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how are you making extra money online? i go to school and even work part-time but it's just not enough. help me out!

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And because Christmas is upon us 🎄🎉🙌 I’d like to share a vid I posted on 12/25/2010.

Christian Kane is such a badass. Such a great name too! It’s like a combination of opposites and it’s just soooo cool.

Hope everyone has an awesome day!

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everyone is always saying how much they love arthur and maya (and of course i love them too!!!) but man BLUE IS SO F*CKING AWESOME I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I WANT TO HUG HIM AND LET HIM BE ANGRY AT ME CAUSE I LOVE HIM I SIMPLY LOVE HIM SO MUCH *sighs* thank u so much for sharing your characters with us! (your shy anon)

omg my shy anon baby friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u made me smile :’-))!!!!!!!!! i love blue too,, i hope….yall like him bc……i have….so many…..posts….comin…….up….w/…..teen blue……..***sweating****…..anyway….ur so sweet ;_; its my pleasure 2 share my lil friends w u omg im emotional now

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i've been following you ever since your fma days (i was into it back then too, but have also sorta moved past it) and holy heck thank you for your voltron art!! i feel so lucky that you happened to watch my new Show Obsession too and that i get to see your art for it! honestly though thanks for all your art in general, its been a blessing to have randomly shared 2 interests with you <3

Here’s why it would be amazing if Fox shared the rights to the X Men franchise with Marvel, because then we could get Charles Motherfucking Xavier helping Bucky.

Guys, imagine James McAvoy and Sebastian Stan together on screen.


I mean, it’s just….I don’t…it doesn’t… it’s not…I can’t even…

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So, this kind of is a love story, but not a happy one. I had this giant crush on that guy, who was my ex bffs brother, and also in my class and we are like kind of friends but also not and it'S super complicated. He was really awesome and we live really close so we always talk on our way to school. So, then was the classtrip. And one of the guys in my class tried to kill himself. (1/2)

So, everyone was crying and I had a panic attack, and was having problems to breathe and he came up to me and hugged me and cuddled me for hours and it was so sweet, but i didn’t really care because I wasn’t feeling anything in my body, and I just wanted everything to stop. After that a lot of people thought we were dating. A month later he got a girlfriend. They are dating for a year now. (2/2)

things have a way of never working out the way you expect them. sometimes the timing is off, sometimes there are misunderstandings, but from what i can gather he was there when you needed him most. perhaps that was the singular role he had to play in ur life. 

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hey i know some ppl talked about their ocs on here so i m gonna do the same if its ok: i got a pokemon oc (actually my sun nuzlocke character lmao) and theyre trans and aroace and theyre a rude little shit with a soft spot for their rowlet and i actually have a character design but im way too shy to show it off aaa anyway i just wanted to share something about them

They sound so precious, aaaa!!

Tbh, I love character designs, so don’t feel shy! If you’d prefer to share it privately, that’s awesome, too! But there’s absolutely no pressure. I just don’t ever want you guys to feel scared to share things with me.

Considering the amount of support you’ve all given me, I consider all of you to be my friends!

–Mod Mercy

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☆~I would share my awesome bavarian milk with you, valentine~☆

it’s never too early for spontaneous valentine’s stuff between two milk lovers, isn’t it?

Forget about chocolate and flowers this is it this is what i want for Valentine’s day


A comiXologist Recommends (a great new sci-fi anthology)

Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology

Edited by Sfe R. Monster

With Star Wars withdrawals and shakes finally coming down I’ve been absolutely aflutter with the possibilities of the sci-fi and fantasy genres outside of the blockbuster franchise.  There are so many things to read and enjoy–not to mention the all-too-familiar feeling of “Where to begin?”  If you’re facing a similar conundrum, start with Beyond, a superb collection of queer sci-fi and fantasy comics edited by Sfe R. Monster.  

