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She posted a recycled photo again. Have u seen her caption “me time”? Lol. She have lots of me time. Dont blame the kids girl. And by the way, so sick of seeing those tbt pregnant pics of her. Move on. Its just funny because shse says “finding me time”. How can she find me time when shes doing a photoshoot? Its not even me time because it does not really happen. Such a liar. 

Do you know that this stupid hearts are originally around $25 - $35? This was posted Feb. 13 so why does it become $40 when they are doing that awful campaign?

I don’t know why she insists on posting about her pregnancy, she acts like she’s never given birth before. For a TBT, I wouldn’t mind seeing something from her younger years, something before Jared. Cortese acts like she was nothing before she got married and had kids. I hate when people do that, they act like their lives were shit before marriage and kids. Don’t get me wrong, having a baby and being married is wonderful, but it’s not the only wonderful think that will happen to you.

It pisses me of when she mention “me time” because her entire life is me time! She acts like all she does is take care of the kids and she has no life outside of them. Huh. What does having impromptu photoshoots mean? Going to the bookstore to get a rainstorm day read or getting your eyelashes done? Yeah, that’s me time. Not a lot of mothers with one or more can do and then complain they miss having their own time. Give me a fucking break, those kids are never with her and if they are it’s because she needs them to sell a story. 

What the fuck? I hate those stupid hearts and the only reason why she wanted to sell something for charity is because Jared’s charity did so well. Cortese wanted the recognition and wanted o be able to brag about how fast they raised the amount of money she wanted. Trust me when I say, she doesn’t do anything out of the goodness of her heart.


Let’s swing, baby!

Part of the Pandora Hearts gift exchange! This one’s for Dweebunny! Hope you have a lovely winter break! <3

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Hi Emma, very interesting. Harry was at Smith and Wollensky AGAIN - same place as the other night. And this time he gets a pic with the friend of the girl he posed with the first time! She commented on the 1st Harry pic (crying coz she missed it) and tonight it's her turn to meet him and she went unprivate to post the pic. Suddenly, none of this seems random.

He went to the same restaurant again? RIP welp….


The zelgan search on twitter is full of ugly, childish people who post anti (and guilt its shippers all the time) and then play victim if called out.

It is very saddening to see it, and today I did not take it no longer and lowered myself to reply- it ended in an encounter and they were below tasteless. It was a terrible mistake I honestly will not do again. 

I decided that my reply from now on should be productivity, I will draw a cute pic for every mean tweet. I shall do more, since there’s so many.

(Sorry guys)

JUNG HOSEOKS NECK AND JAWLINE. did i grab ur attention or ?? ????

hello everybody its rose again with another neck kink post…. 

i honestly have no words, so let the pics speak 4 themselves

ouch!! ! !!! !! i just got a cut from looking at his motherfucking jawline :’)

save me god


kill me please

oh……. fuck.

and now im deceased. 

thank you for your time. if you’d like to attend my funeral, msg me for dets. 

(jungkook edition)

So… When I was a child I had this dream about being an artist and draw and create wonderful things and I thought I that way until my last year of high school. The situation in my home wasn’t easy and I made myself thought about a “productive profession” obviously being an artist wasn’t in the list because in my country I felt like artist are not valued I saw lot of people in the streets or without a job, so in my teenager mind, I couldn’t be like them. (Even if I thought they are so brave to follow their dreams)
I didn’t want to be a burden.
So I chose architecture. I thought it was a good idea is an art too so I started my career. I have to say that my first semesters were a disaster… Little be little I stated to understood what really means architecture and what involved and after a long time I finished my career and started to work.
I’m happy, I learned to love architecture and I found something related it that I love (interior design and 3D architecture) so it wasn’t a bad choice after all but, in my heart, sometimes I think about how could it be if I were study graphics design or something like that.
And that feeling never leave me.
So I put my a goal.
You need to finish something to start another right?
So I decided to finish my thesis (my last step in my career) and then study graphic design or animation, no matter how old I’ll be when I can paid it but I’ll do it.
Soon or latter.
Conclusion, follow your dreams no matter what people say. If you are happy nothing matters.
Be brave and don’t give up. And never its late to start again.

Maybe that is what I love hetalia so much because it was for them that I started to drawing again after a long time without do it.
And I met really amazing friends and improve my art.

I’m really happy in this fandom.

it is so annoying working with unprofessional brands. years back i was reviewing clothes for a company when i was starting professionally blogging, I did it for years, and then one day they sent me a rather cold email telling me they weren’t getting enough traffic from me on their site, so they were “ending” my affiliation with them. I was annoyed but I shrugged it off, I felt that I didn’t need them anymore, I ended up taking some pics with a swimsuit they sent me some time ago. That post ended up going viral, I think its at over 38,000 notes on tumblr, and I was getting flooded with messages on where to get it. I didn’t really want to promote that company anymore so I would honestly reply with the link and then send them similar/better options from other shops, and then lo and behold, the company sends me an email wanting me to collab with them again. I didn’t. The end. Fuck unprofessional companies and say YES to getting shit done on your own, because you’re doing fine.


