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My Very Unpopular Opinion

Ok so I very recently caught up on the manga for My Hero Academia and in terms of ships, the most prominent one that is mostly seen is Izuocha with both sides having confirmed crushes on each other. 

Now while I love that pairing, Kacchako is the one that pulled me from the beginning due to the fanbase and the dynamic and it has become one of my OTPs overtime (which that’s a different story in itself so I won’t go into that now).

Of course, when you go to the Izuocha My Hero Academia subreddit or even talk to some individuals on this website/Youtube, the common thing that you see is a good mix of people bashing the ship (mostly on the subreddit and instagram tbh) or a majority of individuals of who like it but admit that it won’t be canon.

Unfortunately, I’m part of the latter BUT I do believe that with excellent writing and a supportive fanbase behind it, Kacchako CAN become canon, if not romantic then at least in a platonic way. 

Now comes my unpopular opinion: Most people put the blame on Katsuki because of his brash attitude for it not being able to work but I actually believe it’s Ochako making the ship not work in its current canon form.

Here’s what I mean. 
Let’s start with Blasty Mcsplode Katsuki.

From what we know, Katsuki is brash, spoiled, obnoxious, and is really horrible at keeping people’s feelings in check (example would be with Izuku) and loves a good fight. The biggest thing though that he is so egocentric that he doesn’t bother with anyone’s names except for All Might, Deku, Kirishima, and Uraraka.

I mean look at this, he goes from NOT knowing her name:


(and if that doesn’t satisfy you, he also repeats her name in the databook which I can’t find right now but this lovely post shows that very well <3)

I also would like to point out this scene in the fight that I think people skip over a bit:

And then we have this scene that is notorious for his face towards her fall

Then we have this scene

Which most likely promoted this scene

Now, where I am I going with this?

Judging from the scenes I have shown, here are my thoughts:
1. He knows Uraraka by name (which she is the only girl we know as of now that he calls by name
2. She provided a good enough fight for him to have his guard up
3. He has comes to to terms with her strength and acknowledges it to the point where he doesn’t believe she is fragile.

With these scenes combined, I personally infer that Uraraka is the only female AS OF NOW that he truly acknowledges and “respects” since I don’t see him behaving this way towards any of the rest of his classmates (er Kirishima is probably the only other one), especially the females.

In regards to Kacchako, this attitude towards Ochako is the perfect setup on his end to have something with her, romantic or not. His brash attitude would obviously calm down by the time that would be set up, though I’m sure Ochako would refine the edges of his attitude as lovely fanfic writers have shown in some stories. Regardless of his personality, he has the perfect setup for the “ship” that would grow with more interactions and set up a platform for him to base his actions upon.

So Katsuki is good on his end. But what about Uraraka?

In terms of Katsuki, she most definitely acknowledges his strength, which is why she pushed herself to the max to try to to beat him and even thanked him for not putting his guard down

She definitely respects his strength and it can be shown from the databook that she finds him to be at least a “cool” opponent. 

In addition to that, she is also surprisingly in tune to how he feels. When Kirishima and gang wanted to save him when he got captured, she was on point by saying 

Which was shown when they rescued him and he said he only came along because he didn’t want to be in All Mights way (which I can’t find the scene right now) but this scene (which proves Bakushima as a valid ship) gives a similar vibe:

So if Uraraka is in tune with his personality and respects him as an opponent, why do I think Uraraka is the reason the ship can’t work with the current canon given?

I think its mostly due to her feelings for Deku.

Ok ok no surprise there but its honestly what’s making the ship not work. Katsuki’s personality really doesn’t have much to do with it but rather her feelings and attitude towards Deku.

Because she has a huge crush on Deku, her love and admiration for Deku is off the charts. The respect she has for him is immense in comparison to others (image the feeling you get when you have a crush and there ya go). Not only that but she is not stupid. She absolutely knows about the relationship Deku and Katsuki have and she most definitely isn’t too fond of it, which possibly slightly ruined the image of Katsuki in general for her since he is a bully towards her current crush and best friend (hence why you get the silly fanarts of them flipping each other off). While she does respect him, she still has this animosity in her heart knowing that he bullies the person she cares the most about. 

HOWEVER, Ochako’s end CAN be reversed with what I said earlier: good writing and a supportive fan base! In regards to the fan base, oh its definitely here and I can tell you its strong, especially with a ship with that doesn’t have too many moments but its present and more active then the Izuocha tag, which definitely says a lot. AX had a gathering this year and for pairings Kacchako was one of them so its definitely not an uncommon ship. I even read a forum where most of the people on there were for Kacchako and/or Midotsuyu but they even acknowledged either pairing not might happen.

