it's the only one im doing lmao

i cant believe i hadnt drawn them together yet

thanks for 300 followers!!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

am i the only one who feels like bpd is lowkey a mix of all the other personality disorders bc like idk it just seems that way to me

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Hi Leslie! Have you ever considered getting deals with Huion or Ugee where they send you one of their tablets for review purposes? I see a lot of art youtubers do it and considering your audience is big enough, getting a drawing tablet for free doesn't seem like it could hurt?

ive gotten contacted by companies before to do a sponsored video but i never take em up for the offer just cuz im not really interested. huion was actually the first company to try to contact me haha but i had just recently bought a new tablet and felt guilty to have 2 brand new ones and i wasnt sure if i could do a giveaway lmao. 

there was only 1 company i was interested in making a video for but they stopped replying to me cuz i suck lmao all well. my loss. 

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prompt: after kaneki left, hide stayed in his apartment to take care of it. every day he would prepare a cup of coffee to welcome kaneki back with, should he come home. hide never drank it himself, but he would pour every ounce of effort into the perfect cup each day with the slim possibility that his friend would return. perhaps one day kaneki does return to his apartment, only to find his best friend curled up and unconscious on the couch with a cold and untouched coffee before him.


me: i’ve got so many things to do im so stressed and anxious and aaahhhh

me: but what if i drew every clara outfit ever

ppl refer to prompto’s eyes as ‘baby blue’ but they’re actually more violet blue?just.. an observation… they have a purple tinge to them. which usually happens when your eyes have very little melanin, making them violet-looking in certain lighting. the light reflects off of blood vessels in the back of the retina, shining through less-pigmented blue as a soft violet shade.

which is something that more commonly occurs in people with albinsim… but maybe has something to do with him being an experiment..? (or… just a fun character design choice…. shh headcanons are fun to ponder) though, Verstael’s eyes are just a regular grey-blue, so maaaybe…

(the last two on the right are older prompto’s eyes– there’s no sunlight but his scelra DO get redder (lack of sleep?), which I think adds to the purpliness)

violet eyes in albinsim, for comparison.

I’m SICK of not having designer clothing. I’m going to start modeling.

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Hello sweetheart, sorry if this is random, but do you happen to have any vmin or jikook fic to recommend me? I feel like I've read all of them already, but I'm missing reading so much T-T Thank you~

do i? yes, i do, indeed. im not sure if you’ve read them before but anyways here are some; 


who you gonna call? (kim taehyung!) by namakemono –i love this one so much i reread it its ghosthunter taetae and single pops jimin

Fuel by Little_Dimples  fantasy au, dragon tae, LOVED it

Shooting Stars and Silver Moons by mucha im gnna stop my shitty commentary now lmao

friends help each other by minfairy

baby i’m the one (and you’re the only one) by causeitsred


Hate the way I don’t hate you by blt_prf

Homesick by Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita)

the case of the bespectacled thief by parhelions

sorry i have mostly vmin on here bc thats what ive been reading recently

also just fyi, the student athlete au isnt something i came up with entirely by myself!! @stellaisgay brought it up to me and then we started talking abt it which then shaped it into our au so like im not the only person to approach/reference concerning it :0c

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Why do you ship asgoriel? Ive seen the tags and its only filled with toxic ship wars with soriel shippers. (I know your not toxic im just saying). How do you feel about soriel?

Hmmm heres the thing tho, Any where you look theres always gonna be a toxic side of something man :\ Like most of the time that i mention undertale to one of my friends that dont even play the game they just go like “Oh, idk, apperently i heard the game is good but the fandom is super toxic.” which is kinda sad tbh lmao.

But you know. theres always the good people around it. I feel like those toxic people is like a small percentage of any fandom. Most of the time people will see and remember the negatives rather than the positives of others. And it feels like thats a fact in life that i hold on to lmao (cheezy as fuck)

But enough ranting about toxic peeps and stuff lmao but uh. I ship asgoriel maybe its because of the pity i have on Asgore? (idk maybe) I feel like people are Giving asgore a harder time than he deserve lmao.  Sure he’s done bad things but Toriel isnt like innocent either in a way lol.

The idea of Toriel being mad at asgore for a long long time just doesnt sit with me well after the whole undertale thing and i think she’s mature enough to forgive him. or yet atleast be friends lmao. or tl:dr  = they pretty cute.

I dont mind Soriel at all :O I can see why people would ship it, also i think im the only torigorey shipper in my friend group =w=a Like honestly any ship is fine. its fictional and stuff so its up to anyones interpretation xD Who i am to tell you what to or not to ship lmao. But yeah i just see them as hella good friends and shit. Like best buds AF im totally down with that.

wow this turned to be a long rant, i should study for tomorrow lmao.

