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I like your meta about Levi, it's so great! But I have question about Hange's emotional state. She's going mental when Sonny and Bean died, kicking table upside down, choking Nick in front of her squad, etc. But when Levi said her subordinates died, she just like, "I'm cool bro," though she looked kinda sad. I know they're in hurry, didn't have time to mourn, the kids were there too at that moment. So, is she emotionally stable, or unstable but know when to express herself? I'm confused.

Thanks! I’m glad you like my Levi meta.

Hange is more complicated, I think, because we’re never made aware of her situation, so she is harder to understand. We know that Levi and Erwin have nobody, but we don’t know if Hange does or not; we only know that she wants everyone to be able to feel safe. (She tells us this in the chapter we find out Nick died.)

I think you bring up a good point regarding the differences in Hange’s emotional reactions, so let’s look at the ones you mentioned:

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