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You return to the motel and find Ignis passed out on your bed, what you do?

“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble

Normani doing what she does best, seeking out any camera when a 25 mile radius

The Bold Type S2 Renewal Discussion

Okay guys, I’m not saying that I know anything about how likely it TRULY is that The Bold Type will be renewed for a second season. Everyone is saying that it is currently the lowest-rated show on Freeform. Which is true. HOWEVER– Famous in Love (another freeform show) just got renewed for a second season. In episode order, here are the number of viewers (in millions) for that show:

.65 - .39 - .30 - .28  - .21  - .26 - .29 - .33 - .36 - .23

The overall ratings are being positively skewed by a big audience for the first episode. After that, viewers drop off like crazy.

Now, here are the ratings for the first six episodes of The Bold Type:

Preview .24 - Premiere .36 - .30 - .28 - .36 - .35 - .34

Truth be told, the real premiere of Episode 1 likely would have had a fair amount more viewers if there hadn’t been a preview of it prior to the official air date. After that, not including the “preview”, the amount of viewers only dips below .30 ONCE, while Famous in Love falls below the .30 mark several times, even sinking as low as .21! Granted, we can only go off the first half of the season in regards to The Bold Type, but if the numbers stay where they’re at, I think there is a fair chance that it could be renewed.

Additionally, it was just announced a week ago that Famous in Love was renewed, even though episode 10 (the finale) of their first season aired on June 13th. That is nearly two months after the finale aired. Therefore, we may not know until September or October whether or not our beautiful, diverse show will be renewed.

That being said, we CANNOT stop having a huge social media presence (let’s make Kat proud) and watching legally (if possible) each and every week. Record it on your DVR if you have one even though you’re going to watch it live. If you have the means, just play an episode and mute it while you do other things just so that it gets another view on Hulu or freeform. Rate it on IMDb. Every little bit helps! Let’s do this, fellow bold types!

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whale emoji rating


pretty basic! the shading feels a bit weird and so does the water after long inspection, nice baby buoy though! 8/10

the bold lining seems a bit weird but i like the realistic touch of water!! freaky but soft buoy 9/10

microsoft kind of butchered this one with the poor spine breaking pose and the lining. poor boy dont do that you could get hurt!!!!! 6/10

a big round buoy! big spherical buoy! big bulbous boy! chunky boy! 10/10

No. Shadings weird, thats not what water is, and theres no feeling behind those eyes. 1/10

very simple! a nice simple boy. probably likes writing and books. only problem is the water looks like a treesprout. a blue one. a plant whale. (not a bad idea actually but this isnt what its supposed to be) 9/10

messenger always comin at me with a tumblr feel. as much as i hate this hellsite i cant help but love the art on here. i like the idea of a soft but realistic boy! good design good design 10/10

wonderful. amazing. beautiful. round. soft. chunky. squishy. happy. good. 9/10

i like the idea of a purple whale instead of a bloo one!! good idea but they screwed up the water 7/10

soft boy, thats really there is to say on the matter 8/10

look at him!!!!!! he’s so happy and smiley!!!!!!!!! 10/10

fuck you emojidex. fuck you for ruining my life with things like these. i woke up. had coffee and breakfast. and got on my computer to have a good day. not to see shit like this. when will you learn. when will you learn. when will you learn that your actions have consequences. there are actual people dying around in the world. there are actual people in their homes sobbing their eyes out right now. do you not think about the suffering people in the world? do you only think of yourself? you faceless men. dont try to relate to us. dont try and appeal to us. there are so many better things you could be doing than this. this. you’re wasting hard earned cash and equipment with things like this. are you not ashamed? are you not the slightest bit worried that someone might see this and frown? a whale used to be a holy symbol. a whale is like a silent, watchful guardian of the seas. then you disgrace such a beautiful creature with this. watch out emojidex. at 4am tonight. i’m coming for you. so keep your doors locked. your windows closed. and your eyes open. not like thats gonna change anything anyway. Arrivederci, Emojidex.

cactusjesus-iwajesus  asked:

So I just wanted to ask some art tips. I'm an amateur artist and I'm still trying to get my anatomy right. I'd like to ask how did you learn how to draw hands and feet (and also shoes). While I do draw in a front facing view I love drawing depth and dynamic poses so I hope it's not too much trouble to ask about that too. Also your art is inspiring to me. It's breathtaking and I love it. I'm sure you've heard this from everyone but your Mafia AU is incredible and so is your comic. (=゚ω゚)ノ♡

