it's the same dress


You vs the girl she tells you not to worry about


when u gotta smile despite the Ls

Revolver Awards 2016

you know you’re european when eurovision is only in may and you’re already hyped af about it

Marco Calvi-  La Joueuse de tympanon 

acrylic and pencils on paper

In 1784, the whatchmaker Pierre Kintzing and the cabinetmaker David Roentgen,presented at Versailles the Joueuse de Tympanon, an automaton looking like Marie Antoinette. It is said that the automaton’s hair were those of the Queen and that its dress had been created/made with the same fabric of one of Maria Antoinette dresses. The music played by the Joueuse was composed by Christoph Willibald Gluck Allemand; a German composer who was also the Queen’s music teacher. Marie antoinette, who understood the value of such a creation bought it in 1785 and donated it to the accademy of sciences. The Joueuse de tympanon , survived the horrors of the revolution is now in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris yet fully functional.

My bf: *trying to sext me* What are you wearing tonight ;)

Me: Uhh…. uh..

Me: *Just finished putting my full drag makeup and beard on, dressed in men’s clothing*

Me: A tank top and panties

‘ i swear to every damn god in the
sky and elsewhere, i’m going go
kill josephine. ’ the dwarf glanced
over her shoulder in the mirror,
looking at rim with a frown. ‘ she
wants me to wear this to the wint-
er palace. ’ she turned around and
stepped more into the light, letting
the qunari see the dress.

not just any dress. a ball gown, ea-
sily engulfing nohemi, full of frills
and lace. ‘ i don’t even know how
i’m supposed to move in this thing,
much less dance. ’

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Wedding Dress Shopping with Blue (closed to adxshofpixiedust)


Amelia had recently gotten engaged to Ingrid and was on her way to tell Blue. “Blue! I’m getting married, Ingrid proposed to me.” Amelia said excitedly showing Blue the ring. Amelia was really excited and wanted to go and shop for dresses.