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“I know for a fact that he hates me, Y/F/N. Don’t even try telling me otherwise.” You muttered, trying your best to balance the tray of coffees and teas while making sure your phone wasn’t going to slip from its position from in between your ear and shoulder. 

“So what? This is your job. Just smile and nod and you’ll be fine.” 

“That doesn’t matter! I would prefer to have my boss like me.” You huffed, using your shoulder to push the door open before walking down the hallway. You had only started working for Harry about two weeks ago and the most exciting thing he made you do was to bring coffee and tea for his team. “I’m trying my best, y’know. I really am!” 

“I know you are! But you’re going to have to accept the fact that maybe there are some people out there that just don’t like you!” 

“But I’m such a likable person!” This honestly wasn’t fair. You didn’t even know why Harry wasn’t the biggest fan of you. 

Ever since day one he just seemed like he wanted to murder you. (You were being a little dramatic here, but still!) It was upsetting, really. You had heard so many good things about him, like how charming he was, how sweet he was… That was true if you applied it to literally anyone besides you. You hated that his first impression of you was a ditzy irresponsible person who constantly tripped over her feet! You had really, really been trying your hardest to get him to like you. The most you had gotten was a little smile and a nod before he was sending you off to pick up his dry-cleaning. You were basically like a little slave, but you were sure that if you worked hard enough and proved to him that you were capable of so much more, he’d let you in on the team meetings! Maybe. 

“Suck it up, Y/N! You’re working for Harry bloody Styles!” 

“That’s not the point! It doesn’t matter who I’m working for, what matters is that if the person I’m working for likes me or not! It would be nice if Harry bloody Styles actually bloody liked me!” You felt your phone buzz against your ear, indicating that you had received a text. Of course, you couldn’t check right now considering you had no free hands. 

“Not to mention, more evidence that he doesn’t like me is that the other day when I complimented his pink suit, he only said thank you. But when the water girl - I forgot what her name was - when she complimented his suit he started raving about it and- I don’t know, he was just being an asshole!” You exasperated, shoving against the swinging door roughly and- The next thing you knew, the cups of coffee and tea had clattered onto the ground and splashed onto- You’ve got to be kidding me

“Hm.” Your eyes widened when you saw Harry standing in front of you, his eyes shut while he stood there frozen, coffee already seeping into his clothes. (You hadn’t even noticed your phone clattering to the ground as well. You were just that shocked.) 

“Mr. Styles, I am so, so sorry,” You stammered, unsure whether to pick the empty cups off of the floor or take your hoodie off to dab at his soaked shirt. Everyone from the meeting room had popped out to see what the loud crash was, your cheeks reddening at the sight of a couple people giggling at what you had just done. “I didn’t- I wasn’t paying attention. I’m so sorry!” You breathed out, feeling absolutely mortified. 

Harry let out a harsh sigh, wiping droplets of liquid off his clothes and his arms before looking right into your eyes. “You better clean this up quickly.” 

“I will, and I’ll replace the coffee-” 

“I’ll send someone else for the coffees considering you’ve jus’ proven how incapable you are at handling a simple task.” 

“Shit, I-” 

“Watch your profanity, this is a workplace. Jus’ clean up and head home, yeah? I’ll text you if I need anything.” 


“Miss Y/L/N. Please, I’m begging you to go home before you burn this bloody place down.” 

If Harry hated you before, he hated you even more now. 


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robb stark: can’t help falling in love

ANON REQUESTED: Hiiiii!!! I was wondering if you could do a robb stark imagine where the reader is cersei’s daughter and Jaime is very protective of her and they go riding in the woods when at Winterfell and Jaime and the reader get separated and she is attacked and Robb saves her and cersei yells at Jaime for letting her daughter fall in love with Robb and not saving her

note: im warning yall this is kinda long like 1.5k words long of dialogue bc i got carried away af but anyway i hope u like it (◡‿◡✿)

When you arrived in Winterfell, you immediately smiled at the coldness and all the open space there is. The people were welcoming and they treated you amazing. You walked through Winterfell, through the towers and through the yard.

