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How about a fic where Peter gets a concussion while playing basketball and starts like puking and tony has to come get him bc idk parent tony au xD

(Hey beautiful friend, here’s your not so beautiful fic, for a beautiful person who deserves a better fic but tbh this is all I can produce!! Anyway, so here’s a short little fic starring parent Tony bc that’s some good shit yo)

Peter had never liked sport.

He hated how his chest felt like it was on fire when he ran, how the world seemed horribly heightened and horrifying. He felt out of control, and felt as if the world was tipping out of balance as he’d become painfully aware of his existence.

Peter would dread gym, often purposely leaving his gear or trying to find jobs to do around the school. He’d seek out the nice little old receptionist lady or the janitors or workmen to see if they needed help, just to get out of gym. Peter had gone as far as to fake injuries in the past, to a successful degree. Middle school drama had served its purpose, and Peter was thankful for it.

In fairness, ever since the radioactive spider incident, exercising wasn’t quite as agonising as it used to. His bones wouldn’t screech at him and his lungs wouldn’t be begging for air as he ran, or how exhausted and heavy he felt after a basketball game. Having a new spider body was pretty good, and he could do sit ups without struggling and failing to get up, his core aching and like it was being weighed down by a rockslide worth of stones.

But something Peter would never ever get used to was the pressure of competitiveness.

It only seemed to get worse.

