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#LastYoungRenegade past references | PSNDDF

Put Up Or Shut Up - The striped background.
So Wrong, It’s Right - The birds.
Nothing Personal - The skeleton.
Dirty Work - The bottle being popped open.
Don’t Panic - The monsters.
Future Hearts - ‘Driving in a car with broken tail-lights’ + Back To The Future Hearts Tour poster

findmyflower  asked:

Please help me. I have developed a bit of an obsession with Lin's nose (especially the way it looks in profile). Like, can we talk about it, please? It is so distinct and so beautiful and complements his facial features perfectly. I mean, of all the things to gain an obsession with, I just had to go with his NOSE of all things? -iputmyselfintothenarrative

You have come to the right place, my friend.

It’s a good nose on a good face.

((Part 2 animatic is done! It’s real short ()(about a minute? Possibly?) with limited animation, but, I believe I can get it done in a few days. Get pumped!))

Okay so there are apparently a LOT of movies on this topic.

If I were to pick one movie to review and critique, knowing nothing else about them, should I go for:

-The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible
-Forbidden History: Dinosaurs and the Bible
-Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Bible
-The Bible Explains Dinosaurs: The Real History of Dinosaurs
-Dragons or Dinosaurs: Creation or Evolution
-Zoo Tycoon 2 Dinosaurs of the Bible the Movie

please advise

Dallas Les Mis Shadow Group Watch at 10pm GMT on Saturday 25th!

Please sign up before Saturday!

(Seriously though, I don’t mind if you’re late to the watch along, it’s your problem if you miss the beginning. BUT you do need to sign up ahead of time.)

[More info here]

Self Motivation

I tend to get very frustrated when I’m checking my email/AO3/ffn/tumblr account every few hours for updates/kudos/new comments/reblogs/likes etc.

That’s why I need some cheering up, especially now that I haven’t written in nearly a week at all.

These are the stats of my fic as of today (Wednesday, Feb 22nd)

157 Kudos already!! Yay!! :)
Half of the comments are my answers, but that still makes roughly 150 comments on AO3! That’s incredible! Then there are 33 fic subscriptions, which is still 50 less than on ‘Instinct’, but I guess Major Character Death and such a lengthy fic isn’t for everyone ^^ Given the circumstances, I think the numbers are amazing!

A higher hit rate and over 100 reviews on ffn! Wow!

Then there are people who send me asks and private messages about the fic, and that’s another thing that makes me incredibly happy!

Not to forget, the ten or so people who always like/reblog my chapters on tumblr!

There are 75 wonderful people following this blog, which is far more than I ever thought I’d get on a blog that is dedicated to only one fic!

Thank you all for your support & I love you all <33

I love my story, I love to think about the plot and imagine all the scenes, I love to write it, and I love to see the reader’s reactions every week. That’s what I’m writing and posting for. It makes me happy and that’s all that counts. Keep doing what makes you happy!

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tagging my most important supporters/friends. I don’t think I would’ve gotten this far without you. Thank you <3

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