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Ace attor…nay?? We’re here to save the day!!!

Made some new Ace Attorney buttons (& a special heart shaped Miles/Feenie button!) for Anime North 2017! The ones I used to print were from 2014 and suuuper old and I didn’t like having them in circulation, despite how well they sold. so now it’s time for a redraw! I didn’t have enough time so I chose the characters that were the most liked! See y’all at AN *WINKS

a really common mistake I see in the LoZ fandom is who is and isnt reborn each zelda game, and while u can do whatever in ur fan art or fan fiction or whatever, i just thought I’d spread the zelda facts B)

-Link is the only one who holds the triforce who is actually reborn. His spirit is specifically a servant to the goddess Hylia, no one else can take that place so he has to be reborn.

-Ganon(dorf) has been the same being. He never dies to be reborn, he’s only ever sealed away for a long time. in some games, its lightly suggested this is driving him insane. He eventually turns into a beast in all timelines (only a lil in the adult line tho) which is probably a result of power hungry corruption and, if u wanna speculate, insanity caused by such a long life span

-Zelda is a name passed on to every first born female of the hyrule family, along with her powers. She’s always an entirely different person but one who shares the same destiny as many of her ancestors. 

Ok so like I think Roadhog and Junkrat are both probably really good at chess?? theyre always missing pieces though so they need to write down some of them on paper slips (They make silly bets every game too)

Wuh oh, my hand slipped… Here comes the Deku Protection Squad

Can you believe I only ever motivate myself enough to draw BNHA content for the fanfiction Daymare and nothing else? Because its a thing.

Anyways this is for chapter 23 - if you haven’t read it, the question is why???

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What made you wanna do drag?

I think drag is such a beautiful rebellious queer artform that meshes so many things that I love about art - performance, makeup, aesthetics, a telling of whatever story you want to tell. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, and quite frankly, did as a kid but I considered it cosplay but looking back, I was totally doing drag.

In its origins, it enabled queer people to live a fantasy they couldn’t live due to the restrictions and prejudice the LGBT+ community faced. It gave homeless queer people an ability to make a buck for food while also feeling beautiful and fabulous. It’s not just getting on stage, and doing a death drop. Yes a lot of it is performance, and nowadays drag is huge because of mainstream tv shows. But it started as a “fuck you” at cisheteronormative standards placed upon queer people, it was always us questioning what gender even meant and breaking down those walls of the gender binary and gender roles. It was always us sharing our own intimate queer experience with our community. 

I’m talking about drag as the artform. Naturally, with how big drag is, there are people who will be misogynistic, transphobic, etc but these people do not represent drag or what drag has done for SO many people and certainly 100% go against the founders of the art. I’m really fortunate to be in Miami cause the drag scene down here is so vast in its representation. All shapes, all races, all ethnicities, all gender identities, everything. They embrace with open arms whatever fantasy you want to create and immediately denounce those who try to be racist/transphobic/misogynistic/lesbophobic/biphobic/etc literally any type of prejudice is 100% not tolerated. That’s the drag community I know and the only one I’m ever willing to be a part of.

I started drag because I love theater, and I love costuming. But the draw that I had to drag was different than the draw I have for theater or constructing an outfit. Plays/Musicals don’t fulfill me in the same way Drag does and it’s because of that unique queer experience I mentioned earlier. I don’t see Andro Gin as a role, but as a facet that I couldn’t ordinarily express. I know they look like a creature, and is camp but there’s a lot of realness and truth behind his persona that’s very embedded in who I am as a person. I’m comfortable being AFAB so this isn’t me coming out as trans/nonbinary but I think as queer people there’s always more going on under the surface that’s more complex when it comes to our gender expression than cishetero individuals could understand. The friends and community I’ve gained from this art I’ll cherish forever. Their stories, their fantasy, their talent, has been such a treat to be a part of and cheerlead. And then to have that love reciprocated back? It’s just been an incredible ride. 


hoping it will be useful for some of you! (灬╹ω╹灬)
since many, MANY of you requested it, i spent a little time on this one even if it’s messy, hoping that some of you guys may find replies on their questions about “what color do i put here???”