Yep, It’s “Spacey Subject 101″ and its movie time again…and the subject of the week is “Kevin in The Negotiator” . This movie was kind of out the ordinary for Kevin.. a little action adventure with hostages, guns and this snazzy (NOT) blue outfit that I just could not take my eyes off of and not really for a good reason. What? You can’t blame Kevin he wasn’t in charge of wardrobe. Ok, it’s your turn please post your fav pic/gif/scene from The Negotiator.

Source: The Negotiator/Warner Brothers 1998.  

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Hey! I just saw your post about the J's and Favor not delivering the food for their kids, and I saw your comment about "the smoke and mirrors regarding the flights" and I was just wondering what happened? I looked down in your blog to see if something explained it but I didn't notice anything- then again it's 4am and I'm half asleep I could've missed it hahahaha. Thanks :) 💕

Hello, dear anon!

I haven’t posted about the flights because I didn’t have the time to take a proper interest at the time. Talking to my fellow hatters kept me somewhat in the loop, so let’s go over the timeline real quick.

  1. 12th of April: Jared’s private plane en route from Houston->Austin->Van Nyus, California (p!a @ spn-gossip)
  2. 13th of April: Jensen spotted by the paparazzi at YVR
  3. 13th of April: Jared (or “Jared”) posts a pic in his trailer
  4. 14th of April: A paparazzi claims to have spotted Jared, location unspecified
  5. 14th of April: A fan thinks she saw Jared in a plane from Van to LAX
  6. 14th of April: Jared’s private plane flies to LAX from Van Nyus and an hour later heads to Austin. (p!a @ spn-gossip)

Now, I don’t have a minute schedule and I doubt we need one. ;) I’m sure you understand how confusing this all looked to us before Jared’s tweet from last night. Some people speculated that this could’ve been a kid pick-up, and it certainly looks like that in hindsight!

Smoke and mirrors is what it looked like, but now it makes sense, so that wording doesn’t apply anymore. ;) I hope my timeline helped you out, sweet anon! Have a wonderful day.

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Good evening! I also sent you a 2p ask today. Don't know if it's mine you didn't get all of but I'll reiterate what I remember incase I am :-). P1 I pay attention to detail. The bday celebration pic has zero bday party/festivities in it to the point where it's suspicious. Why post a random pic of a birthday celebration and caption it saying it's some form of a bday party/get together when you can't see anything but an empty counter in the background? How about a pic of the cake? Candles?

P2 Or even just bg decor that shows an actual party like food/drinks for guests? Presents stashed around? None of that was posted. There’s more noise in Cait’s pic of her coffee, lunch & script. Every other time they’ve celebrated something on set they’ve shown the party. Not this one. Its strange Cait-who already wished Sam a happy bday would post again something with so little bday reference. It’d be one thing if it was this sweet picture where you’re like “man are they having fun” but It’s not a cool bday pic you’d want to share bc it’s so interesting. Not something you go “this is so cool even though I already wished him a happy bday and shared a picture for his birthday honor I’m going to tweet this one too”. It’s just a random pic of the four of them where you can’t even tell they’re celebrating anything. This pic could’ve been taken in Scotland for all we know. Everything added up it just adds to the smell of BTS bull. Have a good night ✌️✌️


Continuing from my last post and staying on the topic of seiyuus’ BL history, I’d like to mention 2 particularly interesting cases from Yuri!!! on Ice.

So first we have this unfortunate skater who ejaculates at the touch of the ice

and who has uttered out some of the most inappropriate (and frankly uncomfortable) noises and words ever in the history of mainstream non-BL anime.  Turns out his voice actor has had a long and sturdy relationship with making BLCDs and is probably one of the most recognisable seme voies that any avid fan of the medium would have come across at some point (at least around the time when he was still active in the market).  As someone who has listened to more than one BLCD starring Yasumoto Hiroki, I stg every single time Chris makes his “Ikuzou~~” noise I just can’t help but burst out laughing because never has the thought of being able to hear such risque sounds, which are usually associated with a niche market, in an anime at this level of exposure occurred to me before.  And yet here we are.  I guess they really meant to “make history” the pun is already so tired by now but I can’t stop myself

Another rather ridiculous and over-the-top character from the show I want to bring up is this drama-queen

who did not exactly intrigue my interest in him or his back story, which I know is not a popular opinion in the fandom, but meh.  What I do care about, though, is the fact that the voice behind him is Hatano Wataru, who somehow is even more prominent than Angen in the BL industry and is known for his incredible versatility.  He has delivered consistent performance after performance, and imo Waccha is among the only few seiyuus who could believably act as both an uke and a seme without noticeable effort, but no matter what role is thrown his way you can always count on his dedication and passion and responsibility for his job, especially when he always sounds really enthusiastic in his BLCDs too lol (if you know what I mean  ;) ) 

Which is a shame because he doesn’t get to showcase his talent in more prominent anime roles very often, and for the ones that he does get, I wish they could have been a taaad bit more interesting or likeable so that both his fan base and resume repertoire could have a chance to expand.  But still, I’m glad his singing career seems to have taken off at a steady pace over the years and you could find his singing right in the anime!  You know that YOLO ending you’ve been jamming to since episode 1, the one you never skip despite how much you want to get right to the preview of the next episode?

