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Martin Riggs + Text Posts (because I recently fell in headfirst into the Lethal Weapon fandom and I love this sand hobo)


football meme:

9/9 Players: Philipp Lahm

“The belief to have maximum success with Bayern was always with me.  Somewhere else I might have won the Champions League earlier, but it never would have been as wonderful as it was with Bayern in Wembley.  I love this team, I love my homeland, I love Munich, and I love Bavaria.”


You got the cure
Underneath your shirt
Don’t you wanna save this
Dirty little damsel?

Palletshipping Day - 1 day left

The most epic battle in history of Pokémon, hands down~ (I was trying to make this before it hits midnight here, but as I’m always leaving these so late, it’s already 4.4. Well, Happy Palletshipping Day in that case!<3 o/)

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- I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
- I’ll tell you exactly what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna start listening to us. The world is a better place because of what we did, Elliot, and you’re gonna realize that one way or another. Now, here’s what I need you to do. You’re going to walk to the subway. You’re going to get on your train. You’re going to get off at your stop. You’re going to go home. You’re gonna sit at your computer, watch and enjoy the beautiful carnage that we’ve all created together.

In this first page we can see Natsu slowly turning into something aka E.N.D, and wanting to go kill Zeref and telling our ice mage to get out of his way, that’s normal, right?

Of course, he gets pissed off and insists that he should get out of his way. Natsu looks a lot like himself here, but it’s different… It’s because it’s darker, everything he is seems darker… END is coming.

But now then, this is important. Natsu said “Gray”. What does that mean? He’s still conscious, he’s still half Natsu. Which means Natsu wants to kill Zeref for himself. I mean, END wants that too, but there’s a strong desire to do so from the other party too.

Gray is like “heck, he’s strong.” But see that in the first panel? That’s a fighting move of Natsu, but the hand of END. He’s still not there yet. And to confirm it, he just says that he won’t hold back. What does that mean? He means that he has lost hope, he wants to kill Zeref because that’s the only thing that matters because (last panel): He thinks Lucy is dead. And that’s what triggered it all. END woke up because of that unbearable pain (plus the tumor).

He, Natsu, gets a flashback of how he thought Lucy was dead. He must’ve thought “this is al Zeref’s fault, this woman (Dimaria) did this, so it’s Zeref’s fault.” He lost Lucy. Again. And the pain is too much. And END starts taking over. This means that Natsu is willingly going to Zeref because he wants to take revenge for Lucy, he would even fight Gray to avenge her loved one. “I’m not gonna hold back.” And “I won’t stop” are two things Natsu says to Gray and it makes me really think that he’s just saying that to himself because he just wants to defeat Zeref and that for Lucy he won’t care of the cost.

I may or may not have already gotten more. I may or may not have been to 3 different Barnes & Noble’s in the last 5 days. I may or may not have a problem.


This was written in collaboration with glitterspires, and also goes along with my day 1 fanart. Enjoy day 5 of my Gajevy week 2015 entries!



“What? Why not?”

“Never in a million years.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I am never calling my child by that name.”

“Why not?”

“Don’t you think it’s a little intense?”

“No. Think about it Shrimp, who’d want to beat up a kid named after a bad-ass dragon? Metalicanna Redfox, I think it has a great ring to it.”

Levy gave her husband a look that could curdle milk. “No.”

“Well, you got any other ideas?”

“Yes, and that’s why the hat is filled with all of those little pieces of folded paper.”

Gajeel plucked another slip from the fedora stationed on the coffee table while he sat cross-legged on the floor, leaning on the coffee table in boredom. Levy sat on the couch, one hand gently stroking her over-sized babybump.

“Shrimp, I can’t even pronounce this one.” He said as he held up the little piece of parchment. Levy squinted at her handwriting for a second before recognising what it was.

“It’s pronounced Ah-rail-lee-uh. It means gold in Latin.”

