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Star Trek Advent Calendar

hi everyone! it’s that time again! and by that i mean its time to mark the days off until Christmas with the best advent calendar ever. this is the second year running and I’ve tweaked the list a bit but generally it’s the same. it’s open to all star trek verses, so here’s the rules, every day starting tomorrow you upload a post about what that day calls for (example: on Dec. 5th, you would put up a gif/pic/post about who you think the best star trek villain is and why). i totally understand if you can’t post everyday, i know i won’t be able to, not having internet regularly where i am. feel free to post on which ever day you want if you can’t get online that often. make sure to tag your posts #startrekadventcalendar 

ok thats all, have fun!!! 

Day 1 - Favorite episode (or scene from film)

Day 2 – favorite film

Day 3 - Favorite Character            

Day 4 -  Favorite side character

Day 5 -  Favorite Villain  

Day 6 - Favorite crewmember    

Day 7 – favorite character who isn’t a member of starfleet

Day 8 - Favorite starfleet track (Command, Operations, Medical, etc.)      

Day 9 – favorite uniform

Day 10 - Favorite location/planet

Day 11 - Most Beautiful Character  

Day 12 - Most Missed Character  who dies or disappears in movie/episode

Day 13 - Saddest Moment

Day 14 - Favorite star trek fanfiction

Day 15 – Favorite behind the scenes moment

Day 16 - Favorite promotional photo

Day 17 – favorite quote from star trek

Day 18 – favorite issue/concept discussed by Star Trek

Day 19 – favorite spock (aos spock, tos spock, spock prime, mirror spock, kid spock)

Day 20 - Funniest Moment

Day 21 - Most romantic moment

Day 22 - Favorite star trek technology

Day 23 - Favorite star trek novel/comic

Day 24 – Favorite species            

Day 25 - Favorite star trek pairing


I am so embarrassed, I thought I had posted this earlier but my stupid self forgot. I had sent this in a message meaning to post it. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m being shady at all, but a few of my pics look unreal.
There are a few that aren’t photo shopped, however, they don’t look normal. I’ve encountered this problem several times with this phone. The pictures are some how, not sure the correct term, ‘squashed’ when they’re formatted or posted. I’ve been trying to correct the problem and replace the pics which I’m sure is something I’m doing by mistake. My apologies if anyone has felt misled, I honestly didn’t mean to, but I understand its my fault if you choose to 'unfollow’ me.
The above pic obviously is a comparison. Again my deepest apologies.


The zelgan search on twitter is full of ugly, childish people who post anti (and guilt its shippers all the time) and then play victim if called out.

It is very saddening to see it, and today I did not take it no longer and lowered myself to reply- it ended in an encounter and they were below tasteless. It was a terrible mistake I honestly will not do again. 

I decided that my reply from now on should be productivity, I will draw a cute pic for every mean tweet. I shall do more, since there’s so many.

(Sorry guys)


hello it me again, this time pretending I’m cute ✨

ok so I was tagged by @baekhyeun and @larrylovegood to do the lockscreen/selfie/last song I listened to/whatever tag and here I am

my phone one allows me to use one pic as both lockscreen and home screen so I didn’t have to post both but I wanted this to be pretty and have 4 pics so whatever

I’m tagging @tousdae, @baekhyuh, @starlightkai, @topfied, @bbhsthighs, @4redlips, @mochibaeks, @yiffxing, @squynhty u don’t have to do it tho 💕


non!idol au where all jimin and hoseok want is a date to themselves, if only their friends could understand that

for @dibidibidismynameisjhope hope you enjoy <3

Thanks @overwatchers for tagging me in this relatable character thing! I’ve been wanting to do this!!❤
That’s about as much of my face I’m brave enough to post but if ur wondering what I look like I’ve been told 1000587.99 times that I look exactly like Roary Gilmore (top middle^).
As for the rest, I tag @tome-k @royal-flames-of-empathy @synthualizer @eau-de-low-budget @promptothechocobro @isle-of-glowing-trapdoors idk who has already done this so only if u want to!