Ooooh, no prob at all!!! O3O
Honestly tho, I still consider myself an amateur, so, I’ll do what I can to help! XD

ah, anatomy is super tough, like, THERE’S A REASON YOU REALLY DON’T SEE FEET IN MY ART
As I am sure most ppl will say, the only way to get better is to practice :3
Look at your own hands and feet, sketch them out, try and understand how they move the the forms they make :D
I know there’s like a weird feeling that using references is somehow “cheating” BUT THAT IS BULLSHIT, GOOGLE IMAGE THINGS AND USE REFERENCES ALL THE WAY!!!
When you’re just practicing, like, just straight up trace things at times :D
Carve the feeling into your hands, muscle memory is definitely a thing!
The best thing to do when you’re learning is to chunk things, draw the basic shapes that make up feet and hands and then add in details :3
Here are some feet and hands practice I’ve done, notice the basic shapes are drawn and then the details done on top of it :D

All these were done with references, btw o3o

Hope that was helpful ^w^



.。.:*・° |  孫 悟空 x チチ  | .。.:*・°

Few Son Goku x Chi-Chi related merchandises from Japan since 1989 till 2017. 

This is just a sneak preview, there are more Goku x Chi-Chi stuff out there, though its not easy to get them cuz they were released long time ago, some of them are limited edition release. (I wouldn’t have even known about most of them if my older siblings hadn’t shown them to me!)

Also, the number of couple and family related mercandise is very less, like only 5%. The rest 95% is hot aliens either in fighting poses or ‘beating the crap out of each other’ pics. So, that makes these kind of pics very rare.

And the only way to get them now is through ebay or auction pages…where they ask too high prices 😓

Also, main reason I made these posts because of stupid messages like this - here.

The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 5

This episode actually had a lot more of Victor than you’d initially think and he seems to go through quite a range of emotions during just this competition. Let’s take a peek at what’s going on and why he fluctuates as much as he does!

So what I’ll actually start with commenting on with this first gif is Victor’s coaching. None of the other coaches at the competition are wearing anything more than semi-formal wear but Victor breaks out the entire three-piece suit. Why? Does he feel the need to impress Yuuri or the press? No, I think it’s more about his How to Coach 101 point of reference – Yakov. A lot of his habits can be traced back to him – his gruff way of giving feedback, his no-nonsense approach to learning, and even his dress. All of this makes sense considering his longest-term coach has been Yakov (with an obvious touch of Lilia, though she made her mark more on his skating and mannerisms). It also makes sense that he would test run his serious competition coaching as soon as possible – in this case, at Regionals.

For this second gif, I’d like to talk a bit about Victor’s expectations. He starts off overly excited, everything he says and does is overflowing with joy. However, that only lasts until Yuuri takes to the ice for his warm-up (and blows Victor’s enthusiasm off entirely), which causes Victor to start realizing that it isn’t going to be as simple or straightforward as he thought. Perhaps he thought that it could be like he’s seen from others – that he’d give Yuuri a quick pep-talk, Yuuri would get fired up, and then he’d go out and skate with minimal errors through the power of motivation… or something like that. That quite obviously doesn’t happen because Yuuri gets stuck in his own head so deep that he ignores everything else around him until he’s forced to pay attention. So Victor is immediately shown that coaching in reality is not going to be like when they’re in private or how it’s worked for him as a skater and he’s going to need to adjust his expectations to suit it.

This back hug… there’s a lot I could say about it but I’ll actually start with the buildup to it. I felt like I understood immediately what Victor was feeling when he was being grumpy and then ordered Yuuri to turn around, only to hug him. Which, when said out loud brings to light that the emotional tone doesn’t really match up. But I think it shows that Victor’s brain is working; he’s trying to find the best way to shake Yuuri out of his nerves. He knows that hugging has seemed to help before, and so does surprising him. So why not combine both, along with some advice whispered in his ear in an attempt to ground him? And it does work, for the first half anyway (Victor isn’t a cure-all, Yuuri does have his own things he needs to work through to relax more). As for why Victor tells Yuuri to turn around while being so grumpy and then sends the opposite message by hugging Yuuri and telling him to seduce Victor, I feel says that Victor feels frustrated that he can’t seem to get Yuuri to understand what he’s trying to tell him non-verbally. He wants Yuuri to turn around and is annoyed that Yuuri isn’t just doing it without being told – which is obviously an irrational wish because Yuuri can’t read his mind – but that doesn’t stop him from being frustrated anyway and turning it into an order. Along with Victor feeling ignored when Yuuri brushed him off earlier, this hug arguably isn’t only for Yuuri as well.

