it's time to bring this baby back into use

D&D idea:

You are in a store in a town you’ve just come into. The shop has a lot of different magical items. The shopkeeper is a large black man with a comb over and horrible blonde beard. The middle of his face is a blighted hellscape. He watches you shrewdly as you poke around his store.

On a shelf amongst some crystals and talismans you see a metal container with some faded words painted on the front. Upon closer inspection you see that the box has a clasp at the top, as well as a handle. The words read “Vault Tec” and you have no idea what that means. 

When you open the box you see it contains a metal hammer and a small vial of some kind of liquid, though it is sealed. Bringing it up to the shop keeper, he tells you what the items in the “Vault-Tec Lunchbox” are. 

Hammer of Mending: 
This hammer can fix any object- inanimate or organic- one time. You must say the incantation “take a hammer and fix the baby” for the hammer to activate. The hammer works best on children.

This vial of super glue will make any object larger. Roll 1D6 (or die of the DMs choice) to see how many times larger than its original size the object becomes. Must use the incantation “superglue the baby back to its big size.”

Bath Time-Chanyeol Scenario

Hey guys! Sorry that Hump Day was a bit weird today with NO sexy posts until this one. Real life gets in the way and our days ran together with the holiday being yesterday 😅 Here’s a piece that Admin A wrote. Its yum for all you Chanyeol and Jongdae stans out there✨ -

“Fuck hurry up I need to feel you on me” Chanyeol said as he adjusted for me to straddle him.

It started as an innocent bath but it seems that Chanyeol had other plans. After lots of teasing and neck kissing I found myself straddling him in the tub, about to sink down on him when we heard the door open.

“Oh shit! I forgot to lock it. Fuck.” He whispered as we froze in our spots, trying not to make noise. 

The curtain was drawn, so we weren’t super worried, we just needed to stay quiet. We stayed as still as we possibly could as the other person finished peeing, and we thought we were in the clear, until Chanyeol’s leg twitched, splashing water and catching the attention of whoever was in here.

I squeezed my eyes shut and hoped that whoever it was would just leave, but that idea was cut abruptly short when I heard the shower curtain open.

 I look over and see Jongdae staring at us, mouth wide open, unable to speak. He stayed there for a few awkward moments before clearing his throat and speaking.

“Um… I think I should just…” He began, but he lost his train of thought and trailed off, staring again.

I got an idea and I raised my eyebrows at Chanyeol and smirked before speaking.

“No, It’s okay, stay here if you want. Chanyeol, baby, what do you say we give him a show. Let’s show him how good you can make me feel. One rule though Dae, you can touch yourself, but you can’t touch anyone else unless we say so, got it?” I stated, laying out the ground rules. “And you don’t tell anyone this happened.”

He stood there, mouth agape, and nodded his head in agreement.

“Okay good, go lock the door. We don’t need any more visitors for this.” I said rolling my eyes jokingly.

I was still positioned above Chanyeol and reached down behind me to pump his length a few times, bringing it back to its once hard state as Jongdae returned.

He let out a breath as he returned, licking his lips and watching us once more.

“Okay, i-it’s locked” He stammered, still unsure of how this situation was going to play out.

“Alright baby, where were we?” I asked Chanyeol as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Right about here.” He said as he gripped my hips tightly.

I slowly sank down onto him, causing beautiful low moans to leave his lips. I kiss him deeply as I begin to roll my hips onto him. I look out of the corner of my eye and see Jongdae palming his obviously hard length through his pants, biting his bottom lip as he watched us.

I increased my speed as Chanyeol brought his hips up into me, making the contact even more pleasurable.

“Fuck” I moaned as Chanyeol attached his lips to my neck, sucking a small red mark into my skin.

I heard a small string of moans coming from Jongdae’s mouth as well. I looked over and he had his pants unbuttoned and his hand was down his pants, pumping his length slowly.

“Jongdae”, Chanyeol said as he continued to fuck up into me, sweat forming on his brow. “You can touch her if you want to. Play with her chest. It’ll drive her crazy”

I looked at Chanyeol like he lost his mind, he’s usually possessive, so hearing those words out of his mouth took us both by surprise. He just nodded his head at the both of us and gave Jongdae permission.

He removed his hand from his pants and sat on the edge of the tub. He bit his lip as he slowly brought his hands to my chest, gently kneading my breasts.  

I looked at Jongdae then at Chanyeol for permission and he nodded, reading my mind. I tugged at Jongdae’s pants, urging him to stand for a moment. 

He stood slightly and I pulled his pants and boxers down just enough to allow me access to him. I took his length in my hand and began pumping him as he rolled my nipples between his fingers, this time with a bit more pressure than before. I moaned at the sensation of both men’s actions as Chanyeol thrusted into me hard.

I continued pumping Jongdae and he let out a loud moan as he found his release. He pinched my nipples between his fingers hard as Chanyeol moved his hand to my clit, quickly rubbing circles into it as he continued to fuck into me. 

I screamed out and closed my eyes as my orgasm ripped through my body in waves, causing Chanyeol to ride out his high as well, a loud moan spilling from his lips as he pulled me onto him hard.

Jongdae got a small towel from the cupboard and cleaned himself up before leaving, a small smirk plastered across his face.

“Hey Jongdae” Chanyeol called out to him as he opened the door to leave”

“Yeah??” Jongdae asked, turning his head back towards us.

“Make sure you lock the door on the way out” Chanyeol said as I readjusted myself to sit in front of him.

Jongdae made sure to turn the lock before closing it behind him, allowing us to finish our bath in peace.

  • Feyre: on the edge
  • Feyre: loathing Rhysand
  • Feyre: devastated after murdering innocents and dying
  • Rhys: If there's no on beside you, when your soul embarks, then I will follow you into the dark.
  • Feyre: trapped in a cage by Tamlin
  • Feyre: begins to heal in the court of dreams
  • Rhys: almost dies, Feyre saves him and finds out about mating bond.
  • Feyre: alone at remote cabin when Rhys shows up
  • Feyre: LETS GET IT ON
  • Feyre: must save the world
  • Azriel: staring at Mor
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V 147: The Unleashed Dragons

Alternate Titles:

  • Yuya Tells The Dragons They’re Amazing Just the Way They Are
  • Crow-sama, Shun, Asuka, and Sora: Poster Children of Interdimensional Friendship
  • 5D’s Fortune Cup Finale 2.0 minus Jack Falling Off Wheel of Fortune
  • The Arc V Staff Remembers The Bird Bro Fist
  • Jack Stares at Teenagers to Fire Up Their Souls. Or Something.
  • “How I Became Better Animated with Each Yuya Win” - an audio book by baby Reira
  • Reiji Brings Pre-JYC Nostalgia with Him
  • Yuuri: “Yuya used my Fusion Summon pose again. You’re welcome.” 
  • “Why use heelys when you got dragons?”
  • The Dragons Give Yuya a Piggy-Back Ride: the episode
  • Odd-Eyes Being Jealous of Dark Rebellion Confirmed
  • “Time to be nostalgic about the previous four series.”
  • The Real Plot of Arc V Revealed: Make Akaba Reiji Laugh
Lily Sunders Gives Me Hope. Or, How Supernatural Has Upped Its Gender Game Beyond Vigilante Villainesses & Single Man Tears.

@elizabethrobertajones, I think I get a medal for the longest titles to my meta. I imagine something where the name of the medal doesn’t fit on it.

