it's the shit~

“And what I saw,” […] “I think—I think I loved it. Forgave it—me. All of it.” It was only in that moment when I knew—I’d understood what the Suriel had meant. Only I could allow the bad to break me. Only I could own it, embrace it.

i’m probably the only one but i HATE when nct does fanservice like that whole “do you have a boyfriend ;)” shit like it’s all so FORCED i really don’t like it but since most fans do like fake cuteness and sexiness i guess i’ll never escape from fanservice. seriously if i was at a fansign for example and taeil would go hahahah you’re my girlfriend i’d be like HAHAHA OOOOOOOOKAY I HAVE SOME APPOINTMENTS I HAVE TO GO THANK YOU

i know this is a Controversial Opinion but i just really think Game of Thrones is the most overrated show of the 21st century like i know we drag Supernatural a lot and i get why but Supernatural isn’t critically acclaimed as the best show of the last 10 years and to be honest i can name 5 shows that are infinitely better than Game of Thrones i just don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with it

I inherited
My motherโ€™s words
My fatherโ€™s nature
And both
Their loneliness
—  the jet lag chronicles
Why I Choose the Led Zeppelin Tumblr Fan Family Over Facebook

Ok. I just made the mistake of looking at my FB feed. And the bigger mistake of reading some of the comments on one of the LZ fan pages. It makes me sad that people on FB express hostility towards Robert, Jimmy, and John Paul Jones for not reuniting Led Zeppelin. I’ve even seen some people suggest Robert’s solo career is “worthless” without LZ. I never see that here. Thanks everyone for making this a place of appreciation, gratitude, and love.

  • me: hahaa okay I'll just check in after rehearsal it's fine surely I can wait a few hours.
  • me: *meant to be grabbing dinner in this break before rehearsal instead is keeping the car running and sitting in the parking lot to charge my phone which is on 1% battery and gonna die any second just so I can yell on discord and scream about the panel*