For this fourth gif, I’d like to focus on what Victor says. In this clip, he says “skate like you’re trying to seduce me” which tells us a few things. Firstly, it tells us that Victor is aware of who Yuuri is skating that particular program for. Secondly, it shows that Victor is aware of Yuuri’s reciprocated romantic and/or sexual interest. And thirdly, it shows us that Yuuri and Victor have talked about Yuuri’s interpretation of the Eros story in words. So any thought that Victor doesn’t know Yuuri is interested by this point in the series is disproven with this simple line, as well as the idea that Yuuri and Victor don’t talk about the meanings behind Yuuri’s individual programs. So by that, we can imply that everything we as viewers know about the meanings behind the programs, unless told otherwise in-show, both Yuuri and Victor know as well.

This fifth gif actually strikes me as particularly interesting because of Victor’s expression of displeasure. The clip before where he’s lecturing Yuuri shows him with a cutesy smile but then we get this next one with a more serious expression. I think that it’s not just Victor emulating Yakov’s coaching style, but that he really is unimpressed by Yuuri’s performance. Overall, it wasn’t a bad skate – he did get a score that would place him in the top 10 in the world – but Victor is aware of what potential Yuuri has and he was genuinely unhappy that Yuuri didn’t seem to get close to grasping that considering there was nothing around to really bother him or shake his confidence. Victor really is invested in Yuuri, and he’s aware of what things Yuuri can achieve when he actually applies himself and performs his best and Victor is invested in getting that best result.

For next one, we see Victor jumping in front of Yuuri/answering questions in front of the cameras for him again. This is actually something that started in episode 3, when he put his arm around Yuuri on the podium. Victor has gotten the impression that any time Yuuri is nervous in front of the camera, he can/needs to jump in and help. In a sense, this shows that Victor doesn’t really trust Yuuri to handle himself in front of the media. I’ve talked about it at length here before so I’ll spare the repetition but we can really see that Victor can get extra protective of Yuuri when he feels like anything is even slightly starting to go downhill.

I absolutely adore the intimacy shown in this seventh gif. The way that Yuuri sits back and lets Victor take care of him, the way that Victor is checking the small things like his hair being in place or his lips being chapped, and the way that there’s no actual pep talk between the two of them tell us that they’re absolutely on the same wavelength – a complete 180 from how they were the day before during the short programs.

Ahh, the Makkachin tissue box. This entire episode, Victor can hardly be spotted without it. Even when he’s upset the day before, he slams the skate guards down and walks off with it still in hand (though logically it’s Yuuri that would need it the most). But even more interesting than his attachment to it as an object, is the fact that he quite often uses it as a shield. He hides behind it, or uses it to talk, or says that it’s the one sending a message often enough that it makes me wonder if this is how he comforts himself when at competitions (as in, he looks at the box and sees Makkachin cheering him on or that the box is a stand-in for her and not just a cute tissue container). If something works to comfort the self, people tend to try it as the first thing they do when trying to comfort others. The concept of the box being a comfort for Victor can also be applied to how he hides behind the box, using it as a way to comfort himself (as well as Yuuri). Interestingly, he may use it as a wall a lot in this episode, yet it seems to lose that particular use past this particular competition.

“Oh, it’s me!” This clip sticks out to me as having 2 very obvious implications. The first meaning is the literal one that Victor states in his monologue, that he’s wondering where Yuuri gets his rebelliousness from in regards to not listening to his coach and trusting his own instincts first and foremost (which, interestingly, is a departure from how he was pre-Victor – but that’s a topic for another time).  The second comes from the message Yuuri’s program and final pose send, that his program (and thus his skating in its entirety) is a dedication to Victor. Put these two together, and you get a more overarching meaning to Yuuri’s program and the fact that he insists on taking the reins with it – that everything all come back to Victor. “Oh, it’s me!” indeed!

