it's the ship you cannot not ship


Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and draw the ot3. You just gotta.


Ziva: You’re preaching to the symphony, Ducky.
Tony: Choir.
McGee: Leave her alone, Tony.
Ziva: It’s okay, McGee. I can handle him myself.
Tony: Yes she can.



I’m sorry




Look at how they can’t take their eyes off each other in the entire scene.

How they both have the heart eyes even when they’re bickering. How Tony’s heart isn’t even into the snarking because he’s so smitten and Ziva’s so gentle with him even though she could rip him a new one.

I’m sorry, but this is Confirmed Tiva to me right here. 

And since neither of them are on the show anymore I can believe whatever the hell I choose to thank you very much.

Whatever happened between the cabin and this scene, it was big, because there is a completely different vibe happening between them.


Guys, you know what this is?

It’s #married.

Also, shoutout to McGee for being a good brother and trying to stop Tony from picking on Ziva. Only he doesn’t know that this is basically their foreplay. (He’d be horrified if he knew.)

I may be in denial, but it is sure fun right now.


Just to be clear though. Not liking a ship doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to threaten or harass shippers.

I just want to point out that even though I don’t support the ship, I do support the shippers.

There are hard times coming for you, guys.

To the Overwatch fandom:

This game is Blizzard’s creation. It’s a shooter where you are supposed to be having fun. They can do whatever they want with it, it’s not yours to dictate. Whenever they confirm a character to be canonically gay or straight, you simply cannot harass the staff over that.

Secondly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with shipping characters. You can ship whoever the hell you want to your heart’s content. But if you’re going to be fighting over someone else’s headcanon, you will not only hurt them but yourself as well.

Finally, that behavior will also have its consequences in-game, as you are meant to be working with your team. You can get penalized for such toxicity to the point where you will be permanently banned from playing.

In short, Overwatch is just a video game. So please be nice to everyone, even if they are different from you.

Thank you for reading. :)

  • Lance: This is my boyfriend Shiro and Shiro's boyfriend Keith.
  • Allura: And how does that work?
  • Lance: Well, I love Shiro and Shiro loves Keith and I hate Keith.

Mr. Greg episode: *canonically proves Pearl being a lesbian by showing how much she loved Rose and hated how she chose Greg*
People after seeing Greg & Pearl dance: SO THEY’RE IN LOVE!! GREGXPEARL IS A REAL SHIP!!


7 days of TeniPuri
Day 3: favorite ship

Perfect Pair 

They know each other. They are friends. They are rivals. They are teammates. They are married.

We met by chance here
And we both realized that
The door to a new world has opened
And here, we meet again

You probably cannot imagine
What your gentleness has left for me

We are searching in each other
The thing that will fill our emptiness

Koko de Bokura wa Deatte Shimatta - Fuji Syusuke & Tezuka Kunimitsu

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Lmaoooooooo XDDD

Yes <3 Perfect <3

Okay, but can we please just take a minute to appreciate this little part

Look at how they look at each other. And then they join hands. They love each other so much and are so happy to be able to disappear together.

anonymous asked:

Can i just thank you real quick for being such a lovely and mature person in the ks fandom and in general?? Ive recently gotten into KS and started shipping Sangwoo/Yoonbum. Unfortunately the tags are full of people telling me that i dont deserve to live, im trash, i cant talk to them, etc. because i ship it, and its kinda disheartening, yknow? Anyway the content youve put on your blog about shipping and ks has really helped me a lot!! Thank you so much, <3

Hey! Thank you for this message!

Remember that you are allowed to ship whatever the fuck you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your fantasies don’t have to abide by rules imposed by anyone but yourself. You’re free to imagine and like whatever you want because these two acts cannot possibly harm anyone (whatever antis may say). You’re free to produce any kind of material, even one deemed problematic, because exploring “problematic” themes in fictional contexts does not mean you want to explore them in real life, on the contrary, it probably means you don’t want to, because in that case you wouldn’t write or draw about it, you would just do it.

