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LGBT representation in the media
  • My mother: (homophobically) Are there any shows these days that don't have gay people in it?
  • Me: Biting my tongue back because I could go into a whole rant about how underrepresented the LGBT community is in television and how when we ARE represented it's either stereotypical Gay Best Friends, or good looking, cis, gay white boys. I could tell her that all of it is usually blatant gross fan service and Hollywood throwing the dog a bone, and I could tell her that The Straights are freaking EVERYWHERE and since we've all been doomed to watch them fall into sappy repetitive overly dramatic cliched insta love over and over again in the least she could do is not be homophobic while the boyfriends in this show get their 30 seconds worth of allotted screen time (that was only given, in the first place, because Hollywood feel like they have no other choice but to be 'politically correct')
  • So I need backup here to show her.
  • Can you all PLEASE like and reblog the shit out of this post if you agree that the LGBT community on a whole is grossly mistreated and actually, contrary to what she may think, very underrepresented in the media.
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  • It has been brought to my attention that I shouldn't use shipping tags on posts like these. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by that. It won't happen again! 😊
  • For an explination, though, the reason I tagged ships on this is because I figured you all would understand/relate to what I was trying to say.

And there he stands in all his glory, laughing at something Chris Nolan said to him, a glass of whisky in his hand and his arm around her waist. And all I could do was stand here, from afar, watching them.

“He’ll notice if you keep staring, darling.” Anne handed me a glass of champagne.

“I-I-I was not staring. Just looking how wonderful they are together.” I could feel my face turn red by the second.

“Oh, darling, don’t try to fool yourself, I know you have feelings for him.” She smiled lightly at me. “Actually, I always thought you’re going to be together.”

My smile faltered and I looked at the floor. Silly Y/N, of course Anne knew. Apparently, everybody did! The boys, Gemma, Lou and now Anne. Clearly, I am not very good in hiding my feelings for my best friend. The guy who knows me better than anyone and yet can’t realize how much I adore him.

Harry and I have been friends since we were kids, really. Eventually we went separate ways: He went out to become the biggest celebrity out there and I went to college. Even though we lived in different worlds, we never stopped talking. We’re still best friends even after all this time.

I love him.

But it wasn’t always like this. When we’re younger, our parents used to tell us we would eventually get married. We’re too perfect for each other, that’s something we always knew, even though we didn’t have this types of feeling for each other.

It was in my senior year of college that this said feelings started to show. I spent a few weeks with him and the boys while they’re on tour and suddenly I started to fall for my best friend. If you have seen any movie out there, you would think that the feeling was mutual and we’re happily ever after. Not how things turned out, I’m afraid to tell you. I spent 6 weeks trying to find a way to tell him my feelings, even asked for the boys’ help, but when I was close to figure a way out, he met her. And gosh, how much he adored her. Since the beginning!

You know that stupid line that said when you love someone, you gotta let them go and find their happiness? His happiness was she and I couldn’t stand in the way of that. Even though I knew I loved him more than she could ever love him, it was time for me to set him free.

So I came back. Came to the UK, finished college and found a job I actually like. My life is all put together, as Harry likes to remind me. He’s right, my life is put together, except for my love life. I tried so hard to get over him, to not have feelings for him. I dated, I tried everything I could, but he was always there, in the back of my mind, even when I met my ex-boyfriend, Daniel. We broke up a few months later because he knew I had feelings for my best friend. Poor Dan, such a nice guy and I couldn’t love him.

Harry came back home. And moved in with her, much to my dismay. They’re together for 3 years now and they don’t seem to be breaking up anytime soon. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve thought about telling him, just to get it out of my chest, but I can’t. I cannot ruin this for him. I would rather suffer in silence than ruin his happiness and our friendship.

“Have you thought about telling him?” She asked me while we watched the couple from afar.

“I did.” I whispered. “I just can’t. He’s happy, Anne. He deserves to be happy.”

“My son is a fool, darling. He doesn’t know, but he does have feelings for you. A mother always know and I’m telling you he does. But I understand your side, I just don’t wanna see you both losing time with other people when you could be together!”

I breathed a laugh. Anne was always our biggest supporter, so it’s not a shock to me she would rather me with her son than his actual girlfriend. The poor girl is not a bad girl; she’s just not right for him.

She doesn’t get it how he can be such a morning person, always waking up at a 100%, telling everyone ‘good morning’ in his raspy voice. She thinks its annoying, but the truth is if he doesn’t do this, we’ll go back to sleep and miss his whole day. She doesn’t get his obsession for good health, but if she just asked him about it, she would understand he actually believes that those junk foods can kill you slowly, and he can’t lose anyone in his life, so we all have to eat health food. At least around him. She doesn’t understand how he can feel so down after reading mean comments on the internet, because for her how could The Harry Styles feel anything less than perfect?! He thinks he’s not worth it, even though he truly does deserve everything good that ever happened to him. However, he has insecurities, because by the end of the day, he is just Harry. And all he really wants is cuddles and a few reassurance words that those people are just mean people and are not telling the truth.

She doesn’t know him and a part of me thinks she just doesn’t want to. Yes, she knows what he likes for breakfast, what calms him when his in a bad mood, but she doesn’t know the little things I do.

It’s sad, if you think about it. He’s been with her for 3 years and she doesn’t get him. Maybe that’s why when he needs someone, he runs to me. He runs to my house at 3 A.M just so he could talk about his bad day. She never saw him cry, because he only cries when we’re alone and he can truly show his feelings. I’m the first person he calls when something good or bad happens. I’m his emergence contact in the hospital, I’m his safe place to go when he needs to just take a break. I’m the one who could leave her whole life on hold, just to take care of him when needed.

It’s sad because even thought I am his person, I’m not his and he’s not mine. She has him and I can’t truly express how much I wish that could be me.

“He looks nervous.” I pointed out to Anne.

“I was about to ask you this… Do you know why? He’s been like this for a few weeks now.” She looked deep in thought, trying to find a reason for her son odd behavior.

“I think…” I was interrupted by Louis, who looked out of breath.

“You need to stop him, he will make a terrible mistake, please Y/N, stop him!”

“Louis, what’s going on? What are you talking about? Breathe, Lou.”

“You don’t get it, he’ll…”

“Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” Harry called out from the center of the room. The party quickly died down, waiting for his speech. “I would like to thank you all for coming to my Dunkirk party. It’s so nice to enjoy the movie’s success with all of you, so thank you!”

Everyone around the room clapped and Louis was fussing by side. He looks nervous and I couldn’t understand why.

“As you know this is a special night for me and I wanted to be even more special. Lexa, can you come here, darling?” He asked his girlfriend to join him and I could already feel the tension growing around me. Anne, Louis, Niall, Liam, Lou and Gemma surrounded me and we all were just waiting for something to happen. Anything.

“Lexa, we’ve been together for 3 years next week and I feel so blessed to have you by side. I was smitten with you since the moment I saw you, you can ask Y/N for confirmation.” Everybody laughed a little and I could feel a knot in my through already. “So, in this special date for me and surrounded by friends and family, I would like to ask you…” he got down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

And just like that my world stopped. I couldn’t hear anything, but I could see her nod and everyone clap for them. I think the boys were talking to me, but I could barely understand what was happening.

He proposed to her.

He is hers.

She is his.

And just like that I realized that all these years loving him, taking care of him, weren’t enough to make him fall for me. I was a silly girl who believed in the fairy tale that everyone thought we would live. I loved him with everything in me, I was always his but he was never mine.

And just like that I ran out of the party, leaving everyone – including the love of my life – behind.

I was always his.

He was never mine.

He was always hers.


Part 2

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Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 11

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: Around 5.5k

Warnings: Angst, Blood

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

Special thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an awesome beta! 

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 l Part 8 l Part 9 l Part 10

“What?” you breathed out, your eyes glued to it.

“We will get you to agree, one way or another. But we will always make sure you…” she paused as you looked at her with wide eyes.

“And your unborn child stay alive.”

“Wha-” you blinked, shaking your head “No, no no. What- what the fuck is this?” you growled, feeling tears well up in your eyes once more and this time it was more intense, just like the feeling in your chest.

“Heart monitors, of course.” she said casually “To make sure your hearts just keep beating and that your pulses don’t rise dangerously so. I mean, it will all depend on you. How willing are you to risk your child’s life, (Y/n), for these hunters you call family?” she asked, clicking her pen and you clenched your jaw at her.

“What- I- I don’t- I’m not- I can’t- I-” you shut your eyes, breathing heavily and as expected your heart started beating faster as it was heard by one of the monitors. The contastly repeating sounds along with the awful smell of this place, and probably the condition you were in, made you feel even more dizzy than you were at first.

“What?” she chuckled, raising an eyebrow “Don’t tell me you didn’t know about it. Oh wow, apologies for breaking the easter egg a little too fast for you.” she said so casually you wished so bad you could do something to shut her up.

