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“I have no history with Reddington”

Red and Liz moments (1x01-1x10) - requested by anonymous
The signs as I've known them
  • Aries:STUBBORN! has to have their way and varies between being someone who notices nothing or being the very best friend you could ever want.
  • Taurus:So self involved. in the worst and best ways. One taurus i know is in theater and he is so self confident and awesome but then this other taurus i know is very conceited and loves to rub it in how much better she is than you..
  • Gemini:omg you cannot choose ever and then you have a desire for permanent things like tattoos even though thats probably the worst idea considering your indecisive nature. But also every single gemini i have ever known has been so open minded and tries so hard to get along with everyone even if its hard.
  • Cancer:clueless. straight up clueless. and kind of unstoppable at the same time. but so clueless always, pays no attention to detail or red flags or anything else of that nature also you always seem very sad even if you try to hide it i always feel like youre sad about something
  • Leo:just like a stereotypical cool person on the outside but so funny and such a people pleaser. You are too good for this world everyone wants to be a leo
  • Virgo:lil bit crazy tbh but in the nicest way. feels things intensely and fully. will watch children's movies for six hours and will get mad at you for getting upset with them
  • Libra:two sides to libras. one side is the sweetest most innocent (or seemingly innocent) angel too pure for the earth. other side is the jerk that thinks theyre all that and everyone should love them and want to sleep with them...
  • Scorpio:you're just kind of ehh tbh mostly. Like you either dont exist or you exist AND YOURE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSICALLY TALENTED PERSON EVER??? like i either love scorpios and their talents or they just have no input on my life at all, which is kinda sad.
  • Sagittarius:youre kind of obnoxious, you think youre all that. half the sags i know are nerdy people who have done nothing with their life so far but are super nice. but then the rest of you think youre the most special thing to grace the earth
  • Capricorn:i hate capricorns. Everyone puts gemini as the worst of the signs but have you ever MET a capricorn?? Capricorns in my experience are ALWAYS full of themself in the worst way and always has to be the center of attention. Always rude to everyone even your closest friends and will say the meanest things and do the meanest things to people. DANGEROUS when angry because they will try to destroy your reputation and all of your friendships and embarrass you in front of people you dont even know. I have so many horror stories with caps idt ive ever met one that i got along with also many of them seem to have problems with alcohol
  • Aquarius:you guys are the sweetest. every single one of you. some of you are a little like... weird but its a cute weird. so much fun to hang out with IF they decide to not flake because most of the time they will flake.
  • Pisces:Im obsessed with pisces. the sweetest most angelic misunderstood angels ive ever known. youre always gorgeous and youre all so smart tbh. I really mean that on you being misunderstood, you just seem to need someone who will listen to you and work with you to work things out. you guys are so understanding still though like you love everyone i think and youre so friendly to everyone and you all have the most stellar eyes even if theyre a beautiful brown or the prettiest watery blue eyes i will ever witness in my entire life.
  • this is a:(gemini's perspective)

lemme know when a team puts the bisexual flag on their logo because im starving for it

Magic is achieved, at its most basic form, by having a stronger will to change things than reality has to stay the same.

I learnt that from someone who was long dead before your world had writing.

It’s Gyran the Cinereous, the Triskelion, last of the smoke elves. She’s a magician, mage and wizard of quite stupendous power. She hangs out with Hatred in Crimson and that guy with a red right hand, and is the unambiguously good to their possibly and probably evil.

Also, they owe her some favours and she owes them some. Plus, she can keep an eye on them.

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javert cannot eat anything spicy because even the mildest things burn his tongue meanwhile valjean just eats peppers and stuff like that all the time and laughs as javert watches in horror

SO WEAK yes!!! and like valjean makes rly spicy food and javert is like, in the beginning of their acquaintance trying to eat it but like his face goes super red and teary, so valjean is like what’s wrong and he panics so he just “uh im allergic to seafood” but then next week its the same like “im allergic to avocado” “im allergic to nuts” before finally confessing

Interview: Jon Chan Simpson, Chinkstar

From the title on down, this is a book that oozes confidence. Simpson doesn’t write with an embarrassed shrug about Red Deer. He never doubts its worthiness as a setting. In fact, he goes so far in the other direction—loading his narration with so much colour, verve, and precision—that readers in other provinces could be forgiven for not realizing it’s actually a real place. The same way George Miller has conjured an entire mythology around Australia in the Mad Max films, Simpson wills a parallel-universe Red Deer to life.

