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Im already seeing articles how the Switch Nintendo's biggest flop. The thing was just released and theres already doom and gloom speculation. My only suggestion to Nintendo, is to release more games. Otherwise its a solid system with a cool gimmick.

We have all played the Switch more than any other newly launched console in years. We are going to play Mario Kart nonstop in a few weeks. They can speculate doom all they want, we’ll all be having fun over here

My Stage Management Kit

Alright, so some of my regular followers might have noticed that I have a silly tag system (or they’ve just noticed random tags that don’t seem to make sense).  For general theatre posts, often tech, I tag “techrider.”  For resources and references, I tag “pencilcup.”  And for most of my own posts, I tag “smkit.”  You know, to be cute.  But this time, I’m actually posting about my SM kit, and I’m pretty stoked, so I might just tag all three ‘cause what the hell, it’s my blog and I can screw with the system all I want.

Meet Samson:

Samson is a product of Artbin, made of a durable cloth material with (I discovered) luan siding.  Notice the sweet rolling luggage-style handle and the nice big snaps keeping the two pieces together.  The top has its own carrying strap, and the bottom (wheels attached) has two comfortable handles for hauling this beast in and out of my trunk when moving spaces.  Hopefully won’t have to move him much this summer, he’s not light.

Let’s open him up!

First glance does not do it justice–it is quite deep.  But let’s check out that neato zipper-pocket on the top flap:

That pocket is basically the size of the entire flap, but for now I’m just storing my headband and desk/clip/LED light.  ($10, Barnes & Noble, super sturdy bright light, I highly recommend it!)

Alright, and as for the rest of the top bin…

Bubba Zips, my stage management buddy, is coming along for the ride.  He loves the upgrade.

Time to unpack!

Here’s everything that fits comfortably in the top:

1.  Huge 4″ D-ring trapper keeper (regular binders are typical in stage management, but keep in mind that we’ll be in the elements this summer).
2.  Ruler, protractor, scale rule.
3.  Hole-punch.
4.  Spare water bottle.
5.  Bubba Zips.
6.  Umbrella.
7.  Clean rags.
8.  Main tape supply (spike, gaff, drafting, glow).
9.  Spike stick with scissors attached (thank you, Techblr!).
10.  Tape measure.
11.  Electric pencil sharpener.
12.  Gerber tool.
13.  Stun-gun (told you, public park).
14.  Personal medical kit.
15.  Outdoorsy things (bagged).
16.  Craft/sewing kit (bagged).
17.  Extended medical kit (bagged, large).
18.  Shakespeare reference book.

Moving on to the bottom, because we have a long way to go…

Electronics/etc. (shoe)box, office supplies box, office supplies bag, hardware box, toolkit, hygiene box, feminine hygiene bag, three packs of gum.

The pink-tab boxes (Artbin or something similar, I shopped around quite a bit) are fantastic.  Deep, sturdy, very strong.  The bags are nice as well, waterproof, clear-ish, and they smell awesome.

Basic toolkit:

…with more hardware-type things.  I’ve got rubber bands, glues, flashlights, lighter, spare screwdrivers, clips, a boxcutter, and one of those cool marker/cutter combo things.  Also a pen light, because you can never have enough little lights at the park.

This here is my electronics/et cetera box.  It includes (pictured above) another damn flashlight, spare scissors, fishing line, “other” tape, a table-clock, an AUX cable, and an iPhone cable (I don’t even have an iPhone…).  Pictured below, we have a box of batteries (AA, AAA, D), a speaker (compatible with the AUX cable), a Master Lock & keys, headphones, a USB-power adapter, and a flashdrive.

Next, we have a plethora of office supplies.  Post-its, tacks, sticky-tack, staples, clear and double-sided tape, eraser-heads, more rubber bands, tabs, paperclips, binder clips, page protectors, pens/pencils/highlighter, pencil sharpener, erasers, and a stapler.

Let’s see if I forgot anything…

Oh yeah, that quick-flick finger-moistener and the gluestick and white-out.

Next, the bag:  It contains less-used office supplies, like Elmer’s glue and a spare stopwatch, plus lots of stickers/labels.  Also a pack of notecards, and a pack of thank you cards, because you never know when you will owe someone a proper thanks!

Next up, hygiene…extra important when you’re working in nature!

