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me, reblogging multifandom content fully knowing that i’m gonna lose followers: WEED 👏🏻 OUT 👏🏻THE 👏🏻 WEAK 👏🏻

I know with ideas on the internet and content creators here, some trends start picking up and we all unwittingly draw on certain things that make its way into our work, but this has been happening often enough recently that I’d like to address it:

if you’re using one of my edit formats, concepts, or layouts as inspiration, please try to tag me, or at least attribute the post that was used as inspiration (a small (insp) with the link is enough and common practice!)

I’ve really appreciated the people who have asked straight up; I put work and time in coming up with different concepts and layouts and I’m always happy to have people draw inspo from them when asked!

while I’m flattered that people are enjoying it to the point where they feel inspired by it, I would like to know of any instances, particularly when they are very similar to the original edit itself, rather than happening across them

It just doesn’t sit right that there have been times when very clear copies of edit formats have been posted with no okay-ing with the original creator.

the gang goes to disneyland

ok lets do this
note: i’ll do serious headcanons one day…. but today’s not that day. 

- ok first things first tracer would definitely enjoy the teacup ride and also the matterhorn
- would want to try all the special disneyland snacks/drinks
- refuses to go on any ride with a wait longer than 10 minutes

- reaper would legit murder anybody who drags him onto its a small world
- for real tho, as soon as he hears the song he’ll jump off the boat and wraith outta there
- the ride operators aren’t phased at all, they’ve seen stranger things in their time working here
- spends an entire hour looking at haunted mansion merch

- zarya would like all the fairytale-based fantasyland rides, finding them all delightful and charming
- she would get a photo with a costumed character where they’re both flexing
- also she buys one of those goofy ear hats and wears it 24/7

- hanzo grumbles and looks all serious on every single ride but inside he’s enjoying himself
- especially likes autopia, it’s oddly relaxing for him

- mccree would RULE at the buzz lightyear ride, and would go on it over and over just to show off 
- after discovering frontierland he would never leave
- big thunder mountain railroad is his favorite ride

- would just stay in the starcade forever, hogging up all the machines
- she’d probably like star tours too
- her and mccree would be very competitive with the buzz lightyear ride, constantly going against each other and trying to beat the other’s high score

- junkrat LOVES pirates of the caribbean. so much. just the part with the actual pirates tho. doesn’t care much for the quiet beginning part of the ride
- toontown is right up his alley as well, specifically the roger rabbit ride
- he attempts to hijack the fireworks show and gets a lifetime ban from entering the park

- meanwhile, roadhog has…. acquired…a large assortment of disney plushies
- he loves the indiana jones ride and takes some of the plushies on the ride with him
- also likes pirates of the caribbean and goes on it with junkrat
- hates the tiki room but likes the pineapple soft serve there

- zenyatta gets a baymax balloon and keeps it with him the entire time
- he would also rlly like the astro orbiter and brings genji on it with him
- “go higher my pupil” “ but this is the highest it can go” “h i g h e r”

- bastion goes to the tiki room, starts “singing” the melody by beeping and whirring
- buys a tiny mickey ear hat for its bird

So yesterday someone named @la-petite-marie decided to continue to give me shit for my post on yoonkook and im going to make this post once and for all to point how the person’s behavior was both delusional and rude (bc its getting too long to write out replies) and why he or she should really cut the shit.

Please do not read if you are easily affected by drama.

THIS PERSON decided that I dont know a thing about yoonkook dynamic bc I said I would write a fic about JK pestering Yoongi with his affection and Yoongi being like nooo and Jk ignoring it and literally wanting to carry the agressive Yoongi around. NOW IM GOING TO SAY WHY ATTACKING ME FOR THIS IS DELUSIONAL (this person also told tell me to not tag the post as Yoonkook bc he or she wasnt happy with what i said)

I dont know what your idea of aggressive is but clearly I wasnt going to write yoongi as some violent guy who cusses JK out. And dont fucking tell me that Yoongi is always soft for Jk and that i need to stick to it because welcome to fanfics. Again its fictional. There are no defined answers and thats the beauty of it and if you cant grasp your head around it, I worry about you.