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• seungcheol would have proposed using his minions for help. by minions i mean the members bc they have to listen to their leader and eldest hyung lol
• anYWAY so he’s been like literally planning it for the longest time but u don’t notice that he’s slowly chipping away at it secretly without u knowing bc the second he met u he had a feeling u would be the one :333
• then one day he kinda just disappears to who knows where for the entire day and you thought he was kidnapped and was so close to calling the police when the members came to you and dragged you into the pledis building.
• they gave you to their hair stylist and designer and you didn’t know what was happening but went along w it anyway bc the looks on the boys’ face looked serious so you stayed where you were instead of screaming and flailing around trying to get away.
• afterwards, you looked beAUTIFUL and the members dragged you into this hella dark place and then suddenly the room lit up and it was so beautiful with all these decorations everywhere and standing in the middle of it all is choi seungcheol your amazing boyfriend :):):):):):)
• the second he sees you his jaw like drops bc he told the stylists to get you dressed up but he never knew you’d look this good osmdosnxicnsincid
• and when you approach him in caution he gets really nervous bc hE DOESNT THINK HE CAN DO THIS U LOOK TO FABULOUS UGH
• “you look… beautiful, wow.”
• then you two would have a lovely dinner together and danced the night away but your lowkey still confused bc what’s this all for ??????
• then at the end of the night he distracts you with something and when you turn back around to face him he’s on one knee with a ring shown to you and your heart just s t o p s
• “y/n, for the past few (months or years), you’ve made me the happiest man on the planet. I can’t possibly think of how my life would be like without you in it. You make me laugh, you make me cry and I love you so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to be the father of your children, the one who shows you off to all my relatives, the one that gets to spend eternity and forever with you. Y/n, would you make make me the luckiest man in the universe, and be my wife/husband?”
• when it came to planning for the wedding seungcheol was more into it than you were lmao
• you had a feeling he’s been planning it way before he proposed bc the second the two of you met up with the wedding planner he just started rambling on and on about what he wanted the wedding to be like
• “okay, so I’ve been thinking maybe we can use this as our colour scheme.”
• “oH and I went window cake shopping already and I saw this reALLY PRETTY CAKE”
• then you’d whack him in the head and tell him to slow down bc this whole thing was something the two of you had to do lol
• but seungcheol was really cute about it all, he constantly asked for your opinion on everything to do with the wedding and he made sure you really really love it otherwise if iT WAS A REALLY TO SHORT HE THROWING IT AWAY
• the wedding of the century if you ask me
• everything was flipping perfect the venue was beautiful and YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL
• everyone was there like your whole family and his whole family and all your friends and all their families like half of the people there you didn’t even know buT IT DIDNT MATTER BC THE ONLY PERSON YOU NEEDED THERE REALLY WAS UR SOON TO BE HUBBY COUPS
• then the wedding bells ring and the music begins to play and as seungcheol is watching you walk down the aisle he can’t help but c r y bc this really was it, he was gonna be yours forever :3333
• couldn’t stop staring at you throughout the whole ceremony and the celebrant had to like repeat himself a lot just coz he was too busy staring at ur entire face to hear anything he said.
• cut the celebrant off as he was in the middle of saying ‘you may kiss the bride’ and just kissed you bc he’s sO EXCITED AND SO HAPPY THAT YOU TWO ARE GONNA BE FOREVER AND EVER
• tbh father/husband!coups would want fifteen million little coups and y/n’s running round and u think he can’t handle it buT HES TAKEN CARE OF 12 FULLY GROWN BABY KINDA
• “okok fine, lets have one kid.”
• “actually, two.”
• “nope, three.”
• and when he found out you were pregnant with your first child he was the happiest man in the universe and immediately began naming the baby.
• during the preparation for the baby he bought everything like evERYTHING and it may seem like it’s no big deal but that’s where you’re wrong.
• he freaking bought EVERYTHING for BOTH GENDERS
• you just casually come home from work and see diapers, toys and other baby necessities for both genders jejdjdie
• and every night and every morning, seungcheol lays his ear on your stomach, listening for the heart beat of ur unborn child and he talks to it and it’s the cutest thing in the world
• “if you’re a boy, you’ll grow up to be just as big and strong as your daddy, and as kind and sweet as your mommy/daddy.”
• “if you’re a girl, you’ll be just as damn beautiful as your mommy/daddy and just as good with the bros and the chicks like your daddy.”
• and ofc u whack him on the head because haha no hoe he’s yours for life
• will literally give you EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IF YOU ASK FOR IT BC IF UR CRAVING IT ITS FOR THE BABY AND HE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF BOTH OF HIS BABIES pretty much seungcheol would run to the ends of the earth and back just to satisfy whatever it was you needed :3
• after nine long and fun months, it was finally time to give birth to the baby!!1!!1!
• not gonna lie he was a complete mess when you told him your water broke like he was running everywhere and doing nothing productive and you like yelled really loudly at him to just take you to the hospital because tHIS BABY IS COMING AND YOH DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS
• but seriously he was the most supportive husband ever, he held your hand while you were giving birth and kept whispering encouraging stuff to you whilst you were in pain and you honestly couldn’t have done it without him.
• “you’re doing so great, baby. just a little more. im so proud of you.”
• cried incredibly hard when he first held your baby, because this was a start of a whole new chapter for you two. and he couldn’t wait to get started :3
• cried and screamed when you first started walking
• pretty much what happened was he was working on some rap lyrics then he felt a tug on his foot and thinking nothing of it he looks down and says “not now, daddy’s working.” And he like pauses and stares at your child and stares at where he or she just came from and like thEY WALKED
• when he first heard them talk he cried then you cried then the baby cried then he screamed then you screamed then the baby screamed
• first word was mommy but seungcheol is always changing it telling people they said daddy first like uM nO
• “who are they?”
• “where are they from?”
• “who are their parents?”
• “how old are they?”
• “when do I get to meet them?”
• coups reaction when finding out you have a lover ^^^^
• continues to take you out on dates as often as he can and always sends you mushy texts just to keep that fire going
• when you two get old, he STILL has the same personality as before. though his greasy moves don’t come too often as he’s too sore and tired to do it. But he does constantly remind you of anything that was EMBARASSING or sexual in your relationship and your like BABE STOP PLEASE MY EARS ARE BLEEDING
• life with seungcheol is gr8 he’s a gr8 husband, gr8 father and gr8 soul mate for life.
• “y/n, I promise to always be by your side until I die. You’ll be the first to know all my secrets, and I’ll never keep anything from you. I would do anything for you and will go out of my way to keep that beautiful, heart warming smile on your lips. I promise to support you in everything you do, to love you through thick and thin, to never leave you and the future babies coming ;;;;;). but seriously. This is a day I will cherish in my heart forever, the day where everyone is present, a day when you become mine forever. I love you.”

This is quite badly written, tbh, but I have decided to write something at least once a week because I am going to lose my mind otherwise. Bear with me. 