This week’s column is about Chinkstar, a wild, punchdrunk novel about Chinese rappers in small-town Alberta that’s handily my favourite debut of 2015.

Read the whole thing here.

As discussed in our first episode, the new Amy Winehouse biopic - Amy - is just as mawkish and horrible as the tabloid frenzy it seeks to skewer. Our guest Kate Mossman writes:

Amy teaches you two things: that Winehouse was in trouble long before you thought she was and that the people around her were even worse than you remember. It is mawkish tabloid fare that laments the way her life was intruded upon while relying on the same methods to create its drama. Kapadia had the chance to pull her out of dingy, recent red-top history and make her timeless again and on this count he failed. I wish he’d just gone the whole hog and dramatised it, filmed it in Hollywood, maybe with Keith Chegwin as Blake.

What everyone has forgotten in favour of this obsession with Winehouse’s downfall, Kate says, is just how great a musician Amy was:

After she died, I waited for the intelligent books, the box sets, the career retrospectives, the tribute album, the tribute concert – but there was very little. The Winehouse story suddenly felt cheap and nasty. Already a legend while she was alive, in death she was suddenly out of date, frozen in an unappealing period of recent history recalled in a montage of sailor tats, trilbies, Babyshambles and Blake.

Winehouse was responsible for the soul revival that is still the dominant attitude in modern UK pop. She pioneered an expectation in performance that now fuels the TV talent shows – that your music is your life, turned inside out and on display – and she refocused the ear on singing. She was the figurehead of a new wave of female megastars. She was all these things without knowing, or trying, or caring, and like all trailblazers she was nothing like those who came in her wake. She is still artistically the most influential British pop star of the 21st century. An intelligent look at her was well overdue.

You can read Kate’s whole piece here, and listening to her discussing the film in more detail here.

[Photo: Amy Winehouse at her Camden Town home in 2004. Karen Robinson/The Guardian]

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When i read your name, i think of the ocean breeze and exquisite views of the never ending blue abyss, just a one-up for ya' :3

“Oh. Goodness.”

The little stallion read, re-read, and re-re-re-read the words. Then the address. Then the words again. Then his carton of milk; surely it had expired? Nope. Everything was as it seemed. Sweet, kindly words and all.

His cheeks burned red, and he suddenly couldn’t decide what exactly it was he ought to be doing with his hooves. Somehow he worked out how to carefully fold the letter, and place it gently back in its envelope. “I-I don’t rightly know what t’say.” He stammered out. “I don’t know what I did, or what I said, or what all happened t’make y’think that, much less say that, though I suppose writin’ is a lil’ different from speakin’, but it’s th’ same sorta thing, erm…” The blush escalated to his ears. “That is t’say….thank you. Thank you dearly for this. I just wish I knew who y’were, so I could repay your kindness.”

With his few words squeezed out, Sandy nipped up the envelope, and dashed to his room. Reaching under his bed, he pulled out a simple, wooden chest, and opened it. Inside were a host of happy memories; movie ticket stubs, vacation photos, letters from home, and now, an encouraging message from a kind stranger.

And then he dove onto the bed, to properly hide his flushed face in a cocoon of blankets.

i think I might dye my hair silver… its becoming a trendy thing tho so I kinda don’t want to?? but at the same time i want to be able to wear my red eyeshadow and not look awful??

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Most of the fandoms don't treat girl groups as nicely, compared to boy groups.

Strongly agree | AGREE | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

i feel like boy groups are much more looked after and always seen much more “innocent” from the beginning. and often times in girl group fandoms, sexualizing, whitewashing, etc goes over looked. i see it called out occasionally but its very rare you know? idc, i really dont listen to girl groups as much as boy groups that i wont lie about, but i often see boy groups treated as “innocent kids who know no better”. i still see wendy from red velvet getting shit from rapmon stans??? but they did the same thing. so yeah i agree. not to say u have to forgive wendy but dont drag her for the same stuff u forgave ur bias for.