Now, for good writing, there is still hope for those who may be defeated about Kacchako in the canon realm. I mean, for starters, they’re going to be on the same floor! Ahhhh! And don’t forget we haven’t seen his room yet so that is something that could be tied with their future interactions. Also Izuku and Katsuki are giving off the vibe that their relationship is going to get better, maybe not what it was before for sure but its going to get better, which will remove that aspect for Ochako and could make her respect him even more. Now that they’re in the dorms, it could be possible that they’ll be paired for certain things and that’ll propel their relationship even further. In regards to making it romantic, it while require changing something romantically about the Izuocha ship (on either end), whether that is Ochako suddenly realizing she likes Katsuki or her moving on from Izuku, which those are tricky to suddenly do in a shounen (except for Nisekoi, fucking Nisekoi) but if the author truly wants to go down that path, I believe he has the writing abilities to do so and make it work logically. But again, that’s if he wants to do so. 

Regardless though, with putting Ochako’s room and Katsuki’s room on the same floor, it is very possible he is setting up something with the two of them, if anything to grow at least platonically. Their fight ended in a rough spot so he may choose to grow upon that now that they are in the dorms (and maybe have them fight again and have Ochako winning this time around!) Whatever happens though, I’m excited to see how the author will handle this interesting relationship and see how the fanbase will take it into their own hands. <3

Proof Elorcan is meant to be

OK there’s already loads of analysis proving Elorcan will be end up together and someones probably already pointed this out but…

The gods that watch over/bless Elide and Lorcan were literally married!

And its not necessarily referring to this or just this but considering it also says “It wasn’t a coincidence. It couldn’t be” in referral to them all being guided here - to EACHOTHER like…

Anyone ready for some wild SPN season 12 speculation?

OK DISCLAIMER: this is just my opinion and I know nothing more than anyone else OK and I’m more than happy to be proved wrong or have lots and lots of opinions on this, please do, its just fun and I wanted to write down my thoughts as I flailed about this a lot today, lets be honest :)

Foreshadowing points through the season and Speculation under the cut.

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Castiel’s lips define him

So, @sassy-pistachy​ and I were on an empty classroom the other day, she had drawn Cas in a board and was telling me how easy it was to just draw a straight line for his lips because….

Misha’s lips ARE the straightest straight line to ever straight.

Me: Ya, you’re right but we have to honor the form of his lips too, specially the upper lip.

To prove my point  I drew this perfecty correct lips beside her drawing

Sassy-pistachy: Ok, ok, you’re right, let’s draw him properly  *she grabs the marker*

Me: He needs wingies *steals back the marker*

Me: Oh, shit, I ruined it, they look like hands…

Sassy-pistachy: No problem *marker theft*

He’s the most beautiful thing we ever created.

No question

Time to start some shit

Assigned Male is one of the worst fucking webcomics I’ve read. Edgy old posts aside, I don’t give two tits and a donkey if you’re transgender. Not my beeswax. But every single page of those comics is either spreading false information, showing how fucking retarded Sophie really is, or something innocent happens and its forced into “MUH PATRIARCHY” territory. You can tell how fucking far the author’s head is up their own ass with every passing fucking comic. Most of this tripe can be described as *legit point about gender and biology that proves your points wrong* “ur cis so shut up” “ok :(”

Yes, don’t take the word of the professionally trained doctor who spent years of their lives studying basic biology and anatomy because they don’t fir your skewed world view ignoring the fact that babies aren’t fucking intersex unless
a.) They’re so underdeveloped they don’t even have genitals yet

b.) They’re born with some birth defect

Actually, this has nothing to do with transphobia, you went completely against this guy’s sexual preferences and betrayed his trust and when he called you out on it, you just cry “MUH TRANSPHOBIA”. I think this classifies under fucking rape

Joke or not this exemplifies how brat in a hat here can’t go 2 fucking seconds without thinking about “grr patriarchy” or “grr death to all peepees!!”

Oh shove it up your ass with your “human decency” shit when all he did was respectfully ask a legitimate question and you just go “GRRRR CIS BAD FUCK YOU”. And yes, it is a fair comparison because you’re bitching and moaning about “Muh oppression” while being a hypocrite and talking down to people for being comfortable with their penises.

The pure hypocrisy of this comic is astounding. Yes, it is xx and xy. All of these bullshit made up “genders” don’t fucking catch on to the fact that their genders always involve male and female. Whether it be your gender fluctuates when you take a shit, it still involves male and female. The 2 genders. Of course unless you’re one of those retards who prefer to be referred as “Xis” or some shit

Ah yes, the “muh normal” comic. Sorry pal but your “cis” friend has a point. He doesn’t suffer from gender dysphoria (a mental disorder) so why would he need a special word when everything checks out upstairs. Also bonus points for “MUH PRIVILEGE”. And don’t take this as “Not Normal=Bad” thing because it’s not.