Basic feminine hygiene is in an easy-go bag.  Here, we have Carmex, Wet Ones, Gold Bond, lotion, powder-scented antiperspirant, Colgate wisps, make-up wipes, facial tissue, a pack of bobby pins with hair-ties and barrettes wrapped around it, a scrunchie, a pack of Q-tips, Tide to-go sticks, and a brush/mirror combo.  Now let’s look under some of these things:

There’s also hand-sanitizer, baby powder, Listerine tabs, toothpaste, floss, a pencil-sharpener for makeup, a nail-clipper, tweezers, a lint-roller, and some cotton balls.

That’s all, folks!  Thanks for taking the tour.  Oh, and you know that tiny box of brads I forgot to pack yesterday?  Well, I packed away all the stuff again after these pictures, and realized I forgot that stupid little box again…so here it is, all alone.  Bubba is so disappointed in me.

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Im so proud you are at vidcon i see you really close to me (as opposed to other youtubers who are "bigger" in a way) because we have the same age and share interests and sometimes reblog things from each other and it inspires me so much, sorry for the fangirling but its true you always try to talk/answer to your followers/subscribers and i think you are really cool

Oh don’t worry I am just here punching above my weight. Talking to YouTubers that I love every now and then to go back to my friends. Very weird

Can you make me a dirty nash,cameron and taylor imagine. Where we are all friends and they spend the night at my house and we end up playing dirty truth or dare 🌚 thanks bae💖💖