I have to admit, initially, I was at a loss for this week’s challenge of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt, which asked to draw parallels between “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Love Hurts.” But then, 12x10. The gift that keeps on giving. Now, I could talk about Cas’s female vessel, but then this meta would rival War and Peace in word count. Because I have a lot of feelings about that.

No, I have to say, outside of all the Destiel things in that episode, which I enjoyed (ha - enjoyed. Try “was so deeply in the thrall of I literally couldn’t sleep Thursday night,”) I am just a little bit in love with Lily Sunders.

Not just because I have a thing for redheads with eyepatches (I do), but because she is such a refreshing female MoTW. In that - let’s be honest - she’s not much of a monster at all. Continuing season 12′s impressive track record of being able to cultivate compelling villains (I will soon write about how the BMoL are the most interesting thing to happen to Supernatural in years), she is not wholly innocent nor wholly evil.

Originally posted by bagginshield

I say that this is refreshing because - in the past - the evil female has all too often been one note. Sure, we have recurring characters like Meg and Ruby and Abaddon and Rowena who defy that - but there has never been quite so much character development in a single episode for a villainess … potentially ever?

Rewatching “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Love Hurts” solidified those feelings. Because Nurse Glockner and Sonja are the sort of MoTW that I hate. One-dimensional women with their own agendas who need to be stopped. Ones with a penchant for punishing men. Ones who can be mocked for their motives being “practically feminist” and offed by the Winchesters without any protest.

(I’m not even going to touch any of the Amara stuff in “Love Hurts,” because blegh - I really didn’t like the Dean “pining” for Amara stuff).

What excites me about Supernatural as we wade through the middle of its twelfth season is how much it has grown up as a show. How it has continuously matured, alongside the Winchesters. 

OKAY, so back to the episodes at hand. I’m hinting at the fact that women both occupy pretty boring positions within these episodes. We have cold-hearted bitches like Nurse Glockner and Sonja. We have victims like Melissa and Staci. We have ill-advised cameos from characters like Amara. But we also have a nearly nine year gap in the life of Dean Winchester.

Because the guy that does this in “Folsom Prison Blues”…

Originally posted by adoringjensen

is literally pulling into the Too Tired Motel in “Love Hurts.”

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

So the question is: what is Dean too tired of?

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This Drabble is for my darling @drarrysgirl who I adore beyond words. Happy Birthday!!!!! 💖💖💖

(Au in which Ron and Hermione still get married and have Rose but Harry never married Ginny.)

Draco leans against the kitchen doorframe gently, cradling his tea between his chilled hands and watching the scene before him with a fond smile which he tries to hide as he takes another sip of his tea even though it’s still a bit hot.

There are toys scattered across the floor everywhere, pillows and a throw from the couch lay discarded by the sill crackling fireplace, and there is a cup of spilt juice on his favorite rug. And yet Draco has never felt more calm or pleased, not like he does now, as he watches Harry rolling around on the floor playing with Rose.

She is giggling loudly, her chubby little fingers fisted in Harry’s unruly hair as she plants her mouth firmly over his chin and bites down hard.

“Ow! Watch it, Rosie. Only uncle Draco is allowed to bite me you know,” Harry says a bit breathlessly, laughing as he reaches back and easily lifts her up, flipping her around gently in the air and setting her down on top of his chest.

Rose seems perfectly content, excitedly grabbing at Harry’s glasses until he’s forced to remove them and set them on the floor off to the side.

“Fine I’ll take them off. You win again, Rosie. You always get your way just like your mother did. Afraid your Dad won’t stand a chance with you two now.”

Draco snorts at that, finally taking the last few steps into the living room and sitting down on the couch nearest them. “Weasley didn’t stand a chance the second he married her.”

“Oi be nice,” Harry chastises but he already has his left arm thrown back to stroke Draco’s ankle underneath his trousers and the smile on his face is all too clear.

“I’m never nice, I’m honest. Besides you and I both know Hermione is always right. And now Rose will be too.”

Rose looks up at her name, giving Draco a toothy smile and crinkling her eyes up in a way that makes Draco’s chest feel tight.

“When are they coming to pick her up anyway?”

“Ron owled me this morning while you were showering and said the conference went well and that they should be here just before tea time to collect her. I’m gonna miss her though. I love when we get to keep her overnight.”

Draco bites his lip, watching as Rose plays with Harry’s fingers, mesmerized by the way Harry watches her back.

“I’ve been thinking,” Draco starts quietly, rubbing his thumb over the intricate design on the side of his tea cup, “perhaps we ought to have our own.”

“Our own what?” Harry asks a bit distractedly, beginning to bounce Rose up and down on his stomach.

“A baby.”

Harry stops bouncing Rose immediately, lifting her up and setting her on the rug next to him. She whines for a second before she notices her favorite stuffed Dragon on the floor and snatches it up, gnawing on its head.

“Baby? Us? Our own baby?”

“Yes, Harry, I-” but before Draco can finish his sentence Harry is scrambling onto the couch and launching himself at Draco.

“Yes!” He yells, hands on the side of Draco’s face as he kisses him in a way that makes Draco’s heart ache and his stomach flip.


“Yes,” Harry answers back, swiping at his eyes and laughing.

And for the first time Draco realizes he is no longer afraid to bring a child into this world, afraid of the father he might be, because he sees the way Harry loves him and the way he loves Harry back and he knows it will be ok, that they can do this.

And he finally understands that perhaps them having a baby isn’t about saying they have it all figured out, but that they want to try, and that finally feels like enough.

anonymous asked:

How do you personally think Luke and Nick would act as parents, and how do you think they'd interact with their own child(ren)? Do you think either of them would have any adversity or anxieties towards parenthood that could possible affect how they interact with a child of their own?

Thank you so much for the question!!! this is seriously the cutest!! If you don’t mind my nuke loving ass is gonna answer this in the context that Nick and Luke are married and have adopted a kid, (no apocalypse) but can still apply outside of nuke. (mixes of hes and shes and theys so yeah)


  • first one to bring up the idea of he and nick adopting a child.
  • babysat a ton when he was younger so he’s kinda a master with children.
  • when Nick isn’t home he cuddles with the baby and shows her facebook dog videos even though there is no chance they can get it. Nick laughs at him when he tells him he considers it actual family bonding.
  • Even tho their parents, Pete, Rebecca, Alvin.etc are always available to babysit when Luke and Nick are working, Luke still brings up the topic of quitting his job to become a stay-at-home dad almost every day at dinner.
  • Dad jokes, so many dad jokes. 
  • Good cop
  • Thinks everything their child does is the best thing that has ever happened since the earth formed. 
  • Holds the baby up and sings like the lion king scene for fun once and gets puked on.
  • Tries his best to be super involved in their kid’s life and interests, as their child gets older it gets kinda annoying
  • Signs up for several cooking classes and invites he and nick’s mom over one day to learn how to cook so their child can be healthy and happy
  • so much baby talk that he starts speaking in baby talk to Nick by habit and Nick finds it both irritating as hell but also the cutest.
  • makes an attempt to bring her to church every Sunday but he and Nick give up after two weeks.
  • Shows all his co workers pics of his husband and child during breaks. 
  • Shows the cabin members the pics as well during holidays and they’re all just like ‘we know what your child looks like she’s right in front of us.’