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Sensual Healing | Bucky Barnes *Snippet*

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“That sounds like the plot of a bad porno, Bruce. You’ve finally lost your God-damned mind.” 

(y/n) threw the thick stack of paper down on the work bench, her hands immediately flying to her temples in a vain attempt to soothe the ache there. She knew that Bruce was still standing beside her, his presence trying to lie low until she was ready to say something else. Suddenly, a hand was pressed to her shoulder, squeezing in a gentle sign of reassurance. 

“You’ve already tried everything, (y/n). The hypnosis, medication, counseling - I know you want to help him as much as we all do - Isn’t this at least worth a shot?” 

She sighed at his words, her hands falling from her forehead to her lap. The big black title of the research paper stared her in the face, almost mocking her with its block letters. It wasn’t new, sex therapy had been around for ages, but it had never before been used to treat PTSD and certainly not on a super soldier. Bruce’s fingers tightened on her shoulder for a moment before retreating back to his side.

“He likes your company, we already know that. What harm could come from trying? It’s just skin.”  

(y/n) snorted at the implication, knowing full well this was not nearly as innocent as he was trying to make it seem. 

“Yeah, skin on skin.”


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genre: smut

word count: 2.7k

warning: voyeurism, choking kink, degrading names, jk’s pov

“Close your eyes for me,” She takes a step closer to me and I feel her cold, small hands touch my skin. I look up to her as I place my hands on her hips, knowing already it will bother her, but I can’t help myself.

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Thursday | ten

Genre: best friend!au | fluff, lil bit of quite stressful angst but happy ending

Member: Ten / reader

Word Count: 3500ish

Summary: “it was still a mistake”

“no the mistake was falling for you!”

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It’s a Thursday when they meet.

Their year 7 teacher assigns them partnered projects about the solar system and she pulls names out of a hat. They get paired together. He’s is nice, really nice and she realises he has the most beautiful smile she’s ever seen- she’s not star struck or anything, she just hasn’t seen one like it before.

He introduces himself, she hasn’t seen him around much before so she’s assuming he’s pretty new and his name is a number. “Why is your name Ten?” she asks as they’re glueing planets to pieces of strings.

He shrugs, “It’s just a nickname.”

She frowns, “Well then what’s your real name.”

He sighs, smiling knowingly because there’s no way she’ll be able to pronounce it. “ Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul.” he says, almost proudly.

She pauses, staring at him, “Yeah I like Ten.” she dismisses because even she knows any attempt at the pronunciation would be embarrassing.

He grins, “You’re funny.”

“Do you want to be friends?” She asks quietly, almost shyly and he likes her already.

He smiles again, “I have a feeling we will be for a very long time.”

She frowns, “What are you a psychic or something?” She scoffs and rolls her eyes, pretending that a few second ago she wasn’t worried about what he’d say.

“Yeah I read people’s minds.” He assures.

She narrows her eyes and glances around the room. And then she points to a classmate, “What’s he thinking?”

“That he’s got a really itchy butt.”

And the teacher separates them because they distract each other too much.

“We’re out of Chinese.”

Ten closes the door behind him, frowning as he makes his way past the kitchen to look into the open living room. She’s sitting on the floor with a plate of food in her hands and her laptop on her lap. She’s surrounded by sheets and open text books and colouring pens strewn around in an unseemingly order. “That Chinese has been there for weeks.” He scoffs, dropping his bag onto the dining room table.

She shrugs, “It’s the only thing that was in there and I’m starving.” He breathes a laugh, walking over to sit behind her on the couch. He flops down and sighs loudly, rubbing his eyes tiredly. She pauses stuffing her face. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asks.

There’s a silence where he contemplates telling her, knowing that he will eventually because he tells her everything so he just sighs. “I got fired.”

She glares at him, “Again?” she cries, putting her plate aside to turn around and face him. Her chin barely reaches the sofa but she still manages to scare him a little. “What the hell did you do this time?” she demands.

“Nothing!” he cries cordially but when he sees the look on her face he sighs again, “Okay so I may have burnt someone’s arm.”

She frowns, “How did you do that?”

He rolls his eyes and waves her off like it’s no big deal, “They got in the way of the fire-”


“It was only a small fire and I told him to move, it’s not my fault they put the toaster right under the cupboards.” he defends.

She shakes her head, “You’re insane.”

He sits up, looking down at her plate of food, “Yeah, well at least I’m not going to get food poisoning.”

She waves him off, “I’m not going to get food poisoning.”

“Look at it, there’s mould on the chicken!” he cries, reaching over to point and she bats his hand away.

“Get your own food!” she snaps. He rolls his eyes threading his fingers through her hair and sighs Her eyes flutter closed and she leans her head against the sofa. It’s quiet, the only sound is their breathing and he doesn’t think he wants to move from this very spot when they’re both so comfortable in the silence of their own thoughts. “I’m tired.” she murmurs.

He looks down at her with eyes soft around the edges of the cold look she’s grown so used to and he nods, “Me too.”

His fingers thread through the knots and his thumb brushes her cheek and a part of her feels that this isn’t what friends do, but when he makes her feel like this she doesn’t care. “Can we watch House?” She asks quietly.

He breathes a laugh, “As long as you promise not to spoil it for me.”

This time she laughs, “Well I’m sorry I used to watch ER. At least your life is safe in my hands, imagine, you could have a heart attack right now and I would know what to do.” she assures.

He rolls his eyes, “If I have a heart attack its because of all the stress you cause me.”

It’s a Thursday when Ten realises he might like her as more than a friend.

They’re in the supermarket, travelling between aisles in search of cheap food that they can easily make because neither of them is particularly good at cooking. He’s pushing the trolley and she’s sitting inside it, a lollipop in her mouth as she grabs at rice packets and biscuits and throws them into her lap. “We don’t need those.” He points out as she slides a stack of waffles somewhere next to her knee.

She wags a finger at him but doesn’t turn, “We always need waffles.” She assures.

He shakes his head, “There is literally no situation in which we would ever need waffles.”

She grabs a cowboy hat that someone disregarded in the cereal aisle and pops the lollipop out of her mouth, “well, what if the queen comes around?”

“The queen?” He scoffs, throwing in a pack of cereal that he knows she likes.

“Yeah!” She cries, “And what if she stays for breakfast and we’ve only made pancakes but she doesn’t like pancakes and we don’t have any waffles!” she holds them up to show him, “We can’t let down the queen!”

“Of which country?” He asks in response

She pauses. “England?” She suggests, “Or maybe a Russian Tzar, oh! Do you think Rasputin might come round?” She exclaims, turning to face him with this child-like grin that turns his leg to jelly.

He shakes his head with a small smile, “Rasputin’s dead.” he points out and she waves him off.

“That’s what they want you to think.” She assures, “And if he ever visits I can assure you that he is a waffle person.”

“Okay, now what your reasoning for this?” He asks, reaching forward to pull the cowboy hat from her head.

She snatches it back, “I look good in it, is that not reason enough?”

“Were not going to buy it.” he points out, “Despite the fact that it’s just you and me, we eat a lot.

She mock gasps, “But what if woody comes round for dinner?”

He rolls his eyes, turning the trolley towards the costume aisle, “Don’t you think he’d be offended by you impersonating a cowboy?”

She pauses.

“You’re right!” She cries, ripping the hat off her head. She wriggles around in the cart and clambers to her knees, facing him as she places it against his hair and begins to tie string to hold in place under his chin. “You’d look more realistic as a cowboy.” she smirks and he’s staring longer that he should.

“Can I get a tiara?” He asks, still pushing the trolley and she grins.

“Of course you can princess, any particular colour?” She questions, her eyes crinkling with her smile.

He hesitates, a finger tapping his chin as he pretends to think, “Pink or purple, whatever they’ve got.”

She nods, “Yes-sir-ie” she jokes in the most southern accent she can muster and leans out of the trolley, picking up various princess costumes, “Would you like to slip into an apple induced coma or lose a shoe on a wild night out?” She asks, holding them up to face him.

He smirks, “Depends, do I meet the love of my life?” He asks, looking her straight into the eyes before realising the fact that his heart rate is way up.

She smiles, adjusting the cowboy hat on his head, “Why, do tell me your deepest, darkest wish and the genie will make it a reality.” She says, again in a southern accent, “Is it princess Jasmine? Was it her beautiful dark eyes?”

He cocks his head leaning closer, “No.” he shakes his head, still staring, too long. She notices. “They look like yours.”

“Shut up.” She jokes and when he doesn’t say anything the smile slowly slides off her face. She hesitates, “You’re serious?” She deadpans.

He shrugs, “Same colour hair, same freckles on her cheek, same smile.” he blurts before he can even realise that this is probably a mistake.

And she stays kneeled in the trolley, their faces close enough to see the truth in each others eyes and that cowboy hat still on his face. She blinks, trying to ignore her heartbeat, “Are you banging my sister?” she raises an eyebrow.