“You guys suck” you whined out as you and three of your close friends laid in a pallet on your living room floor. You had invited Taylor, Nash, and Cameron to your place because you were going to be home alone for the weekend and your neighborhood was known to have others break in, so you figured three strong guys would be enough protection for yourself. “Its not our fault you have nothing cool to do here. Your place is boring” Taylor said from beside you. You sat up, grabbing your phone. “Fine I’ll just Google what we should do” you suggested, sighing heavily. There were multiple things that sounded interesting. “Movie marathon?” You asked, scrolling through the lists. “Nah I’ll fall asleep” cameron said looking over his shoulder. “Oh oh we could make videos” you said with a little too much excitement. “No! We make enough of those already, they get boring after a while” nash said. You sighed heavily. “Oh, extreme truth or dare” you said winking at the boys. “Yeah that’ll work” Taylor said before sitting apple cross. “Alright everyone in a circle” you said. You all quickly got in a circle, Taylor on your left, cameron on your right, and nash in front of you. “Alright who wants to start?” You asked looking between the three boys. They all looked at each other, waiting for someone to speak up. “I’ll go.” Taylor said tossing one hand up. “Alright, go then” you said looking over at him with excitement. Suddenly he smirked with just as much excitement. “Y/n have you ever tried anal?” He asked. Your eyes widened at the straight forward question. Cameron and Nash on the other hand just chuckled, as if they were expecting him to say something like that. You gulped slightly looking down at your hands. “Well no, I’ve never had the balls to do that. I don’t plan on that actually. I’ve heard some terrible side effects from that” you replied, calming down from your shock. He chuckled. “Alright your turn” Taylor said. You looked over at both nash and cameron. “Cameron, truth or dare?” You asked looking to your right. “Truth” he said not wanting to be the first to be embarrassed. You chuckled slightly, “have you ever been caught jacking off?” You questioned, giggling as his face instantly went cherry red. “N-no pshh what?” He said but you could easily tell he was lying. “Bull shit!” Nash said. “I can’t even count on my hand how many times I’ve caught you” nash said causing you all to laugh including cameron. “Okay okay yes I have geeze!” He said throwing his hands up in surrender. “Alright alright cameron its your turn” you said. Cameron looked over at Nash asking him the simple question, ‘truth or Dare’. “Dare “he said. Cameron laughed, grabbing his phone out. “Snap a picture of your bare ass , no captions. And you have to put your face in the picture.” “You’re fucking kidding me!” Nash said, instantly regretting picking dare. You both giggled as you watched him from the side take a picture of his pants pulled down. “There, posted. Happy?” He asked with anger in his voice. You all three laughed loudly while nodding as it showed people already screenshotting it. “Alright come on we have a game to finish” you said pushing the boys out of the bathroom. “Alright nash its your turn” you said after you all had settled back down in your original spots. “Alright y/n” nash said turning to you with a smirk on his face. “Oh god” you groaned jokingly. “Truth or dare?” He asked staring you directly in the eyes. “Truth” you said quietly. “Have you ever fantasized about one of us?” He questioned your eyes widened before you looked at your hands. “To be honest I’ve fantasized about all of you at one point in time…” You said not making eye contact with any of them. The room was quiet until Taylor spoke up. “Alright my turn, Cameron truth or dare” he said smirking. Cameron glanced around the room before mumbling ‘dare’., “I dare you to kiss y/n” he said smirking. “Woah what?” You questioned in shock. “Oh so you fantasize about me but you don’t want to kiss me?” Cameron said turning over to look at you. “O-of course I do I was just sh-” “Then kiss me.” He said before grabbing your face in his hands and placing his lips roughly. Your lips instantly moved along with his, your fingers tugging at his hair. You didn’t realize how intimate the kiss had gotten until you let out a throaty moan, instantly pulling away with wide eyes. “Damn if that would have lasted another minute you guys would be fucking right now” nash said causing you to giggle. “Alright my turn” cameron said. He turned to you grinning. “Y/n truth or dare” he said. You smirked. “Dare” you grinned. “Finally” Taylor mumbles but you decided to ignored it, your focus only on the boy who you had just made out with 2 seconds ago. “I dare you to take your sweater and your shorts off. ” he said with a cocky smirk plastered on his face. You mentally faced palmed yourself for not putting a bra on this morning but thanked yourself for picking out a good set of panties. You sighed standing up, lifting your sweat shirt over your heard, the boys gasping loudly as they noticed your breasts. You knew your face had to have been cherry red while you slid your shorts down, giving them a perfect few of your white laced panties. You stood there for a second before clearing your throat, making the boys eyes look to yours and away from your breast. “I guess its my turn” you said sitting down, feeling all eyes on you. “Alright go” nash said, his eyes constantly glancing down at your breast. “This goes for all three of you” you said pointing in between them all. “Truth or Dare” you questioned. “Dare” they all said simultaneously. “I dare all of you to take all your close off” you said without thinking. You weren’t going to be the only one showing anything. The each slowly pulled their shirts off, then they pushed their pants down, leaving themselves in only their boxers. “Keep going” you said bit in your lip. “What no you still have clothes on” nash interrupted. You just sighed heavily before standing up, sliding your panties down, stepping out of them. You walked up to nash, placing your hand on his chest. “Do you need some help, pretty boy?” You questioned with a smirk. He gulped as his blue eyes darkened, his eyes boring into yours. “Truth or dare y/n” you heard Cameron say from behind you. You breathed heavily has you felt his bare body press against your bare back, his hard on poking your bottom. “D-dare” you stuttered slightly, staring directly into Nash’s eyes. “Suck nash off” he whispered in your ear. You felt your body tense up but a dare is a dare, so you slowly got down on your knees, lacing your fingers in his briefs. “Fuck” you said under your breath as his hard member popped out from his underwear. “Go ahead baby girl, start” cameron whispered in your ear. You immediately took nash in your hands before wrapping your lips around him, slowly and teasingly pushing yourself down his shaft. “Oh god y/n” he said pushing at your head. You slightly gagged at the size but the more you moved, the more you got into it. You watched as nash struggled to keep his balance as he started to twitch in your mouth before shooting his load into you. You sighed as you stood back up before Nash mumbled the so familiar question that had been asked multiple times tonight. “Truth or dare?” He asked breathing heavily. “Dare” you whispered stepping closer to him. “Ride Taylor"he said before pressing his lips against yours. You kissed back for a second before pulling away and turning to Taylor. He grinned at you, his braces showing through his parted lips. "On the couch” you said to him. He quickly sat down before his hands found their way to your waist, guiding you over his lap and down his shaft. Both your mouths opened in an oval shape, soft moans coming out. At this moment you didn’t even bother to look and see what Nash and Cameron were doing, you were just too busy enjoying the pleasure you were feeling from Taylor. You wrapped your arms around his neck while he leaned his head into the crook of your neck, grunting out your name. You rocked your hips back and forth a couple of more times before you clenched around Taylor, you both coming at the same time. You were out of breath as you stood from Taylor, but nash was quick to pick you up and place you on the couch on your back. “Fuck!” You moaned out as nash immediately slid into you, his movements faster with each thrust. You heard nash hiss slightly in your ear as your nails raked down his back, the pleasure. “Right there nash” you moaned out as he hit your g-spot, both pleasure and pain shooting through out your body. You could feel Nash’s thumbs digging into your hips as he pounded into you, his thrusts getting sloppier by the second. “Oh god keep doing that” nash said as you clenched yourself around him. You continued to clench as he twitched inside of you before you came for the second time as well as him. You whimpered slightly as nash pulled out, walking across the room to put his briefs back on. “Cam” you breathed out, looking over at the sexually frustrated boy who was in desperate need of release. He looked at you with his darkened brown eyes as you grinned at him. “Truth or dare?” You said sitting up slightly, biting your bottom lip. “Dare” he said standing up, making his way towards you. “Show me a good time?” You asked with a smirk. “Bend over” he commanded, which you happily obliged. You felt Cameron roughly push your head down, making your ass stick further into the air before he slid himself into you. Cameron immediately started fast and rough, squeezing your ass and saying dirty things that you wouldn’t have expected innocent Cameron to say. You felt Cameron reach around, rubbing rough circles on your clot, intensifying the pleasure you were receiving. It didn’t take you long to feel that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach so you grinded your hips at the same pace as Cameron’s thrusts. “Truth or dare y/n” cameron said in between thrusts. “Dare!” You cried out as you felt your orgasm building up. “Scream my fucking name” he commanded through gritted teeth before slamming into you as hard as you. “Oh fuck cameron!!” You yelled out as you came around him, your third orgasm of the night. “God y/n” cameron moaned out as he came as well. Cameron pulled out Eventually you all had gotten dressed and you were all laid on the florr with blankets and pillows surrounding you. “What now?” You questioned, looking up at the fan. “Well, we can either just remember this as a fun night, or we could all become extremely awkward” Nash said. “I prefer the first option” Cameron said making you all laugh and agree. “Let’s just not tell anyone else about this night” Taylor suggested. “Deal”

