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You shall find that  PRETTY ROSE VINES  are just as lovely
When they wrap tight over your limbs  &  SHATTER  your bones. ❞

                                                               aesthetic moodboard for Ahri ; 2/??.

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TODAY IS FIVE YEARS OF RED AKA FIVE YEARS OF MY FAVORITE SONG. i really wanted to put in words how important everything has changed, as well as the red album, is to me, and i thought there was no better day than today to do so. 

@taylorswift i want to preface this by saying that without you, i would have had none of the hope i needed, nor the joy i feel now. without you, i would have never met my best friends. i would never had this song that means so much to me. there are not words to thank you, because these things to me are absolutely everything.

i remember hearing everything has changed for the first time. i remember sitting on the floor in my living room. it immediately struck a chord within me. at the time, i was only eleven, but i continued to find myself coming back to that song. it was so happy, and so joyful. and it had my name in it!

when middle school rolled around, i had no friends. i was incessantly bullied and harassed by girls that were my ‘friends.’ my parents had always told me that their teenage years were the best of their lives, and it made me mad - i was suffering when everybody else was having fun. it wasn’t fair. why did i have to take the brunt of the name-calling and the laughing and the jokes?

it happened daily. some days, it was so bad my mom would come and pick me up from school, and i’d stay at home and cry. every morning, i’d wake up afraid. school was hell and hell was here on earth.

and every day, there was one thing that kept me going. there was one thing that said “you’re going to get through this.” and it was everything has changed. taylor and ed had been where i was then, they had been bullied. they had been laughed at and made fun of, but they came out on the other side. they made it through. i listened to this song, about everything changing, about being cared for and loved and being happy, and i promised myself that one day, i would feel like that. one day i would have a friend like taylor had in ed. that friend would stand up for me like ed did in interviews. that friend would want to spend time with me. they would never laugh at me, they would cherish me and have only good things to say of me. and until i found friends like that, my two friends were my mother, and that song.

and then, one day in april of 2014, by a sheer stroke of luck, i stumbled upon what i know today as my dearest friends. we met through our love of taylor swift. they listened to me. they asked me how i was. they cared for me and cherished me. when i had bad days, they would listen to me, and tell me that they were on my side. they were my safety and my home. where i belonged was wherever they were. even if they didn’t go to my school, even if they lived thousands of miles away, that was okay. i had friends now, and that was all that matter. 

luckily, a few months later, i was fortunate enough to go and visit two of these friends in florida during the week 1989 came out. it was without a doubt, the happiest week of my life. after being so consistently sad, to have a week of bliss was the greatest joy i’d ever experienced. 

one night, we were walking down a street as we went trick-or-treating. my shoe had come untied, and as one does, i bent down to tie it. and do you know what? she stopped for me. she waited for me. she didn’t yell at me to hurry up, she didn’t laugh at me, she didn’t leave me behind. it was such a small thing, and it meant so much. it was my own equivalent of “all i know is you held the door.” it nearly brought me to tears.

now, i lead a much different life. i no longer go to the school that caused me so much pain. i wake up every morning thinking about how glad i am to be as happy as i am now. i am a part of so many wonderful things. i have friends i love that love me in return. and whenever i hear that song now, it’s my anthem. it doesn’t have to give me hope anymore, because what i waited for has come true. i have friends who love me, who care for me, who stand up for me. my life did a complete 180º for the better.

everything has changed.

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Hi, if drabble challenge 34 "He creeped me out. I'm not going to lie." isn't picked, maybe some Stay-at-Home Stan, please.

34. “He creeped me out.  I’m not gonna lie.”

I haven’t written something with Marley in it for a while, so here’s just that!  Marley taking over when Ford fails at babysitting his twin nieces.  Marley’s got this; they’re a non-binary spider-person who loves Danny and Daisy to absolute bits.

Send me a number and characters and I’ll write a drabble!

               Ford looked determinedly down at the book open in his lap.  He was trying desperately to avoid any eye contact with the other person in the living room.  It had been humiliating enough, caving in and calling the number Stan and Angie left, but the way Danny and Daisy reacted to Marley’s arrival had been even worse.

               I can’t believe it.  I’m completely hopeless, aren’t I?  I can’t even babysit my nieces for three hours.

               “Look, um, Ford, right?” Marley said finally.  Ford looked up.  Marley was avoiding eye contact with Ford, still staring intently at whatever they were crocheting.  “Don’t be embarrassed you had to call me.  I love the girls, but they’re, uh, they’re kinda a handful.  And Angie said you’ve never babysat before.  I’ve been watching Danny and Daisy since they were babies.  I know the cheat codes or whatever.”

               “I should have been able to handle at least an hour on my own,” Ford muttered.  Marley shrugged.

               “Like I said, the girls are pretty much chaos incarnate.  I, uh, I’m not surprised by it.  I mean, I’ve heard stories from Angie’s parents about what she was like as a kid.  And I’ve met Stan.”  Marley let out a small chuckle.  “Shoulda seen them at the engagement party.  It was pretty small, and no one they had to impress was invited, so they had it at a bar.  People went wild.  First time I’ve ever seen Angie get drunk.”

               “Fiddleford had a high alcohol tolerance as well,” Ford said.  Marley paused.

               “Wait, you know Fidds?”

               “He was my assistant in Gravity Falls.”