And they laugh, but they never talk about it again.

She glares at him from her seat at the dining room table, “I told you, I can’t.”

He throws himself dramatically onto the table, whining and pretending to sob, “But please!” he begs, praying in her direction and pouting.

She shakes her head, ignoring him, “No. You asked me a week ago and my answer was no, you asked me yesterday and my answer was no and then you asked me today and guess what? My answer is still no.”

“But you promised!” he exclaims.

She stares at him almost astounded, “I did no such thing.” she assures cordially.

He wags his finger, “At 4:30 am on the Friday of last week you said that you would come with me.”

“4:30 am? On Friday? You mean when I had been awake for 52 hours?” she cries.

He holds his hands up, “You still promised.”

“I was sleep deprived!” she yells.

“It counts!” he assures.

“It does not!” she replies, “Now get off the table, you’re sitting on my work.” she demands.

He shakes his head, “Nope.” and proceeds to lie down on top of the mounds of paper and open textbooks. “You’re coming. Get your shoes it’s Latin night.”

“I don’t even dance!” she cries, running short of arguments he’ll just ignore anyway.

He shrugs, “You do with me.” he points out.

She glares at him, crossing her arms and trying her best not to blush. He looks so hopeful and pleading and the white shirt he’s wearing clings to his body like it’s always belonged there. She wrinkles her nose, shaking her head, “You’re so annoying.” she huffs angrily.

But he grins, this wide million watt smile that blinds her and makes her forget that she’s angry  because oh god he looks so beautiful. “Yes!” he cries, sitting up. She grabs a textbook and whacks him with it, “Ow! What was that for?”

“For constantly roping me into this shit!” she replies and he laughs, a laugh that makes her heart stutter and die in her chest.

She hits him again.

It’s a Thursday when they first kiss.

Its 3am and they’re still dancing in the club at Latin night. Her feet are sore and her legs ache but she’s got this huge grin on her face and her veins are intoxicated with a flood of alcohol. Or maybe it’s the way he’s looking at her, who knows. There are waves of bodies crushed together and music that pounds her ears until the floor shakes and the lights become a haze of colours that ripple through her mind.

He twirls her around and laughs when she does because her laugh is infectious and he can’t stop staring. “Shots?” She asks and he nods.

They weave between the plethora of bodies that nearly crush them and she reaches out to hold onto his hand so they don’t lose each other. She nearly slams into the bar and they both laugh because they’re pretty drunk, and they’ve been here so long the bartender knows what to give them.

“Three, two, one!” They shout over the music and then they lick the salt from their hands, down the shot and then stick a lemon in each others mouths. They laughing and smiling and they’re touchier than usual because they’re drunk and fuck it, boundaries disappear when they’re drunk.

His arms is around her waist and his fingers grip at the bare skin  her hip to hold her in place. She smiles and pushes the hair back from his sweaty forehead, “You’re hot.” She points out, breathing heavily because she is too.

He smirks, “Thanks, I know.”

She laughs and shoves his chest, “You’re an idiot.”

But she pushes too hard and looses her own balance but he catches her  wrapping both arms around her. Her hands land on his shoulders so she can stop herself from falling down and that, right then, is when they kiss.

Because why not?

They’re both consenting adults, neither of them will remember and when he kisses her like that she doesn’t care. His fingers are tangled in her hair and her skin is on fire, their veins feel like they’re being pricked over and over again by tiny needles.

This probably shouldn’t be happening, they’re friends- best friends. Best friends don’t kiss each other like the world is at their feet. But their kissing too deeply, too much like they care that they lose their balance and nearly fall down again. And so they back to dancing, but things change from then on.

“You haven’t spoken to him? You live together!” Johnny cries and she rolls her eyes.

“That’s another problem. I need to find an apartment.” she adds, staring down at her coffee and swirling it with the small spoon provided.

“Are you serious?” He mutters, rubbing his forehead with his thumb and middle finger. “You can’t just move out.”

She shrugs, “Why not? He has six hours of lectures on Thursday, I can pack up some stuff, stay at yours.”

He scoffs a laugh, “You are not staying at mine.”

She frowns, leaning forward, “Why not?”

Because-” he hisses and then pauses, taking a deep breath. “Because you can’t just not talk to your best friend for a week and then move out without any explanation.”

“Fine, I’ll leave a note.” she surrenders, waving her arms.

“Are you serious? Jesus you’re just as bad as each other.” He huffs angrily, leaning back in his chair because he’s sick of both of them.

She pauses and stops swirling her coffee, “What do you mean? He’s spoken to you?” she demands, her eyes wide.

He waves her off, “I’m not playing messenger between the two-”

“Does he hate me?” She asks quietly, looking back down at her coffee.

Johnny purses his lips and sighs, “Of course he doesn’t hate you, you’re his best friend.” he says softly, because he can tell she’s worried.

She swallows, looking out of the window, “I need to move out.” She determine.

Johnny throws his arm up, “Jesus Christ do something.” he begs.

Is a Thursday when they finally realise they’ve been in love with each other for years.

She goes back home when he’s at his six hours of lectures, but she’s still quiet anyway because she doesn’t really feel like she going home, she feels like she’s stepping into forbidden territory. She tip toes in, closing the door quietly behind her, “What are you doing?” A voice says.

She jumps, holding her hand to her heart and squeezing her eyes shut. But slowly she opens them, landing on Ten. He’s sitting on one end of the sofa with a book in his hand and a frown on his face. He looks tired, bags under his eyes and they’ve lost their usual glint. “I’m just uh…” she trails off, pointing to her room

She doesn’t finish that sentence, “Where have you been?” he asks with no particular tone of voice.

She swallows, dropping her keys into the bowl on the kitchen counter. “Busy.” She states, “I’ve had this project due so I’ve been living in the library for the past week and-”

“Stop lying to me.” He interrupts sadly, closing the book. He looks disappointed, like he expected better from her. “I think…” he trails off, scratching his head, “I think we need to talk.”

“About what? The state of our economy?” She smirks, laughing to hide the fear behind her words, “You know, China has had some fascinating developments in-”


“Well no actually, they’ve been working on a new train that is elevated above the city of-”

Hey!” He interrupts again, standing up this time. “You being in perpetual denial does not help anyone.” he scoffs, approaching her.

She rolls her eyes, “I’m not in denial, denial of what?”

“Do you remember that night?” He asks like he’s making sure she’s genuinely just ignoring him for another reason. He sounds so scared and tired that she opens her mouth but finds nothing to say.

She swallows, looking down at her feet, “It was a mistake.”

He shakes his head and scoffs bitterly, “No. It was a long time coming.”

She frowns, “What are you talking about?” She demands angrily-, but deep down she knows so maybe she really is in denial.

He cocks his head, “Wow, you really are oblivious.” he shakes his head and sighs, “there have been multiple occasions on which we’ve basically admitted how we felt and still neither of us did anything.”

She sneers, “We were drunk, people do dumb shit when they’re drunk.”

He shakes his head, “Sometimes we were sober.”

“It was still a mistake!” She cries, suddenly angry because he’s making her feel bad now.

“No, the mistake was falling for you.” he snaps back immediately.

Her neck snaps up, “What?” She breathes.

He cocks his head with a small smile, “Come on babe. You know what i’m talking about.” he assures, his fingers hooking apprehensively through hers.

She frowns, curling her fingers with his until she feels like he won’t let go. She steps closer to him and he sucks in a slow and steady breath, his eyes widening at the look she’s giving him. There’s this soft smile on her face and her eyes are shaded with hope and wonder and she swallows, “How long?” she asks quietly.

He laughs, “Do you remember when we went to prom and you wore that purple dress and the necklace I got you and the most jaw dropping smile i’ve ever seen another human wear.” he pauses, reaching up slowly and placing a hand on her cheek, “I realised that… there’s no-one else like you.” He smiles, “The day I met you was the day everything became a hundred times clearer, like I finally understood the reason i was put on this earth.”

She smiles as his arms come to wrap around her waist, and she feels like her skin is on fire wherever he touches her. “What happens now?”

And he kisses her again.

Its like poison in her veins, like she’s sliding down a cloud and his smile is the rainbow. “Now-” he breathes against her lips, “Now I think we need to establish something.” he states in all seriousness.

“Oh, okay, what?” She asks carefully.

“Rasputin is dead, and the Queen is not a waffle person” he blurts. “I bet you the queen only eats kale for breakfast or something.”

She looks aghast, “Now hold on a second-”

OH NO, you pissed off (Y/N)?!

Hey there! I wasn’t able to get my computer in at the Apple store. It sucks but at least I have a little more time to write for you all! Here’s an Avengers x reader. A very fluffy 656 word fic. Requests are still open so send them in! I hope you enjoy loves!

Summary: The reader wakes up with her period. The team doesn’t quite understand whats going on until its to late. An overall fluffy time.