“Don’t go far,” your mother Cersei said as she tighten the fur around her. She wasn’t really fond of Winterfell and she made that clear. “You don’t know what lurks in this cold place.”

You went back to the plaza and you saw your Uncle mounted and clad in thin armor. He was with his men, and is also with some Stark men. You patted your Uncle’s horse and Jaime just shook his head.

“Going off, Uncle?” you ask as you looked at the hounds and horses.

“Hunting, riding,” he said as he adjusted himself on his horse. “Making the most of the North.”

The horse nuzzled into your palm, and you scratch its head. You flashed a smile to his company and you grinned at your Uncle but he shook his head again at you.

“Uncle Jaime, please!” You really wanted to do something, and riding maybe is the most exciting thing there is.

“Your mother, the Queen,” he said as he emphasized Cersei, “Will get angry, you know how she is.”

“I promise! I’ll be close to you,” you begged him, and the men are smiling at you.

“The woods aren’t meant for a lady,” Theon said as his horse rounded up his party. “Or even a princess.”

You sighed and you looked at the stables, and you saw a stable boy watching the exchanged. You waited for him to acknowledge you, and when he did he bowed and you smiled. “Bring me a horse, ser.”

“Won’t the Queen be furious?” Robb asked your Uncle Jaime and he looked at you.

“My mother, the Queen will be furious, yes.” You said as the boy appeared next to you with a strong horse, and he helped you mount it. “I want to ride and not be stuck in this castle for the week, my lord.”

“Ride close to me,” Jaime said as his horse moved closer to yours, “If you get lost, like back home…”

You laughed at your Uncle and you looked at the amused Northmen, “King’s Landing is huge and crowded. But Uncle, I will not be lost.”

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How do you think Sansûkh breaks the mold for fanfic as we know it? I’m curious

Oh, am I glad you asked.

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I should preface this by saying that it’s been a while since I’ve gone back and read the fic through, so this may be missing a few details that it otherwise wouldn’t, but that shouldn’t take away from my explanation about why it’s a game-changer.

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lostboynibs  asked:

Hey! I absolutely love your art! I was just curious if you had any tutorials or know of any tutorials for painting portraits like you do. It's something I'm very interested in I just don't even know how to go about doing it. I'm excited to see more from you! Seriously. Your art is stunning and I can't get enough of it! <3

Woow, thank you so much! That really means a lot… Thank you! <3 <3 <3

The most important thing I think when I draw/paint a face is:

The shape of the shadows. Here’s an example…

I always observe the shadows, so instead of drawing the lines… I paint the shapes.

This concept helps me to improve my sketches as well. In ten seconds I give you the “impression” of a face:

It’s not about “being fast”. This ten seconds is just a result of years studying and observing and practicing :) 

In my “Lupin” small avatar, the painting might look detailed but if you zoom in, you see it’s just some messy brush strokes. This impression works because of the colors, shadows & light, so I think it’s important being concern about colors tutorials (theory). 

For applying those messy brush strokes, I had to study how to paint realistically. That is, lots and lots of detailed drawings and painting to understand how I should paint the mouth, eyes, etc… After a while, I finally build some confidence to paint without detailing everything. Developing your style is having confidence on what you do. And to achieve that, we need to study a lot :) 

Sometimes when you want to paint something, you don’t have to look especifically for the subject. Your art is the result of a “library” that you build in your brain. There are some really good tutorials about painting portrait, digitally, in DeviantArt and Youtube, but instead of “how to paint a portrait”, look for “skin color tutorial” or “proportion of the head tutorial” or “how to draw skulls” and then you start building your library so you can use all these knowledge to paint in 1 hour, for instance.

Since I love oil paintings and I have this goal of achieving a more traditional look in my digital art, I watch tutorials to apply some fundamentals of oil paintings. This is an example. I think timelapse videos also helps me a lot, like this one by Wajtek Fus and this one by alicexz 

So I hope this helps you a little bit. I might do a better tutorial if you guys are interested. But most of the time, I just like to experiment a lot of brushes and techniques so I can finally decide what I enjoy most!