               “Gravity Falls, huh?  I’ve got a cousin that lives a couple hours away from Gravity Falls.  Darlene.”

               “I’ve never met her.”

               “No, you wouldn’t have,” Marley mumbled, resuming crocheting.  Ford frowned.  

               “What does that mean?”

               “Nothing.”  The door opened.  Ford and Marley both looked over.  Marley beamed.  “Hey, guys!”

               “Marley, it’s so good to see ya!” Angie gushed, making a beeline for her friend. Marley rolled their eyes.

               “I saw you, like, last week.”

               “I used to see you every day, though.”

               “Well, yeah, we were roommates,” Marley said.  “Did you and Stan have a good time?”

               “Oh, yes.  We never get to go out dancin’ like we used to,” Angie gushed.

               “Your outfit is really nice.  Yours too, Stan.”

               “Thanks, Marley,” Stan said, sliding off his jacket.  He winked at Ford.  “The girls were a bit much for ya, huh?”

               “I thought that I had seen them at their worst by now.  Clearly, I had not.”

               “Kids are always able to top their worst, Ford.  I assume they’re in bed?”

               “Yes.  Marley was remarkably efficient at supervising them.”

               “Marley and Lute are the girls’ godparents for a reason,” Stan said.  He took a seat on the couch and began to take off his shoes.  Marley and Angie’s conversation was now much quieter.  Ford had to strain his ears to hear it.

               That’s usually a sign it’s not something meant to be overheard, but…

               “Thanks fer steppin’ in.  Stanford’s got a tendency to bite off more ‘n he can chew,” Angie said softly to Marley. Marley waved a hand.

               “No problem.  I love the girls.  And your brother-in-law’s cute.”

               “Duh.  He’s Stan’s twin.”

               “There was one thing, though,” Marley said slowly.  “It’s, uh, not the nicest thing but…he creeped me out.  I’m not gonna lie.”  Angie sighed.

               “He’s a bit eccentric, fer sure.  Ford spent an awful long time on his own up in Gravity Falls.  I think he forgot some of his people skills.  And from what Stan’s told me, he didn’t really have any people skills to spare.”  Ford resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

               I lack people skills?  I’m not the one who’s gossiping about someone right in front of them!

               “Oh, shoot, it’s late,” Angie said, glancing at the clock on the wall. “We shouldn’t hold ya hostage any longer.”  She dug in her purse.  “How much do we owe ya?”

               “Nothing,” Marley said.  “I keep telling you guys, you don’t have to pay me for babysitting my goddaughters.”

               “Okay, but you also babysat Ford, so…” Stan interjected.  

               “Ford’s an adult.  He didn’t need any supervision,” Marley said.

               “Still,” Angie insisted.

               “Nope!  You can’t pay me, I’m already leaving,” Marley said, walking out the door.  Angie rolled her eyes.  “See you guys later!”

               “Bye, Marley,” Angie called after her friend.  Marley closed the door.  Angie sighed.  “So, Stanford, what did ya think of Marley?”

               “An interesting individual,” Ford said carefully.  Angie nodded.

               “Bet once the girls were put down, there was a lot of quiet, wasn’t there?”


               “Marley’s not the biggest talker ‘round unfamiliar folk.”

               “I was surprised that Marley knew where Gravity Falls was,” Ford remarked.

               “Oh, yeah, Marley’s got a cousin that lives in that area,” Stan said.  “What’s her name?  Darlene?”

               “Yep,” Angie said.

               “We’ve never met Darlene,” Stan said.  

               “Uh, you haven’t met Darlene, hon,” Angie corrected.  She shook her head.  “I ain’t lettin’ ya meet her, neither.  She’s a maneater, that one.”

               “What?  Angie, I wouldn’t cheat on you!” Stan protested.  Angie grimaced.  

               “I weren’t bein’ metaphorical.  I’ll go check on the girls, see how they’re doin’.”  Stan and Ford exchanged a confused look.

               “What the hell was she talkin’ about?” Stan muttered.  Ford shrugged.

               “Beats me.”

jonimatorbowe  asked:

My headcanon is that edd, matt,tom, and tord. Dont have any sugar in their kitchen. Because edd's shelf is filled with cola, matt's is filled with mirrors, (even in the kitchen), tom's shelf is FILLED with smirnoff. And the kitchen is where tord hides his hnetye

Of course they don’t have any sugar in the kitchen, Matt keeps it all in his room. But yea, they practically keep their kitchen empty in regards to food because all their priorities are pretty focused. 

Edd’s shelf would probably be where he stores the next rounds of cola to go in the fridge, cause he already always has some in the fridge but he already has his ‘casual sipping’ stash by the couch. 

Matt probably put all the mirrors on his shelf when his room was beginning to get ‘too full’ and just hoped no one cared enough to legitimately make him move it.

Of course Tom’s would be filled with Smirnoff. He isn’t as addicted to Smirnoff as Edd is cola but he does have a /slight/ problem. Tord would probably try to prank Tom and replace all of Tom’s Smirnoff with diet Smirnoff

Tord.. He would put something useless on his shelf, just something for decoration or easy access just so that they wouldn’t question him but he’d have a lot of it hiding under the sink or taped to the underside of a drawer. 



A Shin from today’s doodles

Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.

From Pia’s new animation magazine アニメぴあ Shin-Q (シン・キュー) vol.1
Release Date: September 8th, 2017