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I groaned, flopping onto my back and putting my pillow over my face, letting the plush mattress support me. I could feel wetness down below, which could only mean one thing. I got my period. “F.R.I.D.A.Y do we have any chocolate in the tower?” I asked in a gravely voice. “Yes Miss (Y/N)” The AI responded. “There is dark chocolate in the kitchen.”  I peeled the blankets off my body and sat up. Instantly, I felt a rush of fluid from under me. Pushing myself up, I turned and looked at my white bedsheets. They were stained with blood.“ I’ll deal with that later” I thought at I changed out of my pajamas and into a pair of sweatpants and an oversized shirt.

I grabbed my phone from my nightstand and opened the door, where I promptly bumped into Pietro. “Morning (Y/N).” He said brightly, throwing an arm around my shoulders. “Umhhh.” I grumbled. I had never been a morning person to begin with, and the added annoyance of my period made me want to retreat to my room until it was over. “Why so upset?” Pietro asked. “I’m just tired.” I responded as we emerged into the kitchen.

The team was gathered around the table eating various breakfast foods. I shook Pietro’s arm off as I walked to the cabinets to get my chocolate. “Are you okay (Y/N)?” Tony asked over his cup of coffee. “You don’t look very well.” I grabbed my treat and made my way to the table. “I’m fine.” I said. “You sure?” Steve asked over his news paper. “Yes I’m sure!” I half yelled, trying to open my bar. I fiddled with the paper until Bucky offered to help. I flung the bar across the table and crossed my arms. “What’s gotten into you (Y/N)?” Sam said putting down his pancakes to look at me. “I don’t want to talk about it.” I humped turning away from the many eyes I could feel on me. “Here’s your chocolate.” Bucky said gently, sliding the opened package to me. “Thanks” I grumbled taking a huge bite. I could feel knowing looks from Wanda and Nat as I ate. Wanda had probably read my mind, and told Nat, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to eat and get out of here. I wanted to sleep until I stopped bleeding.

I stood up having finished my treat and started walking to my room to change the sheets I bleed on. “(Y/N)” Vision said. “Don’t freak out, but it seems that you are bleeding.” I turned and glared at him. “Wow thanks captain obvious.” I said. “There’s this thing called a period and It means that I’m consTANTLY BLEEDING!” I said my voice rising with every syllable. I knew Vision couldn’t possibly know about a period, but I didn’t care. I felt like I was being attacked. All I wanted to do was eat my chocolate and go to bed.

OH NO, you pissed of (Y/N)?!” Thor yelled standing up from the table and running towards the hall. I laughed as I watched the giant god sprint to the other side of the tower. Pietro had followed Thor’s lead, as he too ran far away. Tony, Sam, Bucky, Steve, Vision, and the girls stayed seated. “I guess you guys think you’re stronger than Thor?” I said narrowing my eyes. “That’s a good point.” Steve said as he slowly rose and bolted, with Bucky and Sam in tow. With only Tony, Vision, Wanda, and Nat, left I walked over and sat back down. “Sorry for yelling at you Vision.” I sighed, my angry flash gone. “That is alright.” He responded patting me on the shoulder. “Were here for you (Y/N).” Wanda said as she brought over a plate of cookies using her magic. I smiled and ate a few, happy I had found the part of the team I could talk about my period with.


You know what? I kinda wish that Skam didn’t become globally famous. I wish Season 3 didn’t catapult it to worldwide recognition so people wouldn’t harass the actors and invade Nissen. Or at the very least, those people didn’t do those things in the first place. Cos I believe that’s the primary reason why Julie is ending the show now, I believed she had 2 more seasons planned but she stopped to protect her cast which I think is very brave. I mean, in America they wouldn’t give a shit, if it was doing as well as Skam they would keep going no matter the toll it takes on its actors. Julie did the right thing but it breaks my heart knowing there could have been more stories to tell. Bc people are assholes, we get deprived of more of this very important, beautiful show. I have never seen a show tackle topics to teens so realistically and humanely like skam. I can never watch any teen dramas, especially American ones, because they feel so fake and contrived now. This show has touched me and made me feel less alone and took my own shames and showed that it could get better.

The more I think about it, the more I think the main thing that ‘went wrong’ with Andromeda is that it plays everything so safe. I still like the game, but that is the one overarching issue that stopped me from enjoying it as much as I wanted to.

This is a new galaxy; they could have done anything, but it all feels so utterly familiar.

The story starts at the wrong point in the time line

The biggest mistake they made, story wise, was making us come into the galaxy at the point that we did. I will never for the life of me understand why they took a game that was going to be about exploration and how ‘we’re the aliens now’ and not let us be the first humans to arrive in Andromeda.

Just start the game at that point. Before the uprising, before the outposts, before the Nexus is half-built. Have us truly be the first humans the Angara meet. Have us struggle to understand each other, and slowly win their trust, only to lose it when the Uprising happens and they see a darker side to humans.

How devastating would it be to have worked to gain their trust, gain Jaal’s trust, and then see it all get swept away by events out of our control?

This way we also get more chances to bond to Alec, as he’ll be around for longer than 2 minutes. Think about establishing those first outposts on Eos with Alec, only to see them fail disastrously with us, the pathfinder team, carrying that guilt with them.

This also means we’ll see the Nexus fail, see Garson murdered (not entirely clear on the timeline for that tbh). And eventually we will have to see characters we know turn against us during the Uprising itself!

And if they have to get rid of the dad, he could die during the Uprising (adding a personal touch to having to deal with the Exiles), or hell, maybe he joins them. 

As it is now, it just feels like we missed a large part of interesting narrative in Andromeda. We’re made pathfinder in 2 seconds and succeed from the word go. There are obstacles to getting the outposts up and running, but no real struggle. Another consequence of setting the story 18 months (I think it’s 18) from when the first people arrived is that it robs us of being the first.

(I’m also not entirely clear on why the Nexus had to be there first, because it can’t function without Outposts, they need a pathfinder to find outposts, but the arc’s had the pathfinders and they were meant to arrive later on? Also, no one on the Hyperion says they arrived too late, but on the Nexus they say they thought everyone was dead, which seems to indicate they were waiting for longer than they thought they had to? I might be missing something here.)

Planets are not inviting to explore

As it stands, it just adds more familiarity into a game that already suffers from taking too few risks.

Everything from the planets to the wild life to who we encounter feels so safe. Storybeats are repeated from the original trilogy, enemies as well. On four of the planets we already see a lot of milky way equipment/ milky way species. And even Kandara Port (though I like the design), which was built by the Angara feels like it wouldn’t be out of place in me2.

All the planets are a bit of a let down when it comes to how not-alien they feel, excepting Havarl and arguably habitat 7, they don’t feel that alien. And the frustrating thing is, this isn’t filmed on location, they’re not constrained by planet Earth; they could have gone all out. 

Besides not feeling alien the planets also feel so… dead. I know there is a bit of an in game reason for this, but 1. they created the reason 2. I don’t think that’s the reason.

Every planet gets one or two pieces of plant life, looking only slightly alien from what we see on earth. The rest is desert, snow desert, almost barren ground. Throw in a lot of rocks. And 4 different animals, all just reskins of that same set from other planets. (Even those acidic lakes are things we can find right here.) And why do we still not have a weather or day/ night cycle? It’s one thing if you just work with smaller hubs, but bragging about your huge maps and then have them be utterly static seems a bit weird.

We also only get one alien city. One, and it’s tiny. At least it feels more like a city than Val Royeaux, but not by much. I do like Aya’s design though. We do see some smaller camps? settlements? of the Angara, but if they were such a presence in the cluster until 80 years back when the Kett arrived, where are the ruins to their civilization? The abandoned cities of the Angara?

The Jardaan certainly piqued my interest, but what do we really see of them? The vaults, that one giant starship, not-Meridian, and Meridian itself, which is one of the few places that was inviting to explore so of course we couldn’t. Did they just not leave any other marks on the planets except those things and the ‘points of interest’ (that are not interesting)?

All we really have to interrupt these huge boring maps, clearly designed to only rush through with your Nomad, is some random fights (the same two variations I think) and ‘points of interest’, except there’s never anything of interest except some remnant to kill and a container? After a while I just gave up checking them out tbh, so please point out any great ones you found.

There are of course a lot of sidequests thrown in, some of them I found pretty fun and a huge improvement on da:i, but they don’t invite you to explore. The planet itself isn’t worth exploring so when doing a sidequest you just rush to the point you have to get. In other games, games that do this concept well, you set your quest and then while going there get distracted by things you find out in the world. Here that happened maybe a few times, and usually it was because I came across a point for another quest and someone hailed me. It was never because I saw something that piqued my interest and I went over there and it had something fun to do.