Thank you again for this message and sorry for such a long text! hahaha

Meant To Be (part 4)

A/N: Guys it’s been sooo long and I really am sorry for haven’t posted anything - I have my reasons, but I promise I’ll do my best in the future. Tell me if you liked it!
| masterlist | part 5 |

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Sirius Black

The dinner continued in silence. Y/N hasn’t told anything, her jaws moved so slowly that was almost annoying, and she only looked at the others when she said good night and went to their room with Lily. When the two girls turned right and disappeared, the three of the boys gave me a puzzled look; their facial expression told me everything. I acted like haven’t noticed their faces and kept eating, but I casted a quick glance from the corner of my eyes once more and I met each of their gazes.

‘What?’ I asked after a heavy sigh since I’ve already known they will keep asking me until I tell them why I was left earlier. But this wasn’t the part of the plan – unfortunately, so I had to repeat myself to don’t say anything more than what was necessary.

‘So when will you tell us?’ James asked in an easy manner.

‘There’s nothing to tell you.’ as soon as the lie left my mouth I realized this was the second time I lied to them. My first one was just a small thing before the start of the winter break that I’ll travel home just like them. But they got to know the truth when arrived back to Hogwarts and they didn’t mind it; since I had the chance to finally speak with Y/N.

I used to ask Remus about her when I saw they get along really well, and he told me just the same things I observed during the winter break. Maybe I was asking too many times and they noticed my interest in Y/N but the three of them forgot it soon because of James and his trying to get Lily. Until this year when Lily started to talk more and more with Prongs so the fact that I might feel something for Y/N came up again. And when I told my jerk friends that Y/N and I finally talked and even spent the whole winter break together, they teased me every day about it.

After I tried to prove there was nothing I didn’t tell them, they looked at each other meaningfully and talked with their eyes something that they don’t believe me and will definitely gave me another opportunity to talk about what happened and why I went to the forest.

‘You’re welcome for the saving, by the way.’ Remus said in a sarcastic tone and stood up, so did James and Peter.

‘Are you comin’ or not?’ said Prongs, waiting for me next to the table. I remembered they planned something for this night but totally forget about it in the afternoon in the forest. I was walking near the Black Lake and just thinking about Y/N and my family. Just about Y/N at first but when my thoughts started to wander, I somehow ended up thinking about her as my girlfriend. My real girlfriend I’ve never had, not just my pathetic relationships. I couldn’t help but liked these thoughts pretty much until my horrible mother and the whole family popped into my mind. They’d be terrified if got to know the truth that I feel something for a muggleborn girl. And this almost killed me inside that my family wants to ruin my life at this level. It’s not like I even cared about them but that was simply horrible to think about it.

I wanted to forget about everything I was thinking about in the forest, so I stood up and followed James to our room to talk about the prank they planned against Severus Snape – who else, of course. Playing with Snivellus was one of the best things we could do when felt bored and even if I wasn’t in the right mood for it, I told my friends I’ll come with them just to not to be alone.

We’ve easily found Snape on the Marauder’s Map; he was walking on the 7th floor corridor when suddenly stopped on its left side.

‘What is he doing there?’ Peter asked, most from himself than from us.

‘It’s time to figure this out!’ James shouted in an excited manner and almost ran away from the room without thinking or even without bring his invisible cloak.

‘James, could you please act like someone who’s up to nothing bad?’ Remus sighed heavily and whispered to James as careful as always. He was just like our mother when we were doing something bad but he never missed one of these events.

‘Shut up, Moomy.’

We all laughed - except Remus - on that nickname James used so many times on him. This one fitted so well on the werewolf. He whispered something like “Screw you” but I didn’t really listen as I saw Snape in the near distance. He was standing next to the Troll Tapestry and looked pretty focused. Prongs and I almost jumped into the scene but Remus grabbed our shoulder and pulled us back.