  • In his defense, Sirius had been drunk off his arse. 
  • Why wouldn’t he be? It was his twenty fourth birthday and James and Peter had organised a smashing surprise party in his honour at their shared apartment, inviting more than fifty people over. 
  • He was so drunk, in fact, that when Lily rolled in a five tiered, massive cake, each layer a different colour and undoubtedly a different flavour, Sirius nearly burst out crying. 
  • But his tears were staved off when the most fit man he had ever set eyes upon appeared from behind Lily and the cake. Not only did this Beautiful, Gorgeous, Piping Hot, Literal-Drop-Of-Sunshine man have the most sexy body ever, he was also clad in an extremely form fitting cop costume, one that accentuated his lightly muscled body in the most unfair manner ever.
  • Sirius’ eyes widened and he was about to turn around to shout at James that no, it doesn’t matter that I literally want to pounce on him, James, I told you, no strippers! when the man decided to remove his police hat and Sirius went weak everywhere in his body. 
  • He had curly hair and an undercut. 
  • Sirius was royally and totally fucked. 
  • So of course Sirius forced his fumbling, drunk hands to pull up a chair and settled down in it, watching the man frown. 
  • “I would’ve preferred it if you had jumped out of the cake, but damn, I’ll take this too,” he said, bouncing his knees up and down in excitement. 
  • He vaguely registered someone turning off the music and James hissing, “Padfoot!” but his addled brain could only focus on one thing, or rather, person, at a time. 
  • “Why’d you turn the music off? Who strips without music? it’s not nearly as fun,” Sirius complained, turning around to glare at the nearest person, who just happened to be a very alarmed Peter. 
  • He was about to ask Peter why he had that face on when the most deep and delicious voice said, “Excuse me?” 
  • “Jesus Christ,” Sirius mumbled. “How is this fair? Not only do you look like-…like, that, but you also have sex voice!”
  • Sirius hadn’t meant to say that out loud, but his regret stopped instantly when he saw a bright pink blush work its way up from somewhere underneath the Hot Stripper’s collar to the tips of his ears. 
  • He cleared his throat and Sirius could see him struggle to hide his adorable embarrassment. “I’m not a stripper,” he said. 

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WELCOME TO THE FANDOM ^^• I hope your blog gains loads of sucess !!Kuroo,bokuto,kageyama and asahi with their s/o on their honeymoon! Can it be fluffy pls? Like where would they go? Hw would they spend their time?! Im sorry if its really random.

not at all! And for the large amount of time this spent in my inbox I could never fighure out if u meant a scenario or headcannons so i did the headcannons bc of the questions?? If that wasn’t what u had in mind feel free to send another request lmao


- For his honeymoon I can see him going somewhere like Spain. Someplace that they can just chill out and have fun hotel beds gotta be p comfy too bc they’ll be spending a lot of time there if u feel

- 1-2 Weeks

- Chilling out on the beach is how most of their time is spent, poor baby fell asleep in the sun his s/o rubbed in the aloe tho he’s okay

- Between being at the beach and well, in bed the hotel room, actual clothes were rarely worn and Kuroo enjoyed every minute of it

- Uses the opportunity to flex his actually up-to-par Spanish skills

- Is absolutely adorable when he speaks spanish, his accents sexy too lowkey uses it in the bedroom

- Just looking at the different houses and people is a fun activity for them, getting the opportunity to learn about other cultures firsthand

- Spanish food is now Kuroo’s favorite, and buys a cookbook while hes there, for his s/o to make of course

- His s/o falls in love with Latino music, and fills up their phone with it

- Paddleboard races happened, and his s/o lost miserably. Try and guess what the prize was

- It was sin


- Would want to go somewhere he can go hiking, like Oahu or Peru

- 2+ weeks

- Always active and doing new things with his s/o

- Though one day he surprised his s/o by sleeping in, and they spent the whole day in bed, only getting up and dressed when the room service delivered

- Taking lots of photos would almost be a priority for him, not just of the scenery either, of him and his s/o

- Because of the constant humidity he stopped styling his hair a couple days in and his s/o’s heart melted at the sight just ugh

- Would also spend quite a bit of time in the pool, splashing and floating around

- Though would also love the fact they were now married, and would also spend a lot of time in their room. Like, a lot

- Actually forreal made his s/o go to the gym with him one night Im not even joking “___ would you want me to loose these guns?”