A lack of new species, and disappointing returning aliens

They never showed a lot of the milky way species and the ones we did see lacked diversity. The just picked one head morph - or two in the case of Turians where the females have different facial structure - and slapped on some paint. I expect more not less from a newer game. The Asari were the most jarring - to the point I avoided Kerri because she has Lexi’s face and it’s just ridiculous. But the Salarians have just as little diversity. Google salarians in mass effect and you’ll see they did so much more with them in the original trilogy. And I have to say, there were too many Turians with white faces,  a few of them important characters as well, I still mix up Kandros and Avitus.

And what do we get in exchange for all the species we don’t see return and the diversity that’s gone? One new species. One. I love the Angara, but I can’t help but be disappointed that we travel to a new galaxy only to discover one new race. Unless we count throw away enemy the collectors .2 the Kett. But really, they only brought back 4 of the original trilogy’s races and still didn’t have enough resources to add some diversity to Andromeda? Really? We just get the Angara…


I would just have scrapped the giant maps, and gone for smaller but denser packed ones, like Havarl and Habitat 7. Add much more plant life and animal life and real diversity in those two, to all the planets. And make them more alien.

Have no more than one desert planet, I vote Elaaden as it was the best desert, and stick more sunken ruins in it that have actual things to discover about the Jardaan. And make that the only planet so huge that you absolutely have to use the Nomad.

Make Kadara much smaller, with much more lakes so it looks more like a deadly lake planet.

If we have to have a snow planet, make it more original than a white reskin of a desert planet. Maybe we have to drive in giant ice caves, maybe we don’t even get to walk on the surface, maybe the Angara have buried themselves underground in ruins of a old Jardaan city.

And this is just sticking to the planets in game, but they should just have scrapped all of them except Havarl and gone much more alien than they have.

I still like the game, I just think there was a lot of potential there they never bothered to explore. All in all it just feels like they played it safe. Maybe that’s a reaction to the backlash after me3′s endings, but I think it’s where they failed the game the most, and for me it leaves the game in ‘if only’ limbo.
Wasn’t It You And Me Against The World?

Word Count: 1510

    A/N: here was some requested angst! i tried to make the ending kind of open ended so you could make up your own decision. Hope you enjoy! Much love

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    “Y/N?” Veronica called, closing the front door behind her. She wandered around the girls’ house and made her way to her bedroom, slowly opening the door. She found her sleeping peacefully in her bed, her (Y/H/C) hair sprawled out across her pillow and her face buried in her comforter. Veronica smiled softly at the sight, she looked so happy and she felt bad that she was about to ruin it. She didn’t want to do it, but Y/N deserved to know, she had been lied to long enough.

    “Y/N?” Veronica whispered, and the girl stirred in her sleep.


     "You need to wake up, I have to tell you something.“ Veronica said, and Y/N slowly sat up, stretching and yawning.

    "What’s so important it couldn’t have waited until I had woken up on my own?” she asked, slightly annoyed. Veronica gave a small laugh, and sat on the edge of her bed.

    “Its about Jughead.” She said softly, and Y/Ns face fell, worry taking over.

    “Oh my god, is he okay?” Veronica took Y/Ns hand in hers and sighed, nodding her head. “Then what’s going on?”

    “Sweetie, I know that you and Jughead have been dating for a very long while…” Veronica started, and Y/N nodded her head.

    “Yeah, we have. We love each other very much. I’m in love with him.” she replied, smiling softly to herself, and Veronicas face fell.

    “Y/N, I hate that I have to be the one to give you this news… the only one who knows that I’m doing this is Kevin, who said he wanted to be here for you but this morning his dad dragged him to the station for some extra hands on deck. Everyone else wanted to keep this a secret, they said because it was done and over with there was no need for you to know and get hurt.” Veronica said, rubbing circles on the Y/Ns hand, and she looked confused at the raven-haired girl in front of her.

    “Veronica, whats going on?” she asked.

    “Y/N, sweetie, Jughead-” Just then Y/Ns phone started to ring, and she picked it up off the bed and looked at the caller ID.

    “Its Jughead.” She said, and Veronica looked worriedly at the girl. “I’m going to answer it.”

    “Put it on speaker please.” Veronica asked, and Y/N agreed.

    “Hey Juggie.” She said, placing the phone on the bed in between her and Veronica.

    “Is Veronica with you?”

    “Well Good Morning to you too. And yes, she is.”

    “What are you two doing?” he asked, and Y/N and Veronica could tell he was worried.

    “We’re about to have a very important talk, so if you could get off the phone Jughead, that would be great.” Veronica called out, and Y/N shot her another confused look.

    “Veronica, please don’t do this. At least lets talk about this before we make a decision we might regret.” He pleaded and Veronica rolled her eyes.

    “Don’t you think you’ve already made one of those? Its time to man up and admit your wrong doings Jughead, she deserves to know.” She snapped.

    “Someone better tell me what the hell is going on, right now!” Y/N yelled, and the two raven-haired kids fell silent, both waiting for the other one to speak. They sat there not speaking for a minute, awkwardly and uncomfortably.

    “Veronica please don-”

    “Jughead cheated on you, Y/N.” Veronica quickly spat out, and Y/N felt as her heart sank to her stomach. She looked to Veronica, and her eyes started to spill with tears but no sound came out.

    “Y/N, it was just once and it was a mistake. I am so sorry.” He said from the other side of the phone, and anybody listening could obviously tell he was crying.

    “With Betty. They got together one night after you and Jughead had a fight and things…escalated.” Veronica added, and Y/Ns face fell into her hands.

    “Y/N please say something. Anything?” he sobbed.

    “Juggie, it’s going to be okay…” Bettys voice came from the other side of the phone, barely a whisper and it set Y/N off.

    “Oh, so she’s with you right now too?” she asked angrily, and Veronica grabbed hold of Y/Ns hand, but she quickly ripped it away.

    “She’s here because Archie called us saying that Veronica was on her way to tell you. Archie is here too.” He sniffled.“Y/N, please listen to me, it was a mistake, a one-time thing that I regret whole heartedly. You must know that I love you, so very much and that you’re the best thing to happen to me. If I were to lose you, I don’t know what I would do with myself. You are the only thing in this world keeping me sane and I- I can’t lose that. We were in love, remember. You and me against the world?”  he said, and Y/N broke out in an audible sob. “You and me against the world? You promised.”

    “And you promised me that you loved me.” Y/N spat out angrily, her words slightly slurred by her crying.

    “I do love you, I always will.” It was his turn to let out an audible cry, and Y/N shook her head.

    “I don’t think you do. You went out and cheated on me with- with Betty. I am in love with you Jughead, madly in love, and you go and do me like this? We had plans together, we had dreams together, we were going to get engaged right after high school, remember? We were going to move far away from this god forsaken town and we were going to start over, you and me against the world! But now all of that’s ruined!” she cried, and Veronica moved over on the bed to hold the crying girl. “And you didn’t even love me enough to tell me yourself, not even enough to tell me in person. And Betty, we were so close and- and I can’t trust either of you anymore!” she buried her head in Veronicas shirt, holding onto the girl who Y/N felt was the only true friend she had, and Veronica smoothed her hair.

    “It doesn’t have to be ruined, I still want those things more than anything, I still want to be with you. Please, I am so so sorry. Just, give me on more chance, that’s all I need. One more to make it right, we can do it right this time.” He pleaded, and Y/N shook in Veronicas arms.

    “I think its time I hang up the phone now, Jughead. Give it some time, let her think.” Veronica said, reaching for the end call button.

    “Veronica please don’t hang up, I need to know her and I are okay, I need to know if I still have my princess by my side. I can’t lose-”  His voice fell silent, and Veronica threw the phone onto the desk chair, far away from her and the crying girl.

    “Shh, I know. You’re going to be okay at the end of this, I promise. You’re so strong.” Veronica soothed. She sat there an hour with the girl, running her hands through her hair and trying to calm her down, ignoring the tens of calls coming in. After her sobs had quieted down, Y/N sat up slowly, running her hand through her hair, and wiping tears from her face. They sat there in silence for a few minutes, until Y/N finally spoke up.

    “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I love him so damn much, but I hurt so bad.” She said, sniffling, a tear falling down her face again.

    “He loves you too, it’s obvious, but what he did is hard to forgive. I can’t tell you what to do on this one, this is something for you to decide.” Veronica whispered and Y/N nodded her head sadly. “But, who says you need to decide now? I brought ice cream over when I came, and I placed it in the freezer, so it should be cold. How about we watch some movies?” Veronica asked.

    “Sounds good, thank you Veronica. I really appreciate you.” She said, and Veronica pulled her into a hug.

    “I appreciate you too. And I will always be here, okay?” she asked, and Y/N nodded. “Okay, now lets go watch some movies.” Veronica said, jumping off the bed and making her way out of the room. Y/N stood from her bed and walked over to the desk chair, picking up her phone and looking at the many missed phone calls and texts from Jughead. She opened up her messages with him and typed out a text, throwing it back on the chair and making her way out of the room to Veronica.

To Juggie <3 :) – We need to talk, face to face. I’ve made my decision.

