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Summer/geometric Axis Powers for you today! It’s starting to feel a lot like summer where I live. I can’t wait until the unpredictable weather of my state takes over and we get 90 degree weather in March!

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now entering —-> the village of pandora
what do you get when you combine a town with no mayor and a young girl looking for a place to call home? you get a town brought to life with love and warmth; where nothing is perfect but everyone is happy living in a town so wonderfully ordinary. 

reasons why hairless scourge is the best scourge
  • it makes him look completely diff from the clans which adds that whole “wow this cat is either a complete joke or scary as shit” thing that the clans initially felt about him, plus it’d make him stand out as a villain - a naturally hairless cat is suuuper unusual so he’d def stand out
  • he would look like a literal demon. bug eyes, cockroach paws, scrawny as hell.
  • best part???? he would most definitely have a sweater. a fucking. thick sweater to keep him warm, bc it gets chilly and his sweater is a tad tight as he grew but he still needs to be warm in a thick sweater
  • tigerstar would underestimate the shit out of this tiny, hairless cat, only to get his shit knocked outta him by a tiny, hairless cat
  • he needs such big body guards not even bc hes scared of getting hurt, but bc they keep him warm
  • seriously he only keeps bone & brick so close bc they keep him warm and he needs that he needs body heat
  • scourge. with no fur. and a fucking sweater. what more do we need this is literally the Greatest thing.
  • his sweater looks like this:
Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve: Confessions of a First-Timer

Give me the strength not just to wait patiently, because I know I can do that, but to stay positive in times of uncertainty. Let me love not too hard or too fast even though there is a lot to give. I need freedom to escape from this prison-like environment where stress, worry, and negativity are always-present factors; and the knowledge and wisdom to prevent myself from being too naive and making too many mistakes. But I have grown and improved so much, worked my hardest to be even better for all of us; How many people notice them or will stay with me long enough to see them more, I cannot say. But what I can say is this: I do love you and care a lot more than I ever knew I would. And I do trust you, even though at times I get a little curious and scared. I do understand you; but being pulled apart and stuck here for so long, please me hear from you again. Thinking back to your first anything should help you to understand me, too. You said you love me, and I can only believe that this is true; when I say it, you can bet that it is, too. I’m not sure what you’ve heard from other people, but sometimes their opinions don’t matter since it’s not their relationship and they don’t have such emotions attached. No matter what they may have said – we’re different people, yes perhaps that comes with age and experience. But that doesn’t mean they overshadow what we share in common; after all, we can teach each other and learn from both. If love and care are still there, why shouldn’t other things fall into place? There’s no need to blame another for not being 100% perfect all the time. No one is; in fact, a relationship is oftentimes just that: two imperfect people existing together and loving each other. Sometimes there is beauty in that, adding depth to a person, character even – like covering cracks with gold like the Japanese did with handmade pots. I think back to the beginning often, the budding of our relationship learning new things about life – that we should treasure moments, not things – and learning new things about you – like your love of cheesy French fries and poetry, of night markets and crab rolls on the pier, of trying new things like soba noodles and okonomiyaki paired with tea and sake – and new things about myself, as you told me, and I loved a lot of the same things you did, too. As new and exciting, I would be so glad to create more memories that can last even longer, even if it means this time reaching out more to you. But for now I will wait until I have your permission, and hope for the best – that we can create something even better, to be even stronger and calmer and happier together than ever before.

anonymous asked:

omg hello it is smol introverted theatre nerd :) :) your little message made me so so happy to hear that "at least 37" (now 86) people love me- and I love u and each of those people back very much. my life has been pretty uneventful so that's why I haven't been updating much so it means the world that you're thinking of me, thank you so much for everything!

!!!!!!! glad to hear you’re doing well!!!

So this little robot is telling us to start a beautiful friendship Philippa @torestoreamends, or in our case more like chat non-stop till 1am friendship 😂😂


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