‘Wait, I think I know what he is up to. And I want to know if the door appears to him.’

‘What door?’ the three of us asked Remus but he hasn’t got time to answer because Snape stopped and looked into our direction. We were squatting behind a huge statue that almost hid us and we could be invisible if didn’t speak too loud.

‘Who’s there?’ Snape approached us. ‘Show yourself!’

A door appeared opposite the Troll Tapestry without any previous sign and when Snape noticed it too, he turned back, grabbed the doorknob and disappeared.

We went back to our room and Remus told us everything about the Room of Requirement, something Unplottable that our map couldn’t show; that’s why we didn’t know about its exist before. But Moony has read about it in some old book – of course.

The next day James told Lily and Y/N about everything we saw, just because he wanted to prove to Lily about Snape bad actions. Lily didn’t pay too much attention to the whole thing since she hasn’t spoken with Snape too much already, but Y/N seemed pretty interested.

‘Sounds like something we should probably look at.’ she winked at me with that irresistible smile that always brought butterflies into my stomach. I hated that I loved it so much. But she convinced me of course, so we decided to go back there and try to find out what room Snape needed.

I sneaked out after curfew and met with Y/N in the common room.

‘So Moony told me the door will only appear when we’re in a very great need for something. Do you need anything?’ I asked half-smiling.

‘Well, I’d like to have a huge hamburger.” she laughed but I didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“Is this some woman thing? Something like a dildo?’ she suddenly burst into laughter so I realized I might said something dumb.

‘No… it’s…’ she almost couldn’t breathe. ‘It’s not like a dildo, Sirius. It’s a muggle food, actually.’

Oh. That was awkward. I fell silence for a long moment then started to laugh too on myself.

‘Okay, so it’s not a big thing then.’ I finally could speak while Y/N was still smiling at me. On the other hand, her smile made me feel calm and less stupid, because it was not a despising smile, more than a very happy one.

‘You know, you are funny sometimes. I love this about you.’ she said and the butterflies came back again.

‘Thanks.’ was the only thing I managed to say. I felt so stupid for being such an idiot and for couldn’t control my emotions around Y/N. I was completely distracted by her beautifulness, and when the word “love” left her mouth I couldn’t help but got so stunned that I was unable to move for a moment or think what to do next. It looked like she noticed it so started to laugh again.

‘Sirius? Cat got your tongue?’ but before I could lost even more in her smile, I heard a noise and the door appeared just how we saw earlier. ‘Wow, how did you…’

And then, I understood why the room showed its entrance for me.

‘Y/N, please, come with me. We need to talk.’

While I’m on the subject of the TV show, here are some things to remember:

  • An adaptation will never be the same as its source. Things will be changed: taken away, added, altered. This will happen, because it’s a completely different medium and some things just won’t translate.
  • Appearances aren’t everything. Everyone will be disappointed with some aspect of the casting. They are not going to find someone who looks exactly like your headcanon. Give the actors a shot - they might surprise you.
  • Just because it isn’t exactly the same doesn’t mean it will be bad. 

Speaking from experience, one of my favourite books is also one of my favourite TV shows: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which is a 1000 page novel and was made into a 7 part BBC drama. Obviously they had to change a lot of what I’ve mentioned above:

  • Scenes were moved around in order
  • Drawlight was cast completely differently to his descriptions in the book (just one example)
  • Scenes were added (I’m thinking of a lot of the Starecross scenes), a lot of scenes were removed (too many to count because y’know, 1000 page novel)

And IT WORKED. It’s a completely different beast from the book, but it is wonderful in its own right. The thing it does so well is keep to the tone and the atmosphere of the book, which I think is one of the most important things for TRC. 

As far as I’m concerned, if this TRC show can do that then things will be fine.

The important thing is to keep an open mind. At this point (as far as I’m aware) we don’t even know when it’s going to be made. It might be years: these things can move slowly.

Alex and Eliza

Hi friends! I accidentally posted this on my main (@emily-ily2) yesterday, and I didn’t realize until this morning. I’m sorry for the delay. 