Submitted by @themadmiz: I thought I'de share this since you’ve been smayloring hard today :p which is always good on my dash <3

This is the worst thing I’ve ever done but I literally made a masterpost of all the creamsicle in res dogs, it’s not totally complete but I was tired when I did it… anyways, here’s wonderwall:

*orange and white alternate hands on each others chairs
*white winks at orange before he says “well im afraid im gonna have to keep it” lol bitch we know you are trying to act cool for your boy but can you cool it down a little its getting hot in here
*while white busts out his statistics about waitressing, orange is looking all impressed and cocky like yeeeeee
*holding hands???? Alright
*you’re gonna be okay, i’ll be right in the other room
*whispers something in his ear GAYY
*gets extremely defensive about pink saying some fellas lucky and some ain’t
*looks back at orange TWICE while walking out to the car w/ blonde
*“gimmie a sec to breathe” “you aint dyin, he is.”
* we cant leave these guys here with him
*as they go to move the cars, white goes to check on orange then gives blonde a look then looks back at orange again
*“sittin right here on my dick” white looks at him like you’re clever, kid and orange smiles when he laughs like he wants his approval
*while white is explaining what to do about people trying to be heros, orange looks at him with some stupid fucking heart eyes, never looking away, hangs on his every word
*after white shoots the cops, orange lets him pull him around and guide him without any resistance or weird looks
*white keeps putting his arm on orange’s back protectively as they are running from the cops
*when orange sees white point the gun at the lady in the car he immidiately follows without hesitation note: he was behind him
*when they walk back in after getting the ice, white immidiately RUNS over to orange like he was thinking about it the whole time without even a glance at blonde’s body
*white kneels down to orange’s level and hangs on to his every word, never doubts him
*puts a hand on his back reassuringly
*when eddie says he doesnt buy it, white says it makes perfect fucking sense
*rubbing his shoulder and running his hand in his hair as he says “i swear on my mothers eternal soul thats what happened
*running his hand across his back as eddie yells at him saying that blonde did time for them
*"joe trust me on this, hes a good kid”
*“i know this man, he wouldnt do that”
*immidiately gets panic in his eyes and pulls his gun when he sees joe pull his gun out
*joe, if you kill that man you die next. I repeat, if you kill that man you die next.
*orange reaches for white when he gets up
*white puts his hand right on orange’s chest
*cradles his head in his lap, holding his face and looking down at him
*im sorry kid looks like we’re gonna have to do a little time
*rubs his face soothingly
*doesnt even ask if hes a cop or not lmao
*orange reaches back to hold him
*looks like he just lost his fucking world when freddy tells him
*orange just keeps saying im sorry larry not please dont kill me
*white wants to die because his love betrayed him but he has to be the one to do it

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I'm pretty sure I ship Jimmy and Kyle now, thanks to you. I love it, it is a good and beautiful thing. I wonder how Jimmy would take it, finding out he's dating a Greem Lantern... Probably very well xD.

