it's the whole forbidden love shit that gets me

ok lets talk about the otp with supernatural beings bc hALLOWEEN IS COMING

  • “(im a vampire and) i apologize i don’t mean to be rude but you’re leaking from your pad/tampon and you haven’t noticed yet (because it hasn’t had the chance to but i can smell it and i know this is gross and i dont wanna suck your tampon or whatever bc wtf) but im giving you a heads up bc i don’t want you to get embarrassed especially since we are in public”
  • “we are both ghosts that are in the same house and we are territorial over it and for almost 100 years we tried to kick eachother out but we are both too stubborn to leave so we just sucked it up and accepted it until a big family moves in and they are annoying af and we are two bored and fed up ghosts so we try to scare them away and its actually hilarious at first and its the most fun we’ve had in years (the spirit board wAS THE BEST ONE i mean they were just screaming to get fucked with) and i think we are starting to like eachother now but oh shit they are bringing in priests??? dude we aren’t demons pls dont try to vanquish us???????”
  • “im a witch (in training) and i accidentally turned my prom date into a toad and now im sitting in my house with all my books out trying to turn him back and iM MISSING PROM and if my parents find out i used magic even by accident i would be so grounded and you’re my annoying neighbor that is a warlock and i know you know so much more than i do on this since you’re out of training and i rlly need your help and i dont want to ask it bc you will hold it against me forever but im desperate so im going to call you and i know ill regret this later but i need my prom date to not be a toad so ill deal with it”
  • “im a werewolf with anger management issues and you’re my psychiatrist (who still has no idea what i am) and i rlly hated these sessions at first but then i realized i started liking you and i know you feel the same or atleast are willing to fuck me bc i can smell your arousal and its really fucking hot”
  • “im a 400 year old vampire who is too afraid to ask you on a date so im trying to impress you with my historical facts (bc i obviously lived it) while in the museum but i don’t seem to be getting much anywhere and im rlly nervous bc youre rlly beautiful and yeah i know this whole forbidden love shit with the whole immortal and human thing but dating is harmless right?? and besides im not gonna rip your throat out from the thirst of your blood this isn’t twilight im offended at the shit in that movie who the fuck shimmers??? i cant even talk about that abomination but i can control myself im not an animal i’ve been around for hundreds of years- and yet im still terrified to ask you on a date.. im a pathetic vampire just love me pls im lonely and dead inside. literally.”