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i wish… that sometimes… ppl could comfort me too :/

peacatte  asked:

i noticed that the trans guys and trans girls seem to be pretty comfortable/settled with their genders, but ezra and andre both seem to have some trouble with it, is there any reason that is? and if it's bc they're nonbinary, how is jack about that?

hm this is something i hadnt really thought about. im not trying to subliminally imply that nb kids cant be happy, i think i just tend to associate being nonbinary with feeling lost due to my personal experience with it… which i suppose i should expand on in-comic and not make it seem like ah… like thats the only way nb people can be. karl and esther both have known they were trans for a long time, and for andre and ezra it’s not so clear-cut, because neither of them realized that being trans could have more expressions than switching from one binary gender to the other. non-binary identity may not be a new concept, but it’s certainly one i never heard of in my life until a few years ago, whereas i knew about trans men and women (albeit mainly through gross parodies in the media) a lot earlier. andre and ezra are both way newer to understanding their identities, so their feelings and confusion are really fresh. also i have a soft spot for esther and decided to just make it so she had a realitvely easy time transitioning- understanding parents, a liberal environment, a non-judgemental scout troop that made her feel safe and part of something. karl i think just doesn’t care as much about what people think of him, so once he was able to comprehend his own gender, the issue of making other people read him correctly wasn’t as big a deal to him as it is for andre and ezra, who are both unsure of what they even want, let alone how to make sure people understand them.

i probably dont deal with transness in the cleanest way in the comic, because its really touchy and a huge topic. esther has an easy time because im selfish and want to minimize the bad experiences that i know most if not all trans women go through for her. karl takes T for his voice and dyes his feathers red but curates the people he hangs around with so that his transness is largely a non-issue. andre is grappling with their gender and what that would mean to the world if they were ever to become a successful musician and live in a spotlight. ezra is just generally unsure of what they want in life, and is terrified of trying and failing. jack is agender, but goes by ‘he’ because he just doesn’t want to talk about it with other people, but is generally comfortable in his skin.

ummmm yes i hope i expressed what i mean… also i hope it makes more sense now and not less sense ahaha