“Nah, too hard to say. I do appreciate the metal reference though,” he said as he pointed at her with a raised eyebrow. “Your turn Lev.”

Levy struggled a bit to lean over and grab another folded paper strip.

“Pa- are you serious right now?- Pantherlily? You want to name our child Pantherlily?”

“Yeah, who’d want to mess with a kid with a name like that? Named after a bad-ass cat.”

Levy sighed, “Do you have any ideas that do not include naming our child after “bad-ass” individuals in your life? Not to mention, we’re having a girl, Gajeel. A GIRL.”

“Hmmm.” Gajeel pondered. “What if we just shortened it to Lilly then?”

The blue-haired script mage face-palmed in frustration. “Just pick another one.” She said.

The Iron Dragon Slayer reached into the hat and pulled out a gently folded scrap of notebook paper. It was slightly larger than the rest, and the paper didn’t match the kind Levy had so painstakingly trimmed to perfection. He opened it and began to read its contents.

‘You should name your baby Haruka because it means spring and my name means summer and I get to be the godfather right? So I get to help pick the name right? Also, it has the same first two letters as Happy’s name so its perfect. No need to thank me, just make me her godfather because that is such a cool name.’

Gajeel dropped his head to the table’s surface and shook it back and forth.

“What’s it say?” Levy inquired. Gajeel handed her the scrap of paper and she began to read it.

“That’s not a bad name actually. Haruka is pretty cute.”

“No,” came the slightly muted response from the Dragon Slayer.

“Why not?”

“‘Cause Salamander suggested it.”

“That’s really not a good excuse to ignore a perfectly lovely name you know.”

“Your turn Shrimp,” Gajeel said as she picked up the fedora and held it in her direction.

“Ugh, fine.” She fished through the slips until she grabbed one she silently prayed would be “the one.” Who knew that naming a child could be so torturously frustrating.

“Makarov.” Levy deadpanned. “Gajeel, seriously, you do know we’re having a girl right?”

“Yeah, but think about it. Who’d want to…” Levy interrupted her husband to vent her irritation.

“What is your obsession with people messing with our kid? YOU are her father, and I am her mother. NOBODY is going to want to bring about the wrath of this baby’s parents!”

She shoved her hand back into the hat and grabbed a handful of the little papers. One by one she went through them, tossing the rejects onto the floor.

“No…no…no…no… Metalicanna again?”

“I still think its a good idea…”

Levy took a deep breath to keep herself calm, overcoming her hormonal desire to choke the living daylights out of the father of her child. “Probably not for a girl,” she explained with forced tranquility.

It was Gajeel’s turn to sigh as he snatched another paper from the hat. “Vana.”

“Its another reference to metal.”

“Its not bad.”

“Okay, put it in the keep pile.”

“Where’s that?”

“Make one.” Levy reached in the hat yet again. “Aiko. See, was it so hard to choose a nice name like this one? Why aren’t all of yours nice like this?”

“That’s not mine Shrimp, look.” He pointed at the heart that dotted the “i” in the name, a characteristic marking Lucy as the author.

“Oh. How did they manage to sneak their notes in here? Anyway, the next one says,” Levy said as she unfolded another one. “Oh, this one’s another one of mine. Its Kaida. It means little dragon.”



“Oi, we’re on the last one already Shrimp.” Gajeel pointed out as he picked up the final strip of folded parchment. He opened it and shot a devious look at his wife.

“What is it? What does it say?”

Handing her the paper he stood up and walked out of the room. Levy looked down at the scribbled name and screamed, “GAJEEL!”

She tossed the paper to the floor and huffed into the kitchen where her husband was innocently crunching into an apple. The paper landed face up to reveal a single word.



Graduated last night!!! It was amazing, I actually had such a lovely time! 

the-queen-of-maybe  asked:

If you're still doing the emoji challenge, how about Varric in C1 or Thris in E1 (or C5)?

It’s the first time I draw Varric pls forgive me if it’s inaccurate:

And here she is, the coolest dwarf in town