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i’ve been looking back on what i did this summer bc i know i’m probably gonna get asked by my professors about it, and really, all i’ve done is post dick jokes and erotic ancient art on tumblr dot com

my professors will be so proud

When I went to see the psychiatrist that afternoon, he asked me what had taken me so long to get help – as if I hadn’t been trying to help myself already for so long. I told him my objections and reservations about antidepressants. I laid copies of the three books I’d already published on his desk, and I said, “I’m a writer. Please don’t do anything to harm my brain.” He said, “If you had a kidney disease, you wouldn’t hesitate to take medication for it – why are you hesitating with this?” But, see, that only shows how ignorant he was about my family; a Gilbert might very well not medicate a kidney disease, seeing that we’re a family who regard any sickness as a sign of personal, ethical and moral failure.

He put me on a few different drugs – Xanax, Zoloft, Wellbutrin – until we found a combination that didn’t make me nauseated or turn my libido into a dim and distant memory. Quickly, in less than a week, I could feel an extra inch of daylight opening in my mind. Also, I could  finally sleep. And this was the real gift, because when you cannot sleep, you cannot get yourself out of that ditch – there’s not a chance. The pills gave me those recuperating night hours back, and also stopped my hands from shaking and released the vice grip around my chest and the panic alert button from inside my heart.

Still, I never relaxed into taking those drugs, though they helped immediately. It never mattered who told me these medications were a good idea and perfectly safe; I always felt conflicted about taking them. Those drugs were part of my bridge to the other side, there’s no question about it, but I wanted to be off them as soon as possible.

Could I have endured that time without the drugs, if I’d just held out a little longer? Could I have survived myself, by myself? I don’t know. That’s the thing about human life – there’s no control group, no way to ever know how any of us would have turned out if any variables had been changed.

I do know these drugs made my misery feel less catastrophic. So I’m grateful for that. But I’m still deeply ambivalent about mood-altering medications. I’m awed by their power, but concerned by their prevalence. I think they need to be prescribed and used with much more restraint in this country, and never without the parallel treatment of psychological counselling. Medicating the symptoms of any illness without exploring its root cause is just a classically hare-brained Western way to think that anyone could ever get truly better. Those pills might have saved my life, but they did so only in conjunction with about twenty other efforts I was making simultaneously during that same period to rescue myself, and I hope to never have to take such drugs again. Though one doctor did suggest that I might have to go on and off antidepressants many times in my life because of my “tendency towards melancholy.” I hope to God he’s wrong. I intend to do everything I can to prove him wrong, or at least fight that melancholy tendency with every tool in the shed. Whether this makes me self-defeatingly stubborn, or self-preserving stubborn, I cannot say. But there I am.

Elizabeth Gilbert -  “Eat Pray Love”


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send me a character and i’ll tell you:

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod: I Was A Cloud by Shearwater, I Need Some Sleep by the Eels, Retirement by Kaiser Chiefs and All My Loving by the Beatles (his guilty pleasure?).
  • The one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to: the thing is, Shikamaru could fall asleep anywhere if he’d allow himself to, but he usually has himself under control. There’s probably too much attention on him in places where he really shouldn’t fall asleep like kage-meetings and such, but he might doze off a little in the Hokage’s office if he hadn’t had enough sleep the night before.
  • The game they’d destroy everyone else at: any strategic game obviously. I like to believe that he usually loses when a game involves luck, so he doesn’t play those.
  • The emoticon they’d use most often: I don’t see him using emoticons. It’s too troublesome
  • What they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep: he never gets as much sleep as he wants, so like he always does. If he really lacks sleep it’s only a bit harder than usual to get him to do things and he might refuse the things that aren’t important enough, so he can take a nap.
  • Their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever: black coffee. He doesn’t do fancy herby and/or sweet hot drinks because it’s too feminine. But he secretly loves them, I’m absolutely sure, so Temari “accidentally” makes too much of such drinks to consume on her own. (She figured this out fairly quickly on her own, but Ino knows and shares all Shikamaru’s favourites with her)
  • How they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump: staring at clouds.
  • What they wanted to be when they grew up: average.
  • Their favorite kind of weather: cloudy and sunny.
  • Thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?): Shikamaru’s voice actor is a singer and imo has a decent voice (not my kinda music but whatever), so I think Shikamaru himself has a decent singing voice, but… he probably thinks singing is embarrassing/girly.. I’d like to think that you can find him humming soft tunes and softly singing Shikadai to sleep when he thinks nobody’s listening, though.
  • How/what they like to draw or doodle: idk deer maybe? Clouds? His clan symbol? I feel like he’s got terrible drawing skills though, so he might not feel the need to doodle at all.

sorry but i have to share more about medieval!

my queen just went out and killed deadly chinchillas! but before she could do that some random crazy dude had to traine her and he told her to jump down the pit and fight the monster who live there! and well that was okay because she was trained and in high level and i always make her feed the monster! what i didn’t know was that the monster had started to like her… i don’t know what happen down there, but there where weird non fighting sounds, purple smoke and freaking hearts coming up from the pit!! 

my queen is one kinky little ass!!

Yes, it’s true. You have been following a person who likes country music this whole time. And here you may have been under the mistaken impression that I was cool.

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So Beast is coming to my country and its not the first time a kpop band comes but the first time they have a playing (not sure if that's correct I just woke up and English isn't my first language) and I'm excited but I don't know if I should go.. Should I go and maybe see a kpop band or shouldn't I go and maybe never see a kpop band? -Xara

You should go! It’s such an amazing chance and you would regret passing it up! Although beast isn’t my favorite group, I would totally go, because how often to you have that opportunity?

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5!!! Haha :D

  • 5. Have you ever gone to a concert? God I wish! But sadly no :/ Every time they come to my country its only to a big city that’s a million miles away.