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W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

Yurio, you’re such a little punk. ilu.

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kids + water + camera gets a taste of suho’s wrath

lalnerd  asked:

hey! as someone who's White As FuckTM, do you mind telling me what the "pak-pak ganern-ganern" thing is? sorry if it's a weird question, I just want to understand the comic 💦

um mm i’m not really sure what it is either but it was a trend ppl did last year (i think it started on a tv show?) 

basically you group up with your friends and clap hands when it says “pak pak” and do random poses when it says “ganern ganern”

anonymous asked:

Regarding the speed paint ask: I think you're right, and that people won't be very happy with that being the only content released that week (although I think it's completely fine and would love to see another speed paint!). BUT I think that you can record normal videos, and whenever you draw something you consider good, record it and maybe upload twice that week? I could show you how people react to it and stuff.

That’s a good idea! Like a random spur of the moment sorta thing? 

2nd place prize for @thetailofunderta1l , of their OC Gothricus (Ricus for short) yyyyyeeeeeeee~♫

The watercolour spilt onto Ricus’ head and I panicked but got the majority of it off. Also, I didn’t really know how to draw the tail in a way that would match the perspective so just imagine his tail is flailing wildly in the wind behind him.

So I wasn’t entirely sure where to place him but by process of elimination, I decided on a bustling urban landscape since he’s a shy introvert who loves growing a certain species of weed plant. I think in this scene he’s running late on a delivery to one of his regular buyers.

This was fun but I’ve learnt from this that I have a long way to go when it comes to background and perspective, it kind of works though, non?

Finding out (Cam boy Jeremy part one)

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•you never expected you’d be spending your Friday night like this, a tab opened on your laptop directing you to a cam site

•you were introduced to the site by a friend, their exact words were something along the lines of “you can’t work up the courage to ask Jeremy out so why not pretend and have some fun?”

•at the time you had blushed and denied everything but… here you were still. They did have a point though. You had been crushing on the lanky Heere for close to three years now and in that time frame you had been shoved into the friend zone

•you sighed thinking back about Jeremy… each time he smiled you felt your heart raced and that laugh, oh that laugh could brighten your day instantly.

•as you scrolled through the site one video took your attention, the stream seemed to have just started due to the growing viewing count. You took a quick look at the thumbnail, it was of a man, his body lanky and pale… it almost reminded you of Jeremy

•before you could stop yourself you had clicked the video. The boy didn’t show his face, the shot cutting off bellow his shoulders. Your eyes scanned down the mystery mans body

•just like in the thumbnail the man was thin, skin pale with freckles littering over his shoulders. You had to admit he was attractive but looked vaguely familiar

•quickly you looked over to the chat to see everyone excitedly asking what he was planning, some people were already tipping

•you couldn’t tear your eyes away as he pushed his chair back, now giving you all a full view of his body. The only thing he was wearing was a pair of boxers, hiding a very obvious erection from view

•slowly you run your tongue over your bottom lip. How did you get drawn into this so easily? Pushing the thought out of your head you found your eyes being glued to the screen as the boy starts to talk

•"I’m going to do something a little different today…“ you draw your brows together slightly that voice sounded very familiar “if you’ve watched me before you may know there’s this one girl I like” he was playing with is hands, his long fingers intertwining with each other nervously

•you glance over at the chat, seeing a few people discussing what he was saying and trying to figure out what this different thing was. Your attention was drawn back to the screen when the guy started speaking again

•"recently she came over… we were just hanging out nothing special” some people on the chat sounded disappointed, were they hoping this girl would come on screen?

•"she… she left her gym bag here yesterday and I looked through it" his voice trailed of for a second as he looked at the chat, you could hear him laugh lightly “I couldn’t help myself and… I figured I’d give you guys a quick little show while I was at it”

•you raised your brow as you saw him bend down to reach for something, you could catch a glimpse of brown hair… this guy really did remind you Jeremy. When he moved back up he was holding something in his hands

•you leaned forward to have a closer look, were those yours? No they couldn’t be… you had lost those panties after you misplaced your gym bag the other day.

•the chat exploded as people figured out there were panties and when the mystery man held them up properly everything clicked…

•no way, those were yours… it even had the small red ribbon bows on the side you added to make them “more appealing” speaking of that this guy said this girl left her bag there yesterday too. You were at Jeremy’s at that time as well. Your eyes went wide as you realised… this cam boy didn’t just look like Jeremy. He was Jeremy

•your heart thumped against your chest as everything ran through your mind. You should log off and pretend nothing happened, but you couldn’t do it, your mouse hovering over the exit button hesitantly. Everything Jeremy said since you joined the stream echoed in your brain. He…he liked you? And he… was he going to jerk off with your panties?

