it's the most perfect thing

like this scene has so many layers to it like everything is so perfect??

you see the shift in magnus, so complete and instant, and then you see alec noticing something is wrong, magnus deflecting, and alec allows it, but comes back and reinstates that he can tell something is wrong

like it’s such a perfect scene to show how magnus is trying to bury this and hide it from alec, but that alec sees it and it’s such a good setup for the scene later on in the episode and we’re all going to die

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Headcanons for Paladins and s/o sharing their first kiss please?

I had a lot of fun writing these  ✻


  • Their s/o is the one to instigate it and it’s a whole shock for poor Pidge
    the pair of them are sat on the floor with their backs to the wall and Pidge’s s/o has been talking for a straight hour
  • but they weren’t paying attention to their s/o, so when they motion for Pidge to look around they’re oblivious
  • it’s only a peck on the lips but it’s soft and innocent so when their s/o backs away, with eyes still on Pidge’s lips, they bump their glasses with their nose
  • when they are fully drawn back, Pidge is looking down through their eyelashes and slightly wonky glasses all blushy like “wow”


  • he’s been nervous about it for weeks so he plans it out as if it’s going to be that simple though
  • long story short his plans get scuppered when his s/o decides to have a food fight with him
  • flour is flying everywhere and Hunk has definitely thrown at least one egg but his s/o just flicks icing sugar in his face and it all comes to a halt because they’re laughing so hard it’s difficult to breathe
  • and then it just happens naturally, like him and his s/o are just drawn together and it tastes like icing sugar
  • its too pure and they’re all giggly afterward, still covered from head to toe in ingredients


  • you know this boy smooth talked his way to this point (or at least he thinks that - his s/o just finds him funny)
  • but for a change, it’s them half lidded and suggestive so all he can do is gulp
  • he basically becomes putty in his s/o’s hands, honestly, he’s like an innuendo away from becoming a puddle bless so they just grab his jacket collar and pull him in
  • he doesn’t react for a few seconds out of sheer shock but gets into it properly as they run out of breath
  • he’s smiling like a goof but boy is he ready to do that again and again and again


  • he’s a heat of the moment kind of guy
  • after the team get reunited (after haggar fucks up the wormhole) he’s desperate to see them, Shiro’s injured and the team are split up so when he actually gets back to the castle nothing holds him back
  • they go in for a hug but Keith catches he immediately by the lips with hands gently holding their jaw
  • he hums happily when they relax into him but when they break away they realize everyone!!! is!!! looking!!
  • they’re both a blushing mess after that but he’s just so god damn relieved that they are ok that he doesn’t really care


  • he’s a patient guy when it comes to relationships because he wants his s/o to be ready and such but even they have to admit he’s almost too patient
  • but when he does make the move he’s sooo nervous and he’s probably thought about it far too hard
  • his s/o runs their hands up his arms and probably has to reach up a lil bit to meet him half way with a giggle
  • it’s a slow and long kiss - he wraps his arms around their waist to bring them flush against him
  • it’s the most cliche thing but its perfect in every sense of the word

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Hello 😁! What kind of girls do you think jackson is attracted to and how would he approach her and be like in a relationship? Btw i really like your natal chart reading 😄😉

Hey, anon! I’ll be quite honest here: the personification of Jackson’s type is pratically Jaebum. lmao And I’ve already said I don’t do ships so this is just by comparing their charts.

He basically needs someone that acts cold and is responsible but also a deep down softie. Jackson has too many feelings so he needs someone that is like that too, but he can also be quite naive since he has such a good heart - so he needs a partner that is good at understanding people’s real intentions and is also cold/direct enough to deal with those things. Someone that will give him strength. Jackson has serious break downs now and then according to his chart and he pressures himself a lot, so he needs someone that is strong and supportive. Someone that will just understand when he’s not just joking around about needing a hug, you know? 

Originally posted by defwang

‘Cause Jackson can be quite dramatic, but an observant and caring person will understand when it’s an actual silent cry for help of sorts. So yeah. He’s probably attracted to hot bodies at first since he’s a very visual guy, but these little things about one’s personality will be what really makes him really fall in love. People that will take care of little things for him, litlle meaningful things that he’ll appreciate more than anything else. I’d say that Jaebum is not the perfect candidate because he’s too awkward so maybe someone that is more comfortable with public displays of affection would be better. Just trying to define a type here. lol

A girl or boy (since I don’t know his preferences) with those characteristics would be perfect for him. Now, as to how he’d be when in a relationship… Needy but also very caring. Pisces all over his chart makes that happen. I think he’d be jealous sometimes but not in a bad way, talking would solve it. His Moon is in Libra so he’s very, very caring and protective - even motherly like. He’s clearly a guy that spoils the people he loves and while dating someone that would intensify. Would definitely be the kind to surprise you now and then and would contantly worry deeply about your well-being, asking if you had already eaten and stuff like that. And many public displays of affection, if his career allows, would insue. With his Ascendant in Aquarius, he’d be very respectful of your space and would expect the same. Despite his insecurities, I’d say he’s the perfect boyfriend. When he actually falls in love, that is, which can be kinda hard because he has many placements talking about taking some time to understand the difference between love and passion. But overall, just a really nice guy and definitely husband material.