Please always remember this. Your ships don’t hurt anyone.

Have a nice day!

I'm feeling things I don't wanna

So after reading Killing Stalking I am feeling rather conflicted. On the one hand I love it the characters, the art, the story, the depiction of humanity at its most twisted, I love how it delves into the psychology of a captive. However, while I enjoy it in no way is this condoning the “relationship” between Sangwoo and Yoonbum. It is not safe sane nor even consensual. This manga is not about love and I cannot ship these characters because of it.

That being said this isn’t an anti post. I do not care what you ship as long as you don’t try and flame me for having my opinion on it. Be free shippers and ship yo ship.

As much as this disturbs me I love watching the dynamic between them and how topics like Stockholm syndrome, and psychopathic tendencies along with trauma have are and will shape these characters. Also Sangwoo is really hot but needs to either die or get caught. Yoonbum… my precious child needs protection.

hucklexberry replied to your post “If someone would explain to me why Gérard Lacroix tag has posts that…”

I cannot stand people that do that lord have mercy. Like dudes he’s dead. Why are you even worrying about it.

Because god forbid Widowmaker be happy before her kidnapping. God forbid she have someone else in her life that made her happy other then Tracer or someone else she’s shipped with. 

Let me be clear that this is by NO MEANS hate on the Wid.owmaker/Tra.cer ship or any ship for that matter, I just don’t like – well, hate – when people do this kind of ship to make other relationships ‘not count’ 

And, I hate to say it, this happens the most with straight ships 

Bringing Tauradonna back!

People are feeling ashamed for shipping this ship, and they should not. We know and have reasons for shipping this so piss off. At first people got to me, but who cares. You can ship what you ship but DO NOT! FUCKING TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT SHIP! I HAVE REASONS AND DON’T PULL ANY OF THE I SHIP ABUSE BULLSHIT! YOU SEE IT AS ABUSE BUT WE DO NOT! WE LOOK AT THEIR PAST AND ACTUALLY CONDUCT THEORIES AND LOOK AT THE POSITIVE SIDE OF THINGS FOR THIS SHIP! BESIDES THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!

Now getting back on topic. People have been ashamed now for shipping this and are taking down art, fanfics, and videos. Guys don’t let the haters get to you! If anything the anti-shippers are bullying the shippers. Every time you look up Tauradonna its usually bashing Adam or the ship.

When we type in Tauradonna we want to see the happy pictures of them together and fanfics! Now its turned into a hate tag. Here is what I am getting at.

If this post gets 30+ notes I will start posting Tauradonna fanfics, pictures and videos! Lets bring back the ship we know and love! Feel free to reblog and do the same thing! ^~^

 I said before that I’m discontinuing NDRV3 in this blog here, but I thought that blog identity matter would be solved if I made another blog!

So I’m thinking about making a separate blog if I decide to come back for NDRV3.

But there’s another thing that’s been traumatizing me. Ship wars. More like, getting along with senseless people who don’t know how to respect other people’s love for other ships in the same fandom.

Shipping is an important part of my joy of watching stuffs. Just like how some guys look forward to big fight matches. I cannot love a series without it wholeheartedly, and shipping in DR fandom has been too painful. It’s like being a big fan of ketchup. You enjoy a food for its own taste, but you want to eat it with ketchup on it too. And it’s like seeing mayonnaise fans swearing at ketchups.

I kind of root for Amami and Kaede, and I can already see ship desputes happening. If Saihara is a boy, then there certainly will be the same war again. And forfeiting the joy of looking at ships is too much for me.

And some of Kodaka’s obscene jokes are one factor that keeps me away from DR series too so… I love other things so much but that one thing’s something I can never get used to.

So I am in much consideration about what to do.

There’s some canon couples that all I can think is..I’d ship you with a fucking rock, a literal rock, before I’d ship you with that other character. How dare that writer put them together.