it's too amazing to be real i think

eva + vilde + sleep over

  • seeing p. chris and eva stuck to each others faces at every single moment has been messing with vildes brain but she just isn’t sure why exactly
  • maybe because eva is her friend and chris has shown he’s an untrustworthy asshole??? and she deserves so much much better???
  • or maybe maybe maybe its bc of the butterflies she has when she sees eva smile or recognises her amazing hair between all the other people or maybe its because…
  • but vilde doesn’t want to think about that. it gets too real and she’s not sure enough of her feelings yet (or of herself for that matter)
  • + there’s also the fact that eva is very much in a thing with chris right now
  • but one night when vilde has been drinking just a little bit too much and she’s the only one left at eva’s and they’re laying in her room, both taken up in their own thoughts she blurts it out
  • “i think about kissing you a lot”
  • and there’s silence and more silence and more silence
  • and vilde is starting to panic because what did she just say???????? did she really just say that????????

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Rock relationship hc please????

here you goo !!!!

-Very tense and awkward and literally has no idea how a relationship works he’s just winging it 80% of the time. The other 20% is stuff he got from his cellmates, and, well, that obviously never works.
-”how do i ask to hold their hand,, would they think its weird,,, my hands would be sweaty oh jeez are my hands always sweaty when i touch them oh s hit”
-probably comes to the realization he’s in love first but doesn’t say it first in case its too soon. instead, he says. “ i think your really really amazing and i like you a lot and uhm haha can i kiss you?? itll be fast”
-now its like “im gonna kiss you aight cool thanks”
-”hey can we cuddle real fast haha jk were doing it now”
-bear hugs you every time he sees your face!!! your so!!! amazing!!

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what do you think of clizzy??

Clizzy is amazing. Clizzy is a beautiful relationship founded in genuine friendship, emotional support (particularly in difficult times), and the desire they both have to love someone as much as they’re loved in return. Clizzy is one of my favorite ships.

That being said, I don’t have any real hope for Clizzy ever becoming canon on the show. And that means that some of the Clizzy dynamic is getting a little uncomfortable for me. I still ship it as much as ever, but the way their scenes are being filmed is starting to be annoyingly reminiscent of queerbaiting. If they decide to make Isabelle canonically queer, that would change things a bit, because then the classically romantic setup of their relationship would be deliberate (at least on one side). But they’re not really taking any steps to do that so far, and I don’t think there’s much chance at all that they’re going to make Clary queer. And I’m just getting a little annoyed with it. 

But regardless of canon, I love Clizzy. Clary and Isabelle have such a solid foundation for a classic romance, with all of the best tropes. Kickass battle couple, soft emotional scenes, hell, even the small details of Clary doodling or painting little designs on Izzy, or Izzy making Clary breakfast in bed (and Clary dutifully forcing herself to eat the whole thing and pretend it’s great because the sentiment is so sweet). These girls have both had such impossibly difficult lives lately, and they deserve a good, happy relationship with each other. 

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Its so funny hearing everyone say V Day is more for singles and teenagers. Umm Blake and Gwen are THE MOST teenage 40 year olds I've ever seen!! I fully expect them to be super extra, and I also fully expect to never find out what "super extra" was for them for V-Day, which is also like totally fine too!! I'm just glad it looks like Gwen is living an amazing real life love story. Which i think is not too common for divorced mothers of three young kids. Its never too late for anyone I guess.

Good point!

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ok tbqh I dont really believe magnus keeps count of the ppl hes been with? (I dont think he has a notebook where he writes everyone down) so I think he just said any number to alec cause he doesnt really know himself (Im quite sure he took part in quite a few orgies just saying) so a few thousands are a good guess I think (about todd saying 17 000 works they did the math - I thought he was just joking but tbqh with him you cna never know)

yeah the way he spat out 17 makes it obvious that it wasn’t a real figure he had in his head??? literally no one is bothered to count all their exes like that so everyone’s doing the most w/ that line imo. i think he’s joking too, but the only thing worth taking from that line is that magnus has had a lot of exes and alec doesn’t care. alec has had 0 exes and magnus doesn’t care! its amazing!