And for this last gif, I just love his shocked face. I think what’s shocked him the most is that he’s hearing Yuuri say things that would otherwise be left for more private settings – not just in regards to the romantic implications (Victor being the first person he wants to bond himself to) but also the fact that he’s admitting publicly that he struggled on his way to seeing and accepting the love around him (a topic that before now was only talked about at the beach with the specific mention that Yuuri hid it from other people in an attempt to not appear “weak”). Yuuri put a lot out there in this press conference so it makes sense that Victor would be so surprised by it and then not be able to process all of it fast enough to be able to form a response appropriate enough for in front of Yuuri’s family and friends better than commenting on his clothes!

As you can see, Victor experiences quite the range of emotions and reactions to things this episode! There ended up being a lot more of him here than I initially expected going in but I hope everyone has enjoyed this short journey with me! See you all next week when we finally get to go international!

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Bonus because if this isn’t the most relatable gif then I don’t know what is:


I dreamt of happier times…


WELL! The amazingly talented @outlandishchridhe saw a quilt pattern and decided to make me a wee giftie. She made me pick out a few different options of sets of colors, and wouldn’t even tell me what she picked! Rude, right!? (I LOVE YOU ISH!)

Anyway, she teased me endlessly about what it looked like and all sorts of torture. But. IT’S CATS!!! AND ISN’T IT PRETTY!?

I put it on my bed and Wes was the first one to jump up there. And he laid down just like that. (I think he was posing for you @widchadidcha) Ish even made me record a video of myself opening the box so she could get my super squeaky voice. I’m so blown away that she would take the time and make me something so beautiful. I’m glad we’re friends, Ish! My life would be much duller without you in it!!


Helloooooo commissions open! 

I need to save lots of money for a new computer and lots of cool stuff to draw, [among other things from my real life that I need money for], so I re-did the commission post. The old one was kind of messy and hard to understand. I also modified the prices because apparently I was being too cheap.

If you’re interested in ordering a commission from me, please don’t send me petitions by chat or my ask box, I will immediatly reject those. Please send me a message to my gmail account. That one’s listed below.

Now, if you’re up to order something, please look at the details from under the sexy cut ♥

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Edd is a pretty fly ace guy, and I’m honestly so glad he exists, because I relate to him on a personal level. 

Probably my favorite Edd scene was him just raising his hand and yelling “I don’t like anyone” when Rolly asked if anyone else was going to come out, because I’ve literally done that myself when coming out to people as asexual. I love him.

I’m determined to get to all the characters before Pride Month ends! 

🌈 Happy Pride, y’all! 🌈

Tentacle Boyfriend 2

Ya’ll asked for more tentacles so here are more tentacles! You can read the first part HERE.

   Recently, people around you have been commenting on how happy you seem. They ask you if you’re seeing anyone and if they’re the cause of it. You have to hesitate a moment when they ask this because technically, yes, you have met someone but you can’t exactly describe your new mate. At first, they were a tiny little succulent plant you were given as a gift, now, they were this tentacled creature living off soda and sweet drinks in your home.

   You smile though and reply yes, you do have someone special in your life. You can’t deny you’re over the moon for them, you love them more than you ever thought possible. Not only were they sweet and gentle, always there for you and attentive, they were the best sex you’ve ever had.

   Coming home you find yourself excited, always happy to see them and be wrapped up in their many limbs as they kiss you with the soft mouth hidden amongst the tendrils. Sometimes they’ve made you dinner, although it’s usually always something sweet, usually you come home and cook with them then after you’ve eaten you both take a nice long bath.