  • so fucking spooked. 
  • Needs a couple weeks to think about it once Luke brings it up but ultimately agrees. 
  • a lot of times in the process he second guesses it and Luke tries his best to support him.
  • his biggest fear is repeating history and becoming like his dad, he is pretty distant at first, scared he will harm the baby. 
  • Luke catches him one night watching the baby sleeping in its crib one night, fighting back tears, and figures out why he was so afraid to adopt. Luke spends the next couple weeks trying his hardest to comfort him and help him adjust.
  • watches youtube videos on how to be a good father when Luke’s asleep.
  • Ends up exactly like uncle Pete. Strict but silently loving.
  • bad cop
  • Ready to beat anyone who fucks with his child
  • Accidentally steps on the kid’s toe one day and when she yelps in pain he gets this look on his face like his life just flashed before his eyes.
  • The first time the kid does the enraged “I HATE YOU” scream when they don’t get their way(because every child does this at one point) Nick takes it really hard, thinking he’s becoming like his dad and has failed as a parent. Luke comforts him and talks to the kid a little later, asking them to apologize. 
  • When she does apologize and tells her father she didn’t mean it, Nick is so relieved and  ecstatic that Luke can’t get over how cute it is
  • Nick teaches them how to shoot, and they can’t shoot the doe they find and pretty much say the same thing Nick did to Pete when he was a child, and Nick can’t help but get all emotional at how much their child reminds him of himself. 
  • He isn’t the most outwardly affectionate, but he does little things to show his love, such as buying their child her favourite chocolate bar without being asked and leaving it on her desk when she isn’t around, and finding drawings around the house that their son made and putting them on the fridge when he thinks no one’s looking. 
  • Son catches him one day and they have a real heart to heart about how Nick really does love him with all his heart and how he thinks his drawings are awesome.
  • Nick and their child making fun of Luke.  
PLL 7x14

ok so im not even that mad about this episode. like i actually was enjoying it at one point. which is something i was definitely not expecting to say. 

so aria was all “Ezra, Nicole is here and i ain’t sleeping on the damn couch. also my shit is all over this place so you might want to tell her about our engagement, just a heads up.” I actually love it when aria is a bitch. 

Spencer is now fucking fury. sweet, it isn’t gonna last. we all fucking know she is gonna end with Toby, cause if its one thing we know about Marlene, its that she always stays with her own damn ships. 

Ali is gonna have an abortion. ok…

papa Hastings (aka, peter) is back and apparently looking for Mary. Spencer is pissed but also kinda wants to find Mary. btw, peter is a dick. i will never forgive him 

the board game is all “yo bitches, solve the murder before the cops find what you did to Archer. haha fuck you” 

the liars are all “damn, we really killed someone. and they might actually find out” 

Nicole finds Ezra and Aria’s book and adds her little notes being all “Ezra was the only thing keeping me going” ok Nicole. now its just awkward. 

haha i keep forgetting that Emily and Paige are damn teachers. Paige is thinking of leaving. thank fuck, please leave. Emily is leading on both Paige and Alison, fucking chose one damn.

aria gets a facetime form A.D (lmao) and A threatens aria by using her file against her. wtf is going on. 

ted is back. wtf, why is this happening. stop bringing back useless characters. where the fuck is Ashley? ted was actually hiding Mary, you sneaky fucker.

aria has another face time with A.D and is all “bitch let me the fuck outta this game” and then A.D is all “yeah ok, whatever, meet me here”. aria thinks its a good idea to just fucking leave, what a good friend. 

Ali is forced to add baby clothes to a registry created by A.D. then reveals that Ali’s babies are actually Emily’s. i know this is totally fucked but i couldn’t help but laugh the entire time. i couldn’t take it seriously sorry. i feel like we all saw it coming anyways so…

Paige is still here. fuck. she races with Emily, decides to stay in town. FUCK. and then kisses Emily. double fuck. but seriously tho, we know they aren’t endgame. Marlene literally loves emison. why is she even wasting our damn time?

Aria hops into the limo like its no big deal. that fucker Sydney was actually part of the A team (its a team now apparently) and she was the one that created the game, but her reason is literally just “its easier to be on the winning team.” Sydney, girl, get a damn life, move out of town, fucking live a little. why are you caught up in this fuck show?

they go on a scenic tour and we dont get to hear what they talked about. lmao, Sydney wants aria to join the A team. i high key want her to. it would be so damn juicy. 

ted swings by Hannah’s place and is all “haha yeah i dated Mary and also Cece is my kid” wtf Marlene, why did you drag ted into it. 

Ali tells Emily the babies are hers. lmao, but also daaaamn.

papa Hastings revealed that Mary killed Jessica. i dont even care tho, like who really gives a fuck anymore about Jessica. 

aria comes back from her joy ride and the rest of the gang are pissed cause they didn’t know where she was. she keeps it a secret (boi shit is about to get juicy. fucking finally!) 

anyways the game goes crazy and rings church bells and lands on the picture of Hannah, skipping arias turn. Hannah is all “nah fuck this i already had my turn” and aria is all “im pretending to look shocked” like she doesn’t know whats going on. 

A.D is all “aria make a choice.” yes motherfucker this is the juice i have been waiting for. yes aria. fuck me dead, this may actually get good!!!!!!

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

^^ me actually being damn impressed by this episode. wondering how long its gonna last tho. 

fuck guys iM SORRY

imagine bringing your baby home from the hospital with cody and since its her first time in the house cody decides to give her a tour of the house while you use the bathroom and he gets so caught up in showing her the crib that he doesn’t hear you walk in so you just stand there behind him watching as he sways back and forth cooing at his precious baby girl 


Recent drawings from the last of Dranmilla Legends I Ran. Drawn by Anafish (Go check out the blog!)

Explanation Of scenes From Top down (Left to right too)

-A shapeshifter was acting like a Player Character-PC (Caeylynn the Wizard) was casting an odd spell on a magical dais. SPOOPY FENG SHOOEY

-A PC (Jejune the Rogue) Used a minecart to stop the shapeshifter from causing more trouble. But Jejune couldnt find the brakes off Mr. Bones Wild Ride.

-The PC (Sosuke the Cleric) has a small babby that he brings with him everywhere he goes, and its a full time job to make sure not even a single scratch occurs on the child. It is slowly wearing him down.The sign on his back says Baby on Board.

- PC (Grista the Fighter) Wants to have a animal companion just like her compatriot PC (Hodger the Ranger and Goldren his Dire Wolf) but she decided a dog made of bricks isn’t a good pet.

- Hodger has been training townsfolk to be better defenders of there village. Some of the villagers are really awful during practice. (Cam Caeson Specifically)

- Caelynn’s Doppleganger begins to show its true-self. A Clown! Honk honk!

-Hodger got critically hit by a club made from a stalactite…or a stalagmite. It’s a mystery really.

-One of the villagers (Nue Runweather) is having an incredibly hard time coming to terms with what happened to the world. (Humanity is all but disappeared)

-Nue decided to help Jejune traverse through the high-grass, since Jejune’s size has made it tough to wander around the villager.

Blow You Away

@malekbrosinc This is the first one okay, go easy on me.  [UPDATE: This has been edited.]

“Ah fuck!” Rami moans, “Baby, baby, I need you to slow down.”

You move down his length, tongue against the veins. You keep eye contact with him and he can’t help but moan at the sight.