Yeah that’s right, you’ve been listening to Georgi’s singing voice this whole time, and you’re welcome for that knowledge now :D

I find it interesting to compare these two seiyuus’ deliveries with those from the rest of the YoI cast, some of whom has never been involved with more mature and sexual lines of work.  When you think of Yuuri (Tosshi), angry Yuri (Ucchi), Phichit (OnoKen) or Minami (Ayumu), your brain doesn’t immediately draw the connection between them and erotic scenarios, does it?  Well a) these seiyuus are contracted with talent agencies that don’t venture out to the BL industry, and b) your sentiment is also probably formed due to casting decisions from the directors and producers, who have without a doubt nailed it this time, and chosen the perfect seiyuus for both categories: innocent, naive balls of sunshine AND sultry, mature divas on ice like the two mentioned above.  And of course we can’t forget our bombshell of a hunk who is in another league of charisma and charm, who has a killer voice from a stellar seiyuu and oozes out sex appeal every time he appears on screen and yet still has a delicate and sophisticated side to him

But that’s enough ranting for now.  Viktor’s beauty is not a topic I could justify in just a few lines and pics; it needs its own blog examining every single scene and look of his in details, ie. I should not go there here.  This post has got long enough as it is, so I’m just going to leave you with this celebratory pic amid the Viktuuri of the fandom (get it?.. Vikturi.. victory…. No?….. Yeahh I’ll let myself out) and hopefully will tune in again after some distant days

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I loved your Chen spam!!!! It was so nice. Can I get an another one?? If you don't want to do another one it's fine. 😄😄

ahhh of course!!!! i’m glad u liked the first one^^ (this time it’ll be with ‘12-’14 fansigns^^ not all of them, but still a lot lmao) again, my google drive is filled with pics of these fansigns




ren has too many pics of kjd pass it on

warning: this is quite long lmao

I have decided that I’m gonna stop, like, taking screenshots of people on aj and then posting it on here. Cuz yanno what we’re doing by doing this? We’re being bullies. I guess, like, we’re just having a bit of fun, but if you really think about it, we’re making fun of these kids and we’re laughing at them. They’re just tryna have fun, and so are we, but I think we’re being really mean. But I mean, there’s a difference between laughing with someone, and laughing at them. 

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Practicing writing 汉字

So I’ve got two things I want to address in this post
First thing I want to talk about is practice method.
A lot of the people I see just seem to write one character at a time and there’s nothing wrong with that. The thing is, practicing writing by just going down the line one character at a time doesn’t work for everybody (it didn’t really work for me). When using this method I’d get bored and would never finish practicing.
However I was online looking for tips to solve this problem and I came across an article targeted towards people trying to learn Japanese kanji (I would link the site but I don’t remember it). The method they proposed was like a homemade spaced repetition system for writing.
So what you do in this method is create a list of words you want to practice (try to keep each list to around 15 words for convenience).
What you do then is take some paper and you start by writing the first word three times. Then you write the second word three times and write both the first and second words again right after it but only one time.
Here’s what it would look like: aaabbbabcccabcdddabcdeeeabcdefffabcdef……
And you just keep doing that until you reach the end of the list. The goal is to try and memorize the characters as you write so you don’t have to keep referencing the original (also when you do just one character at a time I find its harder to remember them because I can easily see the character right there and with this method you usually can’t).
I’m on mobile and my phone’s being weird but I’ll post pics of my notes later.
But this has really helped me so I just wanted to share it with you.
Second thing: stop apologizing for having bad handwriting this is more of a personal thing but honestly
You have nothing to apologize for (and tbh most of you have really great handwriting so I personally don’t get it but whatever)
So yeah that’s it I don’t know how to end this just hmu with any questions you got


non!idol au where all jimin and hoseok want is a date to themselves, if only their friends could understand that

for @dibidibidismynameisjhope hope you enjoy <3

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at LL we have pics of him before and after that walk where he is not wearing the apple watch. the pics featured in the fail had him prominently displaying the watch when walking in front of the camera bank, then it was gone right after. also non dm pics of him of the same day he didnt have the watch. there have been a few other times he has been featured in the DM wearing the watch, and other photos from the same day show him w a different watch on. its ok, is just cheap of him

I wish I’d seen this ask before posting this one (LINK), so I could meld them together Nonny…

But yeah, you’re right.  To anyone paying attention, it makes him look cheap.  Then again FrugalBatch has a wife to keep on the payroll…