My story idea was about highschool JK who goes after much older Yoongi and yoongi initially not taking any of it. YOONGI MAY BE SOFT FOR JK IN REAL LIFE but in fanfics they dont have to start off knowing each other. They dont have to be in BTS and live just like how they do in real life so congrats youve just just gotten pissy over a start of a work of fiction without bothering to think about the context or where ill take the story. Youve just passed judgement which is something you yourself stated you dont like.

Back to aggressive. Im Korean and I speak fluent Korean. I also speak fluent Daegu dialect bc ive both lived there and my mother is from there and know all about the culture. You may think what does this have anything to do with this…and I will tell you why. Yoongi speaks very aggressively and subtitles do not convey that. In fact, men from Daegu and Busan (Gyeongsan province) are expected to act in a colder manner towards the people they love compared to people from Seoul. Clearly I can pick up on speech pattern done in Korean and actually convey his personality accordingly, so do NOT tell me I dont know what Im talking about and if you think that aggressive speech pattern correlates to actually aggressive behavior then wow you clearly have not met enough people.
On a similar note there is a reason why Jimin is usually portrayed as a cute soft “bottom” among i-fans, while in Korea hes portrayed as the strong willed, biting person no matter who hes paired with. YET do I ever give shit for those people who portray jimin a certain way? NO. Why? Because I can respect people’s differences when it comes to information they come across.

Being a shipper isnt a title. You dont go to school for it and get a diploma out of it. Youre not given the role of some shipping ambassador or diplomat that lets you dictate how a ship should be perceived and if you actually think like this jesus holy hell thats like saying dont talk about apples because i only like oranges and yes lets read that again to see how ridiculous it is. Being a shipper of a certain pair doesnt give you the right to tell other people off for their opinions and if you dont understand this concept than oh boy life is going to get HARD for you when you realize that the planet is filled with people with different opinions. Again no one owns the tag and the only time people are allowed to complain about it is if its wrongly tagged. My post was about yoonkook so I will tag it yoonkook. If you are going to be a baby about it then thats on you and I have zero sympathy for you.

The rule is simple. If you dont like then dont read. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but know that its a two way street if you start talking shit. Get off your high horse. You giving yourself that entitled attitude is like me saying Ive known kpop for longer so you dont know shit. Would I ever say that? No. Why? Because that would be fucking stupid.

So do NOT come at me with that kind of shitty attitude. I dont have patience for the likes of you.

Anyway….I must say. This is the first time someone has given me shit for characterization of all things lol.

anonymous asked:

y u gotta be so aggressive towards she/th shippers?? There’s no reason to be so awful about it. I scroll through your account and read so much hate. There are people that find happiness in she/th the same way we all find happiness in klance. Why do you feel the need to ruin that for them??

THEY’RE SHIPPING A GROWN MAN WITH HIS LITTLE BROTHER. “no reason to be so awful about it” lol me and my sister have the same exact dynamic that sh/ro and ke/th have in canon and it’s disgusting seeing people romanticize/sexualize a familial relationship between a man well on his way to his 30s and a kid who’s freshly 18 who looks up to said man as a big brother. i have plenty of reasons to hate this ship. besides, i censor names most of the time, if not ALL of the time. the only time i don’t is if an anon sends me a message and didn’t censor the names themselves, that’s not my problem. all the posts i make myself are censored + tagged as #discourse. so, unless shippers are following me—which they shouldn’t be because my desc says to read my about before following which includes the fact that i’m an anti—then they should never ever even SEE the posts i make about this. i NEVER seek shippers out to start shit. EVER. i’ve never personally come at them because i don’t even have the patience to deal with them + i literally have anger issues. 

i’m not trying to “ruin their fun,” this isn’t some “ship war” like ppl claim. it’s not me hating a unproblematic ship just because it’s not my cup of tea. i’m expressing my completely justified hate for a problematic ship on my OWN blog. me being aggressive would be me seeking them out to start shit, which i don’t do and never have. trust me, you haven’t seen me be aggressive. shippers purposefully start shit with me + other antis ALL the time on posts that aren’t even cross-tagged. i just block them and don’t respond to them, i never engage. if i see people shitting on klance? i block them, it’s that simple. shippers can do the same to me if they somehow come across my posts. it’s as easy as that.

