it's the same strap on exactly

Castle Ficlet: White Fences 1/1

Warning: Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage

White Fences

Post 8x22, Angst/Tragedy, (possibly AU)

Although this is short, I’m putting it entirely behind a cut to make it easier for anyone who doesn’t want to read mentions of a sensitive subject to scroll.

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A Good Man v. A Great Man

A friend and I at work love AoS. If we have a shift on a Tuesday and there isn’t a call we watch. The station has satellite that allows us to watch other time zones, so we’ll do that if we had to miss the 10 showing or want to re-watch. We hide the remote so our co-workers can’t change the channel. Anyways we got into a debate last night about the scene between Jemma and Alistair, where Jemma calls Fitz a good man, and his father calls him a great man. My friend took this to mean that his dad did indeed love him, I disagree. At least in the sense of actual love.

Jemma loves Fitz. She loves his mind, and the things he creates, and the things they create together sure. But she loves that Fitz is awkward, and loyal, and kind, and she loves how he sees the world. Jemma loves that he challenges her to see things the way he does, while he strives to do the same. And when they can’t it’s not a failure, it’s not a reason to break up or tear one another down, it’s the understanding that they different people and have different views and that’s ok, its fine, it’s human, and it’s something to learn from and grow together. It’s love.

Alistair loves Leopold. He loves that his son is a genius. He loves that his son is the ‘leading man at Hydra’. He loves that his son learned that a ‘strap across the back’ was necessary to achieve greatness. And that greatness is the only thing that makes life worth living. He loves that his son sees the world exactly the same way he does. He loves that his son views love as a weakness as well as sympathy, empathy, emotions. He loves that Leopold is just like him, only successful.  Sure that’s love too, of the self-aggrandizing sort.

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anonymous asked:

SQUIP 4.0.: ( Have you really not learned anything at all from your time being a SQUIP for a human and actually being human now? ) It almost /barks/. ( No matter how much they deny it or say otherwise, humans /will/ eventually grow weary of having to deal with another's problems. Your Jeremy is exactly the same. So unless you want him to become annoyed and TIRED of you, follow my advice and stop telling him about every single thing you react negatively to. /That/ will get him to stop worrying. )

Pip minutely flinched at the voice, unused to such aggression. At least the reaction was hidden as students milled around, filing off to go home. It clutched its backpack straps like a lifeline, struggling a bit to focus only on the squip’s voice and not every snippet of conversation it could catch.

‘ You’re right. He wants me to be well-adjusted, not struggling to get by. ’

eyesfullofscars  asked:

About the swordfight between Lexa and Roan I think it's the other way around. She takes Roan's sword from him and then someone throws him a spear or something. If you look really closely at 2.07 you can see Roan's unique long handled sword strapped to his back which look exactly the same as the one Lexa has in her left hand doing that fight (the one in her right is 100% her own sword) So my hopeful theory is that the scenes are purposely clipped together in the wrong order :)

I think you are 100% right!!! I was confused to why Lexa’s other sword seemed to be too big for her hand and this makes 100% sense now! So, I think that THIS is how the fight sequence went down, and in editing they switched the sequence.

Let’s first start out with entering the battle. I believe that Roan and Lexa were able to each choose a weapon. Roan chose a spear and Lexa chose a sword. Now, each of them were given each other’s selections as well. Meaning that during the duel there were 2 spears and 2 swords. As they went onto the arena they made a weapon selection. They both chose to start with swords. While there were two men in the arena that held onto the spears until, or if, they needed to be used. 

I think that once Lexa is kicked to the ground that is when she takes Roan’s sword… or shortly after, that is when you see her fighting with the two sword and Roan takes a spear. This is why you see the ‘bulky sword’ in Lexa’s hand. It is bulky because it is meant for a larger hand – Roan’s hand. 

So, this makes me think EVEN MORE that Lexa prevails over Roan. This is another reason why we shouldn’t trust editing. :D 

i've never wanted anything like i want you.

A/N: In which Emma finds something in Killian’s pocket that makes her realize just how much he gives up for her everyday. [x]

(Also because I just needed all the domesticity and casual intimacy that last night got me addicted to nbd i’m totally fine)

As soon as Emma wakes, she feels the steady rise and fall of Killian’s chest under her head. She had never really been a big cuddler before, but there is something about her pirate that has her clinging to him even in sleep. She cracks an eye reluctantly, seeing that the clock on the nightstand next to Killian’s bed says a bright and blinking 8:12, and she sighs.

Waking up this early had been easy for the past six weeks, not worrying about new arrivals and magical beasts, but today is different. With the presence of that chernabog thing yesterday, she can feel a change coming.   

Her gut tugs at the memory. Her poor, beautiful bug.

Gathering up all her motivation to rise, Emma pushes herself up onto her elbows above Killian, briefly struggling to free her hair from where it was pinned under his shoulder. The tug of her hair must have gotten his attention, because Killian rouses with a few grunts.          

“Swan,” he mumbles, cracking a hazy blue eye at her. “Where are you going?”          

She leans back down to press a kiss to his neck, his lips. “Time to get up,” she announces. “Back to the grind.”          

He sleepily chuckles and wiggles his eyebrows at her. As he tightens his arms around her waist, she is painfully aware of the thin layers of clothing separating them.         

 “Uh-uh,” she protests, pushing him back down into the bed. “I’m not going to be late for work. Again. Besides, I have to do a damage inspection after that thing from yesterday.”          

Killian runs his hand through the ends of her hair briefly, eyes darkening. She can tell he can feel it too. The change. “Alright, love,” he says. “I should be heading to the library soon, anyway.”          

She kisses him again before rising and collecting her clothes. They’re sort of…scattered. Regina had taken Henry for the night and her parents were far from ignorant, so she had opted to stay the night with Killian at Granny’s. With the hellbat thing and the arrival of two new storybook villains, she had seriously been on edge by nighttime, and Killian was her usual refuge. It was like when they closed the door behind them, all their troubles disappeared. And that was exactly what she had needed.          

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