== so, let’s start this tiny tiny lesson ==

★ i’ll start by saying that when it comes to shading, many people think that the only color that fits is black or dark grey, which is the WRONGEST thing you could ever do! even in realism, where you can see shadows that seem greyish, there is a little color, and that is because the surface you are putting shading on, reflects light, which is actually colored and has a pattern/texture on it! clothing, bandages, wood, plastic, rubber, fur, skin, lattex - everything reflects light on its own way, and so has a colored shading. in art, this thing is even more emphatized to make it look pleasing, colorful and catchy, so i drew some little examples to show how i use colors for my shading technique!

★ the first column is made by pastel rainbow colors, the second column is made of normal saturated colors, and the third one is a grey scale.
i tried some different hues and palettes for each one, even if you can see that i frequently use blue and purple.
those two are, in fact, the most used colos in shading, and works super well on basically everything, maybe making them darker or ligher depending if you are using pastel colors or not.
my shading is based on color contrast, infact you can see that i use blues on warm colors and purple/pinks on cold colors: it creates depth and adds a nice effect to it.

★ same with grey scale!
look at how colorful can grey, black and white look! it only needs a little bit of experiments, don’t be afraid to change your shading hue: colors won’t be hurt and you will be happy with the result! ^w ^

★ the same thing i do with shading, i’ll do for lights and lightspots, just with an overlay layer instead of multiply! most used are obviously pastel colors, but i often see people use white for it! instead of that, try a light pink, yellow or blue: you will be super satisfied of the result!
the only colors that often don’t show well overlay layers are neon pink or red: they are too bright, and the only colors that show a little bit are light blue or yellow. Instead of an overlay, maybe try a screen or anormal type layer, just as when you are coloring pitch black!

what i call “warmer” is just a plain peach/orangeish color that some artists use to make shading less plain. Sometimes, even if you blend and blur your shading edges, they will still be “too cold/plain” to look at - and that’s what the warmer solves! don’t worry about how cold/warm your shading is, a peachy pink will always help you: put some of it ( just a thin line or a little blurred one ) on the edges of your shading and blend it until you like the result.
as shown in the picture, it will be a lot better!
some examples of my art with warmer use:
* pixel practice - luka (mostly used on hair and sweater)
* a day at the beach! (hat shadow on hair, thighs and body in general)
* stargaze used on hair and clothing.

*use different shading layers when you draw, don’t just stuck yourself on a single one! i am used to make two of them: one fot the basic/lighter shading, more detailed and soft, and another one for the darker parts of the shading, with a colder color such as a medium blue or a sky blue!

*mix different textures when you are shading! for example, try to add a granulated pattern/texture to your clothing layer!

*remember that different materials reflect light in different ways: you can’t shade fur the same way you shade a tshirt! tshirt will have harder shading, more defined, while skin and fur (velvety things in general) will be more blutter. Same with a ribbon, that will have soft shading and really hard light because ribbons are usually not matte, but shiny material!

*try different blendings on different layers! if for a first layer you blended your shading more to add depht to the subject, the darker/second layer could be a little sharper and defined when it comes to shading tools.

im so in love with this ship its killing me


OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

vg stuff belongs to @blogthegreatrouge  also if u ever see my submission, his name is actually bob. bob is his name, not max. its bob. AND NOW THE TAGGING WILL COMMENCE

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AHHH don E

Today, I drew fanart for my favorite blog @dailyskyfox! This character is just too cute, and it makes me smile with a new cute drawing every day. If ya ever need some cuteness and positivity in your life, go check this blog out!