And thanks, I’m glad you like it! :) 

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so they both fell for each other because of their skating? :) it's lovely

yep! yuri!!! on ice is first and foremost a lovestory about figure skating and it’s always present in everything the characters do and feel, especially in yuuri&vitya’s relationship!

when yuuri first saw vitya skate, it was love at first sight. maybe not for vitya the person yet at that point, but for his skating and talent and the way he tells stories through his skating and carries himself on the ice. and he took that love and let it inspire his own skating for years and years and it all grew and blossomed into something brand new and beautiful! i think that love is a big part of why yuuri’s skating is so different from the other skaters, because he has always been skating with the need and want to become an equal to vitya and to one day become a skater worthy of competing against him and that need comes from the ever growing love he’s felt since the moment he first saw vitya skate

vitya had seen yuuri skate before the vid went viral, and he recognized his own influence in his skating. but it wasn’t until he saw yuuri skate his very own stammi vicino program when it really hit him because?? this was the man who surprised him at the banquet (and who he kind of might have suddenly fallen for) and now surprised him again by turning his own program into something brand new and it’s not flawless by any means but it’s just so beautiful and he can’t look away and he feels something for the first time in ages and somewhere in his mind he just knows he’s the only person who can draw out that beauty? (and it’s true and it’s because yuuri’s been skating not only because of vitya, but for vitya, for much longer than anyone, including himself, knows and long before he realizes he’s dancing eros for him)

so it all comes a full circle and their love for each other’s skating is what drew them to together in the first place and it’s where their story began? it’s also the reason why it’s so hard for them (and us) to separate their personal relationship from the one they have as a skater&coach. and since skating is so deeply ingrained in everything they do and who they are, it makes sense it’s a huge part of the love they have for each other as well. their love is a very complex one and i find it almost impossible to define with words, other than just “Love” and “Soulmates” and i think that’s exactly what yamamoto&kubo were going for and i think it’s all just incredibly romantic ♥

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hello, it has been a while. thank you for passing my message onto jimin hung anon. i heard that you are going to be mia for a few weeks. i'm not sure when you will see this, but if you ever feel overwhelmed, do what you can with what you have. if you can't find a way now, take a breather and take a step back. there might not be a way right now, but there will definitely be one in the future. you might trip and fall, but its evidence that you are moving forwards. ally fighting -jk anon

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  • Sister: You should meet my friend! She's a writer, too.
  • Me: Oh, cool! Yeah!
  • Sister: This is my friend--she's writing a novel! Friend, this is my sister--she writes fanfiction.
  • Me, who is also writing a novel, which my sister damn well knows: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...hi.

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Hi Auri -- I absolutely loved your sketchbook drawings you uploaded. I'm pretty new to drawing, and I wondered if for those sketches you would have drawn out guidelines, or if you're able to just draw human form mostly of the bat now through practice? Could you recommend a resource (or a book or anything) for starting to draw anatomy/faces in particular? Thank you so much! You're a real inspiration to me and I love your work so much. ❤️😊


thank you so much ♡

This actually depends - I am nearly always doing a sketch with pencil but I don’t really use guidelines actually (tho sometimes I feel I should! /)v(\) but just tend to draw from scratch. I try to draw really light lines to get the pose down firstly but often I still just start out with drawing a face and then sitting in front of the drawing asking myself what to do with the pose now… not really ideal i guess :’D I feel like the process of drawing is actually a pretty personal thing where you just have to figure out a workflow that works for you - I know artists who just draw the human form of the bat because they practiced enough, others use guidelines/-boxes even if they are AMAZING drawers - it’s all just about what works for you. I feel like I will never really use guidelines and boxes because I am not fond of them. I am tho trying to learn to construct the human body by learning how muscles work and how the skeleton is constructed so I am able to put down a pose not because I learned how this specific pose looks but because I can construct it from my knowledge. Same with the face, when you learn the different planes of the face you are able to imagine where light and shadows are.

I highly recommend using references and learn from them - not just by trying to make it look identical but by thinking about WHY it looks like it looks. Why light hits different spaces and why not. This helps you to learn the theory while drawing (even when drawing fanart - it really doesn’t matter WHAT you are drawing, just draw what you enjoy! ♡). I think there is still a lot of stuff for me to learn and I just start out to embrace this possibility to learn more instead of being afraid and intimidated when I see artwork from people I admire and thinking like “I cannot be this good”. Because everyone can learn and get better and if you just put in the effort, you will get better! And I really like to see different arts and styles and I think every art is precious and important. 