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"Three Years Ago..." - One Direction Preference


Three years had passed. Three whole years come and gone. Life moved faster than you realized, especially when you thought of how long it had been since you had last seen Louis. Standing just feet away from him now brought back every emotion you’d once felt for him. Every moment the two of you had shared, played through your mind. All the love the two of you had once shared came rushing back to you now. Your heart was pounding against your ribs, and you felt faint. “Hey, (Y/N),” he breathed, his accent thick with his own memories. “Hi, Louis,” you managed to say, voice soft as you spoke. “It’s been awhile.” He ran a hand roughly through his hair, ruffling the floppy brown layers, his clear blue eyes were locked on yours and your knees grew weak. “Yeah, it has. Three years, actually,” you said, adjusting the bag hanging on your shoulder. “So, what brings you back to London?” he asked, curiosity getting the better of him. “Oh, I live here now. I moved to London last year, for a job offer.” He smiled, still feeling pride for you. He always knew you’d have no trouble making your way in the world. He had always believed you’d be successful, in whatever you did. You gave him a small smile and bit your bottom lip. His heart did a flip, that little nervous habit of yours still captivating him, even after all these years apart. He took a step closer to you, bringing a hand up to your face, as he stroked your cheek with his thumb. He couldn’t help this feeling coming over him, all logic left him as he closed the remaining distance, and kissed you firmly on the lips.


Three years of complete bliss. It had been three years spent together as husband and wife, and time seemed to move so quickly. Speeding away before your very eyes. By the love you held in your heart and the giddy feeling you still felt in the pit of your stomach, you could have sworn you and Niall had only just begun dating. You curled your hair now, and put on your makeup, moving to your walk-in closet to find a dress to wear for your Anniversary dinner. You selected a white, form fitting dress, you knew Niall loved, and slipped the smooth, silky fabric up your body. You checked yourself over one final time in the mirror, before walking into the living room. Niall stood there, waiting for you, dressed in a slate blue suit, his eyes looking impossibly blue. “Wow,” Niall breathed, taking your small hand in his, turning you around in a full circle. “You are stunning, Mrs. Horan.” You smiled, his eyes traveling over your body. “Not so bad yourself,” you breathed, planting a kiss firmly to his lips. “For you, my love.” Niall pulled out a red velvet box, popping it open to display a small crystal, heart necklace, glinting as the light hit it. “Oh Niall, it’s gorgeous,” you cried, throwing your arms around him in a tight hug. “Happy three-year Anniversary, my beautiful bride,” he smiled, kissing you once more. He ran a strong hand along your back, his lips close to your ear as he whispered, “maybe we should skip dinner, and go straight to dessert.” His breath tickled your skin as he continued placing little kisses to your neck, between every word. You giggled, allowing him to lead you, with his lips, back to your bedroom.


Three years of friendship. In some ways that was such a short amount of time to know somebody, but in other ways you’d swear it had been a lifelong affair. Zayn had been a constant in your ever-changing life. He was there on the bad days, to pick up the fallen, broken pieces, and fit you back together again. He was also there on all the good days, making you laugh and smile, lighting your life with his kind heart. You finished tying a bow around the freshly wrapped gift box in front of you, smiling proudly at the job well done. At first the idea of getting Zayn a three-year, friend-a-versary present seemed lame, and dorky, but you’d stumbled upon the perfect gift, and you couldn’t help yourself. You wanted him to know just how much you cared about him. Needed him to know just how much his friendship meant to you. You carried your gift carefully under one arm, sending a text message to Zayn you’re your free hand. “On my way,” you typed, smiling at your cell phone screen, when he instantly replied. “Can’t wait, babe.” You drove to his house, walking cheerfully to his front door. You knocked on the door, a smile painted on your face. Opening the door, he returned the smile, pulling you into a tight hug. “Happy three year friendship anniversary!” you cheered, placing the paper-covered gift in his strong hands. He chuckled, “I actually got you something too.” He smiled, placing a small silver box in your hands. “I’m really glad I met you, (Y/N). These have been the best three years of my life, because I have you.” You smiled, and he kissed you softly on the cheek.      


Three years felt like a lifetime. Yet, other times it can feel like a tiny drop in the bucket. So much can happen in three years time. So much can change in a person’s life. For you that statement was certainly true. In the last three years you and Harry had gotten pregnant, had your first baby girl, and started navigating the hectic waters of being first time parents. But you would do it all over again, in a heartbeat, no questions asked. Being a parent was the greatest thing you’d experienced, and having Harry right by your side, made the journey all the more enjoyable. You watched, now as your baby girl slept soundly, her tiny chest rising and falling with each steady breath she took. Harry came up behind you, kissing you softly on the cheek, as he wrapped his long arms around your waist. “What are you doing, love? It’s late.” You smiled, softly closing the door to your daughter’s small pink bedroom. You linked your arms around his neck, kissing him once on the lips. “I know. I just couldn’t sleep. It’s so hard to believe three years have gone by since our little girl was born.” He sighed, having a hard time believing that fact himself. It seemed like only yesterday, the two of you were bringing her home from the hospital, her tiny body wrapped in pink satin. Now, here it was, three years later, and your lives were crazier than ever before. He pressed his forehead to yours, “these last three years may have flown by, but we have her whole life ahead of us. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.” You leaned your whole body into him, kissing him fiercely on the lips. “Maybe its time to try for baby number two?” you whispered seductively, walking back to your bedroom.     


Three years of loving you. How he had lasted three years without divulging his secret love for you was a mystery even to him. How he could stand to watch you be with other guys, never knowing how much it tortured him, how much it pained him. He wanted to tell you so badly, all the ways he loved you. He’d tried so many times, to work up the nerve to tell you, to kiss you. In his mind he had played the scenario over and over, on an endless loop. It was so easy for him to picture his lips on yours. So effortless to picture his hands roaming your body, exploring every line and every curve you possessed. You were beautiful, inside and out, and you had him in a trance from the very first day he’d met you. It had been three years of lusting after you, and he couldn’t take it any longer. He drove to your house, psyching himself up as he went, giving himself a confident pep talk in the car. He took in a deep breath, calming his nerves, before knocking on the door to your apartment. “Liam, hey,” you said, smiling brightly at him. “Whats–“ but he cut you off, linking his lips with yours, kissing you until your knees felt weak. He supported your weight easily in one of his muscular arms, the other locked in your hair. He pulled away, his brown eyes dark with unspoken desire. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you like that for three years,” he breathed, holding your face between his hands. “I’ve wasted too much time, not telling you how I feel about you. And I’m not gonna waste another second.” You smiled, your heart fluttering against your chest. “I don’t know what to say,” you whispered, still working to catch your breath. “Then don’t say anything. Just kiss me,” he said, accent thick as he crashed his lips with yours, sweeping you into his capable arms.        

someway baby it's part of me, apart from me.

the most terrible and awful thing in the world, is the past. 

if you have a good memory in the past, it haunts you and eats away at you. you spend so much of your time trying to get back to it, back to the way things used to be. the way things could be, should be. 

if you have a bad memory in the past, it haunts you and eats away at you. it brings up old resentments and bitter feelings of betrayal, mistrust, anger, sadness.

and the worst part of it all is, you can’t ever move on fully without confronting the past.

here is what i have learned.

you cannot change a mistake you’ve made in the past. it’s over, done, history. it’s written in the story of your life in permanent marker. you can’t erase it or undo it. to pretend like it never happened, only makes matters worse. then it just builds up inside of you until you can’t think straight. 