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Name: Katarina
Nickname: kat (i know its boring and overused but)
Birthday: october 31
Star Sign: scorpio
Gender: female
Height: 5′5″
Favorite Color: orange, purple, or red
Time Right Now: 10:16 pm
Average Number of Hours I sleep: either 6 or 14 oops
Lucky Number(s): 7
Last Thing I Googled: shrug emoji 
Word That Comes To Mind: cup
Happy Place: anywhere with a computer or a lot of people with the same interests as me
Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: two or three
Favorite Fictional Character: i dont know????????????????
Favorite Famous Person: I DONT KNOW
Celebrity Crush: samira wiley probably 
Favorite Book: the only one that’s coming to mind is ‘me talk pretty one day’ by david sedaris
Favorite Band: la dispute
Last Movie I Saw: does spirited away count as a movie?
Dream Trip: anywhere away tbh
Dream Job: psychologist, potentially youtube shit? idk
What I’m Wearing: leggings and a pikachu shirt bc i ran out of things to wear

(u dont have to do this but hey)

I tag: bringmecake, hotpeoplewithglasses, legmaster9000, theweavblog, and multi-fandomed-mage-of-blood (didnt forget u this time kek)

Despair || WhiteLiesRedEyes

There was definitely more than interest shining in KID’s eyes. There was raw hunger, manic glee, and a touch of something that wasn’t supposed to be there. Hope.

And it wasn’t only in his eyes, but also his attire - everything he wore was in cacophonous dichotomy. His suit was split white and black down the middle, his tophat the same, save for the red band that replaced its original blue. His monocle was on the wrong side of his face - right, not left - and the silver hoop with the clover weight had been exchanged for a black hoop with a jagged red mark on the extension. The oddest thing, however, was the puppet that attached itself to his right hand. It held his likeness, monochrome and all, with a permanent grin etched on its face.

“Well well well, look what we have here.” His words were joyful, but had the force of a sneer. “I had heard down the grapevine that there was an…interesting addition to this group of phantom misfits.”

Pandora, Pandora!” The puppet on his hand screeched in a scratchy falsetto - apparently ventriloquism had recently been added to KID’s list of abilities. “Bye, bye, hope! Heeheehee!!”

I wonder if I can destroy you instead of my own darling gem,” he mused, leaning in as if inspecting a prospective steak instead of another person. “Tell me, do you hope? Do you dream? Or is there nothing left in your box for me to crush, O’ Red One?”


Alright last thing about birds today maybe.

Here’s a random fact about my home town.
Despite my common complaints that nature is getting harder to find around here, we have these big, beautiful, and pretty rare birds of prey that thrive here, they’re called Red Kites.
There was only a couple pairs left in Britain when I was born (I think), and they were in Wales. A lot of farmers in this country like to shoot at anything that moves instead of protecting their livestock properly, and they wrongly nearly drove these amazing birds into extinction, even though they can’t kill anything larger than a small rabbit with their pissy little feet.
Scandinavian red kites were reintroduced back into farmland not too far from here and killing them was outlawed. I first saw one when I was about seven and I was at school, and being a bird fanatic at that age, my teachers were lucky that I returned to class that day. Since then they’ve thrived on clearing up Reading’s streets since they are eaters of carrion mostly, and the people here adore them so much that they leave food out too. I can spot 20 to 30 of them circling people’s houses sometimes. The thing is, a recent study showed that none of them live around here because there aren’t enough trees, especially not big ones like they’d need to nest in, but they “commute” into the town every day, just like how people commute into town to work. I love that! They’ve evolved to be modern townies just like us.

I can never get any decent photos of them ‘cause they never stop to land and can fly really fast, but these ones I took with my mother’s camera today (seriously I need one of these) are not completely awful. You can vaguely see what they look like. Like little eagles, I like to think :3 They sound like them anyway, I can hear one screeching now actually.

The red kites are one of few things I’ll miss about this place when I leave. If I ever have tattoos, I’ll definitely have a little kite some day :3 <3


ARE YOU SURE IT’S NOT RED? He’s talking about his right eye, not his left one. He felt his eye stinging and completely flipped out. It’s the normal eye! The normal one! He can’t get that one taken out if he needed to, he needs that one to feel even the slightest bit normal. He will just live with an infected eyeball if he has to.

             ( and he really does not want to look like xerxes. bleh. )

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All ask me about my body questions


Hair (what hair color looks good on u and whats ur natural): idk ive never dyed my hair but i think it could look good with like a rly dark and hardly noticeable tint u know. its already rly dark.

Skin (do u tan easily): i dont tan, i get one sun burn at the beginning of summer then i freckle

Eyes (whats ur favorite show to watch): my fave show to watch is maybe that 70′s show bc of the nostalgia factor. same for unfabulous

Nose (whats ur fave perfume or candle scent): I love the warm smelling things u know? like cinnamon or something. anything where the candle with that scent would be orange or red.

