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The best tarot/witchcraft blogs on here that one MUST follow?

I am the worst because I’ve had this in my inbox for a week! But it’s only because I wanted to pay extra attention to my dash for a little but so I could give you the best list possible. I am avoiding the more popular blogs (though 1 or 2 will probably slip in here because i really like them and think they’re great) just because I think they’re kinda obvious and most people follow them anyways. So here they are in no particular order!


  • @tarotprose (I know Ivan is popular but its for a reason! They are such a encouraging force in the tarot community)
  • @tarotforthesoul
  • @resonance-of-libra (another big one, but I love Libra’s blog!)
  • @harmony-diviner (I feel like Harmony is pretty popular and she’s technically Oracle but her readings are great so support her if you can)
  • @tarotjedi (just does these amazingly creative readings that just knock me off my feet all the time!)


I know my list isn’t very long but I really love these people and I hope it gives you a starting point! Honestly there are so many awesome people in our communities! I am sure I forgot some (I’m sorry if I constantly show you love but didn’t list you I am honestly the worst at remembering anything). 

Thank you for asking! And for your patience!! <3

Jobro Random Headcanons #7 (SFW)

7. Which Jobro is ticklish and which Jobro takes advantage of it?

Jonadio: Okay so, they are both ticklish and they both exploit it. Jonathan loves play fighting and being physical. And Dio is ticklish, no doubt. And he absolutely hates it! Jonathan will playfully pinch Dio’s sides and gets a huge amount of satisfaction from Dio laughing and begging him to stop. Jonathan too is ticklish and Dio of course gets back at him for it. Jonathan’s laugh is so pleasant and Dio adores his smile and he blushes and slightly hates himself for letting Jonathan have the upper hand even when he clearly has dominance over him.

Caejose: It’s canon that Joseph is ticklish and Caesar knows this, too well. Joseph tries to pretend like he isn’t that ticklish but he isn’t fooling anyone. Least of all Caesarino. Who isn’t very ticklish himself but maybe on his feet, whereas Joseph is ticklish everywhere. Joseph hates it too because it is a rarity when he can get back at Caesar for it. Joseph also cries when he gets tickled too much and hates when he can’t breathe cause he can’t use his hamon either.     Caesar- 1 Joseph-0

Jotakak: Kakyoin is pretty shitty, he has the need to dominate people and though his urge to dominate Jotaro isn’t all-consuming considering Jotaro doesn’t mind being submissive if that’s what Kakyoin wants but, Kakyoin knows Jotaro is ticklish in one particular spot and he can only exploit it from beneath Jotaro (usually during sex) Dragging your nails right along Jotaro’s shoulder blades will guarantee you a smile every. single. time. Kakyoin found it, loved it, and now exploits it. Even greeting Jotaro he will glide his hand along his back and watch as Jotaro tries to hide it. Kakyoin is only really able to get away with it because Jotaro refuses to admit to it so Kakyoin can act like he doesn’t know and just incorporates more back touching into their everyday interactions.

Josuyasu: The apple does not fall far from the tree. Like his father he is a-tickle-me-Elmo, however, I would be willing to bet that he has it worst. He is just so squishy and shapely. Okuyasu is also ticklish though, the two know it and have made a silent pact not to cross that line seeing as, tickle fights can lead to the end of relationships. Honestly though, they’ve crossed the line and though they both hate being tickled they still love hearing each other’s laughter, watching as they both lose control of their breath and that they struggle to speak its pretty great to see the other in tickle agony as long as they too aren’t being tickled. Josuke hates being tickled, for obvious reasons but also because, his hair. Okuyasu isn’t too much of a fan either. Josuke loves Okuyasu’s laugh though, and Okuyasu loves digging at Josuke’s sides. And that’s what bro’s do right?

Somehow this got this long despite only having straight answers for Caejose and Josuyasu. Anyway, see you next post!

actually you know what, fuck it i am going to say something, briefly. i think randy is a nice guy and that everyone still pushing this “randy is an obvious anti semite” is just being dramatic for the sake of attention because its extremely self evident that he was just ignorant at the very worst, and even then he apologized. thats my fuckin statement i guess if anyone gives a shit which, apparently they do, still, for whatever fucking reason

Hey, guys! It’s me, Serena, your favorite pain queen! So the next couple of days may be quite rough for me, for obvious reasons. I live in south east Florida, in one of the areas that’s predicted to have the worst of hurricane Irma’s wrath. Due to gas shortage in the state, the evacuation warning has been revoked, because there’s simply not enough gas for me to evacuate to a safe area. I want you all to know that I am going to be absolutely fine. Do not worry about me or my family. We are in a house built to withstand hurricane conditions, and Irma is already down to a cat4. However, this obviously means that I may be disappearing for a while. We have a generator so I should have power, but Wi-Fi/service is a totally different thing. I’d appreciate well wishes, prayers, good vibes – whatever you send to someone in order of protection. I love you all, and stay safe. 

Worst things you could say to a Fangirl/ Fanboy
  • Doctor Who: I skipped nine
  • Sherlock: Sherlock is straight, and John loves Mary!
  • Percy Jackson: Leo should've stayed dead!
  • Harry Potter: The reason you didn't get your 'Hogwarts Letter' is because it's not real!
  • Merlin: Well, it was so obvious it was going to end like that!
  • Cumbercookies: He's ugly!
  • Scotties: But he's gay!
  • All Fandoms: They are just stupid little stories! Get your head out of the clouds and focus on the REAL world!