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A Steel Ball Run group chat please thank you very much ! :') I want to draw characters like you do someday. Got my passion back for drawing when I finished SBR & saw your comics, it gave me ideas as well and now I only need to get back to work even if it's been more than 3 years I haven't drawn seriously aaaa thank you very much ;w; Keep on doing the brown jojs. Your art is so nice I send your comics to my rl friends & they say hi btw they like all your jjba comics (esp the Gyro rescuing Johnny)

Hey!! i’m so glad that something i made inspired you to draw again, im sure you’ll do amazing things, so don’t ever stop

and thank you for the nice words!! here’s the sbr chat. It was an experience

and also dio watches the livestream and laughs

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ages and ages ago you mentioned you were working on a piece of the Gangsey with flowers? i was wondering if you got any farther with it because i would love to see it. your art makes me so happy 💕💕💕✨

Ahhhh yeh wow  jeez, I just looked them up in my folder and they’re from may last year (2016).  I was planning to do a series of the Gangsey and only ever finished the Gansey one (though I never posted it).

I remember choosing the flowers because of symbolism, but I guess they look pretty too.


So i decided to take the plunge and got a Hazbin hotel tattoo. Now before you go shouting at me that im a idiot. let me explain

You see, for so long i never did art because i was always ashamed of it and would always say “oh i cant even draw a straight line.” After discovering @vivziepop something ignited. Watching her animations and drawings started the fire inside me to do art. It gave me the boost to actually start drawing, And im so happy i did. sure im not the best, nor will i ever be, however, i am still trying and wanting to improve. Vivziepop gave me a passion that i am so thankful for.

Not only did it spark my artistic passion, it allowed me to connect with people i would have never met otherwise. I have made some amazing friends who are the best in the world ( @zpheadcanons , @sharp-tone , @jazzakid , @dankmeemlord@zoophobianexus , @cricketschirp , @seab-the-dog , @terry-skeleton , @alexlememe     and many more)

You may say “well what if you leave the fandom” its not about the fandom itself. its about viv sparking the fire inside me to do art, for allowing me to meet some of the best people i have ever met.

now Know this wasn’t something i decided to get on a whim, i had been planning and deciding this for months on end. I had been debating if it was a good idea or if it was something stupid. In the end, i decided to do it, and i love it.

So yes, this tattoo has personal meaning to me that is very important, and yes i know its a permanent thing. 

After losing my great grandmother, uncle, and finally my dad all in the same year, i will honestly say viv and the people i have gotten the chance to meet and know have saved my life ( yeah i know that term is used all the time, but i genuinely mean it. ive had the pill bottle tipped to my lips many a times.) So something like this is a huge deal for me, and i wanted to show just how thankful i am to @vivziepop , my friends, and all the other wonderful people i have met. 

I know i will still get people saying how im an idiot, or ive ruined my life, and thats fine. i udnerstand.

Now, with that all being said, I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful new year ( or did if you see it afterwards) and lets all hope 2017 is a bit nicer. Razor out.

David stood outside, silently looking over to the sunrise as every camper was preparing to be picked up by their parents. He observed the camp he grew to hate, grew to love, and… suddenly felt nothing for it. His eyes focused on the scene of each camper saying goodbye and hanging out with the last moments they have together. He felt a small smile plaster on his face, seeing that the children didn’t have to go through the terrible experience of Camp Campbell anymore. David let out a soft sigh, placing his hands in his jean pockets, and shifting on one foot to the other. Silence was the only thing that stood next to him as the campers were still in the middle of final goodbyes.

“Hey, David.” a voice appeared.

David turned around with a furrowed expression, seeing that it was Gwen herself.

“Hello, Gwen.” he smiled once again.

“How are you taking it well that Campbell is being shut down..?” Gwen asked, folding her arms behind her head.

David stared at her for a minute, turning his head to the camp’s flag. He looked at every golden feature the green flag had on it. The red head mumbled under his breath and faced the other former counselor.

“I honestly don’t know, Gwen. I always had this impression that I was dedicated to this…. garbage called a ‘camp’. I thought this place was something to call my second home. But to be entirely honest, I was just blinded by Mist–…. Cameron.” David rambled softly.