I actually really liked this, but I’m shit at titles. Also, this strayd a little from the original request, but I loved the idea too much to let it go.

Pairing: Lin x reader

Warnings: none

Requested: Yes, anon requested a Lin x jealous reader

Requests are open and appreciated in the ask box.

Word Count: 1439



As a boyfriend, Lin did everything just right. He bought you flowers. He held the door open every time, no matter how inconvenient it was for him to get the door. He complimented you endlessly. He even went as far as to write silly little songs about how much he loves you. There was never cause for jealousy. Sure, he worked in theater and had to kiss pretty girls from time to time, but he always reassured you that you were the one he wanted to be with. You believed him completely, but then came Hamilton.

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RFA + V + Saeran & Roller Coasters
  • <p> <b>Yoosung:</b> HELL YEAH HE LOVES ROLLER COASTERS but he doesn't like the really big hills. Upside down is fine though. Also, he prefers the shorter rides because he gets headaches on the longer ones<p/><b>Zen:</b> He actually doesn't think much of roller coasters, however, other rides (like Cedar Point's Power Tower or Witch's Wheel) are enjoyable. With a bit of prodding, he'll get on the scarier rides with you, but whatever you do, do NOT let him eat just before going on any ride. He will vomit.<p/><b>Jaehee:</b> She's never been on a roller coaster before??? She's a bit nervous about it but reminds herself that the rides are safe and based on physics, so she'll be fine. Jaehee ends up liking almost every single ride that doesn't go upside down. She has no idea why.<p/><b>Seven:</b> He says that he loves roller coasters, but he's really lying. He stalls as much as he can, but doesn't tell you that he is phobic until after you guys get on a roller coaster and he has a panic attack.<p/><b>Jumin:</b> He's the kind of person that doesn't scream or throw their hands up during the ride ("I will not risk catching bugs in my mouth") honestly does enjoy it, especially the upside down rides.<p/><b>V:</b> He can handle pretty much any ride (even right after eating... wtf...) and he does like them, but he prefers things like train rides around the amusement park. It's relaxing, and leads to quite a few beautiful and lively photos.<p/><b>Saeran:</b> Nope. Nope. He won't go near an amusement park unless you promise him that you won't force him on any rides. He has never been on a roller coaster and never will. Won't even try most non roller coaster rides. He just wants to relax on a bench. Besides, he's content with your excitement for each ride.<p/></p>

its wild to think that bobby’s been on snl since i was 15 yrs old.. he was like my first Celeb Crush, not just b/c he’s beautiful but also hilarious?? i cant tell you how many times i screamed over him doing something ridiculous & cute.. to this day most of my mutuals would probably include “loves bobby moynihan” immediately in their description of me. 

i know this isn’t a full goodbye for bobby. i’m excited to see his new show in the fall, even if it is on cbs. i’m just gonna miss screaming over him doing ridiculous things in ridiculous outfits, and doing impressions and his own weird characters. see ya, nerd

anonymous asked:

whats it like to be old in fandom?

ok, settle down cowboy. i’m not old in fandom (i’m 25!), i’m a fandom old (i’ve…been in fandom since i was 9), there’s a difference, god. (i kid. mostly. i’m not old tho, y'all are young)

and. well! its interesting. its particularly interesting being a fandom old in a fandom that’s lots of people’s first experience with fandom? there’s not a ton of people i can chat with and be like “i miss the fourth wall” and they immediately understand what i mean by that and why. and i have to check myself on if i don’t like things that younger members do because its different or because its actually bad.

and i spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not the things i say about/to younger people in fandom are coming off as mean, or if its just a matter of having differing expectations of how to interact. becuase WOW have i seen people do and say and ask some stuff that grinds my gears.

i think the strangest thing about it is knowing that there are websites that would be better for us, having experienced those sites, having current accounts on those sites and…still being forced to interact here because this is where most of fandom happens.

