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—  No matter who I love from here on out, I’ll always love you too (via @h–ealing)

How come certain Americans on the internet (mainly Trump supporters, as of late) seem to somehow simultaneously not get how much what happens in the US affects the rest of us, and think the USA is the centre of the universe?

Like, I’ve had debates with people who will one moment be talking about how much more important America is than other countries (one person I argued with seemed to think that every country should teach American history in schools), and then the next moment be spouting some nonsense like “You don’t get an opinion on what happens in the election! It’s nothing to do with you! It’s none of your business!”

Mate. I hate that we have to care about this as much as you do, but your dumb country and its interfering and its superpower status has made it so that it’s EVERYTHING to do with us. You MADE it our business.

Hey, um, I know we haven’t talked for a while but, I kinda miss talking to you. I mean, not in the mushy way but in the normal way, kinda like we used to. It just feels like I’m going one way and you’re going another but everytime our paths intersect you honk your horn so I know you’re there right before you take a detour and I don’t interact with you till the next pit stop. And in all honesty, I’m kinda sick of it. I’m sick of feeling like “that one girl” or being referred to as “that girl you used to talk to” because in all honesty my name will do just fine. The worst part is, you were one of the nicest, most caring, sweetest friends I had, its too bad that I can’t use those terms towards you anymore without using a word that relates it to being past tense. I hope you have a great life, because from what I knew about you, you deserved it.
—  Texts I’ll never send (via multidimensionalmarie)

The thing I love most about Jared is that he goes above and beyond what is expected of him to acknowledge the fans. I’m not saying this to put down everyone else, they are fantastic people that do more for fans than any other cast ever has. But he’s got this thing he does that few others do. At whatever panel he’s in, after a question has been answered and its time to move on to the next one, he looks back at the previous person. Just a look, sometimes a smile, with a couple taps on his mic. It’s just a small thing, but it shows he cares about the individuals. He could just move on to the next person in line, be like that person’s asked their question, dismiss them and move on. But he doesn’t. That look probably meant the world to some fans. It’s so endearing. 

but in general, like, props to nintendo for making an open world adventure game and not following the bioware/bethesda model at all. i havent found a single random diary reading “im gonna go check out this cave, hope i dont die, i have a family bluuuh”. the koroks & shrines are genius in their simplicity and give the player like… actual drive? no one cares about some dead guys diary in a video game but seeing a circle of lilypads next to a ledge is TOTALLY gonna make me see if i can land right in the middle of it. its fcking intuitive. its back to its roots while still being… zelda, when zelda has thus far been characterized as being incredibly formulaic, long and dry.

what makes it zelda? i think botw tries to say its the trio - link, zelda and ganon, but zelda and ganon arent even in some canon games. its probably gameplay, because thats all you really had to begin with, and the gameplay is swords, puzzles and monsters. so instead of… dragging these elements out - constant sword swinging, dungeon after dungeon, boring enemies fckin everywhere - everything is much more. succinct. short puzzle shrines. a billion different weapons that break after a while. enemies spread out in packs, with different ways to attack each one. its a lot less tedious to go thru the motions of gameplay, and in doing so gets zelda out of those formulas and repetition and forces everything to be more challenging & new.

i have no idea where they can go next after this, though, because again - it breaks so many conventions that you cant foresee what the series will do next? i dunno. i hope itll be good. this game and a link between worlds were fantastic and i want them to keep moving in that good zelda direction. but i guess we’ll see

Can you read to me? | Remus Lupin


You wipe the tears from your eyes trying to calm yourself.

“Its okay” You say quietly as you sit down near under a tree by the black lake.
“Liesa?” You heard a voice you could never not recognize.

“Remus” You say trying to hide your face from your boyfriend as he took a seat next to you.

“Are you- Liesa why are you crying?” He says pulling you into his arms not even waiting for a response.

“I’m just sick of people being horrible.”

“You listen to me, non of the things they say are true. You’re beautiful and talented and you’re so so perfect” He soothes hugging you tightly.

“I dont know what i’d do with out you” You sigh as your tears stop falling.
“And you’re never going to find out” He smiles kisisng your nose.

“Remus? Can you read to me?” You ask playing with your hands.