so. you fucked up. you made a mistake. we are all humans. it happens. it’s ok to forgive yourself. it’s ok to feel bad, but it’s ok to let yourself off the hook every once in awhile. just don’t make that mistake again. make a different one. be creative ;)

on a similar note, you cannot recreate something in your past. each perfect moment we are given in life is just that. one perfect moment in time. it passes. it goes away and things change. sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse and THEN the better. no matter what though, you have to realize that by trying to recreate something beautiful from the past, you aren’t allowing yourself to experience a new perfect moment. not every day is a monumental, insanely exciting day. those are rare and precious. you have to let it happen on its own.

and just because a relationship isn’t the same as it was before, does not make it any less important or special then it was. relationships shift and change and go through off periods and it’s ok. it’s ok to miss the blissful, wonderful stage. but you can’t see it as just “not love anymore” because it’s changed into a different kind of love. love doesn’t die that easily. if it did, we’d never be sad about it ending now would we? so don’t assume someone doesn’t love you anymore, because they don’t say the same things they used to say to you.

the past can conjure up so many emotions you don’t want to deal with. the smell of a certain cologne someone used to wear, the taste of a certain pair of lips, the sound of Oblivion by Grimes playing on your phone, the feeling of a hug and wishing it was theirs. 

the past is many awful things.

but it is always, someway, a part of you.

ya just gotta deal.

140726 Tao's weibo replies
  • Fan: Miss you so much, did you get any insects stung?
  • Tao: Yes... Why you all are not there accompanying me to get stung
  • Fan: Our Tao really didn't undergo plastic surgery, it's exactly the same like your pre-debut pictures
  • Tao: I like natural beauty (handsome)
  • Fan: Don't bother about those negative comments~~~ people who love you will always be there (for you)~~~ (and) of course I won't worry that you'll be affected by those negative comments, because you are strong enough~~~
  • Tao: Haha I'm not angry or frustrated. Just playing/kidding
  • Fan: Tao, you're finally back, everyone misses you
  • Tao: Me too baby
  • Fan: Gege I want to wash your hair!
  • Tao: Come haha
  • Fan: I don't have those fate (of getting Tao' reply)
  • Tao: Why you don't haha
  • Fan: Suddenly I feel very moved, maybe because you are too good to us normally, so we are slowly discovering how good you really are. Some people may be wondering, why get excited over these ordinary photos. I think it's because he's too good already, he doesn't need theatrics, just down to earth images to show that he was doing well in in the forest, and that he's back. His feelings and thoughts are so direct, some people just don't get it. Baby I was born this way.
  • Tao: Oh my...don't worry~ What relationship do they have to us...having you all is enough. I am easily satisfied haha
  • Fan: How will this get to you, we don't see your outer appearance, but rather the strength you bring to us. As a celebrity, it's difficult to find those who will like you and support you. I want to say that I've like you since the first time I saw the ignorant Tao on Happy Camp. I thought you were very cute an genuine. 2 years later, our brother has grown up and is growing, like the rest of us.
  • Tao: Brother... if you mean to say old I've gotten older. My little sisters.
  • cr: EXOfficial
The CARYL Subtleties - The Doll & The Basinet

The beauty of CARYL has always been most prominent in the seemingly small and yet monumentally big details of their emotional relationship. Both Carol and Daryl are subtle in nature and while their gestures and actions are more muted, the meaning behind them is always magnified because whatever they are doing is never wasted and has a very specific purpose. They aren’t chatty or known to engage in idle conversations and that transcends into the things they do as well. 
If Daryl or Carol do or say something there is usually an important reason as to why they did it in the first place. 

During the Season 2-3 marathons I was reminded of Sophia’s doll and the fact that it was Daryl who had found it and that even though he was injured and hallucinating due to head trauma, had enough sense and foresight to strap it on to his body and bring it back to the farm. We don’t actually really know what happened to the original and I didn’t think much about it either until a second, very similar, doll made an appearance in the Season 3 - “Say The Word” episode. 
Daryl picked up that doll too, only this time he wasn’t bringing it to Carol on the farm BUT to the newborn baby at the prison who with both Lori’s death and Carol’s death was essentially ‘motherless’. 

They were on a run to get baby formula and baby supplies at the day care and here was Daryl unprompted in any way, picking up a doll that resembled the doll he had found in the creek. It was a subtle, tiny gesture, without any fanfare and it fit who Daryl was at the time beautifully. 

It wasn’t until I heard the description of a deleted scene that occurred on the way to the daycare location on Talking Dead, that made me connect the dots between the doll, the gesture and CARYL; 

“There was a scene where Maggie and Daryl were on the motorcycle and they are driving along, and there’s a log that’s blocked the road, and they stop for a second. Maggie gets upset and Daryl says “Was She Bit?” Like asking about Lori, like what happened? They never really get into it. I thought it was an important scene because she says, “No, But I had to cut her open!“ And she’s really emotional and then she looks at Daryl and says; “OH MY GOD, I’M SO SORRY ABOUT CAROL”,And Norman’s reaction was SO REAL AND SO RAW, and He says, “She Had So Much Hope For the Baby”…and it sort of spurs their journey, pushes their journey forward, to find the formula for the Baby…” - Greg Nicotero 

 "She had so much hope for the baby" 

That line just about slayed me because it indicated that Carol and Daryl had talked at length about the new life set to arrive at the prison and that she was hopeful and determined to make sure the baby survived. 
This child was going to make it. 
It had been too late for Sophia BUT as that line reveals, Carol had believed that with Judith they could do things differently and make sure she survived. 

Their journey was then "spurred on” with that thought in their mind.

Carol had hope for the baby and now that she was “gone” Daryl could pay homage to that hope by doing what she had wanted to do - take care of Judith and get all the things a child needs to live and be loved. Daryl saw how much Carol loved Sophia and knew she was a great mother to her because he had observed them enough to know their loving and nurturing dynamic. 

At the daycare he is once again reminded of Carol and Sophia by the 'Sophie’ handprint on the wall and that only motivates him further. Baby formula would take care of Judith’s physical and nutritional health BUT even though chances are he didn’t have much tender parental care in his life he knew that a child needs more than food to “live”. 

A child will need LOVE to be okay, especially in their world, and seeing how Lori was dead and he thought Carol was too, he drew upon his very limited parental loving care observation and almost instinctively picked up a doll to bring back as well. 

Carol LOVED Sophia so much and Daryl knew that Sophia had a doll almost exactly like the one he saw at the daycare because he had found it at the farm AND seeing how we already know that their journey was pushed forward by Carol’s hope for the baby, Daryl bringing that doll back to the prison was no coincidence. 

The doll was for Judith of course but the reason Daryl took it was prompted by Carol and represented a way for Daryl to feel closer to her and to honour what she wanted for this baby. 

The next time the doll makes an appearance is in “I Ain’t a Judas,” where its nonchalantly shown at a makeshift baby changing table and the Lil’ Asskicker basket, which is conveniently (or not) located on what used to be Daryl’s perch. 

Now we know that Carol made the "Lil’ Asskicker’ basket while Daryl was gone as a reminder of him and a way to honour what he did for the baby, even though he wasnt with them anymore and at the time Carol had no reason to believe that he was coming back. 
Just like when Daryl got the doll from the daycare he didn’t have a reason to think that Carol was actually still alive at the tombs. 