Stories featuring war, space exploration, post-apocalyptic settings, and fantastical pirates are but a few of the downright awesome additions to this collection.  The richness of the characters and shared themes throughout the book create an excellent cohesion despite the wide spectrum of stylizations of its artists.  With most all characters being inherently or assumedly a member of the LGBTQA community it is easy to start identifying the themes they convey more succinctly.  Science fiction and fantasy associate themselves with many themes that involve personal identity, self-confidence, self-image, and challenging overwhelming odds.  These are all things that if you are a member of the community or are close to someone in the community you should be able to identify almost immediately.  These stories actually make them more succinct.

The first submission in Beyond, “Luminosity” by Gabby Reed and Rachel Dukes, tells the life story of two girls who grow up to be an astronaut and a ship’s power source.  They are intertwined by their need for one another if they intend to see the stars. It is a poignant love story that hit me right in the heart of all my feels (pardon the vernacular).  Although it’s hard to narrow it down, my favorite story in the anthology is “The Graves of Wolves.” It is the tale of two men and their alien son living in a tank to protect each other from a weaponized darkness.  One day, scruffy dad takes cricket son out to hunt and they end up fleeing from an all-consuming shadow as it descends upon them.  I want to nerd out about the ingenuity of this story’s simplicity, but I can’t say more without spoiling the ending.  Unfortunately, it’s somewhat difficult to go into a deeper discussion on Beyond without spoiling ANYTHING because it is a short story collection.

The stories included in Beyond are all so sharp and clever in their use of classic genre themes that it is an absolute shame that they run the risk of being branded as simply “queer” as a result of the anthology’s title.  It’s a shame that genres that traditionally pride themselves for being inclusive still require queer stories to announce themselves as such.  

The fact that there is a chance family friendly this book wouldn’t be welcome in a general sci-fi collection opens a lot of room for discussion about the nature of the genres in question.  That discussion, however, can be saved for another time after you read this fantastic collection that combines themes, narratives, and stylizations of art that will inspire and delight anyone and everyone.

Matthew Burbridge is a Digital Editor at ComiXology and his dream is to stop leaving socks everywhere and celebrate by buying his girlfriend one thousand Pomeranians, and then immediately regret it because one Pomeranian is already a lot of work.

Too cool not to share!

Last night I was able to successfully photograph Jupiter and 4 of its moons! The fourth one is very faint but it’s toward the upper left corner.

This is a composite image. So I had to take one photo with the exposure set so that the planet was visible and then another photo set so that the moons are visible. I then layered the moons image on top of the planet image and erased the bright blob that was Jupiter in the moon image.


Here is my Molly Monday cosplay! It was really fun to do and a few people actually recognized me which was awesome! That, and I got to run a webcomic panel with my friend Wren(entropyrogue) in which we shared a bunch of webcomics, and learned that we had a few webcomic authors in our audience! Overall it was a great weekend and I would totally cosplay Molly again.

My Dear Sandra

My dear Sandra
We bleed the same blood
Same skin color shared
Same history behind us
A common fear for our lives
The police was never an ally
The Slave Patrol found its new home
They ain’t never been for us
My dear Sandra
You ain’t deserve to die
Intelligent, beautiful & bold
What an awesome Black woman you were
I’m inspired by your boldness to speak up
Character is revealed during the heat
The times of adversity is when peoples true colors show
My dear Sandra
Gone too soon
You were well on your way
Speaking up
Speaking out against injustice
A brave black women
Considered a threat
They took you out
Got the gall to think we your people ain’t gonna find out
Like we not gonna speak on it
As if we just gonna sit by
Let them run Scott free nah
My dear Sandra
We bleed the same blood
Same skin color shared
Same history behind us
A common fear for our lives
The police was never an ally
The Slave Patrol found its new home
They ain’t never been for us
-Speak up against what you feel is bad
Question everything
My dear Sandra
Your name will never go unnoticed
Your life gone too soon won’t never be in vein
SAY HER NAME~Sandra Bland
Rest in power ✊🏾
-My Dear Sandra