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alright so this post is going to be kind of a mess of possibly connected ideas, but i think something is going to happen to dee in the finale and Here’s Why

- someone pointed out the other day (if anyone has a link to this post, please tell me so i can add it in) the parallels between dee’s stair incident/neck brace in old lady house and her rash from the collar in making dennis reynolds a murderer. i’m not entirely sure how these might be connected, but it was the first thing that gave me the idea that something might be wrong with dee

- in last night’s episode, dee was reading a medical journal and mentioned that she had a blood test done only to find out she has a 46% chance of having parkinson’s. also, she’s smoking. why is she getting blood tests done and reading medical journals unless she thinks something serious is wrong with her?

- we know something big happens with one of the characters in the finale. with the most recent summary, everyone’s first thought is dennis, but it seems too easy for them to just give that big twist away in the episode summary. i think we are going to find out what’s wrong with dee. one of the scenes we know is from the finale is when the gang blows up dennis’s car. this could be a possible bucket list item for dee - blowing up his car after the gang destroyed so many of her’s. 

i know it’s not a ton to go off of yet, but i do think the finale is going to reveal something big for dee. i’m really hoping they wouldn’t actually kill her, but at the very least, my guess is that something is definitely wrong with her. 

fractylic-hexameter  asked:

Hi mods! I'm collaborating on a story about the Caribbean in the golden age of piracy, and we want the characters to better reflect the diversity of that area than the stories we grew up on. There's a side character I'm working on (employer and quasi-parental figure to one of our protagonists) who's a Jewish woman and runs her own butcher shop. I'm researching kosher rules and it appears it's (at the very least) unusual for a woman to be a schechita. My current backstory for her is that (1/2)

she learned the essentials from her husband, and took over (with the rabbi’s blessing) when he died so that the local Jewish community would be served. She’s a recurring character, but since she’s based on land, we won’t get to see her in every chapter. I’ve got more research to do about practicing Judaism in the 18th century in the Caribbean, but before I go much further I was hoping you could let me know whether having a female shochet is reasonable, or if it would be offensive. Thanks! (Just realized I made a typo in my first ask–I meant shochet, not schechita.)

Jewish woman becoming kosher butcher in historical setting

This article (link) had some relevant info:

While there is no specific Jewish law barring women from performing the ritual, and Greenberg believes women have as much of a right to shecht as men, Orthodox tradition is that women do not slaughter.

“No Orthodox rabbi will teach a woman how to shecht,” said Tami Berman, who raises chickens in her New Jersey backyard and is planning to teach herself how to ritually slaughter them.

“So I’m going to have to just wing it at some point,” she said.

So, from this I gather that it’s not against the rules, just not traditional, and that as long as she learned from her husband like you said then it should be okay. Don’t take my word as law on this (after all, I’m a musician, not a historian) but I feel like in colonial settings, with limited resources, people might be more willing to do what needs to be done than fret about customs.

Anyway, I’m not offended and I’m glad you’re thinking about stuff like realistic inclusion of marginalized folks in historical settings!


lillysilverus  asked:

It makes me incredibly sad that the show, intentionally or unintentionally, has seemed to establish that Sam really has no real connection to his Father or his Mother. They've gone out of their way to show that Dean is a Mary clone. And although it's been pointed out that Sam is like John, he barely had anything but a contentious relationship with him. Jared's portrayal of Sam's obvious need to be understanding and ...good, I guess... whenever she's around just breaks my heart.

Thanks for the lovely message! I hear ya!

Season 12 went waaaaaaay out of its way to make sure we knew Mary was very much like Dean as a person and hunter (loud music, burgers and beer, etc). When it comes right down to it, though, she has so many things in common with Sam. Her desire to escape from hunting and her failure to do so and her use of hunting in s12 as a coping method not least among them. Her brainwashing/loss of agency and shame for things that are not her fault are also things Sam has experienced—things they could have discussed and connected about.

It wouldn’t bother me at all if Mary were superficially just like Dean if it wasn’t for the fact that Sam never even really got to have a meaningful conversation with her. Even the Sam-related-conversations went down between Mary and Dean. In the very beginning of the season, Mary brought up Azazel…

to Dean.

At the end of the season, Dean shared Sam’s experiences with Mary. Dean had the “will he forgive me” conversation with her, and Sam only showed up at the end to give her a hug.

As for John… the show has revealed that Dean shares (among other things) his hunting ideology and his estimation of the heroism and glory of hunting with John, but… Sam is repeatedly compared to John throughout the story by other characters, especially after Jessica’s death, which always struck me as appropriate on a surface level but not particularly accurate. I suppose, in a lot of ways, the repeated comparisons of Sam to John strike me as more unsettling than the show’s unwillingness to align Sam with either parent. Sam’s similarities to John (as we saw him in s1) are superficial at best, yet the show persists in comparing them.

I suppose there’s an exception: a comparison that brings me true joy is Henry’s comparison of Sam to John in a deleted scene from s8.

Because… Henry only knows John as his very young son, smart and curious and loving, a Legacy, a future Man of Letters, destined to gather and share knowledge. Henry knows John Winchester as his son brimming with kindness and possibility, not as the exhausted, sad, and desperately vengeful man he became after his wife’s murder.

Henry looked at Sam and saw a Man of Letters, someone destined to be passionate about learning, and that makes me so freaking happy.

Honestly, forget John and Mary, complex and fascinating characters though they are. Dean can share their legendary hunting skills (though Sam is for sure a legendary hunter) and their ideologies and their preferences when it comes to food and drink and the upkeep of their classic cars.

Sam is a lot like his heroic, kind paternal grandfather, and that makes me the happiest person in the world.

Waking Days Ch. 2 - Rift

A/N: Finally, after a two month hiatus! To be honest, this chapter was a lot more difficult to write, mostly because there’s been, ahem, other fandoms that’ve grabbed my attention as of late. Also the content. As you may have noticed, I’m a lot more into character interaction than any real plot. Plot just helps give more character interaction, in my opinion, so writing a chapter that’s mostly plot and little character development is hard. That’s it. That’s my excuse. 

hopefully though, this chapter would be worth the wait. As usual, I take any questions you guys wanna ask about the state of the fic, if anybody’s worried or confused or just wants to gush with me about fandom. 

AU by my pal @doodledrawsthings. Based on Flat Dreams by @pengychan.

Thirty years took a great toll on his memories, but Ford still remembered this place. Dimension 52 rested in the back of his mind, even as he fled from one universe to another, meeting hundreds of people, places, and searching frantically for a concrete way of stopping Bill. It was one of the few worlds he knew that truly meant him no harm, where his stay wasn’t stained with loss and terror and Bill’s chaos. Years of voyaging had left his memory of this place faded and washed out like a watercolor painting, and remembering little details grew harder and harder, but as Stanford set foot into the temple, it was like he hadn’t even left.

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Head canon/theory

So I am gonna talk briefly about something I have avoided talking about for awhile- 

Marinette’s “Adrien schedule”, the where, the how, and the creepy factor of it. 

Now a lot of people have a lot of feelings on this matter from “Its just a joke who cares” to “This is the start of some seriously dangerous behavior,” and people have made really good arguments on both sides as to how should we be looking at this dynamic.

First off I will 100% say- Marinette WTF girl take a chill pill. She has clearly let her crush turn into a full on obsession and that’s not good for her. Regardless of HOW BAD it is, this is not good behavior and I do hope that Marinette’s obsessiveness gets addressed as this is just one symptom of a larger problem. 

But for this argument we are not going to look at her crush in its entirety and just talk about the schedule. 

It brings up the question how did she get this? Is she full on stalking him now? 

As others have pointed out and agonized over there is information on there that isn’t just his weekly activities (particularly there is a box that talks about having an “Appointment with his father”) Other things being Vacation, the Roller event- what we saw in timebreaker presumably, “Going out with friends”, Volunteering at the anime shelter (with a picture of a cute cat face), and several lunchs including with Thomas (subtle there hawkdaddy) and with Adrien AAAAAAAHHHHH (yes it actually has little screams there) 

The first big question we have to ask is this: Is this schedule ONLY Adrien’s schedule, or is it hers as well that she has superimposed his on top of? 

Based on some of the things we have seen above I am inclined to lean towards the latter. As much as its easy to assume that things like Vacation and Volunteering at an animal shelter could be Adrien’s, especially since we always assume that cats= Adrien, it actually makes far more sense if these were Marinette’s activities. Marinette has no reason to associate Adrien with cats at present, and at least for my mind I have trouble imagining overprotective Gabe letting Adrien do such a thing. Similarly the Vacation section is full of cute illustrations of beach themed things- an unlikely thing for Adrien to be doing with his family. Plus if this was simply a stalker calendar wouldn’t it make more sense that if he was going on vacation that would be viewed as a sad event since he would be gone. Not to mention “Going out with friends” seems fairly generous for the Agreste household seeing how hard Adrien has to struggle to get the freedoms we see in the show. 

