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I adopted aro ace ritsu hc literally only to make this joke


2x21 // 2x22

This is exactly the response I was hoping for - it is SUCH a silly name that it doesn’t sound real. But yes, it is, and it was discontinued pretty shortly after it was made so you can only get it off of Ebay (which JULIA DID BC SHE’S THE BEST) but it is a lot of fun. 

handwriting tag

I was tagged by @abookandacoffee for this! Let me just say, this was a joy to do, idk if I’ve ever told you how much I love writing (and my handwriting #sorrynotsorry). 

I used a .6mm Schneider pen, a PaperMate Flair M pen, and then some crappy old click pen I found in my drawer. Nothing was outlined first, took me maybe 5 mins? This is literally how I write and take notes all the time.

I tag @lu-cien, @shyvioletcat, @songbirdsbooks, @feyreaelinmaas, and @a-court-of-feels-and-sobs

my dad just texted me to inform me that today is the 40th anniversary of star wars

hmm, I hadn’t heard!

listen ik if you follow me you’ve probably figured this out but i am??? legitimately so emotional because of the rellamy moments we had in that finale??? like i said i don’t even fucking watch the show anymore, i only keep up with raven because i love her more than life itself but. even a year and a half removed it means so much to me. and i don’t need canon, i really really don’t, but getting these in character moments where they tell each other how much they care for one another (”you with me?” “always”), the fact that they are spending six years in space together…. fuck me the fuck up. i am genuinely feeling pure unadulterated joy because of this. the writers of this friggin show can’t do much but i’m glad they got this right. if they had to have continuity for only one thing in this entire show, i’m glad it was bellamy and raven always caring for one another.

The Denny’s rule book: A simple guide

Denny’s is your local, friendly diner open 24 hours a day every day of the year. A place to relax and enjoy a breakfast at any hour, a fulfilling lunch or delicious dinner. All are welcome at Denny’s, and it’s your safest location, provided you follow this very simple guide for the nightly hours.

  1. Never close your eyes in a Denny’s parking lot. 
  2. Walk calmly to the door; you will hear sounds. Do not look behind you.
  3. Always make sure the door closes behind you, unless it was already open when you arrived, in which case do not touch the door.
  4. Never sit at the table farthest from the front door. Your server will sometimes try to seat you there. Politely refuse and ask for another table.
  5. If you see a table with two salt-shakers, walk past it; that table is taken. Sit at the table directly across from it instead. 
  6. Eat your pancakes. Box any leftovers; it would be a shame to waste food. It might attract something.
  7. Do not, under any circumstance, look into the eyes of your own reflection in the bathroom.
  8. If your server’s eyes turn black, do not panic; order a coffee with extra cream. Do not ask for a refill. Do not stare.
  9. Think you recognize someone who just walked in? Best to ignore it. It’s probably not what it seems. They will proceed to sit at the table farthest from the door.
  10. If you are walking past a Denny’s and you see yourself sitting in the corner booth through the window, keep walking. Do not eat at Denny’s that night.
  11. Did you tip? You better double check. It’s only polite to leave a tip.
  12. Do not ask questions. They will Notice.

Your local Denny’s is the perfect place for a delicious meal at all hours of the day. Hope you enjoy your next visit to any Denny’s Diner!

Mourning bride: “I have lost all” (and I’m just a tad bit perturbed that the flower is really reminiscent of Shiro’s color scheme)

For the Flower Exchange HERE, for the wonderful Cilan(tuckersfelix) on twitter…I’ve been raring to do some sad sheith stuff for a while now so thanks for PROMPTING me to PROMPTLY finish this wonderful PROMPT you provided to accompany this IMPROMPTU ok I’ll stop now

But I do hope you enjoy

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Yes hello I’d like to join in on the theory of Wolf Link being in Breath of the Wild for the sake of Twilight Princess Link looking after the new guy and babysitting showing him the ropes.