Gwen’s pose stayed relax, but her expression was shocked. She didn’t expect David, the David she knew her whole camp career, to suddenly call what he loved, garbage. She slowly put her arms to the side, awkwardly fidgeting with the hem of her jumper. David’s attention was drawn back to the campers. Gwen did the same, silently standing next to her friend. Her best friend. Nerris was the first to leave, giving each and everyone a gift (which lead to everyone exchanging gift, and Max joining in giving them knitted dolls on themselves, shocking everyone). Then Preston, Ered, Space Kid, Dolph, Harrison, Nurf, then eventually Neil and Nikki. Before the two left, they gave Max a hug, who awkwardly returned it back. A forlorn smile was placed on the East Indian’s face as he saw his closest friends depart from the hell hole called a camp. It came to a realization that Max was the only one there. Alone. He held Mr. Honeynuts close to his chest as his left hand tightly gripped the strap of his backpack. He continued to gaze at the empty road, with a glint of hope in his eyes for his parents to arrive. As seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. Max’s parents didn’t arrive at all, leaving him sitting on the ground. He huddled his legs close to his chest and ready to cry. However, he didn’t get the chance to. He felt a hand placed upon his puffy hair. His turquoise eyes looked up, seeing David and Gwen.

“… Hey.” Max mumbled.

David sat down over to his right, grunting a bit. Gwen followed by, sitting over to Max’s left. The child took a glance at both of them, waiting for either of them to speak. He anticipated some sort of voice to come up to give him a useless, “They’ll be here.” But, he got quite the opposite.

“Max….” David trailed off. “Fuck your parents.”

Max and Gwen turned to David with wide eyes. Granted, this wasn’t Max’s first time to hear him cuss, but to hear him a insult directly towards people was a shock.

“I mean, they cared enough to put you here, at this good for nothing place. Yet, they didn’t care enough to sign you up for a camp, or pick you up.” David continued.

Max sat in silent and huddled himself more. He began to stare out into the empty road again, pondering.

“Yeah, can’t believe I’m admitting it, but David is right. You’re a little shit, but–*but*, you’re honestly a great kid. Before you made Space Kid’s rocket crash on him, you sympathize for him when his parents didn’t show up at all. I hope you didn’t think I didn’t notice that part.” Gwen said, placing an arm around Max.

David did the same, but stretched out to put his arm on Gwen also. He pulled the two closer together, kissing both of their heads. Gwen blushed and Max furrowed his brows. David smiled and looked forward. He didn’t expect Gwen to return the favor, but she did, pecking his cheek. A flash of red rose to his cheek and stared at the other. Gwen smiled slightly and scratched the back of her head.

“Honestly, if you two kiss right above me, I will elbow both of you in the stomach.” Max commented, breaking the moment.

The two looked down at him and broke into small laughter. Max grinned, pulling the two closer to him by their arms that were next to him. David and Gwen smiled and leaned against each other, having Max in between. Silence stayed until David spoke up.

“I love my family.”

EDIT: Sorry, this is the only opportunity I’ll ever have to do this. My art tag is J. Gore. Go check that out please.

i cant believe i hadnt drawn them together yet

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I’ve only ever seen Taakitz art where Taako is shorter than Kravitz but please consider: shorter Kravitz. 100% not as intimidating despite Literally being death. Back to back Taako is about six inches taller than him while in his finest heels.

Kravitz tried to do this sexy, intimidating/demanding voice and Taako stops, blinks, just stands up from his spot on the couch and closes the gap between them. Smirking, eyes half lidded, Taako puts his thumb right below his lower lip grabbing Kravitz’s chin . Fingers curled underneath, he keeps him in place while the other arm sneaks around the reapers waist. Taako’s hold is strong, yet soft, like honey holding its shape in a crystal goblet. Finally after a few moments standing flush against Kravitz and holding his chin, he smiles down at him, 

“Drop the act, you listen to me.”

Kravitz m el t s