•"I… I waited until now to actually use them… I know it’s dirty and creepy but I couldn’t help myself" the boy… well Jeremy said. His hand moving under his boxers to stroke his length, a deep moan leaving him “I… I need to know how they feel”

•you felt your core dampen as his slowly slipped off his boxers, his hard cock showing up on screen. You couldn’t help yourself as you quickly shimmy out of your pants, eyes never leaving the screen

•you watched as Jeremy wrapped the lace undergarment around his aching cock, the second the fabric touched him he let out a sinful moan

•your body heated up as your fingers quickly found your clit, you never knew this side of Jeremy before now… and by god were you happy you found this out

•you long forgot about the chat as Jeremy started to pump his length, his moans a mixture of breathy and needy. You could easily become addicted to those sounds. Quickly you pressed a finger against your core, trying to match the quick pace of Jeremy’s hand

•"a-ah i-its kind of rough, t-the lace feel weird but I keep imagining her. The fact she was wearing them" and loud moan escaped his mouth as his hand speeds up “its dirty I know… but I can’t help think about her wearing these after this. Her walking around in the panties I came in without knowing about it”

•before you could stop yourself a moan of his name escaped you, your mind wondered to how it would feel. If you were there would he make you wear them with his cum dripping from them? Would he part your lips and push them into your mouth as he bends you over and fucks you? Each thought caused a new wave of excitement to wash over you

•you added another finger as your mind wondered to all the possibilities. You knew Jeremy had an effect on you but not to this extent… in a matter of minutes you were a mess just watching him

•Jeremy whimpered, hips stuttering in a wild series of bucks. What would his face look like? You can only imagine his flushed face and glazed over eyes… his brown hair messy from his hand running through it.

•"a-ah shit… are you guys enjoying the show? I’ve never gotten so many tips before" he purrs, you imagined a small smirk on his face as he glanced down at the screen. “Huh?… I-I can’t do that! It’s embarrassing”

•frowning you glance back over the chat, you hadn’t really been paying attention since Jeremy started his little show. Your eyes widened as you saw the chat flooded with requests

•all of them were asking for Jeremy to put them on, some even offering large tips in exchange for him doing it. Your mind wondered… Jeremy would look good in them you had to admit

•the black lace would compliment his pale skin… his cock being restrained by the lace causing a mouth watering bulge to form. Before you could stop yourself you were typing three simple words

•"please do it"

•you watched Jeremy hesitate, pulling the panties away from his cock before sighing “okay… ill put them on but only for a second” your heart jumped as you saw him stand up, your eyes never leaving his glorious dick

•eagerly your eyes followed as the lace undergarment slipped up his pale legs, settling along his hips as he showed the camera. You didn’t know if you liked the view more from the front or the back

•the chat went crazy. People started complimenting him, others sending in massive tips. You couldn’t help yourself but send in a small $5 donation yourself… I mean it was your underwear right? It would only make sense to give something

•"s-so? Seems like most of you like them" Jeremy let out a soft moan as he sat down on the chair again, his legs spread open slightly “all of you want me to keep them on… w-why don’t we say if we reach $200 I’ll do the rest of the show in them”

•your eyes widened as you saw the tips roll in, in a matter of seconds Jeremy had well gone over the goal he set. A small chuckle left him… a deep and husky laugh that forced a moan to escape you

•with your full attention on Jeremy again you watched as he palmed his bulge, deep growls leaving his lips with each movement

•"f-fuck… a-ah god" he whimpered, hips grinding against his hand “I-it feel good… a-ah the fact she wore these before it… I’m going to cum soon”

•you whine your thumb quickly circling your clit, you were determined to cum at the same time as Jeremy… at this point you had to

•he slid down on the chair lightly, just enough for you to see his lips on screen. Your heart jumped as you saw his lips parted, rough moans flowing freely from him as he brought himself closer and closer to release

•your eyes watered, hips desperately bucking into your hand as your nerves burned. You weren’t going to last much longer… you couldn’t stop yourself as your fingers curled against your g-spot, brushing against it as you saw stars

•you could still hear Jeremy’s loud moans and gasps over top of yours, your body nearly shaking as you climaxed… you don’t think you’d ever cum as hard as this before.

•you collapsed against your chair, eyes half lidded as you stared back at the screen just in time to see Jeremy’s body tremble as he came undone. His hands palming his crotch harder and faster then before, some of the most sinful noses left him as the chat started to explode with compliments

•then Jeremy started to mumble something, at first it wasn’t overly loud. You could barely make out what it was but then as his voice rose in volume it started to become clearer “Y/N… a-ah shit I’m-I’m going to come Y/N!!”

•never in your life had you seen a better site. Jeremy’s hand still grinding against his cock through your panties as he rode out his orgasam. A damp spot forming on the front of the black material… if you weren’t so tired you could have probably started touching yourself all over again from that image alone

•it took awhile for Jeremy to catch his breath, his chest raising and falling as he slowly adjusts himself upright on his chair again. “S-shit… now I have to clean these before I return them” he mumbled, laughing lightly as some people typed that he shouldn’t… you couldn’t help but type the same thing

•"I can’t do that, she’ll hate me forever if she finds out" you could only laugh… there was no way in hell you could hate him after this. Jeremy spend a couple of minutes answering some questions, most of them sexual but some were surprisingly innocent considering what everyone just watched. You even found yourself joining in near the end but unfortunately it couldn’t last forever

•"Ah crap looks like that’s all the time I have. Thank you for all those who tipped today… ah be sure to tune in next week" he didn’t wait for anyone to reply, his hand quickly covered the camera before the stream disconnected and kicking you back to the home page

•your mind was fuzzy, you still couldn’t believe it… Jeremy, the sweet and kind Jeremy you’ve love for years just masturbated to your panties. This had to be a dream right?

•you shook you head, glancing back to the laptop. Without a second thought you hit notifications… you really couldn’t miss Jeremy’s next show, especially now when you have a few ideas running through your head on how to make these shows a little bit more interesting

•maybe you could leave a few other things at his place during your next study session…