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Flocke is amazing, I rlly hope Levi keep on dead inside after the answers book I think the only way is Levi going Kenny style, dying with Erwin's memories etc. The Answers book has this intention of making clear about Erwin and Levi's strong bond, even in this bs plot with these terrible maincharas (specially err0r worst character EVER) But its still a fckng shame to see Erwin out of this, Erwin is just too good for this shit even Levi agrees, Levi will always be about Erwin facts; and fck EMA

Yeah, we have to keep faith that eruri is real. tbh it isn’t logical to me that it could be anything but canon at this point. The fact we had 80+ chapters developing the eruri and their strong bond gives me hope that yams won’t throw it all away. Honestly I don’t know why people are happy about this chapter because, apart from the obvious bs about reaching the ocean anyway (where the fuck are the titans), the entire thing looks like a huge death flag for every single one of them. My only fear, and it’s the thing that upsets me the most, is what will happen with Levi now. At this point I want him to die, and I want him to die with thoughts of Erwin. I’m not sure he’ll go full Kenny but we’ll see. I’m very irritated (and i’m not sure why) by the way he keeps being shown hiding round corners listening to the kids lol.

I really can’t wait until the Japanese fans read this chapter, they’re going to be savage.

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when writers and editors fuck up, I just think of the thing I like as its own fictional universe. they're still their own wonderful characters that we know and love!!! alec and magnus are amazing and in love and they're gonna spend so much time together being amazing and in love. it's a wonderfully, complex relationship that are real in their own fictional way. think of it as an alternate universe. just because they're conveyed in a messed up way doesn't change them as people. is that too sappy?

same with Izzy. the writers treat her like shit, but she’s going to be fine in the end. she’s going to come out on the other side and she’s going to get better - this is a bit more difficult bc there’s literally no excuse for what they’re doing to her as a latina character and it’s complete bullshit, but do you see what I’m getting at? they’re still our wonderful, wonderful characters!!! they can still make it!  

thank you for this you’re an angel!!!! and yeah this is something i do too + it helps a lot to hear it from someone else cause that makes it feel more (n i’m sorry for using that word) valid.

right!! they’re still so good and they’re ours – they belong to the people they represent, not the writers who can’t treat them the way they deserve


My dolls got some presents from their family and friends from @sightdoll ’s! Verve and Altijd were too big to sit together in one shoot, unfortunately.

These gifts are so CUTE though!! I opened Al’s little bracelet first, love the purple color. Very reminiscent of his original design. And he got the tiny tiny tarot deck! With a card of him! Look how tiny these cards are too, they’re absolutely stunning. Really amazing to see them all in real life. There’s cards of all our old and current characters there!

Verve got a GORGEOUS scarab necklace and bracelet from her little sis Neela, they look stunning on her. She also got this super cool purse from her mother, together with an ugly christmas sweater. Of course.
Alas Herla forgot how quickly kids grow up, but it fits Jack. Sort of. Sexy christmas sweater.

Involved in some of these pictures are Neela’s angry floating head, and her pet Rosebud. They’re both over at my place for some painting.

Listen this is some real shit and maybe an opener for some everyone has hard fkn times and they go through hard things but im telling you dont do drugs to numb it. I mean smoking weed is one thing but when youre out there thinking everythings cool its not people can see you and they can tell what you are up too me personally it hurts to see some friends struggling they way they are such amazing people that this fkn drug has a hold of them im sorry but i cant kick it with you until you change get your life right dont go on a dream forever you have to wake up and want that change but my thing is yes i smoke weed but i ONLY smoke weed and your with me so you reflect on my image and i cant get down with that look much love to yall but like i said u gotta get your life back

Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander has been gushing about his romance with Clean Bandit violinist Neil Amin-Smith. Talk about music’s new power couple.

Speaking in the tenth anniversary issue of GQ Style, Olly says: “I found someone that I love and that’s a new thing and that has its own world.

“And then it exists in this world where we’re both conscious about being open about it.

"The response has been incredibly touching and heartwarming and overwhelming, but I feel like if you invest too much of yourself in the construction of yourself as a gay couple in the media you end up f*****g the real thing, so I try not to think too much about it.”

He adds that he’s happy to be a gay role model: “When I meet gay kids and they know who we are, I remember that’s amazing because literally every gay person in every gay story I knew growing up was doomed to die. There weren’t any positive gay stories and it’s incredible that has changed.