it's the only picture i could find omg

I can honestly make an educated guess that all of the IchiHime shippers will try so hard to prove that that ship actually exists after reading Bleach chapter 661. Here’s why:

Here, we see Inoue crying as usual and Ichigo asking her if she’s alright. If you honestly think this shows any sign of romance, you’re totally wrong. He is just a caring person who always looks out for his friends.

The next picture we have is Ichigo grabbing Inoue out of the way of danger. That’s a nice thing to do for a friend. Try to come up with some proof but there is none for IchiHime. He has willingly gotten stabbed in the chest so he could protect Rukia (sometime in the Mod soul filler arc). Even though thats just a filler, there are plenty of parts in the manga where he protects Rukia and shows their deep friendship.

Aaaaand the last picture we have is Ichigo protectively hovering over Inoue and gripping her head. omg its the sexual touch How many times has he touched Inoue? Not very much… He’s only picked her up and held her hand once(anime only tho). What about Rukia? I lost count. You can find credible sources yourself on this subject.

So basically. I do know that IchiRuki and IchiHime will never EVER become canon. But I do ship IchiRuki myself. It just pisses me off when IchiHime shippers jump at every chance to prove that it will be canon and it exists. No it does not. It’s one sided love and we all know Ichigo doesnt know Inoue all to well.