If there’s a baby boom in July 2018, you’ll know why: Clarkson has dubbed the guitar solo on this smoldering jam “the sexiest thing on the album.” Like many songs on the record, it features background vocals from longtime members of her touring band (who are also featured in the video for “Love So Soft”). “We had such a good time in the studio,” Clarkson says. “There are songs on my record where I get jealous and want to be the background singer because they get the cool parts.”

“Go High”
Co-written by Clarkson, this contemporary-sounding cut takes its name from Michelle Obama’s “When they go low, we go high” speech and features a booming breakdown with chopped-up vocals. “When Michelle said that I was like, ‘That is the perfect idea for this song!’” Clarkson says. “Everyone relates to that. No one has gone through life without relating to at some point having to take the high road.”

“Would You Call That Love”
This sparkling mid-tempo stunner reunites with her “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” producer Greg Kurstin. Lyrically, Clarkson says she drew from the experience of watching several couples in her life break up. “If somebody said ‘I never loved you’ after being with you for so long, how devastating would that be?” she says. “‘If that wasn’t love, what would you call that?’ So that’s where this song stemmed from.”

Over handclaps and stomping percussion, Clarkson delivers a soaring hook about working to give 100 percent in a relationship. “[My husband I] put our kids down and it’s like date night every night,” she says. “We don’t want to be one of those relationships where the passion is gone because you’re so tired.”

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So, Pixar's new movie Coco is now the highest grossing animated film in Mexico and has been getting roaring reviews from everyone. And after everyone on Tumblr whined that it would be terrible since it's directed by a white guy... I swear these people don't trust ANY white creator who wants to represent a culture in their work anymore, I don't know why Tumblr has never heard of IN-DEPTH RESEARCH. Ugh sorry just had to share that (Coco looks so awesome too I can't wait to see it in the US :D

This always happens. People on Tumblr always feel the need to be offended on behalf of certain groups and when said groups are actually delighted by the thing that’s so “problematic”, their opinions suddenly don’t matter. Trust me, Tumblr is brushing off the opinions of actual Mexicans as I type this.

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Is today your birthday? If so, it's mine too! I really enjoy your art, and your blog in general, so I'm excited that we might share a birthday! Even if it's not today, I hope you have an awesome birthday!

No :) My birthday is April third, but one really nice follower is writing me small fics every day until my birthday and I am super happy about that and want to share them with others ^__^

Thank you so much! And Happy Birthday~ ♥

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i love your fics honestly i'd sell my soul for them tbh and mitoki is probably one of my fave ocs out there he's so chaotic its brilliant. on another note when i think of them i tend to call them weird names bc im lazy for example byggualom becomes "Bwagomp", MSA becomes "mespar" and comedy villain izuku becomes "chaotic angel". so ya know just something dumb i wanted to share, keep being awesome bc i will support you in anything you try to accomplish ^u^

i am so glad that you love mitoki bc me too. big mood. bood

these are all valid mispronunciations of the au acronyms i accept this. gave me a laugh. thanks 

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Hey there. well I'm 15 y/o and I just started playing the violin. It's my 5th class(it is private tutoring) today and as usual I'm ultra nervous. Do you think that I started too late? Because everyone else started so very young and is just awesome at it and I'm literally crap. Do you have any ideas you can share with me? Or just tell me if I'm the only one that feels like I shouldn't have started in the first place but on the other hand it is one of the best things that have ever happened to me

I started late and I don’t regret it. just keep in mind that your life doesn’t end at 30. you still have plenty of time to become a more-than-adequate musician. if you practice, you’ll easily surpass a majority of your peers. starting at 15 might be starting later than most people, but 15 is young. you can still accomplish whatever you set your mind to. hard work will always do the trick.

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I really really like your art is awesome and your account is one of the best out there I found your account through another one that shared a tutorial of yours (that was nicely made btw) I can't believe I didn't find it sooner anyways I just wanted to say hi and I adore your art and style it's honestly the highlight of my day when I open my phone and get a post notification for your page * sorry I an too shy to say anything off anon*

I really appreciate it, thank you much and glad to bring some light to your days

Guys before i go prepare the stuff for the LARP

I wanted too share something with you all. You know a couple of my friends allowed mee too share theyre photo, so i thought why not !

These guys are some of the hardest fans of the Larp and they always worked hard on theyre costumes and theyre RP. Its always a wonderfull experience too be with them. Say hello too the number.1 team of the Hidden Cloud Village !

They look awesome dont they ? :D