“Of course i can” He smiles kissing your lips gently before pulling a book out of his bag.

He begins to read the pages and you rest your head on his shoulder.

Everything is so perfect. He’s so perfect.

You could feel the worry and the sadness drain from your body as you listened to his soft voice.

“Its going dark, we should probably head back to the castle” He suddenly says kissing your head

“You’re probably right” You yawn as Remus searches for something to mark the page, picking up a leaf from the ground.

You smirk as he puts the book back in his bag feeling so so so lucky.
“Come on, you can stay with me tonight, i’ll read the rest of the chapter” He says before you both walk back to the castle hand in hand.

so I’m guessing Ichigo got as tall as his dad. that puts him at 6'1" (I guess 185 ish cm). and Orihime still at 5'2" (157 ish cm), since girls typically stop growing at about the age of 16 or 18; she was 17 during the last arc. and if we remember the color spread, she’s tiny next to him.

it’s adorable

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"with steroline it’s about breaking down barriers... of humanity, it’s about reveling in the depravity of their vampirism.. they killed a girl and had sex right next to her corpse" I know its pointless now b/c the show is over but I kinda dislike they had SC go this route, I always saw Klaus being the one who would encourage or lead Care to this road given his nature (s2 klaus) & i didn't think it needed to be shown Stef indulging in this behavior b/c they showed had that with Bekah in 20s so?

I mean, at the time I thought it could be interesting because I expected it to be Stebekah on crack, like two vampires who are so intent on repressing their darkness binging together with no humanity, like for a second I thought the show would be daring but it was legit karaoke and so I was like … Stebekah did it better, so much better and Rebekah remains the woman who Stefan is the bad boy with, Klaus remains the person who truly revels in his darkness with him. I never thought Klaus would bring out Caroline’s darkness because I never thought KC was that type of ship. She just hated being attracted to a man who did terrible things, I never found them complex enough for an enhance the darkness type dynamic.

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Is it weird that I'm super excited for the next episode? Like, I'm mad that they are trying so hard to make Iris useful now by trying to make her a doctor and I'm sad to see Cait get hurt but is nice that for once they all are worried about her and taking care of her like she always does for them. Is sad that she has to be dying for them to do so but I feel we will get nice scenes. I wasn't expecting a lot of Caitlin in this episode until I saw the stills.

you and me both hun, i m really mad at them atm for many things and how dumb some of the stuff is in the show but i am kinda excited for next episode one as you described because they are taking care of caitlin like its good to see that everyone remember that she is their friend but i m also scared that they gonna make it all about snow*ert and i like them but why do they have to make everything about ships.lets hope i am wrong and we get good stuff.

How to Really Get CN’s Atention

Okay guys, let me start off by saying that the petition that was started has amazed me with how quickly it has gotten support. I thought it would be impressive if it reached 5k, but now, only about three days in, it has almost 10k.

That is amazing.

But it’s just the start.

Though distributors like Cartoon Network and its parent company, Turner Broadcasting, might notice all those signatures, the signatures they care about are the ones on checks. No matter what media we’re talking about, the best way consumers can vote on what they want to see is with their dollars. Family Guy was brought back due to the influx of DVD sales after its cancellation, and that shows awful.

So where do we vote with our dollars?


Now in our age of digital distribution, you can buy any episode or season of KND on iTunes for a decent price. Episodes are $2 each and a season runs at $20. Imagine if everyone who has signed this petition was to buy just one episode, just one. That’s nearly $20,000 in sales. And if everyone bout a season? Well, I’m sure you can do the math.

Even if nothing comes of this and CN still doesn’t take up a great oppurtunity, at least you still have an episode or season of your favorite show (Unlike the zero return risk factor of crowdfunding) So maybe after you finish signing that petition, why not head over to iTunes and download your favorite episode of Codename: Kids Next Door.

Guess who had a baby?

Meet Michi Manabe.

But no one cares about that, cause next chapter WE’RE GOING TO MUTSUKI’S HOUSE. AWWW SNAP SON GET HYPE!!!!!$&&!!!?$)??@&&!!!!!!!!!!