Mouth (is there anyone u wanna kiss rn): yes i rly do

Tongue (what was ur last meal): i had a large salad with all the fixins and reeses cups

Windpipe (do u sing): not very well 

Neck (wear necklaces): nope. wish i did but i dont have the patience for it. like idk how to explain that but u know?

Ears (piercings?): none

Cheeks (do u blush easily): YA

Wrists (broken a bone?): nope

Hands (r u an artist or writer): im a rly good artist i think

Fingers (instrument?): i dont play an instrument

Heart (are u in love? do they know): haha sure am not and never have been

Lungs (do u smoke): i dont smoke NOTHIN bc my whole family smokes everything they can get their hands on and this is my rebellion

Chest (strong parental instincts?): no but kids usually love me even tho im mean to them lmao

Stomach (confident in body image?): no! im so so skinny and im like mmm perhaps NOT but like i never eat and im active but i dont do any actual exercise that would make me not skinny! just like biking a lot

Back (virign?): why is this one back? is it like a cumming on ur back thing? bc im so not into that. but im remaining pure and chaste until marriage. 

Hips (do u like to dance?): haha yeah but just as a joke. no srs dancing for me

Thighs (has anyone called u fat or ugly?): yeah of course. BUT idc about how i look so much bc i have a lot of other things going for. even tho most people probably dont know it. i think im rly cool if i like people even tho im very good at making people mad. anyway yeah and i agree with it

Knees (ever cheated on someone): ha knees. i like this one. but no i havent

Ankle (been arrested): sure havent

Feet (fave shoes): silver cowboy boots


John Heckle: Blues for a Red Giant (Lunar Disko)
John Heckle: Wet Noises (Midnight Shift)

John Heckle’s style of dance music has always seemed slightly alien to me, like it comes from an entirely other place than most dance music of his same scene. It feels like it was made by hand with hardware and is often rougher around the edges, things sound less than perfect, the production is a bit crude at times and sounds can vie for position in an often crowded mix. “Bon Voyage” shows this off in style with its dense and noisy mix of chunky drum machines, crashing cymbals and hihats, and a totally inspired italo-disco bassline and arrangement to go with it. It’s a good lip and would fit in nicely alongside tracks from Creme Organization, Viewlexx, or Legowelt.

“Red Giant Encounter” drops the italo elements and instead veers headlong into more abrasive EBM territory, with an insistent bassline and crashing snares and claps. Like Hieroglyphic Being, Heckle’s sounds are often highly synthetic and dry, often sounded like they’ve been laid down to tape with minimal care, like these just happen to documented rather than existing in a world of pristine, studio perfection. So the angular clanging of “Collective Intelligence” feels less like toiled hours in front of a laptop’s cool glow and more like a spontaneous hardware jam, elements freely dropping out and reentering the mix as it pounds away with a fuzzy kick. That same mutant alien machine funk comes through on “Implications of Meaning,” with what sounds like manipulated vibraphone patterns circling around some crusty drum programming. 

The Wet Noises EP is cleaner in aesthetic than Red Giant, with tracks that feature distortion and mid-range frequencies far less obviously. “Wet Noises” is a very fast one that would likely feel right at home alongside some of the early Rephlex camp, uptempo with lots of squiggling acid patterns. It’s darker than the sounds of Red Giant, which feels brighter overall to me.

“Wet Noises” appears to get faster and faster in its final moments, before finally ending; the murky intro of “Alpha Deux” proceeds it, eventually revealing a muffled, filtered piano phrase as its main hook. It’s odd and infectious, especially when a wet synth pattern enters the picture accompanied by irregular alarming “whoops.” It’s not the prettiest sounding track in the world, but Heckle has a knack for making his oddball arrangements not only feel approachable but also distinctly unique. The Tapirus remix of “Wet Noises” is not as fast as Heckle’s original, built around a more leisurely lo-fi drum machine and with more pronounced acid details. “Frozen Planet” feels like a mashup of the sounds used elsewhere in the EP, but it features more syncopated and broken up drumming with phased pads to reflect visions of chilly environment its title conjures.

John Heckle’s weird take on techno may not be for everyone, but the more I hear his material the more I like his supremely original voice. This is not to say that he’s not pulling from convention — pretty much any readily mixable dance music does by design — but his touch is undeniable, and the often odd sounds that find their way into his productions on both of these EPs is evidence of what a singular talent he is. Recommended for adventurous dancers and headphones enthusiasts alike.

Buy Blues for a Red Giant: Bandcamp | iTunes | Boomkat | Bleep | Juno
Buy Wet Noises: Boomkat | Bleep | Juno | iTunes