“Kyle?” Jimmy Olsen stared, incredulous, at his long-distance boyfriend. Who was standing outside of his apartment. Which was a short distance. His dog sniffed cautiously at Kyle’s shoes. “What are you doing here?”

“I — I wanted to come see you, you were the first person I wanted to see,” Kyle said, and he sounded a little out of breath. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah, of course.” Jimmy stood out of the way so that Kyle could walk past him, shut the door behind him. Kay trotted after Kyle on stumpy little legs. Jimmy wasn’t thrilled that he hadn’t been given a chance to clean his apartment, but it wasn’t like he was unhappy to see his boyfriend. “You weren’t supposed to be out here until November, what happened?”

“That’s the thing, I flew.” Kyle ignored the fluffy sausage trying to climb his leg.

“Well, yeah, I didn’t think you’d walked.”

“No, I mean I flew. Like, really flew. Like Superman. Or Wonder Woman.” The dog gave up, and climbed onto the coffee table to jump on the couch. It watched them both reproachfully.

“Wait, what?” Jimmy frowned. “Why would you be able to fly? You don’t have powers.”

“I got a — here, I’ll just, um.” Kyle looked down at himself. “Do I really need to do the whole — I just want to show my boyfriend, I shouldn’t have to do the whole thing.”

Jimmy was beginning to feel worried. More worried than he’d already been. “What whole thing?”

Kyle sighed. “Inbrightestdayinblackestnightnoevilshallescapemysightletthosewhoworshipevil'smightbewaremypowergreenlantern'slight,” he said, all in on great woosh of breath much quieter than it was meant to have been. Then green light wrapped around him, and—

“Holy shit,” Jimmy said. On the couch, Kay had covered his eyes with his paws.

“Right?” Kyle said.

“You’re Green Lantern?”

“I guess?” Kyle said with a helpless spread of his hands.

Jimmy frowned. “You guess?”

“I don’t know! Today has been weird! There was a ring, and a guy with a silly moustache, and he broke my Cintiq and I kind of lost my shit at that point, and actually I’m still not over that and the flying is great but I don’t think being a Green Lantern pays well—”

Kay barked. Jimmy put his hands on Kyle’s shoulders. “Kyle. Calm down.”

“I’m calm!” He was not calm.

“Your costume looks really cool,” Jimmy said in an attempt to distract him.

“Does it?” He looked down at himself again. “I know I’m always falling back on the boots but I think they’re a really good look.”

“They are.”

“The mask isn’t too much? I’d tone it down but I think the ring just kind of does what it knows I want. Even when it’s a bit much, probably, because everyone else just does the little domino mask and this is just like—”

Jimmy cut him off by kissing his cheek. “Kyle. You look great.”

Kyle ran a hand through his hair. “Thanks.”

“And it’s not like we’ve ever seen the other Green Lanterns put the costume on. For all we know, they all do the Sailor Moon ribbon thing.”

Kyle started to turn red. He crossed his arms over his chest. “It did that on its own,” he muttered.

“I believe you.”

“I wanted something much cooler.”

“It’s still pretty cool.”

“It’s an iconic transformation sequence.”

“I haven’t seen you in months,” Jimmy reminded him. “Were you planning to just stand here looking hot, or…?”

“I didn’t really have a plan,” Kyle admitted.

“It just seems like it’s been ten minutes and you haven’t kissed me yet.”

“Oh! Well, I mean — should I take the costume off?”

Jimmy opened his mouth, then shut it again. He tapped his chin thoughtfully. “You know,” he said, “how about you just leave it for now and we see how it goes.”