I was always told that only time would heal the pain
And even though it’s been so long, it still hurts just the same
Yeah you know I’m finding that the break was binding
I take back everything I said, ooh, won’t you just come home?

-Until You Were Gone by The Chainsmokers ft. Emily Warren

 05th - Bonus Day: New World / Hallow EP1 / Free Day

Tonight, I belong to you
Tonight, you are my monster
Tonight, I belong to you
Tonight, you are my MONSTER

I personally think that the song that ishida used for touken ‘official theme song’ is a summary of kaneki and touka’s life right after kaneki being captured and tortured by aogiri hence the post aogiri arc, the timeline would be in the 6months time skip

That’s why ishida drew the pic in grey as its reflect its a past event and kaneki awas wearing his battle suit (we don’t know when tsukiyama gave it to him) and touka still have short hair

What a pitiful person she is
That a person like me is her only saviour

Kaneki probably think this after he realised that touka determine to save him ALONE when he were captured by aogiri

Once again I’ve lost the tiresome battle without even fighting
Disappointed, while I’m writhing in pain somewhere
she murmurs to me with a smile, “You’re lovely.”

This could be when they had personal training

On nights with no way home,
the only guide is the lonely light in her room
On an unfamiliar street, burning alone,
a lonely light that is almost warm

Perhaps it is because I have rejected peaceful days,
after taking the meaningless detour,
I laugh when I see her – tired from waiting –  
asleep in an acrobatic posture

I believe kaneki actually did secretly visited touka at night after he left anteiku

If I were to disappear,
buy a new notebook
If sorrow were to creep in at night,
lock it up within the five lines

Kaneki knows something bad will happen to him, we don’t know whatever promise they might made with each other, hence :re cafe were operated by touka at the moment

Tonight, I belong to you
Tonight, you are my monster
Tonight, I belong to you
Tonight, you are my monster


Baby, the seasons will change again in the streets
It doesn’t matter, leave me behind
Aaah, I am anxious all the time
So be by my side and give me courage, always
Baby I love you so bad

This might indirectly tell how kaneki’s characters keep on changing, even himself not comfortable with it, thus he still needs touka’s support no matter what and that’s make touka STAY AND HAVE FAITH IN HIM EVEN AFTER 3 YEARS, also remember when touka said she will stick to her ‘plan’

Like a heat haze, the everyday wavers
I laugh, like I’m forfeiting happiness

Somehow, this part i feel like when kaneki regain his memory :/

BRO IM SO READY 4 LUHAN TO POST THE WRONG IG PIC AGAIN but this time its a picture of sehun from the last time they met up and hes all smiley with his chocolate bubble tea his hyung bought him and hes just suPER HAPPy & nostalgia fills the air and life is good god is gr8 and the skies and the grounds where once legends the 12 forces brought the noodle and meme boy together. 

this is my antis arguments checklist

1) louis had a fake house to protect his and danielle’s privacy (didnt really work did it and why was danielle spending her time snapchatting and posting pics from there)

2) louis bought a 10M$ house that needed to much renovations he couldnt live in it even if liam was spending time there while danielle was still living in at the rental

3) who knows??? who cares???

4) big larries invading privacies again!!! *ignores situation and focus on hating larries*

5) why do you believe the media it’s actually liam’s house lol

6) its not that deep

BTW, I got my motto “Never Again 360” tattooed on my arm in bold capital letters last Tuesday.  360 being my starting weight in pounds, and Never Again being a reminder that I can never again go back to my old lifestyle.  Every time I get the temptation to eat a couple of big macs and be lazy and not exercise, its a permanent reminder that I need to stay focused on something that is a lifetime commitment.  Right now its scabbed over and covered in dead skin, so its looks really faded, maybe a month from now when its fully healed will I post a pic.

My knee seems to be healing.  Still feels tight and a little sore.  Walked two miles today on it and it feels alright.  Should be back to fully normal in a few days.

Hello darlings!  It’s that time again.


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