The doll and the basket lived side by side as testaments of the LOVE both Carol and Daryl had for the baby but also for each other because even in each other’s absence they had found a way to feel closer and to be reminded of one another. 

 Like I said SUBTLE but POWERFUL…

Daddy Styles Chapter 13

Harry was holding Nicholas car seat with Nick inside of it. His other hand on Bella’s hip, holding her close to him. Rosie was in Bella’s arms and they were trying to figure out the best way to walk outside to the car. The fans were crowded everywhere out front. The street completely blocked and policemen everywhere. They were back on tour and currently in New York City and things were crazy. 

Bella really wanted to walk around, shop and see things and also show Rosie Times Square.  Enchanted was one of Rosie’s favorite movies and ever since she watched it for the first time she’s always wanted to go to New York. Always pointing at the t.v and telling Harry and Bella repeatedly how she wanted to go to that place. Asking Harry and Bella a billion questions on where it was, how do they get there and can we go.  When they finally got there, Rosie was bouncing around full of excitement. Finally in the one place she’s always wanted to be. 

“Come on daddy! You don’t have to sing today and I want to go see the big t.v!” 

“Okay baby. We are almost ready, just need to make sure you guys will be okay.” Turning his head towards Bella, he leaned in closer to her. “Are you okay babe? Do you need me to get more security or try and figure out a better way to get out of here?” Asking her a billion questions he was nervous, nervous something could go wrong. Even though he had planned it out over and over again. 

Giving him a quick kiss before kissing his cheek, she smiled at him. “Baby you’ve done a lot to make sure we are safe. Don’t worry okay? As long as we have you here with us we feel safe. I know you wouldn’t let anything happen to us. Now stop worrying.” 

“I will always make sure you guys are safe. No matter what. Now lets go before Rosie gets mad at us.” Winking at her, he held her close to him. Looking down at Nick and then looking at Rosie. Nerves filled his stomach, worried about what the fans will say to them.

Majority of them loved Bella but some could be very mean. Not fully accepting that he was truly happy and only wanted Bella. It was hard because Bella felt bad that Harry had to deal with that. Get hate because he was with someone they didn’t approve of. Whenever they judged or got upset with him, it would upset him and it upset her more for some to even doubt or think so low of him. All he did was care and love them. His fans meant the world to them and he never wanted to disappoint them. But sometimes they were unreasonable and not fair to him. She wouldn’t deny that it didn’t get to her, all the hate. It was a big part of their rough patch during their marriage but she knew they cared about him. They were protective. Then again, they have had been together for so long she had hoped it would of stopped by now. 

She nervously chewed on the inside of her cheek. Worried about Rosie and Nick, she knew no one would intentionally try and hurt them but when some of the fans wanted to get to Harry, they would do anything to reach him. Nodding when the security guards asked if they were ready, they slowly walked outside. 

“Cover your ears baby and close your eyes okay?” Nodding Rosie snuggled her face into her chest. Harry lifting the car seat up closer to him, and in front of him. Trying to move quick, the security had a path for them from the hotel to the car. The start of the walk going pretty good. Bella tried to drown out the screaming but she couldn’t help but hear every single word of it. 

“Ew why is he still with her?! I understood at first but look at her. She’s fat now!”

“Bella you suck! You trapped Harry!” 

“Bella you are so beautiful! I love you and Harry!”

“Rosie is so cute! Aw baby Nick!” 

“Hopefully their kids get Harry’s good looks not Bellas!”

“Harry you deserve so much better! She’s using you!”

“Bella I love you!”

“Please Harry will you sign this for me! I’ve been waiting for so long!” 

“Harry marry me!” 

“Rosie! Rosie! Tell your daddy to talk to me!” 

“I love you so so much Harry! Oh my god! Please take a picture with me!” 

Harry placed Nicholas on the seat and let Bella and Rosie get in before him. Getting in after them, he hooked up Nicholas car seat into place before turning to look at Rosie. Wanting to make sure she was okay. Everything had happened so quickly. “Rosie sweetie you okay?” 

“Yes daddy! I’m so excited!” Glad she didn’t hear any of it, he leaned down and kissed her forehead. Turning to Bella, he placed his hands on her cheeks and rubbed his thumb slowly along them. Trying to help calm her down. 

“Are you okay baby? I know some of them said some horr-” 

Stopping him from talking she pressed her lips to his, not wanting him to apologize. He had done everything perfectly, doing what she only needed from him. That was to feel safe and she did. “Harry it’s okay. I’m okay. We are all okay. Thank you for always protecting us.” 

“Its the one thing I will be doing for the rest of my life. I won’t bring it up again but I just have to say one thing. You are the most incredible, amazing woman, mother and wife. I am so lucky to  have such a beautiful and sexy partner to share my life with. I love you so much. Thank you for always sticking by my side.” 

“Always and forever baby. You and me till the end.” 

Kissing her one more time, he grabbed her hand and laced their fingers together. Leaning back and enjoying the ride, so content and happy. He had everything he could ever want and he had never been happier. A little while ago this would of caused a fight between Harry and Bella and he was so happy to know that they were getting better. They were moving towards the future and finally getting out of this rough patch. They were stronger than ever. 


They all had amazing day, touring around New York City. When they got back to the hotel, Harry insisted on Bella taking a nap. She had been up very late every night with going to the concerts and than getting up in the middle of the night with Nicholas. Harry insisted that he could do it but she wanted to make sure he was well rested for his shows and the long days of press. When he didn’t have work she wanted to make sure he was able to spend time with Nick and Rosie. 

She had no problem with it but it did come to a time where she needed to get a good nap in to catch up on some sleep. Harry always being very sweet and making sure she did. Happily to spend time with his children and make sure his wife is healthy and ok. Rosie was sitting on the floor in the living room of their suite with about six different colouring books and blank paper. Colouring a bunch of pictures for all of her uncles, the security team and everyone that worked on the team for One Direction. Rosie loved every single one of them, they all gave her attention and were always there for her. 

Bouncing Nicholas in his arms, he was rocking him back and forth and singing to him. Warming up his bottle as he continued looking between Rosie and Nick. Smiling at both of them, imaging further into the future looking forward to sitting in the living room around the Christmas tree with children all around them. At first Harry always thought he wanted two or three children but the moment Rosie was born that number was thrown out the window. After Nick was born, he told Bella right away he wanted more. He wanted to fill all the bedrooms in their house maybe even get a bigger house. He loved his family so much, he wanted to create more and surround himself with people he loves and bring him joy. 

Testing the temperature of the milk on his wrist, he walked back over to the couch and sat down. “Perfect temperature. You hungry buddy? Ya I bet you are. Now I’m sure this isn’t as good as getting it from mommy’s .. you know. But it’s still from her” Snorting to himself, he looked at Rosie who gave him a weird look. 

“Daddy you are so weird,” Giving him a weird look before turning away from him and going back to her colouring. 

Shrugging he moved the bottle to Nicholas’s mouth, moving it slowly around his lips waiting for him to catch onto it. “Come on buddy. I know you are probably hungry.” Finally getting it into his mouth, Harry smiled. “That’s my boy!” 

“Daddy when is mommy going to wake up. I want to show her my pictures.” 