Now I can go on and on about this comic, but frankly there’s hundreds of these wastes of code on a screen, and i’m too lazy to look for more shit to dig up. But you should get it by now, they’re all the same shit. Let me reiterate, I don’t give a fuck if you prefer to have a dick over a vagina or vice-versa, but if you’re gonna be a crybaby twat who tries to make everything about you then you can kindly fuck the hell off. 

tl:dr don’t be a hypocritical brat

enough with the “you’re homophobic” messages y’all… get out of here with that lie. i never spewed hate. i was asked if homosexuality is a sin, i said yes. and it angered some of you. i used scripture. tried to prove my point. i was not given scripture to back up that homosexuality isn’t a sin? so how can you honestly prove your point? that is, if we are making the bible the foundation of this argument. you’ve already made up your mind though. so scripture isn’t even gonna do the trick. if you want to live by the culture’s “truth” go ahead. i’m not gonna sugarcoat what the bible says. nothing i say at this point is going to even process in your mind if you’ve already come to your conclusion. i’m not gonna waste my time trying to justify that i’m a good Christian. because i’m not, there is no such thing and none of us are good. HELLO that’s the whole reason why Jesus died for us. but some of us, we try to live obedient to the word. we will fail, but we try. kindly move along, and go read the Word….

GOT7 reaction to their S/O being scared of them due to the past.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Got7 reaction when they find out that their girlfriend that they have been dating for a year is scared of them because her past boyfriends were really abusive and she thinks they will be the same (sorry if I already sent this but my phone said it wasn’t sending) anyway I hope you have a nice day

ok i hate the gif search, its so limited. If you want me to credit your gifs let me know and i will do, please understand a gif reaction blog is going to have a hard time crediting everything from nearly 2years ago. 
also, wheres everyone gone? hope your all well ^_^
Thanks for the request, i hope you like it :)
~ahgase Omma 

he can't believe/understand, she’s been with him for a while now, but she’s scared of him, but its not him really… he tries so hard to understand her feelings, but he does spend a long time thinking it over

he can see where she’s coming from, its not something he even thought about, she always seems ok with him, but now he’s not too sure. he tries to talk about it all.

he’s always been all or nothing, and he’s always wanted to be in her heart, but after hearing this he doesn’t know what she actually feel about him. he stresses about this a lot 

he tries not to show much emotion about it, he’s trying to understand first, then base his feelings on his understanding. he takes time to understand her point of view, and tries to prove himself to her.

takes it personally in the sense that she thinks he’s the scary one, the members always called him a bit strange, but now scary, its hard for him to not take it to heart. he does try to understand but needs some reassurance  

he’s taken aback, he’s many things but scary… he can’t help but think back to her past and think about all the things that might have happened. it makes him want to help, but he doesn’t want to drive her away either 

he's saddened by it, mostly over how long its taken her to tell him. she could have mentioned something before. he wants to help in whatever way, but how can he prove that he’s different to her exs.

Gifs are not my own-will credit original where possible.

Where I live is this park that leads to an underpass which leads to a forest and then an alleyway, and at the end of the alleyway is my house, and the whole thing takes like 5 minutes if you walk fast… and ok I know people have been assaulted there multiple times, and there are no lights the whole way (Woo for phone torches) BUT LIKE IT TAKES 15 MINUTES OFF OF MY WALK HOME!!!!!!!!!!

So why do people act like they would never walk that way home. 

Like Answer me this…. Its like 11pm, its cold, windy, and you just wanna go to bed…

OK SO Would you take this route to get home?

Your argument is valid

Nevertheless, I will break it apart bit by bit and make you question every word you just said.

I will use every possible method(even irrational ones hidden under a blanket of rationality) to crush your faith in said argument.

Then once I have dismantled your structure I will build the same argument on a solid foundation and prove to you why all my previous statements were invalid and how your argument was indeed correct.

At this point you’ll hate me for being such a jerk.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of shomadot 2? How does that program stand against shomadot 1? Which one you like the most?

shoma’s basic skating is better now than when he first used turandot, but turandot 1.0 is a much better program than turandot 2.0. i think one of the reasons for this is the new music cuts, and consequently the choreo that goes with the music cuts. one of the biggest changes is the music used during his step sequence and middle section of the program. turandot 1.0 used faster music and had some pretty interesting choreo moments (hitch kick, toe-tapping) during the stsq, the stsq in turandot 2.0 goes back to the same motif used at the beginning of the program and is slower, and the choreo doesn’t stand out as much. the stsq, the 3S on the spike in the music - the entire middle section up to the pause is superior in turandot 1.0.

