it's the same thing i just used two videos

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was h and z ok before z left the band? i always wondered about this and watching old tour videos just before that happened made me think about it again, like something is off between these two. It's none of my business, I know, but being a massive h fan, I just can't help but wonder

I think the boys, including Harry knew for a very long time that he wasn’t into it.. There were some tension between them on stage on the australia/asia leg of the tour, for sure.. Things weren’t like they used to be, to put it that way. And around the same time Zayn unfollowed John Stamos for the Harry mention, and there were just some weird instances. But Zayn had checked out a looong time ago, way before the OTRA tour, and if there’s one thing I think Harry is adamant about and has little tolerance for, it’s unprofessionalism and a careless attitude. Harry gives his all when he’s up there, he’s so committed, (as are the other boys) and I think he’d had it with some of Zayn’s bs and lack of show and commitment. I think it stung really bad but also pissed him off when he left, ‘cause again; he did it in the most unprofessional way he could. They could’ve worked things out between themselves by know though, who knows. But I very much doubt it.