“Mommy is taking a small nap. You can show daddy. I would love to see them all. Come sit beside me sweetie.” Smiling when she climbed onto the couch, she squished in close to him with a stack of pictures. 

“There is so many daddy and I want you to see them all. Okay?” Smiling up at him she blinked her eyelashes and let out a small giggle. 

Looking down at his daughter, he leaned closer to her and kissed her forehead. “You are so beautiful my little Rosie. Love you.” 

“Love you too daddy! Now pay attention!” 

“Ok, ok. Sorry.” Checking on Nick quickly he noticed the bottle fell from his mouth. Getting it back in place, Nick started to eat once again. Looking back at Rosie he waited for her to start. 

“Ok first. This one is for Uncle Louis, its a picture of a boy playing soccer because Uncle Louis loves soccer. But I made his soccer ball pink.” Laughing so hard, she pointed at the soccer ball and showed it to Harry, thinking it was the funniest thing. 

“That is very funny sweetie. I think Uncle Louis will love it.” Laughing he shook his head, looking at Nicholas once again to making sure he was okay. 

“This one is for Uncle Niall. Its a bunch of different food, since he loves food.” 

Looking at the picture he noticed a bottle in the corner with a X crossed over it. “Whats that love?” Pointing at the picture, Rosie looked up at him not impressed. 

“Thats means no beer. Makes Uncle Niall silly and sick and I don’t like when he’s sick. Makes me sad.” 

“Beer is bad sweetie, none of that for you. Not in a million years.” Raising his eyebrow he gave her a look.  The one look Harry gave her to tell her she was to never do something again or in general. Harry was so happy that he had a daughter and he wanted more but he knew he was going to have to deal with a lot of trouble in the future. Boys, alcohol and parties. The thought of it made him sick to his stomach, so he planned that he was going to start when she was young hoping she would listen later on. “No boys either.” Trying to brand that message into her mind. 

“Boys are gross daddy.” 

“Hey! I’m a boy!” Pretending to be hurt, he stuck his bottom lip out. 

“Daddy you are the only boy that isn’t gross. Oh and baby Nick.” Leaning up she gave him a hug. 

“I’m the only boy you should ever love and your brother. Got it?” 


Giggling she nodded her head yes before continuing with showing Harry the pictures. Once Nicholas was done eating he placed the bottle down on the table and laid down with him. Placing Nicholas down on his chest while Rosie laid in between his legs, her head on his thigh watching t.v before slowly drifting asleep. Harry fell asleep long after Rosie did, Nicholas sound asleep the whole entire time on his chest. 


Bella woke up and rolled around in the bed. She felt good, her nap was amazing and she felt well rested. Wanting to see Harry , Rosie and Nick she crawled out of bed. Slipping on one of Harry’s sweaters and breathing in the scent of it. She loved wearing his sweaters because of the feeling of comfort she got from wearing them. 

Walking out into the living room she smiled when she saw them all on the couch sound asleep. All cuddled up together she could hear the light snores coming from Harry and Rosie. Walking over to them she leaned down and kissed Rosie’s head. Smiling down at Nicholas she gently picked him up and carried him over to his bassinet. Kissing her fingers and placing them on his forehead. “Love you baby.” 

Going back to Rosie, she gently unwrapped her arms around Harry’s leg and picked her up. Carrying her to her bed and placing her down. Tucking her under the covers, wanting to let her get some more sleep. The constant traveling never really letting her get as much sleep as usual. The excitement of it all keeping her up, never wanting to miss anything. Kissing her forehead she whispered that she loved her before going back out to where Harry was. 

Crawling over his body, she placed her lips on his neck and slowly started to leave kisses all over it. Feeling him start to slowly wake up, she moved her lips along his neck down to his collarbone. Lightly sucking on the skin there she started to feel him start to stir underneath her. Feeling his hands move across the back of her thighs, over her backside all the way up her back to her hair. Gripping it with both hands he brought her lips down to meet his. 

Kissing him hard, she moved her tongue along his bottom lip wanting to deepen the kiss. Slightly parting his lips he let her tongue slide in along his, kissing him hard and deeper. “Mmm, what a good way to wake up.” He mumbled against her lips. Moving his hands back and forth he moved them down to her backside pushing her down harder against him. Circling his hips against hers. 

Pulling back, Bella was panting hard. “Shit, baby. We can’t. As much as I would like to, we can’t.” 

Sitting up she ran her fingers through her hair, trying to calm down. Closing her eyes she tried hard not to focus on Harry, but he kept moving his hands all over her body. “I know we can’t right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t make out. Still touch a little innocently, you know like we did when we were younger and first started going out.” Wiggling his eyebrows at her, he sat up and pressed his chest against hers. “What do you say about that Mrs Styles.” 

“Mm I like the way you think Mr. Styles. I guess I could give you a little action but I have you know I don’t give it up all the way. You’ll be lucky if I let you feel me up.” Smirking she hovered her lips over his. 

“Yes I would be lucky and I’m sure I’ll be getting lucky one way or another.” Pinching her backside, she yelped out before glaring at him.

“You cheeky little shit.” 

“Would you have me any other way?” He smirked. 

“No. You’re my cheeky little shit and I love you.” 

“Woah! Slow down miss. I think thats a little to fast. We haven’t even gotten to first base yet!” Smirking at her, he winced when she smacked his chest with the back of hand. Rubbing over his chest and pretending that it hurt. 

“I think it’s safe to say we have definitely been to first base and much farther.” 

“Oh is that so?” 

“Ya I think the two children in the room can prove that.” 

“Okay, shh.” Putting his fingers over her mouth, she glared at him. “No more talking, kiss me.” 

Pressing her lips against his they both immediately deepened the kiss. Gripping her thighs, he flipped them both so she was underneath of him. Grabbing his shirt, she pulled him down so their chests were pressed against each others. Their lips finding each others right away. Their lips  started off moving fast against one another and then slowly started to get slower. Both of them really feeling the kiss.  Taking his bottom lip between her teeth, she lightly tugged on it. Harry looking down at her and smirking, pinching her backside once again.  Both of them laughing at each other. 

Moving his face to her neck he pushed his face into the crook of her neck. Them both wrapping their arms around each other cuddling on the couch and just enjoying the time together. Enjoying the time to just be together, no problems- nothing. “I love this so much.” She whispered. 

“We need to do this more often. Just you and me, like old times. We need more alone time.” Harry whispered against her neck. 

“Mhmm, that would be nice.” Bella whispered, closing her eyes and loving the feeling of his heartbeat against her chest. Before they both could fall asleep they heard Nicholas start to fuss and cry in his bed. Groaning Harry snuggled in closer to Bella not wanting to let her go. “Sorry baby but I gotta get Nick.”

“I don’t want to let you go.” Harry groaned. 

“Later we can cuddle some more. Do you wanna check on Rosie and order some dinner?”

Getting up Harry grabbed Bella’s hands and picked her up off the couch. “Can I grab Nicholas, check on Rosie and order food?” 

Smiling at him, she shook her head. Reminding herself to thank God later on. The only thing she could think was how lucky she was. “Harry let me help.”

“No babe, I want you to relax. Put the t.v on and I’ll grab Nick and bring him to you. I will not take no as an answer.” 

“You are too good to me baby. Thank you.” Giving him a quick kiss she sat back on the couch. Smiling as she watched Harry walk over to Nicks bed. Watching him lightly shushing Nicholas, trying to comfort him. 