The other telling one to me is the “Lunch with Adrien AAAAAAAAAA” 

That seems like a very odd thing to write if it is his schedule >_> 

This takes us to the most arguably problematic thing: “meeting with his father” with a little picture of a sewing needle. 

If you want to be generous there is the possibility that it is in point of fact Marinette meeting with his father- she did after all win a competition. However it is just as possible that it is a meeting Adrien is having with his father. Especially as nothing I have said thus far negates that she absolutely has written down his weekly activities. 

This take me to my personal interpretation of what we are seeing and that is another manifestation of her obsessive behaviour when it comes to Adrien. I don’t think she had tracked down his schedule months in advance so much that she is writing down everything she learns about what he is or will be doing. Whenever she learns something new about what he is does- she adds it to her calendar. 

Now- regardless of how extreme her calendar is, whether it is hers or just his, Marinette’s compulsive behavior in this regard isn’t good and should be addressed. As much as its fun to see it as a joke, obsessive behavior like this should not be thrown out just as a joke, it should be shown to be unhealthy. She needs to work on her issues, not just this but her other bad behaviors she had adopted in pursuit of her crush. But at least for me personally I see it more as an obsessive documentation than preemptive stalking

That’s my thoughts on it anyways ^_^ 

An Oliver’s Birthday Fic

General | Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak | Speculation Fic


People yelled.

Confetti exploded above his head. 

Oliver blinked several times to ensure it wasn’t a dream and glanced around the room. His team - his family - stood before him, all with giant smiles on their faces. Felicity, his sister, Lance, Diggle, and the rest of the team. “Wh-What…what is all of this?” 

“Told ya he’d forget!” Thea bounced forward and threw her arms around his neck. “Happy birthday, Ollie!” 

Happy…oh, God. He’d completely forgotten. For probably the tenth year in a row. Maybe more, if he counted the years he drank his birthday away. Oliver looked down at his sister, practically exploding with excitement, and then at Felicity. She wore a dress that could have brought his heart to the ground, and that hair…he loved her hair like that. 

And she was smiling. 

Bigger than he’d seen her smile for a long time. 

Tears filled his eyes as he looked around the room. They’d decorated with streamers and balloons, and a cake that said ‘Happy Birthday Oliver!’ in green cursive letters sat on the counter. They threw him a party. “I-I…” dear God, he was gonna cry. “I don’t know what to say.” 

“We figured that you’d forget and probably wouldn’t have a chance to prepare your speech.” Curtis chuckled. “Rene and Dinah were curious as to what speechless Oliver looked like.” 

“Well,” he slid his hands into his pockets and shifted his weight to his other foot, “you got it.” He looked around the room again. It wasn’t like he couldn’t believe his team would do this for him; he knew how much they loved him, despite how hard he tried to push them away. It was just that he couldn’t believe he was here. Ten years ago, he could count how many real friends he had on one hand. He’d been through hell and back since then, murdering people in cold blood, causing heartache wherever he stepped, failing to make any relationship work. And somehow…he got to here. Standing in the Loft, at his birthday party. “I don’t deserve any of this.” 

“Yes.” Felicity stopped towards him, her hand reached out to touch his arm, “Yes, you do. If we had a bit more time, we’d throw you at least ten parties to make up for all the times you didn’t get one. Because, Oliver,” her hand settled on his cheek, sending tingles down to his toes, “You deserve a birthday party more than anyone.” 

Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…

A/N: Prepare yourself for some serious confusion…but i promise its worth it! ;) Its almost time for the big reveal…



Part 8

What did you do Hoseok?’

‘It was the only way to keep her safe! I-‘

‘She would have found out eventually. You know that the whole point of this is to-‘

‘She wasn’t ready! Namjoon! I wasn’t ready. Taehyung-‘

‘We were dealing with-‘

‘NO! We weren’t dealing with him. He’d already decided what he was doing. This was the only way-‘

‘So what? We go back to before when everything was ‘fine’, and nothing had happened? You know that your gift doesn’t affect death, Hoseok-‘

‘I know! …but its done now. …All we can do is see how it plays out, and hopefully, this time…I can keep her safe…’

‘Safe, and ignorant… those two things don’t go hand in hand, Hoseok…just remember that…

…at least you and I will be the only ones who remember what has happened…’

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A/N Imagine you living in a post-apocalyptic world with eyeglasses and optometrists are dead, wouldn’t that suck when you lose or break them? As a side note, what if the only reason Seiko has braces is because the dentists are dead? So many dilemmas.

Toukomaru: date | unexpected fantasies | talk less | friendship underwear | ultra despair girlfriends |

Touko Loses Her Glasses and Can’t See Shit ft. Komaru

There were things in life that you could live without but you’d rather not and such was the nature of eyeglasses.

Wearing eyeglasses was both a blessing and a curse. It was a double-edged sword for any wielder that much for sure. As great as it was to finally read off the words from that sign across the street, it was downright annoying to barely read it because the lenses have fogged up. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of staring at a blurred face and then placing one’s glasses atop the bridge of the nose and magically have a clear vision of said face– unless the said pair of glasses hadn’t been cleaned and only added a dusted layer of blurriness. It was annoying at best and crippling at worst.

Point was, unless you’re one of those bastards who got off lucky with perfect vision or one of those strong ones who can tolerate contact lenses then you are most likely wearing glasses as if your life depended on it. This was the case of Touko Fukawa who was currently having a crisis on her hands or rather on her eyes.

Touko was missing her pair of eyeglasses and she was already losing her shit.

“Dammit, Komaru! Are you sure it’s not in our room?” Touko more like yelled rather than asked in her frustration.

“What do you think we’ve been doing this past hour?” Komaru just sighed as she checked the drawer for the nth time and already gave up on hoping it would magically spit out the wanted spectacles.

“I don’t know about you but I’ve been properly searching.” Touko remarked with all the sarcasm in her body.

“Hey, rude!” Komaru gasped and then turned towards her, pouting even though she knew her friend couldn’t see it. “I don’t think it’s fair for you to say that when I’m the one who can see between the two of us.”

“Are you mocking me?” Touko raised her voice, more in anger rather than hurt. She raised a finger and pointed forward. “Just because I don’t have my glasses doesn’t mean I’ve gone blind!”

That would have made Komaru feel guilty for assuming but it hardly had any effect when she was right.

“Yeah, um, about that…” Komaru started hesitantly, unsure of how to gently lay it down for her friend. For a moment, she thought it might be better to spare Touko from the embarrassment but decided against that. True friends would correct each other before anyone else would see their stupidity. Then again, it wasn’t like there was anyone else who would see them but that’s besides the point. Komaru took a deep breath and then timidly, she whispered, “Turn around. I’m on your other side.”

Touko paused and then immediately flushed right after. Salvaging whatever’s left of her dignity, she proudly turned around and stuttered in her defense, “I-I knew that! I was j-just testing you!”

“Uh-huh, suuure you are.” Komaru teased and even lightly poked her already high strung friend. She giggled when Touko yelped in surprise.

“W-Whatever! Let’s just get going already!” Touko all but hissed. “I don’t care if we have to go through whole Towa City just to find them but I am dead set on wearing them before the sun sets!”

“Haha, yeah right.” Komaru laughed her off but still followed suit. “Wait, you’re not serious, are you?”

After thoroughly checking one building later, Komaru found out that touko was in fact, serious.

“I don’t get why you’re so insistent on getting back your old pair.” Komaru spoke up during one of the lull moments of their search. “Like can’t we just walk in a glasses shop and get you a new one?”

“Must be nice to be born with perfect eyesight.” Touko grumbled and maybe even muttered a curse or two. “Tell me, is ignorance just as blissful as they say? Because you’d definitely know.”

“Hey what’s that supposed to mean!” Komaru whined at the insult.

“You know what I mean. Unless you’re that ignorant.” Touko smirked at her.

“Wow, Touko, your tongue is still sharp as ever even without glasses.” Komaru rolled her eyes at her, only realizing after that her friend probably couldn’t see that.

“Just because my vision’s impaired doesn’t mean I’d go soft on you.” Touko snapped back and then raised her chin in an effort to look down on Komaru even though she could only make out her outline in front of her. “Do you even know how prescription glasses are made?”

“Um, you buy them at the shop?” Komaru offered cluelessly.

“If it were just common reading glasses then those would suffice.” Touko narrowed her eyes at her or at least tried to. It lacked its usual sharpness since her aim was slightly off but it was the thought that counted. She continued to explain, “But it’s mostly seniors who need that. In most cases, people need personal prescription glasses crafted with the supervision of optometrists.”

“Then all we have to do is find you an optometrist!” Komaru suggested all too eagerly, much to Touko’s skeptimism.

“Do you see any adults running their day jobs as optometrists or any adults at all?” At Komaru’s knowing slump of shoulders, Touko huffed in agreement. “I thought so.”