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how do you know so much abt big cats?

ive always been really into tigers! as long as i can remember (maybe as far back as like 6 years old??) ive been ranting to my mom about how white tigers are problematic lmao then i made a big cat sideblog @panthxra and started getting into big cat welfare (bc i found janine @bigcatawareness who kind of became a mentor for me!!) and the animal welfare community on here late 2013 where i met other awesome big cat enthusiasts and it was so cool bc we each had our own favs!! and we shared facts about our favs with each other and researched new stuff (like i remember when we found the chocolate jag we all went crazy ahaha and he kind of became our mascot,,it was cute) and we were always researching and looking shit up together…for years was so fun. we learned so much together?? its always really fun when you have other people who love Your Thing just as much as you do and you can scream together when new info comes out and all and share ideas around. its just all around a Great Time

tl;dr but anyway lmao basically just years of research

edit: but of course i dont claim to know everything!! always still happily learning

You know what this is? Yeah, yeah, it’s the creepy-ass eye-flower. But seriously, that’s an audio spectrum analysis of the fifth track of the Aku no Hana soundtrack, from about 1:10 to 1:20. Creds to vestenet for pointing this out. 'Course, they weren’t the first to notice; folks on the interwebz knew about it as early as November. But ’s still cool. 

Also, does your favorite anime have a literal flower of evil painted in its soundtrack? I THINK NOT. (Unless your favorite anime *is* Flowers of Evil, in which case I must give you a double thumbs-up for being a rad dude/chick/other.

Also I think it looks better in colors besides pink so here it is again in a lovely blue. We can totes pretend it’s a happy, pretty flower that well-adjusted people give each other to trigger normal happy feelings. Yes.

External image

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About the latino people (hate it when non latino people write "latinx" wth? claiming to respect spanish but butchering it like that?) I can assure you we don't give a shit about "la chancla" jokes or dirty jokes in spanish. Chicanos and 2nd and so forth generation of latino (& non latinos) people can be soooo annoying with this. We are are amazed people like our little fun & dumb jokes/stereotypes. We WANT to share this. It's funny, and promotes friendship. Please, DO share nice, funny jokes!

( Anon from latino rant, lol) I just wanna make it clear I’m not mad at you, just at this “DONT SHARE ANYTHING!! [insert ethnic group here] MIGHT FIND THIS OFFENSIVE!!! Like, as an actual mexican, born & raised in México, from parents who were also born and raised in here (from parents born & raised here… and so on), I can assure you, I laugh and laugh when tumblr says "don’t make this or that, don’t appropriate Día de los Muertos, don’t make chancla jokes, DON’T JOKE ABOUT ANYTHING!” (cont)

(Cont) because WE DON’T CARE! These are nice, cool jokes, and we love it when people are interested in our traditions! Go be mad at the actual offensive things, like those “illegal aliens” costumes, at the actual shitty things that happen here in my country, not at this “cultural appropriation” all because of a goddamn chancla joke!!! TUMBLR NEEDS TO STOP! Mexico and other latino countries have actual problems and these are not them! STOP!!!

ohh thank you for this!


“It’s like no time’s gone by. It’s really neat. We just see each other when we go, ‘Round two. Here we go.’ And then we’re back to where we were. If anything, we just grew up a couple more years, and then funny enough, you find that that experience makes its way into the character as well, which is appropriate in a weird way because some time has gone by. I always thought that was a cool thing about having a little bit of time as opposed to having gone right into this movie like right after the first one because I feel like I grew up a little bit and then Winter Solider to some extent.”

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I kinda love Alexandrite introductions to the show. Like all the other "main" fusions have been introduced like this important thing that doesn't happen very frequently and they're doing it because they have to. And then you have Alexandrite, a very important and probably strong fusion of the three main gems that fuses to go to a dinner party.

Same here! I always thought it was really cool, because we see fusions as these big warriors so we’d expect to see the fusion of the three Crystal Gems to be this big event, but its just for some really mundane. And it speaks to what this show finds important, not the big actiony stuff, but the little character stuff. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl love Steven so much they were willing to fuse for a dinner party to make him happy.

It was also a pretty excellent demonstration of how fusions are the combination of people, of all parts of them, not just the good. Like, Steven decides they should fuse after listing off the pros and cons of taking each of them individually, with the idea that all of them together would combine all the pros without even realizing it combines their cons too. A fusion is the personification of a relationship and just being with people doesn’t get rid of your personal quirks. Some things balance out, some things get exacerbated, but you don’t stop being you.

and I like that, because I felt like it was saying that the cons that were listed for each Gem aren’t flaws that need changing, they’re just part of who they are. Garnet’s not a great conversationalist, Amethyst can be gross, and Pearl can’t stand the thought of eating. It’s just who they are and it doesn’t really need to be changed to make them acceptable people.