“nessun dorma” also drags on for far too long in turandot 2.0. it was much more effective in turandot 1.0 when it was only used near the end; in the new program it feels like shoma is just jumping through most of it. by the time you get to the choreo sequence, you’re already tired of nessun dorma. overall, turandot 2.0 is a more one-note program, there isn’t enough variation in the music or choreo and it feels like shoma is skating the same way throughout the whole thing. this doesn’t make the program an eyesore, because i still like the way he moves, but it does make it boring, and i wouldn’t blame anyone if they came out of the program not being able to remember much about it.

i just don’t see the point of shoma bringing turandot back this season. it was a fine vehicle for him in his senior debut season, a warhorse but it suited his drama and power, and the choreo fit the music and was interesting enough to keep me engaged. if he’d decided to go back to it years later, i might’ve been fine with it. but it’s only been 2 seasons. those performances from 2015-16 are still fresh in people’s minds, and now he’s burdened with the challenge of surpassing what he’s already done, which, imo, he will not succeed in because the new program simply isn’t as good as the old one. there are some bits of choreo from turandot 1.0 that really stood out to me - the pause, the spreadeagle near the end, the choreo sequence - that shoma kept or slightly modified in turandot 2.0, but while these bits of choreo seemed suitable and fresh in the original program, in the new program it just makes me think, ok, i’ve already seen this before, and i’ve seen it done better.

the new program is fine enough to look at on its own, but what is the point of it? i know he said he wants to show his growth and part of that is by increasing his technical content, and i gotta say i’m impressed by all the jumps he landed at lombardia, but…that doesn’t make me like the program more. i just think he’s capable of so much more; loco proved that, legends proved that. this program doesn’t feel like a step forward to me. if anything, it feels like a step back.

lfc x lake headcannons
  • studge finds the lake cus he went off wondering whilst making insta vids on his bike 
  • and he jumps in screams at the cold,
  • thats when the other lads hear him and find the lake too
  • at this point they’ve all abandoned their bikes and gone off track and are jumping into the lake fully clothed
  • cus they give no fucks 
  • kloppo is gonna kill them when they get back but hey its team bonding or so studge tries to say and get away with
  • migs jumps in half naked while he gets hendo to film him on his phone cus ‘its a cool vid to post on insta ok hendo, im cool, im down w the kids’
  • hendo just laughs
  • ads tries to prove hes the best swimmer but he doesnt get far and half drowns
  • emre participates but damn it if he puts his head under water cus even if  a strand of hair is outta place, ww3 is gonna happen
  • but he splashes water on others for the fun of it 
  • couti and alby compare who has the better abs, nobody knows why, 
  • studge thinks its funny to splash everyone near time and has a damn good time doing it 
  • dejan and gini are just super happy, and laugh and scream alot 
  • joel freezes half to death while the lads laugh at him but they are all freezing to death they just think they’re being cool
  • sadio, bobby, studge and joe has a race to see who can get to the other side faster, 
  • joe wins, and screams a yahhhhh babyyy micheal phelps whoo bitch
  • everyone dies laughing
  • mils may or maynot have dunked water on emre’s head, 
  • hes mad for 3 secs before hes zooming thru the water trying to chase mils
  • and thats how the game of chase started, even joel gets involved 
  • most of the lads just chill in the water near the bank, but everything is chill and happy and cold but its great 

feel free to add more


inktober doodles inspired by the sweater weather fics by @crispykrimi!
(the bonus: The Hoodie is so far proving effective for 2 out of 3 members of the christmas tree appreciation club. maybe they can make it their uniform or something)

ok this video isn’t about which ship is more relevant, it’s about two men enjoying their free times together

white people naturally superior?

Ok before you read this:

1. I’m not racist, this post is based off real facts and statistics that are not from right wing sources

2. If you are offended do not report, but block or confront me, just ignore me, idc if you ignore the truth

3. If you think i am racist, google it, you’ll see its all right…

Ok, now that i got them points ahead:

1. Iq distribution between whites and blacks proves white people to be indeed smarter, this is becoming an overused point, but it is definitely true

2. The richest people on earth are mostly white, its more diverse on the world’s most wanted list indeed…

3. White people are a minority around earth but seem to have a lot of dominance on the current world as we see it

4. (i came up with this point, and it is 100% true) Look at maps of development of economies and personal lives and development altogether, then look at a map of white people, see the similarities? i do…

5. The purity of the race, how caucasians look more appealing

6. Less crimes, more civilization and empires from Rome to Britain to the vikings to Germany’s 3 reichs to America to Russia, its all strong, powerful and more civilized ways of lives with morals and stuff being more improved too, white people are smart and strong in that way

PS: I know there are some bad white people and good non whites and i am not racist and i like all races i’m just saying white people could be more advanced…