but! its not all bad, not even half bad, its just a new experience. like i looked up one day and suddenly this whole thing was an old hat for me. and i love helping & uplifting younger writers (i’ve been playing with the idea of just putting out random calls for fic to be beta’d since people have been having Feelings about concrit lately) and i’m so excited for you all to get out into other fandoms and read as voraciously as i have/do and have it shape and inform your writing. and i’ve made some really great friends with fellow fandom Olds and we sit on our metaphorical porch and wave our metaphorical canes together all the time

Things I love about SU #1

IT ALWAYS!!! GETS ME HYPED!!! Every time I think SU can’t drag me back into the hype train with its promos or bombs, I’m proven wrong. It doesn’t even take much. Just a little peek at something that was hinted at recently, or something that COULD prove a theory on something! Like most recently I’m so excited to see those two new gems! [whose names I know but will not spoil for those who are avoiding spoilers] Who are they! What are they like! What do they sound like?! I DON’T KNOW! And I’m excited to find out!!! Who’s that voice at the end??? Onion? Someone else???? Someone from the zoo??????? Could be!

SU has not failed once to get me hyped up for a bomb or for some kind of event! I love it! When you’re depressed and disassociative, FEELING is one of the best things! This show makes me FEEL stuff! I never get excited for much anymore, and that’s so valuable to me to be able to DO now and then! I can look forward to something outside of myself and outside of my hobbies! Something I didn’t make! I haven’t been this into a show since Avatar or Danny Phantom! SU is my favorite show to date, and I can’t wait to see what other promos lay in store in the future!

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Hi! This one will be an interesting request, but can you share a photo of your computer? That thing is probably the most important thing in the whole ginhiji/hijigin fandom since it's where all those amazing fics are written on and stored. You even named it, correct? I'm curious :) Thanks!

I DON’T THINK THIS IS WEIRD AT ALL!! You want to see Little Mischief!! AHHHHH THAT MAKES ME SO EXCITED!! Someone wants to see Little Mischief oh my god yes, of course I’ll share a pic with you!! I’ll even show you one of my work spaces!! 

Sorry for the poor quality, but voila! I do my writing at this desk quite a bit and the desk itself is 100 and something years old. It belonged to my grandfather ((he passed away 3 years ago on Christmas Eve)) and that thing to the far left is from him as well. It’s a really old mailbox that has been turned into a change holder. To open it, you have to dial in the correct code, then pull the lever on the front. It was his last gift to me before his Alzheimer’s made him forget who I was. That’s kinda depressing, I’m sorry, but these things are really important to me and that’s why I keep them where I can see them. I change out the figurines quite a bit, too. Then right in the center is Little Mischief =u= 

Thanks for asking! No one has ever asked this before and I got really excited //rolls away

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With SM almost reaching the episode 30 mark (and if the alleged leak is true, finally reaching Akala for the next trials in a few episodes), what's your opinion of the Sun & Moon Anime compared to past series?

It’s a weird series for me. I’d say it’s not really doing anything objectively bad or wrong writing wise, it’s going for a slice of life/comedy route and in that respect it’s doing that fairly well. The artstyle, the animation all works nicely in tandem, the characters are animated and full of charm, make great expressions, as do the Pokemon who’ve been pretty well characterized thus far.

Speaking it personally though, I’ve been struggling to keep watching. Don’t mean to sound like a fan boy, but when XY airing, unless it was very clearly a bad filler I was always looking forward to each episode with some level of excitement and investment, most because plot was happening, arcs were progressing, (some) characters were growing, and every so often we get a exciting battle. SM I often find myself completely uninterested in most of these episodes, even if they end up enjoyable it’s the kinda thing you watch and forget about?

It says a lot that the best episodes of SM tend to be the ones that take a break from its comedic trappings like the amazing Litten capture episode, because those leave a lasting impact beyond “that was fun”, I wish/hope they’d do that more. Battles are almost nonexistent, in 30 episodes there’s been less then 5 and I’m sorry but that’s a fairly big deal for me considering I love Pokemon battles. The protagonists are well characterized but with the exception of Lillie (who’s probably my favorite) and maybe Ash (MAYBE), they’re all fairly static with no real big growth so far. Most of their goals are fluff like Lana and Mallow’s, Kiwae has been made into the running joke guy who makes over the top faces, what happened to that stuff with his Z Ring and his grandfather and how much that means to him? Can we get any expansion on that? Like the show itself, I can enjoy these characters on a casual level but as opposed to previous companions I really have no desire to think about headcanons or engage with them outside of that, I’m just not very invested.

