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Ghosts Discuss The Hall of Presidents

Beau: You know, Dorian, this past year has been…

Dorian: Obnoxious? Depressing? Terrifying? Deeply embarrassing on a global level?

Beau: Long… And in that long year, our patriotic neighbor in Liberty Square still remains closed. 

Dorian: To the disappointment of no one. 

Beau: Now, now, Dorian, The Hall of Presidents has been with us since opening day of The Magic Kingdom. It should get some reverence for at least that.

Dorian: And it’s abundant supply of air conditioning.

Beau: The Imagineers have been hard at work updating the current show, which includes everything from the technology used, to the film and narration.

Dorian: Yes, because you can’t have a “one of us” message when you’re focusing on someone who uses a golden chamber pot. 

Beau: … I’m skipping to the end of my speech. Dorian, do you have a welcoming gift for our new neighbor for when The Hall of Presidents finally re-opens?

Dorian: I do, actually. It’s a fruit basket.

Beau: It’s, uh, a very large collection of tomatoes.

Dorian: Tomatoes are a fruit, Uncle. 

Beau: They look quite… uh… moldy.

Dorian: Well, I’ve been holding onto them for a long time, Uncle. I mean, I thought the show would be running again much sooner. But I’ve kept them in a warm place so as to keep them as fresh as possible… In that wet, soggy, dark corner by the pool. 

Beau: And you’re planning on handing these over to our new neighbor?

Dorian: Well, not “handing over” exactly. Some random fellow such as myself giving a soggy crate to a president would be suspect, I imagine. Those poor gents in Secret Service have been so overworked lately. My plan was to gracefully toss them so as to be expertly caught. 

Beau: You are planning on throwing rotten tomatoes–

Dorian: Gracefully tossing a fruit gift basket–

Beau: At the stage of The Hall of Presidents…

Dorian: Only at the newest member, Uncle, as a welcoming gift. I’d be remiss as a representative of Liberty Square to not properly welcome our new inhabitant. 

Beau: … They do have a nice heft to them.

Dorian: I know, right? Tremendous heft. The best heft. 


Look, we can all agree that the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a highly problematic song. Miss Piggy serenading Rudolf Nureyev with this rendition of it is probably the only version I can tolerate.

I had a dream that was a bit of a Once Upon a Time/Muppets crossover.

For the record, I don’t know where the Once Upon a Time story is now, (last I saw was half of the season with Maleficent in it) so I have no idea what’s happening with the characters now.

In this dream, I’m watching TV when a promo for the new Once Upon a Time episode comes on and it starts with Emma Swan entering a bar where there’s a this guy playing a piano. (I didn’t process it at the time but I realized when I was awake he looked like @beach-bummer-jellyfish‘s interpretation of Rowlf the dog as a human) He basically spots Emma and introduces himself.

“Evening. Names Rowlf. Some friends and I just drove in from Hollywood.”

But that’s not the best part of this dream. The best part of the dream is where Henry is approaching a large vehicle that has a lot of smoke coming from it, seeming to have had a major breakdown, and when the smoke clears, we see that it’s the Electric Mayhem bus.

Then I woke up, part of me like “What the heck!”, the other part of me like, “No! I wanted to see more!!!”

Testing out new blankets and props calls for test models. Not QUITE as cute as my normal clients, but…


Look, we can all agree that the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a highly problematic song. Miss Piggy serenading Rudolf Nureyev with this rendition of it is probably the only version I can tolerate.

IT'S THE MUPPET SHOW *kermit spends a minute and a half yelling and destroying the set. when he finishes the set is promptly replaced and rowlf walks out from behind a curtain and sits on the show's sole guest chair*

glad to be here.