it's the ponytails and dress

You’re Mine

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Artist/Person : Lee Sunghwa/Gray

Group/Crew : AOMG

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 1527

Requested : Anon; Can you do a daddy smut of gray where he gets super jealous and possessive! Please and thank you !!

Usually Sunghwa chill, barely display much emotion at all. So when I looked at him from across the room and caught sight of his deathly glare, I felt myself start to feel worried, even a bit scared. I rose an eyebrow at him, but he kept that stone cold look on his face. We held eye contact for a few more seconds before he looked away and someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around, coming face to face with the person that I’ve been trying to avoid, but yet again he found me. Woo TaeWoon. It’s not that he’s not a cool person. It’s just that he’s very flirty, and not really subtle about it. And I would tell him that I go out with his hyung, but Sunghwa didn’t want everyone to know about our relationship. I let a small smile pulled onto my lips as the older male started up another conversation.

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Apparently like Riley, Lydia was pretty oblivious to her own feelings for this person she’d just met. It should have been obvious the way she strolled into work today. Her hair was out of its usual neat ponytail and styled down, and instead she was dressed in a summer dress and not the dull colored cardigan and pencil skirt. Black rimmed glasses still adorned her face, though. Right after lunch, Lydia stood outside of Kendall’s door and knocked on it politely.