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Shit from our D&D campaign: Session 1
  • Our party contains naming gems such as Theryn Moonsparkle, Skaan Tillykladd (scantily clad), Manpip the Turgid and Calov Quethulu (literally pronounced Call of Cthulu)
  • Our bard to our fighter, whose player is playing via video chat so we can’t see his character sheet: ‘on a scale of one to twenty how charismatic would you say you are?’
  • Our warlock uses Thaumaturgy to make a dramatic entrance literally every time he walks in a room, and also talks like Doctor Orpheus from Venture Bros
  • Our gnome barbarian was raised by orcs and therefore has only recently discovered that a) he is a gnome and b) there are other gnomes out there, and will ask literally any NPC we meet if they’ve seen a gnome recently
  • I play a red dragonborn and the DM gave me a point of inspiration for giving her a Welsh accent
  • The first NPC we came across was also a red dragonborn - I instantly went for a high five which he interpreted as a handshake and we just ended up awkwardly touching each others faces
  • He accompanied us on our long voyage at the start of the campaign and it ended up being our secret dragon buddy handshake
  • Our bard asked the DM if, during a battle, he could use Message to telepathically convince one of the goblins we were fighting that his sword was incredibly hot and he should put it down, to which the DM responded ‘you can certainly try’, the age-old D&D equivalent of ‘that’s fucking stupid but I’m gonna let you attempt and fail’
  • The bard then rolled a 19 and this goblin starts screaming and fucking hurls his sword across the field like a javelin because he heard a soothing Yorkshire accent in his head saying ‘hey fella, that sword’s a bit warm, innit?’
  • Before checking out a potentially goblin-filled cave our gnome used Minor Illusion to create a ‘sexy lady goblin’ to lure any inhabitants out. He crit fails and, because this raised-by-orcs gnome has never seen a goblin before apart from the ones we killed outside, the illusion created is a horrific Frankenstein hodge-podge of dismembered goblin bits, but with mascara and lipstick on. It floats judderingly into the cave in a static T-pose, then clips through the floor and vanishes
  • The gnome tries again. He crits a second time. This time the goblin illusion has no head, and the mascara and lipstick are drawn onto its chest
  • DM to one of the players: ‘Kane take three points of damage’ ‘what the fuck, did someone ambush us?’ ‘No you promised you’d get me a drink from the kitchen and you fucking forgot’

komoii  asked:

Do you think (if it isn't too much trouble) you could give me a couple of art tips? I really love the way you draw and it would be really nice if I could get pointers from an artist I like. Don't feel you have to though! :)


-don’t shade with black!! blease!!

-if you’re just doodling i recommend doodling rly rly fast!! especially when it comes to full bodies or dynamic poses!

-try practicing thinner lines in lineart! idk why but it helped me??

-remember to take breaks to stretch!! your back will thank u!

-use reference pictures! NOT the drawings of someone else bc everybody makes mistakes in their art and its best if you use an actual picture as a ref!

-dont trace! that way you won’t learn anything :o (unless you’re lazy like me, i usually just trace like backgrounds from pictures sometimes or some furniture but usually its best to try and draw it by yourself!)

-dont go too crazy on luminosity and overlays and such if you use sai! sometimes less is more (unless you really  know what you’re doing)

-although luminosities and overlays may help setting the tone of the drawing!! i recommend finding some inspo on tumblr and it’s fanarts! there are also plenty tutorials on how to color!

-shade with a darker colder color from the base color and light up the drawing with a warmer lighter color!

-it’s just my opinion but i think that sometimes a more cleaned up sketch is much better than really stiff lineart! although i’m not saying you should stop practicing it tho >:O

-it’s ok to take breaks from drawing but make sure they’re not too long! i’m not saying you should full on paint 3000x3000 paintings but at least doodle a little!

-make sure your colors dont blend in together! i had this issue with coloring where sometimes the skin had the same as the background or the hair for example lmao

-when you are doing lineart, have your sketch layer set really low so you can see what you’re actually doing

-make sure your drawing fills out the whole canvas! don’t be afraid to crop your drawings unless you have backgrounds!

-don’t give up! it’s not a race! and have fun!

-remember that progress doesn’t happen overnight and be patient >:0

this is what i’ve learned over the years at least :O


A size comparison, pre and post blocking. (That’s the same mat, but I had to stand on a box to get the second one.)

Trimberly Week (D2)

