it's the pose that gets me


Day … I dont know. :D

so, I did my workout today after few days of well needed rest.. and yes, I am posting selfies.. As you probably noticed, I dont pose or do any of that shit to make my body “ look the best way” .. because guess what.. you dont pose in real life. You stand, you walk, you are moving…. you are not posing.. its not how people see your body…. SO this is just plain, everyday me… also, barefoot, because I just got out of shower after workout. :D 
The other pic is my super quick cardio, cause I got down from the eliptical, to drink some water and before I could stop her, some other chick took my place     -_- .. not cool, dude, NOT COOL.  I even had my towel on it like what did you think??? anyway, at least I vented my anger with weightlifting and crunches and all the usual stuff… :)
Also, today, I like my legs… there are days when I hate my body, as you probably know… but Today…. today I like my legs and my ass… 

I guess thats all for today. 
much love,


I dreamt of happier times…


Some overwatch car doodles from the last couple days

Also it took me like 3 tries to get mccree’s falling pose right so the honorary mentions are under the cut

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Give me all the joyfire social media stuff. Like:

  • Jason pretending to “accidentally” pose in perfect positions for Kori’s instagram pics (Everyone knows its not accidental but Kori loves to uptick in likes she gets for all of Jay’s pics)
  • Jason trolling all the batfam on social media when he’s drunk and has to be pulled away from his phone by Roy before Dick works out who is retweeting all his stuff with the comment DICKHAT 
  • Dick knows
  • Roy setting his relationship status with Jason and Kori and Their Ship (because of course Roy made it a facebook profile) as “its complicated”
  • Kori being a general instagram fiend,
  • She has a large set dedicated followers for her gardening tips and her stylistic Red Hood pics
  • Jason following every cooking blog on tumblr
  • Roy following every RHATO related tag on tumblr, especially the RP fanfics and art
  • Roy takes special pride on printing out the best smuttiest fics and pics to leave at the breakfast table
  • Jason does NOT find this amusing no matter how many times this happens
  • Kori likes it, the art is very good and the fics are very imaginative but don’t the authors know she can benchpress both Jason and Roy, so really she should be doing the pushing against walls
  • Roy and Jason can’t look at each other and both have to leave the room
  • Kori pins up the art on the fridge
  • Dick and Tim came over one day and saw said fridge art, Jason got condoms for Christmas that year

I know i’ve been totally inactive on this blog because of school and all, so let me throw in a doodle of Scorpius in one of my favorite studying poses…!


Vax'ildan is Vax'il-DONE (ha)
Honestly I’m super excited to have him completed and totally pumped to wear him to Youmacon this weekend! Watching Critical Role makes me want to get back into a dungeons and dragons campaign (which is in the works!).
Special shoutout to @qunaributts for introducing me to the series as well as watching me put the whole thing together!!
See you Critters this weekend! ♡


Joe and I went exploring today! Here he is posing on some rocks like all majestic boys should. We’ve walked about seven or eight miles, altogether - I’m tired but I’m pretty sure he’d quite like another walk (that’d be his fifth)…I think the rescue might’ve given me a spaniel in disguise or something 😁

(Before any anons anon at me, yes he’s on the lead ALL THE TIME and yes he wears a muzzle ALL THE TIME because he is a STONE COLD KILLER).



There is a severe lack of art of Hunk so here is some drawings I did of Hunk just doing Hunk things uwu~

He feels like the kinda guy who genuinely likes academics and studying (that particular book is an irl physics book – thanks @cdromeoandjouleiet xD). Of course, the second drawing can go without explanation.

For the last two, I actually noticed how well my neo-80s/sythpop/vaperwave playlist  just really matches Hunk (at least to me) aesthetically? I realized that he would totally be that guy who listens to 80s electronic rock and sings along, out loud, badly and off-key with a screwdriver as a microphone, and using his still-working cassette player/Walkman that has been stuffed in one of his pouches this entire time shhhhh

So then with the last one,  I took the idea to an extreme because he would unironically wear vintage 80s fashion and rock it so hardcore and no one can tell me otherwise.

So, when June and Piper found the Nuka-mixer stations at Nuka World, they might have gotten get a little bit carried away. I commissioned this art from @delborovic, who is absolutely wonderful and amazing to work with, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much Del, it turned out beautifully, I love it! <3


im finally doing this after 200 years Wow!!!!

im doing these character commissions!! i can draw ocs and fav characters and stuff

contact me:
-here via tumblr messenger or ask (off anon please unless u have a general question)
-email me at
-OR if u wanna add me on skype/discord for this please hmu off anon (dont just ask for them pls say if its for commissions)

in ur email /ask/whatever please have:
-your tumblr or name or someway i can remember u lol
-your paypal address
-what type of commission you want
-any details for the picture (bg color, poses, expressions, etc.)
-please have the word “commission” somewhere in the subject (ex: “Commission Request”, “Full Body Commission Request”, etc.)
-whatever email you want me to send the final piece to  (otherwise ill send it to the email i received the request from

this is getting long so pls read everything else below or check out the FULL COMMISSION PAGE ON MY BLOG HERE

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 ive been having a hard time with poses lately so i asked faa what i should draw this was her suggestion<3

byren a super happy over protective daddy to be~

he loves to cuddle her stomach and rub it  because hes so excited for their babies to be born~

of course eve is as well shes also happy with all the extra cuddles shes been getting x3

i went kinda crazy with the back ground but i really like it xD

eve belongs to me

byren belongs to @foreverafterall


@nuzgrillcheese whose URL isn’t tagging for some reason? I went with 4B - I hope you like it, it was really fun! Kissing poses are hard for me to get to a satisfactory point with so this was good practice too, haha.

I am absolutely still doing these so anyone can feel free to send more if they like!

  • Sunggyu: this guy thinks he can beat me to that icecream truck
  • Sunggyu: nOT TODAY
  • Woohyun: ok how tf did I get in this room
  • Sungyeol: *accidentally punches mirror* *starts bleeding*
  • Sungyeol: ow maybe next time I shouldnt dance in the bathroom
  • Sungyeol: yolo
  • Dongwoo: i look bloody magnificent everybody look at me while I pose fiercely
  • Hoya: *looks in mirror* I look really good today
  • Hoya: oh it's Myungsoo...
  • Myungsoo: oh my fucking god I look ugly today
  • Myungsoo: oh thank god its just hoya
  • Sunggyu: the icecream truck got away before either of us got to it
  • Sunggyu: i guess that leaves me with no choice
  • Sunggyu: *starts crying*
  • Sungjong: was i even in this teaser wtf woollim

To end the year, I wanted to do a couple of posts on what I’ve been reading lately. First off, my newest obsessions, Scarlet Beriko and Ogeretsu Tanaka.

Scarlet Beriko appeared on my radar with Yondaime Ooyamoto Takayuki which I quickly followed by reading Jackass! Sawatte iitte dare ga ittayo. Now I’m reading Jealousy chapter by chapter, which is the story of Rogi from Yondaime. I love Scarlet Beriko’s art, with its clean lines, and the flow of her poses. Since I have a soft spot for damaged characters, Yondaime drew me in right away. Now I keep going back for more of those strong feelings she portrays.

Ogeretsu Tanaka also does pain and heartache really well, but with a different feel. I started with Escape Journey, then went back and read some of her older works, and my copy of Neon Sign Amber should be arriving any day now. Her crying faces get me every time. She also excels at humor, and mixes the two so that her characters all feel genuine. Her faces are always full of emotion and it brings me right inside their heads.

I thought about adding Harada in here, but that’s going to take its own separate post…