“Can’t we just, you know, learn how to do this stuff?” Komaru tried again, her voice weaker and less sure.

“Oh, sure we can.” Touko replied and Komaru almost smiled at that until Touko added, “But that doesn’t mean I’ll trust anything we make. I’d rather go blind than ruin my eyes because we decided to play doctor.”

“So back to eyeglasses hunting it is then. Yay.” Komaru cheered unconvincingly, not like it mattered to Touko anyways.

Searching for a pair of eyeglasses in a collapsing city filled with aggressive monokuma proved to be just as challenging as it sounded. It wasn’t even guaranteed that the glasses had yet to be broken because if they were then Komaru’s certain that whatever sanity left of Touko would break next. As they meticulously ransacked the city, they grew more desperate with every search. Well that much was true for one of them.

Was it wrong that Komaru also found Touko’s predicament funny sometimes?

“Hey, Komaru! I said, did you or did you not see anything?” Touko almost hissed her words. “Why are you so quiet? Hey I’m talking to you!”

“Um, Touko… I’m right here.” Komaru was torn between pity and amused as she watched Touko raised her voice over a potted plant. This was an improvement from the last one. At least the leaves moved with the wind unlike when she was reprimanding a lamp post from before.

“Don’t you think I know that! Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I’m deaf!” Touko yelled in her defense, unaware that her rage was being received by an inanimate object.

“Yeah, I know that. But I’m right here.” Komaru still tried to gently correct her.

“Are you making fun of me?!” Touko actually turned to her side but only slightly so she was facing one of the on display toilets in this department store. Now Komaru could have sworn she was just doing this on purpose now if only Touko didn’t look so serious.

It was at this new angle did Komaru finally notice something unusual.

“Wait, hold it.” Komaru ordered as her eyes did a double check. She blinked multiple times as if in disbelief but it wouldn’t go away. She tentatively took a few steps closer and murmured, “I think I see it.”

“Huh? You can? Where?!” Touko demanded as her head turned as if she could see anything clearer with the action.

“Hold still.” Komaru reached forward.

And plucked the eyeglasses perched on top of Touko’s head all this time.

“Aaand here they are.” She happily put them on Touko with a big smile. “Ta-dah!”

Touko let out a sigh of relief as soon as her eyes adjusted to the familiar feeling of the eyeglasses. When her vision was clear again, the first thing that greeted her was Komaru’s stupidly wide grin. She looked so proud of herself and for a moment, Touko was tempted to smile in return as well. Except she returned a scowl instead.

“You’re an idiot.” Touko all but snarled at her. “Why didn’t you just get them when they were there all along? I can’t believe we wasted a whole day over your stupidity.”

“What?” Komaru’s smile dropped and soon her mouth formed an ‘o’ in shock. Whatever gratitude she had expected was replaced with this and she felt cheated. “Hey! I’m not the one who was wearing them all day long and didn’t feel a thing!”

“I wasn’t wearing my glasses, what did you expect? Lowered senses and all that.” Touko explained haughtily.

“That excuse only works for eyesight!” Komaru retorted.

“Shut up. You’re the one with eyes who didn’t see them the first time so what’s your excuse?” Touko shot back.

“Cut me some slack, Touko!” Komaru pouted as she clutched onto her.

Had it been anyone else, Touko would have shoved any person who dared encroach on her personal space. But this was Komaru. And aside from the fact that it was her friend, she begrudgingly admitted that she owed her for finding her stupid glasses. She still couldn’t believe that they were right there all alone but at the same time, she could. This wasn’t the first time this has happened after all since she had the habit of wearing her glasses to bed and she may have an irregular bathing schedule so her glasses hardly get off in the first place.

Touko sighed as her hand reluctantly patted Komaru on her head. “Okay, I’ll let you off easy since you did find them in the end.”

“And?” Komaru urged her on with a small grin forming on her face.

“What? What else do you want me to say?” Touko tried to dodge Komaru’s pleading gaze but she couldn’t and so she gave in with a sigh. “Fine. T-Thanks. For finding them and for helping me out.” She muttered the last words.

It sounded forced but Komaru knew better and heard it as heartfelt. Pleased with Touko’s words, Komaru couldn’t help but wrap her arms around her in a bear hug. “See, that wasn’t so hard now was it?”

“Sure it was easy so long as you admit that you were stupid about it.” Touko grumbled and was thankful that the close proximity was not only comfortable but effective in hiding her blush.

“Oh, come on, Touko! Just let it go already.” Komaru groaned.

Touko couldn’t have been happier to have her glasses on when a pained expression passed through Komaru’s face. Worth it.

Every Gravitational Wave (chapter 4)

A/N: Hello… guess who’s back? I really have no excuse for just about the longest hiatus ever. I can only say that life has been a mess and writer’s block was even worse. But here I am, FINALLY, with the new chapter. I hope you guys like it after this ridiculously long wait, and I hope you can forgive me <3

Summary: Clarke watched Lexa almost bleed out before her eyes, and it is finally impossible for her to deny her own feelings. But nothing is ever easy. Head over heart is a constant fight, Skaikru is still a problem, and a hidden threat lingers in the shadows. Clarke knows their future is uncertain, everything on the ground is, but she hasn’t abandoned hope yet. Hope for a life about more than just surviving. Hope for that small measure of peace, that everyone seeks, and very few ever find.

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penaltywaltz  asked:

Sherlock talks in his sleep and accidentally proposes to Molly one evening. She stays awake all night thinking about it and when she asks him about it he thinks she's proposing to him.

I figured the tag needed some fluff today…

She was used to sleepless nights - the man still sleep-tangled in her sheets had given her plenty over the years - but last night definitely fell into a new category. Frozen, Molly lay stunned. She really should get up, start the day rolling along, but how could she kickstart normality after the bombshell she had overheard the night before?

The slide from friends to more had been full of revelations, but the most charming of these, for Molly, had been his nighttime multiloquence. Who else would know that the ‘great detective’ talked in his sleep? The first time it happened, Molly had been startled out of sleep by an outpouring of deductions about the Yard’s new detective - seemingly, there was only so long he could keep those thoughts bottled up. On the nights since, she had heard him berate imaginary idiots, deduce strangers, and, on one memorable night, treat most of Baker Street to several tunes from Les Mis.

But up until now, he had never talked about her.

What do you do, she brooded, when your boyfriend of eight months proposes to you, while remaining completely unconscious? Ignoring it felt like the safest option, but that catch in her brain would drive her mad, like a splinter snagging silk - impossible to ignore. And when had Molly ever taken the safest option when it came to this man?

That left telling him. But what words would say ‘hey, did you know that you proposed to me last night? And where exactly does that mean we are in this relationship, because I’m a bit bewildered, and -

“You think too loud in the morning, Molly.”

“Hey. Didn’t know you were awake.” At the soft crinkle that framed his gaze, she let herself be wrapped in his arms, tucked herself into the snug of his neck.

“Wasn’t. But that whirring would wake anyone…”


“Doesn’t matter. I am curious, however, at what could have you so perplexed at… God - six thirty-seven in the morning?”

“It’s just… well… erm…”

“Stuttering, Molly? Is it 2010 again?”

“Shut up, you.” Giving him a gentle shove, at his teasing Molly decided she could be as blunt as him. If he complained, well, he brought it on himself… “Last night… what you said… we should get married?”

Well, that shut him up, she thought smugly. Settling in for what she thought would be at least ten minutes of buffering, she was shocked by gentle lips covering her face mere seconds later. Coming to rest, foreheads pressed gently together, he whispered into the silence between them.

“Its not too soon?”

“Well, eight months is pretty quick. But I guess when you count our history…?”

“True. Well, in that case, Molly Hooper, I accept.”

“What do you mean, you accept? You asked me!” Half raised on her elbows, she stared down in shock at Sherlock’s bewildered expression.

“I distinctly remember hearing you say the words ‘we should get married’, Molly. How exactly am I supposed to have asked you?”

Rolling onto her back, eyes fixed on the ceiling in an attempt to block out her embarrassment at a situation so badly mangled, she forced out her explanation. “You were talking in your sleep again. I was quoting, not proposing. Thought we should talk about it…”


“Yeah - oh.”

After a few moments silence, he rolled over to face her, his quick eyes tracking her every micro expression. “Would you prefer a grand story like Meena?”


“Proposal in a restaurant, the ring obscured in some form of patisserie, everyone applauds and look how happy we are?”

“God no!”

“Romantic picnic, sunset over the trees, that kind of thing?”

“Since when have we ever gone on picnics, Sherlock?”

“Quite. Well how about this - we asked each other, there was some kind of awkward faux pas on my part and you stuttered a bit?”

“Well, that does sound more like us…”

“So… should we get married?” In that moment, caught somewhere between laughing and crying, Molly knew her choice. Life with this man she loved would never go according to plan, but who wanted that?

“Yeah. We really, really should.”