it's time part 2

Whenever I listen to Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven and get to around 10 minutes into Storm I immediately think of whales because junior year I worked in a whaling museum and there was a save the whales exhibit and some documentary (a trailer I think) played nonstop and for some fucking reason they used that part in Storm. So like I go from this really emotional experience to just WHALES and the feeling last the rest of the track


kaibaek in 2016 #1!

question: has there been a time when you fell for a member’s words or actions?
everyone falls for kai when watching him dance, right? it’s a mystery for me how he manages to dance like that. everytime i watch him dance, i end up impressed and feel like i might end up falling for him. that’s why i’m currently intensively practicing dancing. (laughs)
- exo’s baekhyun, exo-l japan official book vol. 3

oh but soryu i wouldnt mind 😚 you also look so good with red eyes 😍

(so yeah, im still on the new substory but only this time its part 2. you can say i cant move on cause im totally loving the plot (not to mention there is no other update 😂) …much better if there is a pov episode though, but all i can say is voltage games is a must ✊️ and cant function in a day without it)

Been pulling my hair out over a particularly background-heavy project but…I think I’m off to a…pretty alright start?

I was thinking.. considering my incredibly positive experience with discord when it comes to small fandoms, it would be cool to make a discord server for the Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero fandom before season 2 comes out

Just imagine, a place where everyone can get together and talk about the show, discuss the new episodes when they come out and generally have a good time

What do you guys think?


Regina & Henry | All The Little Things: Like Mother, Like Son part 2 | (Part 1)