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Hi! I have a question :)I'm new to putting my art on tumblr. It's been so difficult to get my art seen with other posts burying mine in the tags and I feel bad asking people to look at my art all of the time. How did you get your art seen on tumblr in the beginning? Thank you so much in advance!


hmm my tumblr only blew up recently.

when I made a tumblr, I didn’t really get likes or reblogs so then I started posting my art on instagram and it got a lot more attention so I started using instagram more than tumblr so when I did post on tumblr every once in a blue moon I noticed that my follower count increased drastically in a short time and I just assumed that my instagram followers followed me on here too.

It’s weird because only when I stopped caring about my tumblr account it gained a following.

personally if you want to get likes/reblogs (even tho those things don’t measure you as an artist) I say draw fan art of things you love because then you are drawing things for something you like and it’s relevant to other people in the same fandom. For example there’s more of a chance for people to google “Harry Potter fan art” and find your art than to google “art” and find your art.

also don’t just stick to using only one social media to share your art try twitter, instagram, etc… as well because just like me you might gain a following on there instead.

I hope it makes sense and helps!

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Alright, the amazingly talented @shannaraisles tagged me - and thank you - I have this one ready for posting but will take a few days, just have to finish my November project to start posting new work.

She nodded on his chest and they started getting ready. 

I tag the super talented:

@jawsandbones @ladylorelitanyfanfiction @princessvicky01 @stregatadallostregatto @sparemyocs @adjectivebear (there’s a long time I don’t read anything from you. Why?) 

If you follow me and you write, please, PLEASE, do it and tag me so I can start reading your work.

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Ally, I just created a twitter account recently and I want to make it BTS centric and post my BTS fanart on it! Do you have any tips on how to get noticed? Thanks so much! <3

twitter is a platform that requires a lot of interacting and making connections so make sure to befriend many people and content creators with similar interests to have how to say….a social circle?

of course, don’t do it with an intention of using them to get your art out there, but it’s really really hard if you solely rely on your new account and key words in your tweet when it doesn’t have a tag system like tumblr for people to discover you!

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are you still doing newsies as vines?, bc albert is definetly the one that goes "whats up Ive got my hat on backwards and its time to fucking party" and then runs into the door

enjoy part 5 anon lmao

also in case anyone actually follows/likes these, all the newsies as vines posts can be found under my “newsies-as-vines” tag, and i also go back and update links on every part whenever i post a new one.

and yes, you can send me suggestions, through messenger preferably but ill take them through asks too and then just answer with the link to the post.

+*~ JAZZMAS ~*+

What is Jazzmas?? It’s like christmas but instead it has Jazzy throwing fan art at people each day.

It’s like Inktober when you post one thing a day, except this time I’ll be posting fan art for someone each day.

This will be mainly PokeAsk specific but who knows depends on my mood at the time.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up n whatnot. Since its for other people instead of for myself I’ll hopefully be more motivated to finish it.

I’ll be uploading them on here.
I’ll be using the tag #Jazzmas2017 so feel free to blacklist it if you do not wish to see it.

It will be starting on December 1st of course.
///I am going to try and double check to see if you do not celebrate christmas and don’t want anything associated with it. I don’t want to offend anyone

final mix update!
start reading here, or read the update (ch 33 - 34) here!

mix is my phantomquill, slow-burn, enemies-to-frenemies looongfic (93k words!), and post-ending fix-it fic. this is the last update, so from this point on, it’s posted in its entirety! no more mix!

as always, and for the last time… if you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends. i worked really hard on it and i would love for people to see and hear what you all thought of it! thank you so much for reading!! it was fun!


You know those super-fun posts that go around like “what if aliens actually consider humans super-strong hardy freaks who come from a death planet” and “humans will do literally anything for fun and all the other alien races are scared to find out how they saved their comrades this time”?