SM isn’t a bad series to any degree, it’s just obviously not a direction that appeals to me personally or adheres to what I want out of a Pokemon Saga, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it to some degree because I do, if I were to give it a rank I’d probably still say it beats BW at least because it has a clear direction of what it wants to be whereas BW… Really didn’t lol. I’m hoping things get more interesting because I love Sun and Moon the games, I find Alola a fantastic region and the story one of the best, if SM the anime doesn’t capatalize on any of that and just continue with the direction it’s going in now I’ll be pretty disappointed

Since I’m too pooped to write much tonight, here’s a picture of me doing the shooty thing. 
My aim is improving. Hit one of the dangling tiny targets twice on the “3D” range! 

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After a day like last night, I’m so excited and happy to have a day off. Granted, it’s an observance day off; but I still got a chance to relax and have a good time. I went grocery shopping and clothes shopping. Everyone needs more fall and winter clothes even though Vancouver is scorching right now. I don’t remember if it has ever been this warm. What’s one thing you guys are most excited to have done today? What’s one thing you managed to check off your to-do list and be most proud of it?

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Isn't it weird how the cast is so postive of season 7? Colin is the most in that but even Rc has said some nice things when he's been critical of the show in the past..

I don’t think its weird. Do I think the advertising for s7 has been good? No. I think its been pretty weak. But (personally) I don’t find it weird–its possible (and very likely) that the actors have been told to really work to get people excited for the new season given the state of it now (both with most of the cast gone and the ratings).

sunshineofthegroup  asked:

i tried to open your blog and my browser crashed (shame on me for trying to talk to people) here are some random questions: who was the most interesting or exciting person you met at rtx? what is your opinion on pears? what's your favorite vine? who do you think, in fahc, Geoff would pimp out if he needed to pimp one of the crew members out to get information from someone (with their consent, obviously)?

Its probably trying to save you from my blog

Probably Matt or Jack. Both of them were really interested in what you had to say, even though they had places to be and things to do that were way more important than taking a picture and chatting with me.

Pears are delicious but i have them like once a year and when they get all brown and lumpy they’re kinda less appetizing even if they’re getting riper and I’m just realizing i don’t know that much about pears

Oh god i like lived for vines i can’t pick just one. a good one i saw yesterday again though was the thomas the train birthday card that sung “yo I’m a train with a face and I’m comin your way, chu chu motherfucker its your motherfuckin birthday”

I don’t think he would like it, but if were talking smooth talking golden boy, then Gavin would definitely be the one to go charm everyone out of their pants. On the flip side, him sending Ryan to go be dark and sexy and having to talk to people would be hilarious

Writing sex is hard. And then I stumble across really good smut fics and I’m just like maybe its hard because I’m not having fun. these people write and make it.seem fun or sweet or exciting or hilarious? How are they so good at this when most peoples writing quality seems to go down when amut enters the scene? How do you build an attraction, a feeling of chemistry, an interest… A relationship from these two people wanting to bone? Hell even without sex how do you make those things so tangibly obvious to the reader? Teach me. … And then i think ill never figure it out because I just… Maybe I am aroace or maybe I just exist to suck the fun out of things when I write. I dunno.

@dodongis EXCITE programming is so helpful imo? also probably one of the most RESOURCE FRIENDLY THINGS TO LEARN bc as long as u have time, a laptop and wifi, ur able to learn everything from the comfort of ur home

which kind of programming r u taking btw? :0c

if u need any object oriented programming (java and interactivity and stuff like that) feel free to ask me??? i love… writing code for some reason i love the coding process even if its hellish at first