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Paying Homage to the Original Titans

“They created the Teen Titans to have a place where they could gather without judgement.  A place to grow up together.”

“Victor wants the tower to be a place where younger heroes can feel accepted.  We’ll offer training facilities, a place to get away from the rest of the world on the weekends and most important– freedom.”

[Teen Titans (2003) #1]

“But that’s why Nightwing founded the Teen Titans back when he was Robin.  Along with Arsenal when he was Speedy, the first Kidflash, the original Wonder Girl, and Aqualad.  they made the team a place they could be themselves, instead of having to stand up straight and watch every word they said.” 

[Teen Titans (2003) #21]

this is a super weird thing to rave about but like, i bought these pencils when i saw wicked last week and they’re amaaaazig

Hey, I think you’re really cool, I like you a lot. Maybe we can hang out…or something

West Collins is a blessing to us all.

Things You Will See in This Video:
-Misha attempting to actually deliver a serious announcement while Westie climbs all over him.
-Westie putting his hand over Misha’s mouth causing him to squeak in a high-pitched voice
-Westie chasing Misha around the house after he escapes
-Misha giggling like a child and smiling fondly at his son the entire time.

In short:

Your attention please:

Uncle Roy. Iris and Jai having Roy as an uncle. Roy taking care of them when Linda was sick and Wally needed to be by her side. 

Roy putting them to bed.

Roy taking them to the park with Lian. Roy basically being the kid’s chaperone.

Wally trusting Roy to watch his little cubs and Roy being 100% okay with baby sitting them.

Just. Roy with the kids in The Flash v2 #246-247

Kind of always low-key irritated by the fact that third world as a term has now been so divorced from it’s original political context and basically been used by the west as a ranking/income system when it originated in the cold war as a way of describing postcolonial countries who refused to align themselves with the capitalist first world and the communist second world by being a third way out aka the anti imperialist non-alignment movement