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So, a certain post crossed my dash and I got inspired to write some silliness. Inspired by all those stories you’ve undoubtedly (probably…) heard (and my own camping experiences, come to think of it), imagine this:

The bros are out camping one night, and it’s chilly, but the tent door zipper has been jammed just a couple inches short of closed for a few days. They sort of shove an extra blanket against it and call it whatever, good enough till they can get it fixed.

Prompto happens to wake up around first light, but not a getting-right-up-into-the-day wake up. Everyone else is still asleep. It was mostly the chill that woke him, and he tries to pull his extra blanket even further over his head and catch a bit more sleep.

He looks over at Noct, and it’s barely light enough to see him at all–but, something is…off about his silhouette. There’s a dark…lump on his chest, just under his chin. It’s too big and too round to be part of the blanket.

Prompto raises his head slightly for a better look but the dark shape doesn’t become any clearer. Noct’s breathing is regular as ever, and the pronounced unknown shape makes it even easier to see the motion.

Prompto reaches back and taps gently behind him. “Ignis!” he whispers.

“Hm?” Ignis was just about to wake up anyway, so his response is alert. Prompto doesn’t even have to tell him where to look, his eyes immediately go to Noct as he sits up.

Out of the corner of his eye, Prompto sees Ignis lean forward and blink once. Twice. Then reach for his glasses.

The two of them stare for a couple seconds more. Nothing moves except Noct, still breathing deeply, unfazed.

Then Gladio shifts and sits up, having heard voices. A head with a pair of pointed ears snaps up from the dark lump. Two yellow rings stare back at them.

“Oh,” Prompto whispers.

“That’s…actually not surprising at all,” Ignis muses.

“He does have a certain Animal Magnetism,” Gladio says with an audible smirk.

“Dude, really?” groans Prompto quietly. “‘S too early for a joke that dumb.”

The cat goes back to sleep with its head under Noct’s chin, and the others get up to their morning routines especially quietly.

A couple hours later, after sunup, Noct finally emerges from the tent at the sounds and smells of breakfast. His eyes are only half open, and the cat is still under his chin, but now it’s because Noct is holding it up as he climbs to his feet with his free hand.

He stands there and blinks a few times while the others look at him. He looks down at the cat in his hand, then looks back up at no one, brows drawn slightly together. He says, with the tone of ‘wanting answers and not knowing how to make the questions’:

“This is not our cat.”

@dandyligerburningbright OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH HAHAHAHAHA

Thank you so much for sharing!!

moon girls: everything she says somehow makes you smile, becomes terribly shy around others, listens to old music and garage bands, she knows a little bit of everything and still loves you, she’ll pour her heart and soul into bits of her art to give to you and you can see her reflection in the colors

sun girls: usually stunning, even when she’s blue, she has a heart and knack for makeup and looking pretty, she applies lipstick at the grocery store and kisses the back of her hand, calls you early in the morning before she leaves and not care that you have a godawful bedhead, she’ll want to do and see everything in what we call a day

star girls: her soul has been here for a long time, weird and quiet but loves everything because hate tires her, she has too much love to give but she’s so sad, she’ll write music in the dead of night, will drive you wherever you want because she wants to go where you do

i saw this post at like 2am and i had to rush to my computer to draw this hell…..horrible jean passione 


i read this fic and….goddamn its so good… i love it so much…. i had to draw something… then i had to stop because if not i kinda woulve ended up drawing… everything

im just such a sucker for total strangers becoming friends becoming family FFFUCK YOU DONT EVEN KNOOOWWW

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are perfectionists and when it comes to learning something new they can become frustrated. Especially if it’s a new skill they want to be good at. They are frustrated that their work isn’t their best, but haven’t learnt the skill enough to know how to fix it.

This can cause some Ravenclaws to give up and try something new. So they become notorious for hobby hopping. Other Ravenclaws become extremely driven to get better and put all their effort into trying to make their best work, but they still find flaws in their work.

Important PSA from Yana

Quick translation:

“Like I tweeted recently, Japanese culture and the culture of other countries are different, the way they reply [to my tweets] or their stance on fan activities are different, too, and I don’t think any of this is wrong. However, regardless of country [of origin], revealing any new information of Kuroshitsuji before the 18th is not official, but illegal. I’d be glad if people understand that such action is wrong. - Toboso.”



(warning: text spoiler of ch129 under the cut)

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One year anniversary of FitzSimmons becoming canon (April 19th, 2016) → It’s been 10 years, we can’t waste anymore time // Who needs space? ‘Cause I’ve got something magnificent right here. 


[TianShan Week]

Day 1: Pursuit

…an effort to secure your very own Guan Shan!

Oh man, why do I keep making mini-comic when I don’t have much time~ XD

Pretends I’m not living in UK time… *whistles*

It’s literally 5am, so I’m making a B-day post.

Happy B-Day Team Fortress!

Okay, i’ve literally only been here for less than 100 days, but I still LOVE this game! And the comics, and of course the fanbase is fucking amazing! These insane Mercs are all awesome, and I wish I could’ve found this unique hat-insanity much sooner. But I’m glad to be here now, and I hope this game can stay afloat and alive, because it deserves to!

Here’s to TF2! May it continue to be crazy, fun, and more often then not, not make a lick of damn sense! May it live on!!! and the next comic/game update better come out soon,Valve.

Also hire me, Valve. I can make movie/tv show cast-wish-lists, sarcastic one liners, and I can write random shit. Please, I need a job.

Here, celebratory gifs while I draft my negotiations job deal with VALVE! :D (haha… I wish.)