it's the same guy though i swear

  • Ruby: Ow! Yang! Stop it!
  • Yang: Hehe no way sis. *Yang giggled and she rubbed her soaks on the carpet to build a static charge to shock Ruby again.*
  • Ruby: Oh yeah! Well two can play at this game! *Ruby declared as she did the same and zapped Yang before Yang returned the zap.*
  • Weiss: I swear they are five.
  • Blake: It's kinda cute though.
  • Jaune: Yeah. After all, Me a my sisters used to do this all the time.
  • Ren: It's best to let them enjoy themselves.
  • Nora: *Just then Nora returned to the hotel room.* Hey guys! I'm back. *Nora said with her normal cheery self walking over to her friend, leaning down to get Ren and kiss which he gladly returned/* Hey sweetie.
  • Ren: Hey my queen.
  • Nora: *She then stood up and looked over at Yang and Ruby.* What's Yang and Ruby doing?
  • Ruby: Huh? Oh hey Nora-Ow!
  • Yang: Hehe never let your guard down sis. *Yang laughed before turning to Nora.* We are having a like static shock battle. OW!
  • Ruby: Hehehe, Wide open.
  • Nora: Ooooooh that sounds fun! Can I joined? *Nora asked happily and instantly Weiss and Blake noticed a look of dread covering Ren and Jaune's faces.*
  • Yang/Ruby: Sure. *the sister smiled, at the same time Re and Jaune throwing up what was in their hands and driving under the table.*
  • Blake: Uh, Ren? Jaune?
  • Weiss: What in the world is with you two?
  • Jaune: We are taking cover! What does it look like!
  • Blake: We can see that but why?
  • Ren: As you know Nora is very competitive.
  • Weiss: Yes.
  • Ren: And her semblance is to channel and create electricity.
  • Blake: Yeah.
  • Ren: And Ruby and Yang just told her to join in a static shock battle.
  • Weiss: Okay. So Nora will give them a bit more of a jolt. Big deal.
  • Ren: Remember that blackout in Beacon.
  • Weiss/Blake: *Both Girls pause for a moment to think before nodding.* uh-huh... oh... Ooooooooh!
  • Nora: *Suddenly everyone watched as Nora began to spark as a large grin grow on her lips.* Aaaaaaalright then Let me show you two who's the queen.
  • ~~~
  • Qrow: Do I even want to know why you seven are sitting outside of what was once our hotel? *Qrow asked, sipping from his flask as fire fighters try to put out the fire before them.*
  • Nora: *All eyes turned to Nora who was happily sitting in her boyfriend's lap.* Just show why I'm Queen of the castle!
  • Ren: Yes dear. *Ren began as they looked a whole floor fall.* You're the queen of a burning castle... And of my heart.
  • Nora: Aaaaaw, Ren. *Nora smiled before turning around and smothering Ren with kisses*

anonymous asked:

out if curiosity what program do you use for art? and if you use pant tool SAI, what are your brush settings?

I do indeed use Paint Tool SAI !

ok I’ve doodled up some little thingies here ok yeah (they aren’t terribly great bear with me)

SO first up we have my trusty pen tool. I use this guy for everything mostly sketching + linearts ect ect

Next is this awesome brush thing. Good for painting?? very blendy. You kinda have to get used to scribbling with it though, to get vibrancy. Once you do, though, its GREAT for making palettes.

This one looks a lot the same I know but its a lil different I SWEAR. I switch between these two ↑↓ a lot they’re a gr8 pair for speedpainting

This one’s kinda like the top two but its really smooth!!!! so smooth

aaand last but not least, I like to use this nifty lil guy for backgrounds n stuff.

(I switch between Fuzystatic & Fine_Flat a lot)

I use lots of others a lot, depending on whatever effect I need (airbrush for glowing, a smoke brush for mist/fire/smoke, ect ect) But these are my main & favourites!! (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

Signs In A Group Chat (personal experience)
  • *at 3 AM*
  • Gemini: Yo fam guess what?!?!
  • Pisces: Gemini, this better not be something stupid
  • Leo: Why would you wake me up from my beauty sleep? *crying emoji*
  • Gemini: It's not stupid I swear
  • Scorpio: It's 3 in the morning! You better have a good reason for waking me up
  • Aries: I'm with Scorpio on this one
  • Cancer: *sends picture of a cat* does this make you guys feel better?
  • Scorpio: it does not
  • Pisces: Aww look at the kitty it's so cute *ton of emojis*
  • Cancer: Fuck you Scorpio
  • Taurus: haha get rekt!
  • Sagittarius: I was about to say the same thing bruh
  • Taurus: Nice bruh
  • Virgo: Can't we just be normal people for one night??
  • Libra: Aqua can you stop with the Fall Out Boy references? It's way too early for this shit
  • Aries: Stfu
  • Taurus: okay so where's Gemini with the big news? This anime isn't gonna watch itself
  • Pisces: What if they fell asleep?
  • Cancer: I was awake anyway, so it doesn't bother me
  • Leo: Oh well good for you Cancer!
  • Virgo: Leo can you stop being a dick for like 5 minutes?
  • Aries: Well you are what you eat i guess...
  • Leo: I'm gonna kill all of where is Gemini?
  • Scorpio: Maybe they died??
  • Capricorn: You would be happy about that
  • Scorpio: ehhh maybe
  • Aquarius: Gemini's gonna die if they don't start talking here in the next few minutes
  • Sagittarius: I'll kill Gemini if no one else is gonna volunteer *devil emoji*
  • *Gemini's in bed sleeping*
Yet Another Usual Episode of the 2012 Series:
  • Shredder: "Alright Karai, I want you to go destroy the turtles and Splinter even though I'm trying desperately to keep you away from them."
  • Leo: *Conveniently at the exact same time.* "Alright guys, we're gonna rescue Karai for real this time and here's how it's gonna happen..."
  • Raph: "IDK Leo that doesn't seem like--"
  • Donnie, Mikey and Raph: *Debate this plan but ultimately and reluctantly agree.*
  • Karai: *Does the half snake half human thing she's been doing for a while now.*
  • Mikey: "OMG guys there she is, let's get her! And then let's get pizza!"
  • The Turtles: *Get super close to Karai, corner her and everything seems like it's gonna work out this time.*
  • Something Ridiculous: *Happens.*
  • Karai: *Escapes, is not saved, and does not go back to the turtles and Splinter while still doing the half snake half human thing she's been doing for a while now.*
  • The Turtles: *Do the depression thing really hard.*
  • Splinter: *Gives the turtles advice about waiting for the right opportunity or how things will work out the way they're supposed to.*
  • Leo: "You're right, Splinter! We absolutely won't fail and/or repeat this exact same process next time!"
  • The Next Karai Episode: *Is exactly the same.*
  • The Fandom: *Sets things on fire and riots uncontrollably.*