This is actually not affection he’s doing this purely to embarrass him

question tag

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how tall are you? 5′9/175ish cm

what color and style is your hair? i wear my hair down most of the time, it’s naturally a rly dull chocolatey brown and it’s usually pretty wavy but i straighten it a lot.. also i’ve been wanting to dye it forever possibly into a dark blond but i tried it once and i turned out fucking orange so for now im not eager to go through that trauma again…..,,..i had to dye my hair 3 times in the span of 24 hours to get the orange roots out it was horrendous

what color are your eyes? a greyish shade of green?? it’s not a very defined shade idk

do you wear glasses or contacts? yeah, glasses

what’s your fashion style? tbh most of the time you’ll see me strutting around in a pair of ripped jeans, converse, bomber or denim jackets and plaid or band shirts but i will wear anything i like and that i feel suits me well i guess? my most favorite items of clothing have to be shorts and dresses though, especially long sleeved, knee length dresses.. i also wear skirts quite a lot especially when it’s warm outside

when were you born? june 13 1996

how old are you? 20

do you have siblings? nope

what school do you go to? college

what kind of student are you? up until college i was pretty much a straight A’s student, especially during the earliest years in elementary school when i was supposed to be put into 3rd grade immediately instead of 1st 😰😰 i was quite advanced for my age i suppose… now i’m mostly about just passing LMAO but i do act like i don’t care about my grades when in reality it really bothers me when i get anything lower than, say, a B or something 😰😰😰😰

what are your favorite subjects? languages….just…….give me all that linguistic goodness

what are your favorite shows? GOODNESS i watch shows/dramas like i’m paid for it lmao… some of my favorite shows are the fresh prince of bel air, that 70s show, the flash, shadowhunters, supergirl, friends, gossip girl, the 100, mr robot, scream queens, stranger things…. and as for dramas goblin is one of my top faves but i also love cheese in the trap, dong yi, hwarang, she was pretty, love in the moonlight, scarlet heart…..

what are your favorite movies? anything with colin firth especially kingsman: the secret service, blue is the warmest color, imagine me & you, carol, 500 days of summer, now you see me, hp, thg, divergent, the maze runner, percy jackson (im a hoe for ya dystopian/mythological fiction novels), inception, anything marvel, dc as well, the devil wears prada, miss congeniality, mean girls, star trek, star wars, perks of being a wallflower, pretty much anything disney, hugo, the imitation game, love rosie, me before you, the martian………….

what are your favorite books? again ya dystopian novels are my thing… hush hush series, hp, divergent, thg, percy jackson, the maze runner……. i also love the shadowhunters series, anything by haruki murakami, science fantasy stuff such as a wrinkle in time, the great gatsby, etc. etc. unfortunately i havent been reading much or at all lately and im so incredibly saddened by the fact that i cant find the time to do it but i really need to get my hands on some good literature soon :(

what are your favorite pastimes? i love to eat 👀 and i also love learning languages and making edits

do you have any regrets? GOD YES

what is your dream job? anything that has to do with space…or travelling… or something regarding performing arts…. heck if i know

would you like to get married? i honestly don’t know, i feel like the concept of marriage is so vastly overrated and i just 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️  but who knows, maybe someday

do you want kids? how many? yeah i suppose, i’ve always wanted twins for some reason?? and i’m really fond of the idea of adopting a kid…or two

do you like shopping? uh yeah i suppose….sometimes i get rly bothered by having to try clothes on but other times i love it……the only constant is i hate trying on pants bc its such a fuckign drag

how many countries have you visited? just croatia im 😰😰😰😰 listen…/.,.,..,../, i just wanna travel…everYwHeRe

what was your scariest dream? i get these on a regular basis since my anxiety is truly terrible so idk i couldnt just pick one but yeah they can get pretty scary

do you have enemies? idk lmao??? mayhaps??????

do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? um..,… i wish

put your phone on shuffle. post the first 15 songs:

  1. supersoaker - kings of leon
  2. before the worst - the script
  3. fourfiveseconds - rihanna/kanye/paul mccartney
  4. dream money - yoongi
  5. 모르나봐 - brother su/soyou
  6. better than i know myself - adam lambert
  7. 먼 길 - park seojun
  8. colors - halsey
  9. american idiot -5sos
  10. good for you (int. ver.) - eric nam
  11. i was me - imagine dragons
  12. pompeii - bastille
  13. if you (cover) - jk
  14. fantastic baby - bigbang
  15. someone like you (cover) - tae

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sarahvonkrolock heeft gereageerd op je bericht “I love Etain she is written so human and small and scared and…”

I LOVE Republic Commando but what canon art? I can´t recall to ever saw canon art of etain, only Karl and his 5 million adopted kids. I also loved how she was at first “where´s the kid, I sense a kid in the force, fuck dat man right here but where´s the kid” and later she was “fuck dat man, right.”


I think this is canon? (and if its not thats some hella good art)  Just if u google Etain Tur-Mukan u will get this one the most. but im too afraid to search for more info because spoilers

k a r l

And i loved that scene it showed so much about the clones also lmao i mean do u blame Etain tho Darman is a fine ass man ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



the comics are so so close to making klance canon. so close. come on, comics. i believe in u. u can do it. 

sad about no sinnoh but ultrasun and ultramoon look gr8

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Hi, idk if you have already answered this because the link for the FAQ isnt working on mobile, sorry if it bothers you. My friend is making a Klance fic, shes gonna post it on AO3, do you post every Klance fic that's posted there or only ones that you think are good? And if its only ones that you think are good could i send you a link when its done?

i post all of them ! & i think you have to hold down on the FAQ link on mobile for a second?? im not sure but its all good, i understand that mobile can be difficult lmao

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just wanted to say that you as a blog runner make me really happy. like for one, everybody needs more lance in their life. and two, your approach to sha///ladin. see personally idc what people do with it im not involving myself with the discourse. but the fact that, whilst you disagree with it, you dont spread hate on the blog and just refuse to acknowledge it instead? i think its a really mature method rather than attacking people and i love your blog :) have a great day

yea bc this is a space for lance and lance only? lol. i dont want discourse on this blog so i just block people  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it works lmao