I freaking love those and Tumblr is full of amazingly creative writers. I can only like each one once, based on its starting blog (and these are posts that go on to have thousands of notes and lots of different people adding well-written, humorous, fun sci-fi), so I’m starting a new side-blog for them specifically.


I’ve got all the posts tagged based on the original source for easier browsing, if there’s one particular thread you fancy.

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For someone who is about to start a fanfic/scenario blog, what would be your advice?

hmm…well in terms of writing, you can check out my tag: here. But if you want general advice….

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OK, I’m gonna save the full rational discourse post for another time, but rn I’m just so FUCKING PISSED and need to vent, so…

To all these fic artists and authors who are always talking about how people should stop criticising their problematic ships and art “because they always tag them” and then don’t fucking tag or mark that shit in any way. 


I don’t do all that shit you’re all constantly bitching about, I don’t go messaging these artists, I don’t shit talk individuals, I know being online is a fucking risk, but if you’re gonna lose your shit about people messaging you about your art and then don’t fucking tag it so we can’t avoid it, fuck off forever because that is shit.


This bullshit is why I find it so hard to take “it’s just art” discourse seriously because NO IT’S NOT and the truth is 90% of these artists/writers/fans don’t actually give a flying fuck about anyone other than themselves and have no interest in looking critically at anything they fucking do because they care more about their right to do whatever they like than about their followers.

It’s scary how similar their discourse is to people on Twitter who say “there are no safe spaces” or “life’s hard suck it up”. Just… stop. If you can’t even tag your own fucking work you don’t get to complain when people are upset about it. Jeezus.

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sorry if this is a question you've already answered before, but can i ask where you get your resources? are you fluent in japanese, or do you use any english resources that you might recommend to others who are interested in the subject? :o

No. I don’t speak/read Japanese. Or well … I read kana and know a bunch of kanji, just enough to sound out menus and guess at the meaning/reading of signs and place names in context.

So, not knowing Japanese, I have a few things going for me. I’m pretty good at working with a Japanese online dictionary and Google translate and identifying information like dates and names from Japanese web pages. Google translate won’t give you meaning, but it hints in the right direction to look. Once I find something in Japanese, I can usually confirm it in English more easily. If I’m completely stuck, I’ll ask for a translation, but I don’t plague my acquaintances asking for translations all the time. 

One of the most important advantages I have is access to a university library and its online databases. The best and most interesting history/art/culture books are often hugely expensive and rare outside university libraries. And that’s a huge barrier for a lot of people interested in history. 

More encouragingly, there is a lot of information on the internet. Good places to start out:

My posts link a lot of specific resources and books, and the best way to search them is by browsing my tag cloud: explained in this post. 

@sparrowdreams , whom I reblog and converse with here a lot, is actually a Japanese historian, on the home-run stretch of finishing a doctoral thesis on the history of Sendai in Northern Japan. (That’s Date Masamune’s homeland, for those who don’t know.) She got her start in Japanese history through Rurouni Kenshin, and is always amazingly supportive of fans

None of the following sites is going to be 100 percent accurate, because Shinsengumi legend and history are so intertwined. I’m not going to be 100 percent accurate either. (I cringe to see things I wrote about Bakumatsu history a couple years ago, to be honest. Always so much to correct and clarify.) But these are generally good sites.

  • Shinsengumi no Makoto is a good resource for biographies and information about the Shinsengumi members but most of it’s not footnoted/sourced. The accuracy is reasonably good, but it’s not something you’d be able to cite on a paper.
  • Samurai Archives’ article on the Shinsengumi - The Samurai Archives is the best Japanese history site in English. You can follow links in the article to all sorts of related topics. They have both current and archived forums with a good quality of discussion on Japanese history topics. Some areas are much stronger than others. 

More Bakumatsu history links under the cut. Not an exhaustive list, but interesting stuff.

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Last sentence meme

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From a Craig Boone fanfic i started to write in calc class: It was midnight–or whatever counted as midnight in a world where irrelevancies such as time died in a wave of hot atomic fire.

Tagging @foxinwhiteroses @dendritic-trees @selkieblues @jencforcarolina and the rest of my writing friends!!!!!!! (its too long of a sentence for me to tag for each word orz)