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i love little mix so much…these girls are not fully supported by their label, for the longest time ppl wouldnt take them seriously and would constantly say the owed their success to someone else and u know what? that never stopped them if anything they worked even harder and strived for perfection. i love what they stand for, i love how honest and genuine their friendship is and i love their work ethic bc they do their best no matter if its a small acoustic performance for 10 fans or a performace if front of 20000 ppl, they are such a strong inspiring talented girlgroup and even if u are not a fan u cant deny that.


Both gifs are mine

Imagine being Gibbs’ daughter and meeting Nick for the first time and having a crush. 

Requested by imaginesforthose-wholovefandoms~

Of course, you’ve met McGee and Bishop. This wasn’t your first time visiting your father’s workplace; not by a long shot. But it was your first time meeting Alex Quinn. And definitely your first time meeting Nick.

The newest agent gave you a dazzling smile as he shook your hand; firm, yet gentle. “It’s very nice to meet you.” Nick greeted.

A blush worked its way onto your face, and it was a little harder than you thought to reply. “Same here.” Was all you could manage, and you tried not to cringe at your own awkward words.

Nick’s smile only brightened, and he was about to say something else before Gibbs interrupted. “We’re going to get some lunch.” He stated harshly. “Call me if there’s a development.”

        Scarlet. please keep in mind i’m autistic darlings, i can’t pick up on hints most of the time and it’s not me blatantly ignoring you….i LITERALLY don’t realise when someone is hinting at me for or about something. Also being passive aggressive with me won’t work in your favour either, if you do that you’re just going to end up pissing me off and i’ll block you. Life is hard enough socially for me without navigating a fucking minefield every time i have a conversation with someone. It’s better to be straight forward and honest with me because i’m very liberal with the block button. This isn’t a vague, or about anyone in particular. It’s just a problem i’ve been dealing with for most of my years on the website. Please try to understand i think differently, i process things differently. If i say something or do something to upset you its not on purpose, please tell me if ive upset you because hinting or being passive aggressive won’t work. I know i can be frustrating, talking to me can be like going round in circles over and over ( @hydrasperfectweapon knows this all too well ). Sometimes i need things explained to me, sometimes i don’t know how to process or deal with something so i lash out or i say something that’s on my mind without thinking. If i’ve ever upset you i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to. But please tell me, don’t leave it hanging between us. Speak up if i upset you or read something wrong. I’d rather know than make that mistake again. <3


Hi Guys! 

I’m back after more than a month but more inspired than ever now that my munchkins are healthy again.  We got a clean bill of health yesterday for both of them, so we’ve been celebrating by making pillow forts. Thank you all for your patience and  kind words! You guys are the best! To all my new watchers WELCOME ! I hope you enjoy my future works! ♥ Now its back to work! 

I know it feels easier to tell yourself that the person who once loved you, never really loved you. But you’d be lying to yourself just to get through the pain a little easier. And the truth about that? It actually makes it harder. You know they loved you, you know the time you had together meant something. So do yourself a favor; and let it go. Let the time be its time, and keep your eyes always looking forward. You are loved. You were loved, and you are worth every second of love that will come your way. Just because things didn’t work out doesn’t mean they weren’t special to you, doesn’t mean you weren’t special to them. Love doesn’t always have to end in a dramatic disaster. Now a days we live in a generation where everyone tries to make the acceptance of loss into a nasty, grieving, abusive turn out. It doesn’t have to be that. You don’t have to let your heart rage in anger through your words or actions. You can be sad, and bitter, and hurt, and still move on with acceptance that you loved someone and they loved you unconditionally with the best of both of your abilities.
—  I know we’re broken up, but I’m thankful for your existence.
EXO when they’re scared of a bug and you kill it without even blinking


Xiumin: *too shocked to speak*

Luhan: Once his brain processes your fast reflexes he tries to play it cool. “What? No, I wasn’t scared of a little bug. I was just about to squish it myself.”

Kris: *tries to cover up his reaction*


Lay: “Y/N you really weren’t scared at all?” (bonus: someone applauding your bug killing skills)

Baekhyun: “I’d better not get on her nerves or she’ll squash me like that bug just now.”

Chen: “Sorry little bug, but you had it coming.”

Chanyeol: “Jagi, was that really you just now?” *can’t believe what he saw*


Tao: He isn’t sure now whether he’s more scared of bugs or you.


Sehun: “Who are you and what have you done with Y/N?”

reasons why myncii beach volleyball is objectively a terrible game
  • first of all what the fuck is this sand
  • you slide so much. why do you slide so much on this fucking sand. sand is full of friction. SANDPAPER IS MADE OF SAND but APPARENTLY so is GREASED LINOLEUM
  • the powerups make the game so much harder (LOOKIN AT YOU SUPERJUMP AND SUPERSPEED)
  • seriously if you get either of these you’re pretty much FUCKED
  • the ball clips through the net half of the time 
  • the pawkeet is so mocking with its little self assured squawk as it FUCKS YOU OVER WITH A POWERUP OF PURE UNADULTERATED SHIT AND HELL 
  • the amount of points you get is RIDICULOUSLY low considering the amount of work and time that goes into it
  • what the fuck does giant ball even do!?