“Its okay buddy. Daddy’s here.” Picking him up he hugged him to his chest and lightly bounced him. “You wanna see mommy?” Smiling when he gurgled a bit, he laughed. “Ya I bet you do.” Smiling at Bella he kissed Nicholas’s head before gently passing him over to Bella. 

“Do you want me to order room service? I could order us something different but get Rosie her favourite?” Leaning in close to her he brushed the back of his hand along Nicholas’s cheek. 

“Yes baby thats perfect.” Smiling up at him she lifted her shirt up, getting ready to feed Nicholas. 

“Do you need any help love?” 

“No I’m perfect babe. Just check on Rosie please.” 

“Mmm, kiss first.” Leaning down he quickly pecked her lips before running over to the phone and quickly ordering room service. When he was done he walked into Rosie’s room sitting on the bed right beside her. Brushing his fingers through her hair and moving it out of her face. 

Waking up slowly, Rosie rubbed her eyes. Smiling when she saw Harry. “Hi daddy.” 

“Hi princess. Did you have a good nap?” 

“Yes, but I didn’t get to show mommy my drawings!” 

“That’s okay sweetie, you can show mommy after we eat dinner okay?” 

Nodding her head yes, she stretched her arms above her head fully waking up now. “Where’s mommy and baby Nick?”

“In the living room, want to go watch a movie as we wait for dinner to come?”

“Yes but daddy can you carry me? I want to cuddle.”

Smiling he kissed her head. “Of course baby, come here.” Scooping her up in his arms he held her close to his chest and brought her out to the living room. 

“Theres my sleeping princess.” Bella smiled at Rosie. 

“Hi mommy, hi baby Nick.” Wrapping her arms around Harry she placed her head on his chest and started to watch the movie Harry put on for her. “Daddy?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“Can we play soccer tomorrow with Uncle Louis and everyone?” Looking up at Harry she waited for him to answer.

“I’m sure Uncle Louis would love to. We can figure something out okay sweetie?”

“Thanks daddy, you’re the best. But I will get Uncle Louis how to show me, he’s better!” 

Bella started to laugh but bit her lip when she saw Harry’s face. 

“Hey! I am the best soccer player out there babe!”

“Yes baby you are.” Rolling her eyes she continued to laugh and so did Rosie. 

“Oh you think thats funny huh? How do you like this?” Putting his fingers on each side of Rosie he began to tickle her sides causing her to scream out and squirm everywhere. 

“Daddy stop! Mommy help!” 

“Mommy can’t help you! No one can mwahahah.” Harry pretended to be scary. 

“Daddy no! Keep your hands to yourself!” Finally squirming out of his grasp she pointed her finger at him. “That was not nice daddy. I think you should have to sit on the time out chair.” 

“Ya daddy I think you should have to sit on the time out chair.” Smirking at Harry she tried hard not to laugh. 

“Mommy’s going to be getting a spanking soon and won’t be able to sit on the time out chair if she keeps this up.” Mumbling to himself, Rosie didn’t hear what he said but Bella did. 

Raising her eyebrow she gave him a big smile. “I don’t think that would be a punishment babe.” Winking at him before standing up and bringing Nicholas over to the change table. 

Groaning at the thought he glared at her. His comment back firing on him. “You are seriously trying to kill me woman.” 

“Love you!” Bella yelled while changing Nicholas’s diaper. 

“Daddy watch the movie with me and shush!” 

“Okay, okay. Sorry babe. Now whats happening?”

Looking down at his daughter while she explained the movie Harry sat back and enjoyed this day. Days like these always being his favourite. Hands down. 


After dinner and when Rosie and Nicholas were put to bed. Bella was laying in bed with Harry, her head on his chest and her arms wrapped around his body.  Harry ran his hand along the exposed skin along her hip. Moving his hand under his shirt that she was wearing all up her back and back down. Hugging him tighter she placed a kiss on the skin over his heart and pushed her face back into the crook of his neck. 

“Mm, I love holding you in my arms. Knowing you are one hundred percent safe.” Harry whispered before kissing her head. 

“I love being in your arms. I do always feel safe here and loved. Hearing and feeling your heart beat. The greatest feeling.” 

“Have you thought about the whole having more kids soon thing.” Harry asked while he continued to move his hands up and down her sides.

“Yes I did.” Sitting up she leaned into him but made it so she could look at him. Bringing her one hand she brought it to his face and moved her thumb across his cheek. “I think maybe we should wait a little until we know whats going to happen after tour. If we knew you were going to have a break for a while then I would have no problem starting to try close to the end of the tour. Since me pregnant, touring  and two children don’t really seem to match.” Both of them laughing she leaned her forehead against hers. “I want to give you more children Harry. I really do, but we need to be smart about this.” 

“I don’t know whats going to happen and well I guess it depends on what the fans want. They are still so dedicated and I am so happy but come next year it won’t be as hectic anymore. They know we need more breaks than usual because we all have families of our own now. I want to get you pregnant right now but I also want you to enjoy not being pregnant for a while. Have some fun and not really have to worry about what you eat and what you do. I want us to take another honeymoon and just get drunk and have hot hot sex.” Winking at her, she laughed into his chest. 

“Well I’m always going to have to worry about what to eat. When I’m pregnant I’m watching out for the baby and when I’m not I’m trying to loose weight. Vicious cycle.”

“Baby you look amazing. You’re so beautiful, I love your body. You don’t need to try and loose weight.” 

“Smooth talker you are.” 

“Just telling you the truth babe. Look I think maybe we should let things happen. We will stop with the birth control and condoms and see how things turn out. When it’s supposed to happen it will.” 

“I will be pregnant after the first time we have sex with no protection whats so ever. Every time we plan to do this, I get pregnant first time and there I am saying. Way to go Mr. Styles. You did it!” 

“What can I say, I’m that good.” Wiggling his eyebrows at her he bit his lip and pinched her right cheek. 

Laughing she had a huge smile on her face, looking up at him from beneath her eyelashes she pushed her bottom lip and top lip together. “Ok.”

“Ok? You mean we can stop everything?” Smiling big he pulled her in closer to him. 

“Yes but..”

“No buts. Let’s just say yes.” 

 “I think lets just wait a couple more months closer to the end. Then we can have some time without me being pregnant and then how about we have a short weekend away before we decide to  start. So then we can drink and have hot hot sex.” Smirking while she said that she leaned her forehead against his. “Then we wait and see. It will happen when the time is right.” 

“ Okay babe. That sounds perfect. I like that plan. But after you have that baby we are having another one right after. There will be no waiting!” 

“Do you want to be married to a whale for your whole life?” 

“Don’t say that about yourself. You look beautiful pregnant. It’s honestly a big turn on.” 

Shoving him away before burying her face into the pillow she didn’t want him to see her blushing. “Hey no, come back here.” He said while grabbing her and bringing her back to him. 

“I love you so much.” Bella whispered against his lips. Kissing him twice before laying her head back down on his chest. Closing her eyes and thinking about how happy she was. 

“Love you so much baby.” Kissing her forehead, he looked over at the nightstand when he heard Bella’s phone went off. Grabbing it he passed it to her. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Bella mumbled. 

Looking at her confused, he looked down at her phone. “What is it?” 

Giving him her phone he looked at her new text message. 

Hey Bella it’s Amelia. I need your help. Please. 

Things suddenly didn’t seem so perfect anymore. 


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