da angst

tw: brief mentions of death and suicidal thoughts

  • Trini’s parents die in an accident when the Rangers are battling Goldar
  • She doesn’t find out until the hospital calls her and informs her that her brothers are okay
    • Mateo broke his arm and needed stitches for the cut on his forehead
    • Alex suffered minor burns and some smoke inhalation
  • A doctor and a police officer pulled her aside to tell her that one of the “rock monsters” had thrown the car and smashed through the windshield
    • her father had been crushed
    • her mother had died en route
  • And Trini nods, numb and buzzing, and excuses herself back to the room where her brothers are
    • and she barely has time to make it to the bathroom before she’s throwing up and shaking and on the verge of losing it but then she hears Alex outside the door, asking if she’s okay
    • and she decides right then and there that even if she isn’t she’s all her brothers have now and she’s going to be strong
  • A tired looking social worker comes around some time later and gives her temporary guardianship of her brothers
  • And Trini has to break her brother’s hearts when she explains to them what happened to Mami and Papi
    • she holds them both as they cry into her lap and swears she’s never letting go
  • Kim finds out first
    • The boys get released from the hospital (because they’re injuries aren’t extensive and they desperately need the extra beds) and Trini has to drive them home by herself, tuck them in by herself, and it isn’t until they’re both asleep do things start to hit her
    • the house is too quiet, too empty, and her parents are dead, and now she has to take care of her brothers all by herself
  • So she’s just sitting in her room, holding a picture frame from the mantel downstairs, when Kim crawls through her window
    • she’s talking as she crawls into the dark room, about how crazy everything looks, how they don’t have school for a while because the place was nearly demolished, how Zack says his mom is okay and Jason’s family is too, along with Billy’s mom, and it isn’t until she sits next to Trini does she realize somethings wrong
    • and they may have this new link that connects their emotions or whatever, but somehow Trini’s got a dam on hers because it isn’t until Kim touches her cheek, turns her face to look at her, and asks “what’s wrong?” does the dam break
    • and suddenly Kim understands perfectly
  • Trini cries and Kim holds her all night
    • Zack finds out next because he comes to visit Trini the next morning and then he messages Billy and Jason to get their asses to Trini’s now 
    • And they spend a good two hours in a big huddle, everyone holding each other, and Trini cries and they all share her ache
  • Trini can’t sleep in her house, traumatized by Rita’s encounter and haunted by her parent’s absence
    • And she’s struggling to juggle lawyers and life insurance and social workers and funeral expenses and finding a full time job because she’s gonna need that if she wants to keep custody of her brothers
    • Kim makes it a little easier, she stays every night for a week, even when Trini doesn’t sleep, just having Kim next to her helps ease the emptiness around her
  • Madi and Ted Hart notice their daughters disappearances and when they confront her about it she tells them her friend just lost her parents and has to take care of her little brothers
    • turns out Madi was the doctor who stitched up Mateo’s forehead and Ted was the officer who pulled them from the vehicle
  • To make matters worse, the judge assigned to the boys case has deemed Trini unfit to look after her brothers, not because she physically can’t but because she’s too young and without a full time job
  • And Trini breaks down outside the courthouse because two social workers are taking her brothers away and she nearly sends two police officers flying as they hold her back
    • Ted holds her as she sobs deeply and when Kim shows up and swoops in to hold her, he knows he has to do something
    • He calls his wife, who immediately agrees, then makes a few more phone calls and few favors and then its done
  • Trini’s sitting in her room, alone in the dark, when she starts wishing Rita had killed her the first time, how she wishes she were dead
  • And then Kim’s stumbling into her room, teary eyed, and running over to Trini and pulling her close
    • “don’t you ever, ever, think like this! I can’t do this without you Trin, and god I know this sucks, but please, please don’t leave me. I need you. Your brothers need you. And I’m not going to leave you, ever. so please, just stay with me”
    • and Trini cries and kisses her and Kim holds her so tight she leaves small bruises that disappear by the morning
  • The next morning Kim gets a call from her mom to bring Trini back to their house
  • and Kim tells Trini to live with them
    • she poses it like its a question but Trini knows she doesn’t really have a choice
    • and she can feel Kim’s resoluteness through the link and it hits her a little because Kim really isn’t going to leave her, no matter what
    • So she kisses her again and Kim kisses back twice as hard, twice as soft, and doesn’t let go
  • And when they finally get to Kim’s house, Trini’s things packed in three duffel bags, the front door flings open and Mateo and Alex come barreling out, followed by Madi and Ted
    • the phone calls were to square away the boys adoption since Madi and Ted were registered foster parents before they had Kim
  • And Trini breaks down crying and hugging and kissing her brothers, and then the Harts are joining in the group hug
  • Trini still misses her mom and dad, but she gains a second family
    • or rather a third because her fellow rangers are family too


  • Years later, when Trini and Kim have dated for a while, Kim proposes
    • “I think it’s time you joined the Hart family too. Trini will you marry me?”
    • And Trini says yes (duh)