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The 1000!

Wow… I can’t believe it! It seemed like yesterday when I celebrated 150 followers… and look at this!

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As celebration, I am going to let you choose what should I write next. I have a few multichapters planned or in early stages of planning. And you get to vote which one I should write first, after I am done with what I’m currently writing. I will then write them in the order they came up from the results.

Here are the options:

Finish The Princess and The Pirate.

Time upon a once: Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 28th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life? Do you see where I am going with this one? It’s will be a canon reversal.

Every Rose has its thorn: Season 3b divergence. Killian is the one allowed to leave Storybrooke with Henry. 18 months later, a blonde knocks on Killian’s door putting his entire world upside down.

We shall rise from the ashes: Roman Empire AU. Killian is the long lost second son of the deceased roman emperor, robbed and sent to his death… His father first, and his brother, the current emperor, have long looked for him. Killian has survived and is a gladiator, brought in for the entertainment of the crowd.
Emma is a high society woman, sister of a senator. Emma and Killian will soon be immersed in a game of love, treachery and passion.

Here’s the poll

It will be open until October 31st, so you have time to vote.

You can vote more than once, you can even campaign… but for the love of Colin, no bots. I beg you.