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The Glass Centre in Lommel

The Glass Centre, Flemish Centre for Modern Art, designed by Philippe Samyn and Partners has been constructed along the length of the “De Vryheyt” passage, right in the heart of the town of Lommel. On “Dorp” square it completes the cultural ensemble formed by the Aerts house and the regional tourist centre. In the “De Vryheyt” passage, a new glass gallery links “Dorp” square with the “De Adelberg” cultural centre and its future theatre.

The nature of the project required us to design a glass building, and it has been designed in such a way that the space it provides blends in seamlessly with the art it displays and produces, forming a unified whole. Furthermore, the structure emphasises the Glass Centre’s multifunctionality (education, information, services, exhibitions and glass production).

do you ever have those random moments when you just realize how much you love something? whether it’s listening to your fav song or going back to a hobby you loved as a kid or when you get coffee and for some reason it’s just perfect that day and you’re reminded why you order that exact coffee everyday

when musicals have that one melody line thats so awesome

when musicals repeat that one melody line randomly throughout all the songs

when musicals have multiple melody lines and repeat randomly in all the songs

when musicals put one of their songs in another song that fits perfectly


I don’t care whatever you guys say. But this is honestly the best version choreography for The Bitch of Living from Spring Awakening, Ive seen in a long time

hey look it’s your daily reminder that it costs $0 to be kind and respectful to broadway performers

You know those moments when you’re in tech week and you’re all sitting in the wings, exhausted and loopy, and you really want to go home but you’re whispering and laughing hysterically over something silly and you kind of just want to live in that moment because theatre provides this certain kind of connection you can’t get anywhere else??

michael in the bathroom but it’s cave story and a cover

i did this by ear in about two days! it was nonstop work though and very tiring

i might do more orgmaker covers, or post some originals. who knows