I can recommend the Youtube channels I posted in my earlier answer and especially listening to motivational podcasts (THIS channel inspires me like so much!) and of course some books:

Some of these titles are german as I’m from Germany, the one of the left is a book about european saga and legends, the japanese book is an artbook by Katsuya Terada which has a lot of process pictures and stuff. There is also the german version of “Drawing with the right side of your brain” by Betty Edwards and the book on the bottom is a anatomy compendium (I think there are better ones out there but I can’t really recommend one as I don’t have them :() 

I absolutely can recommend the books by James Gurney and just looking at The Art of-Books as they really inspire me a lot. 

Other then that it is really helpful to learn from life drawing, even if it’s just in the train or at starbucks, you learn the analyse expressions and the human body and why it works like it works. I feel like when drawing from life you tend to understand easier volumes and lightning, as you see more than a photo can show you. But drawing from photo references is also good help just to learn. I think there are actually so many ways to learn that you can be overwhelmed so just try to find something you like rather than try to do everything at once. Also: keeping a sketchbook and drawing on a regular basis into it is really helpful too. Just draw hat you love and what comes to mind, it don’t has to be perfect and you can just redraw it if you don’t like it. Keep it fun ♡

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your art is the most amazing thing I've seen omg and it's so funny and perfect and I'd love to meet you someday cause you seem like a wonderful human being ahh 💕

sdkjgksg aNON OMG I’m so flattered right now ahhhhhhh ;///////////;

The Fates of Laundry Are Helpful, Sometimes

Title: The Fates of Laundry Are Helpful, Sometimes
Author: Madiedoodle
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 1353
Summary: All Bitty wanted was to borrow a shirt so he could go do his laundry. He didn’t mean for it to become a Thing™.
In which they share clothes, and it works out quite nicely for everyone. Another sort of crackish fic, I just couldn’t resist the combo of size difference and clothes sharing, its too perfect.

Most memorable line: The only thing he liked more than Bitty with no clothes was Bitty wearing Jack’s clothes(and Bitty in heels, but that’s a separate story entirely).

Creepypasta #1074: I Got Stopped In The Middle Of A Tunnel At The Worst Possible Time

Length: Long

In the Virginia mountains, roads go directly through mountains, via tunnels dug through them. Last year, I was travelling from Florida up to the Midwest, and took the route that took me through the aforementioned Virginia mountains. The trip went fine until I got there. Normally, I found myself driving either alone or with one or two other cars on the road. At one point, though, traffic became heavy.

I was in a line of cars approaching a tunnel. It was moving slow due to some unseen obstruction ahead. I entered the tunnel and crept along slowly with the rest of the cars, before coming to a stop. The westbound road was at a standstill, while the eastbound road was wide open with no cars heading in that direction. I was almost dead-center of the tunnel, just for reference. Lights lined the walls of the tunnel, illuminating everything within. Until they didn’t. The lights all simultaneously shut off, making it quite dark in the tunnel.

Sunlight was the only source of light in the tunnel now, but it only reached so far from each entrance to the tunnel. Me being in the middle, I was essentially in the dark. A car a few behind me pulled onto the eastbound side and sped ahead of the rest of us that were stopped. I redirected my attention to the driver, and watched him drive the rest of the way down the tunnel. When he reached the end, all the sunlight coming from that end of the tunnel was suddenly sucked out of existence, and the car disappeared. All I could see at that end of the tunnel was pure darkness. I looked behind me and saw cars starting to turn around, but shortly after, a wave of darkness fell over the entrance through which I’d driven just minutes before.

I heard random screams from either end of the tunnel. The only thing giving off light in the tunnel now was all the car’s headlights, but even those seemed somehow dimmer than they should have. In all, it was like being in a pitch black room with only a candle across the room giving off any kind of glow.

I opened my door in preparation to get out and see what was going on, but just as it was open all the way, something flew past and slammed it shut, surely denting it in the process. Whatever it was, it went by so fast that I didn’t see it, and its path was interrupted by my car door. I tried looking behind me to see what it was, and saw the vague outline of something BIG heading down the road behind me. The person in front of me got out of their car and looked in both directions. Suddenly, that same something that flew past my door flew back the other way, and took the man in front of me with him. All I heard was his scream trail off in the distance.

At this point, I was thoroughly frightened. I didn’t know what to do. I heard screams coming from whatever the direction that… thing was coming from at the time. I needed to figure out what it was in order to figure out how to deal with it and protect myself. I snuck out the passenger’s side door of my car and crawled to the car in front of me. I then entered through the passenger’s side door of that car and got into the driver’s seat. The thing made a few passes back and forth as I waited for a moment, and the second it passed by heading westbound, I pulled the car into the middle of the road and hurriedly got out, running back to my car and getting in safely.

The thing made its pass back eastbound and slammed into the car, crumpling it almost in half. But more importantly than that, it stopped, and even in the dim lights being projected from my car, I finally got a good look at it.

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