Now I’m not getting my hopes up, since Takaya-san did state that Yuki and the others WONT be making an apparence waaaaay before Another made its debut. But it’s like…c'mon fam. Show me like…the backside of Yuki’s head. Lol

Alice: Hey, Bob, we need an ad for this Babysitter article we have. Any ideas

Bob: Oh, yeah, how about that one movie where they have to take care of a kid.

Alice: Which one?

Bob: You, its called… adventures in…. adventures in… whats the word… Monster’s Incorporated! Of course!

Alice: My god, Bob, your a genius! We also need a tagline.

Bob: What’s the article about?

Alice: I’m not really sure. Something about babysitters and being obscene, I thinK?

Bob: I got it. How about “What she says next will surprise you”?

Alice: Eh, that sounds overdone. How about “Please don’t say these things”?

Bob: Hmm… vague, yet catchy! Let’s do this!

OMG OKAY but like can we talk about how yuuri is just slightly taller than victor with his skates on i found it be soooooo ADORABLE i cant 

like look at this precious cutie 

and im just like awww while giggling a little 

and victor is just taking it really seriously and its so sweet to see because victor really cares for yuuri and im like lajsdflasdfl


ALSJDLFAJLSDF LOOK AT THEM!!! lolol the people next to them sure are but its just a time for victory <333


um victor i think you mispoke you meant to say you to yuuri but its okay we all know what you meant x3 


I personally think that Chara is absolutely irredeemable.  True pacifist ending?  Nah son, Chara don’t care about you or your opinions, death ain’t got shiz.  It makes them a stronger antagonist, and sets them apart from Flowey.

Well, that and it’d make a hella great sitcom if Chara was still stuck with Frisk after the true pacifist ending (◕‿◕)

Buuutttt I thought this would be a nice comic for the people who disagree with me on the whole “irredeemable tiny satan” thing (⌒▽⌒)☆

More pokemon edited to look slightly different

Apparently I’m doing this: again.

I recognize that some people might find it somewhat distasteful to edit stock art of beloved icons to suit my own personal tastes, then pass them off as superior to the originals. But I think most critiques can benefit from a visual aid, so I don’t care.

Machoke is plenty cool, but I feel like it’d work just a bit better if it retained its tail. Also gave it ninja turtle feet to better match its next stage.

Haunter and Gengar are definitely intended to invoke living shadows, but that idea’s definitely getting downplayed more and more with each piece of stock art. I figured jack-o-lantern faces would help offset that, and just look gnarly besides.

Not really a whole lot to say about this one. I just think Tentacruel’s big Metroid-eyes carry the design plenty.

Mega-Pinsir is easily one of the coolest mega-evolutions yet, if just a wee bit busy. The spikes on the shell didn’t really add anything, so I dropped them.

Lucario was never my thing, but I hesitate to really describe it as bad. But that sudden and unnecessary patch of yellow on its torso really does nothing but break up the color scheme’s flow.

Part of the appeal of pokemon is that they’re cute little animal-based monsters, rather than specifically animals, so I can appreciate the idea of a cutesy, dolphin-like anglerfish. But in practice, Lanturn just lacks that essential abyssal-ness.

Also, I can’t help but wonder if there’s not some black swallower influence…. That lump in its belly is just a wee bit conspicuous, isn’t it?

Later generations had a tendency to just halphazardly slap colors and patterns onto pokemon without any real regard for style or consistency. Feraligatr fairs pretty well, all in all, but the “briefs” effect of that yellow on its crotch just had to go!

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5,6,16,19 ^-^

5: What three things/people do you think of most each day: 

Hmmm…I dont really think of real people everyday hahaha xD, cuz man Shay, Edward, and Jacob are always on my mind its so weird…

My cat would be the first thing on my mind every morning since I am the one who has to go down and feed it!. Then obviously, my cinnamon toast crunch cereal comes next, then hmmm..probably Tumblr..I really have no life. Always thinking about fictional characters, food, and TV Shows.

6: If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Caution: Angry Smol Person Ahead, Careful what you say

16: How tall are you? 

5 foot one…. or maybe 5′0 I don’t know really xD

19: Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

I do really, but I don’t give a shit too

Thanks for the asks! <3