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12x18 - An episode all about foreshadowing and Dean’s emotional state

So, I have my own POV on season end that I know I talk about a lot, that differs from the, well, proper meta writers, I believe…. so my POV is perhaps slightly different, but for me this episode cements this even further…. and I’ll explain why. 

This whole episode to me is all about misdirection and distraction and has massive foreshadowing for the season finale. It twists and turns through so much misdirection to ultimately lead to Dean being in real danger and Sam killing the monster, twice over, both the human monster and the supernatural being, to hammer the point home. Meanwhile there are a whole lot of references to Cas as well that massively fit with my season conclusion speculation (even though I seem to be relatively in a party of 1 or, well 3 from what I can tell with my chatty buds, but its not universal…).

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Oh and Dean, wow, well, I’ve seen loads of waitress meta which is all awesome but for me its the comparison of her with the 12x11 waitress that really cements what is going on here in terms of the distraction they bring and Dean’s angst.

Meanwhile this whole episode IS a distraction as Ketch sent them the case to distract them and get them out of the bunker.

There is so much misdirection in this episode.

Under the cut: both waitresses as the exposition for Dean’s sliding scale of emotional angst and how this episode overall foreshadows season end for me.

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i was feeling like shit™ so i decided to make some self indulgent headcanons. (Part 1/???)

  • So we know that Keith was orphaned at a young age (rest in piece Keith’s human parent 🙏 🙏 ) then someone had to adopt him right?? (unless he was in the system till now but that makes me sad)
  • That someone was Shiro’s family
    • Shiro was raised by two wonderful Asian dads
    • They adopt Keith and live happily together yay! (well until the Kerberos mission but yeah)
    • [Most of my adopted siblings!Shiro and Keith headcanons are inspired by these wonderful posts by velocesmells (she’s a really talented artist and is a blessing on this site)]
  • Lance has two moms 
    • one is trans and both are ethereal
  • Lance is also one of 5 siblings (and none of them are straight)
  • Hunk was raised by a single dad who loves his son so much and raised him so well god bless™
  • Lance has adhd
    • this is canon fite me
    • Lance also stims! Usually by bouncing his one or both of his legs
    • Takes his meds every morning but sometimes forgets. The rest of the team are sure to remind him tho
  • Keith is a trans boy
  • Pidge is a trans girl
  • Hunk and Pidge were able to convince Allura ad Coran that Dat Boi is considered a god on Earth for about two days
  • Keith pronounces ketchup “catch-up” (why is he like this???)
  • Shiro owns a ton of space cat t shirts back at home
    • he misses them daily
  • Everytime Lance sees someone wearing socks with sandals he dies a little inside
    • Hunk knows this and wears them on purpose in front of him
    • Pidge ups the ante by wearing crocs
      • They say that Lance’s screech was the first thing to be heard in space
  • Keith can and will fall asleep literally anywhere
    • on the couch, in the hall, in the training room, on a table, in Red, anywhere he can get some sleep
  • Lance and Hunk swam on the same swim team 
    • Have you seen Lance’s abilites in this gifset???
    • Have you seen Hunk’s form when he dived into the abyss in the training montage of episode two 👀👀👀👀👀👀?????? (cant find the post and cant go look for on netflix cause ill just watch the enitre show again and i got crap to do)
  • Hunk, Lance, and Pidge have a framed photo of them posed in front of a wall w/ “Fuck the Garrison” spray painted on it

thats all i have for this post its really jumbled and all over the place but its me so of course it is lmao