“…..Cant argue there tbh”

- Buys cute matching couple pyjamas


- Precious child wants to go to a big city with his newlywed s/o, like New York

- 2-3 weeks

- Wouldn’t like to go sightseeing on a tour, so would try to plan everything himself. This ends up with them getting lost and just finding their own way around

- They would always try to eat at new places and try new food, but Little Italy soon became their gravitational point. Kageyama really loves garlic bread

- A good part of their time is actually spent in coffee shops that they discovered along the way, discussing anything that came to mind

- Shopping is also a big portion of their time. Like looking at all the different styles and cultures

- Actually went to the movie theater??? Like they wanted to experience an American movie despite it being identical lmao Kags just wanted some cuddles lets be real

- In their hotel room they ended up eating a lot of soup. Mostly chicken noodle. His s/o would eat the food and Kags would take the broth. What a beautiful balance in a relationship

- They had a night where they really just went into a convenience store and bought a shit ton of junk food they’ve never even heard of and tried it. Most was eaten, but they both agreed some of it was just not for them

- Lots of cuddles back at the hotel room, Kags always seemed to pull his s/o into his arms no matter the circumstance

- Wandered into Chinatown, but their mandarin is terrible so they still had to communicate through english. They had some properly cooked rice, though

- Kageyama got a really nice watch, and bought his s/o a necklace


- Disneyland resort in California. He got the big hotel suit, early admissions, tram ride, all of it. Only the best for his s/o

- A good 2+ weeks

- Despite how insanely comfortable the bed is, and how little they slept u feel, for the most part they both wake up extra early so they can walk around the park during early admissions when it’s not as crowded. They enjoy this time the most

- Watching the fireworks every night became a fond memory, whether it be standing at the castle, or from the pool at their hotel

- Cute pictures with churros and mickey-mouse-ears definitely happened

- Their favorite ride together was the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride in the french quarter, they also happened to eat at the restaurant inside there quite often

- So many pins. They each spent a good amount of money on their now ginormous collections. Asahi likes his Winnie The Pooh pins

- Not a lot of PDA happened, maybe a kiss here and there, but you can bet there were major cuddles back in the hotel room. All the time

- One night they built a fort out of the pillows and requested extra sheets so they could finish it. They tried to sleep in it but when they woke up it was all collapsed around them

- Once or twice ordered room service and absolutely pigged out, always got the triple chocolate cake

- Both Asahi and his s/o could speak a decent amount of English, but kept getting the English and Spanish mixed up so they kept asking the wrong people things they didn’t understand, and picked up words they thought were english but were actually spanish

“no frijoles please”


“He means beans”

- The space mountain ride lowkey freaked Asahi out and he ended up clutching onto his s/o like his life depended on it. The photo from the ride is now framed in their house

- Sometimes they would just go and sit on a bench together, watching other people and listening to their conversations while enjoying each others company

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RFA + V HCs where in MC is actually a member of a famous Korean Girl Group. I don't if you know them but 2NE1 just disbanded and it's kinda depressing 😭😂 Thank you in advance :)

AHHHH…. I’m not very well-versed in KPOP or anything, so I looked up 2NE1 out of curiosity…. Their music was so good!!! (And also gave me mad insp. for this RQ lolololol)
Let us all take a knee in mourning for this poor anon…. ;;;

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Kpop 2016 - January

So, basically, last year I missed out on about a billion releases and I just think that’s really disappointing and so I decided to take on the task of watching and listening (and mini-reviewing) to every k-music video release I could find throughout this year.

Was this a pretty stupid idea? Yes and no. Yes, because holy crap did I not realise just how many videos are released in a month and this took waaaay longer than it probably should have. No, because I found some really awesome songs I likely wouldn’t have heard if I hadn’t decided to do this.

Underneath the cut are all 59 songs and I also made a playlist of them if you wanna check them out or anything. I’m gonna list my top 10 too, and it’d be cool to know what everyone else think are the best releases so far! =)

My Top 10 songs of January 2016!

1. Yoon Jongshin ft. Tablo - The First

2. Gary ft. Gaeko - Lonely Night

3. WINNER - I’m Young

4. Baechigi ft. Yeoeun - Walkak

5. Stellar - Sting

6. ZICO - I Am You, You Are Me

7. Crush ft. Taeyeon - Don’t Forget

8. The Black Skirts - Everything

9. BUBBLE X - Soliloquy

10. Bumkey ft. Dok2, Microdot, Sanchex and dh-style - backindadayz

And now all 59, in order of release:

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