This is my first big follow forever. OH GOSH. I am not that important I swear. It you guys. You idiots,  that follow me and therefore raise me. In other words, you, my fellow followers, friends and equals, make my blog worth updating. I always want to make you laugh, smile and kindle new friendships. Because let’s face it. YOU ARE JUST SO AWESOME.

sasusakuiscanonThe reason I joined tumblr. I saw her blog so many times before. Also my first follower EVER. yeh. I keep that shit in mind people! This blog is awesome. and made me want to get a tumblr. need I say more?

Some of my first tumblr buddies: Like I met these people either because they replied to a stupid rant of mine or because we liked the same things, then we just kept talking and now we just have this silent but beautiful understanding of what goes down.

flammingbuttocks bontaid-deactivated20141031 (dude you better be alive!) mabthefairyqueen<—-this kid right here is one of my fav, rebloggers.

whispersofdementiaMy home skillet till the end. You want a rebloger/ friend/ downright awesome person. Whispers is your gal. Fight me on this.

fuckallufakepeople such a great quality blog that always gives me inspiration mainly because all this love, pictures and art toward the black culture. Seeing this blog makes me embrace who I am in so many ways.

smalsa This is one of those people you want to follow because they have amazing commentary on everything. Smalsa is a dork like me. so we get along lol but this person right here, just blows my mind with all everything that’s is reblogged because all the commentary and gushing hahaha its so priceless !

My buddies from school:

sillerkiller94 Jaz is fucken cool. Like she just burns rubber without touching it. (like so cool she’s hot)  She will be truly honest with you. and she’s so dorky I love her to death. She reblogs the randomest things but also the most meaningful. (don’t ask me to draw you that fucken wolf….>.> whatever. :) shoot)

plumydon I’m telling you. awesome blog. Listen to me. follow this shit right here. A person I met through Jaz. and if you know Jaz. You’re awesome to me. Plus this person is just the sweetest! she’s learning Japanese! come on! what is cooler than that?! FIGHT ME ON THIS.

HONORABLE MENTIONS BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME REBLOGGERS / have awesome blogs/ and or I follow you and worship you like your a pizza on the roof. (notice me senpai)

boblydooly crazyloststar rebellion811 arrogant-sakura raspberrynilla sasusakuparadise m-mimima sscanonland honeyvonbunny takashilien sasusaku-fangirl raihue juicyjamsworld jsuckerart ireneytor @sarada-chaan (edit : datnamethou how could I forget you!)

xxredemption-love-and-liesxx thiefkingxxx ebondeath steampunkskulls utakatahanabis  sorarts jossy-chan inkpenpaperwords kakashi-gets-sasusaku nataly-leyton lossie92  lovelylovelyfaces visuallymediocre vanillasky01 tralilalilulu a-classic-case-of bystander821 thecuriouscaseofambermcdonald angel-chu sasusakuhappenedbiatches noahlitz sasusakurules sasusaku-fangirl hal-jr naruto-memes-and-gifs uchihagakure zuza2804 sketch-et robarui amitds flowerslut gabzilla-z lanie-mccarry  everythingshippuden hinata-hinata hinata-boobs rawrrsakura momonsenpai oujisasuke teamsevennharunosakura-hime fuckyeahsasusaku 

(not very organized I know, but if you’re there, i really respect you. especially the art blogs, great rants and defenders of sasusaku and others. you guys are my heroes.)


onemerryjester My buddy right here.  Follow her because she is so nice , understanding, funny, hilarious, and simply unafraid to say what’s on her mind. Follow this dork here because we have this inside joke you could probably still get in on. while you can. Amazing blog, and is just always there!

iwillishallandican My other buddy. (its like i got these two off of a sale because they came to me at the same time) Just look at this person. She’s is just down right awesome to talk to, share things with and like the coolest introvert I’ve ever met. I don’t care what she says. She’s fucken cool.

sakura-haruno-uchiha Do yourself a favor and follow this person right here. I love to see what this person posts all the time. From inspirational quotes to funny comics and a lot of naruto stuff. This blog is one of my favorites too.

(I mean if you think about it, everyone here is connected in someway because we all know naruto lol)

Im sorry if I forgot to mention somebody. PLZ don’t kill me. I thank ALL of my followers. and all the people that leave notes on my posts. You don’t know what that does to my feelings. You just don’t.

Just. Thank you I guess. :)

Ps: put your requests on my ask box and I’ll surprise you later :)