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Only kind of related, sorry. Do you have any advice for people who fail NaNoWriMo? I've never won in the seven years I've tried, and it's frustrating to be ignored by writing advice blogs (not accusing you specifically!)

I’m really glad that you asked this, anon, because I’m afraid that I won’t finish my NaNo project this year either. For those who are unaware, winning NaNoWriMo just means that you have written 50,000 words of a website-validated novel between November 1st and 30th. There is no limit to how many people win. 

First of all, I would like to discourage the use of the word “fail” when talking about completing any sort of creative project. No one fails, because no matter if you complete your novel or leave off at the cursed 5,000 words, you will always gain experience that makes you a better writer. While there may be winners at the end of NaNoWriMo, there are no losers. No one leaves NaNoWriMo being a less successful writer than where they started; the progression is always positive. 

No matter what people say, writing is hard. Writing with the intent of being published is even harder. We all strive for perfection, and often times that concept is what holds us back. A lot of writers, including myself and some of the other PLHL mods, find that what they write during NaNo is not up to the standards that they set for themselves, so they get discouraged and either step away from the project or start from scratch. This is a normal part of the writing process, but may cause major setbacks if the author is trying to reach the tight thirty-day deadline. For NaNo projects in the past, I would get stuck after the first few pages because I was too self-critical. I would spend most of my time perfecting the very beginning instead of just trying to spit out a first draft. More often than not, the idea with which I started would fizzle out. I would start to criticize every plot point and sentence for being unoriginal/cliche/awkwardly written and scrap the project purely out of fear of failure. If you feel that this is your issue, try finding a way of writing your story that prevents you from going back and editing. That may be something as simple as switching from a word processor to a composition book, or something more complicated like taking your writing and locking it in a safe after each day. Do something that forces you to forget about what you previous wrote and solely focus on story progression. Plot holes, incomplete sentences, and purple prose can be fixed in the next draft.

Another source of writing difficulty I have struggled with over the years is not knowing what to write. The first few plot points are strong, and I know how I want the story to end, but the middle is a black hole of indecision and doubt. The most common solution to this is to do extensive planning of a novel, whether it be through outlines or notecards on a cork board. Write any idea you have down, even if you don’t think that you will use it. When you get stuck in the middle, those moments of deus/diabolus ex machina may give you the push needed to break through the writer’s block. Just start writing– even if it is something that is completely out of left field. Who knows, you may like the new direction so much that you rewrite the entirety of your novel in the second draft. Get new information on the page! Plotholes can be fixed after the first draft is done. The whole point of NaNoWriMo is to get a first draft of a novel written. Novels are never publisher-ready by the first draft. 

If your issue lies within motivation, that is something only you can change. Try to find a reason for writing your novel that is more than wanting to write a novel. Is it for the feeling of accomplishment? To prove someone wrong? As a outlet for creativity? Identify why you want to finish and set your goals accordingly. 

If you can identify why you are unable to meet the 50,000 word deadline, it will be significantly easier to work through the obstacles and reach your goal– whether it is fear of inadequacy, writer’s block, or feeling like you can’t dedicate enough time to writing for NaNo. My final piece of advice is to do something thinking about your noveling style. Find out if what you’re doing is what is best for you. If it isn’t the best, trying different methods of planning/writing/story telling may be what it takes to hit that 50,000 mark. Only you can figure that out.

xx Sarah

How The Wicker Man (Almost) Disappeared

The 2006 Wicker Man remake is coming to Netflix, and I am groaning eternally. I BEGRUDGE NO ONE THEIR BEE MEMES, but it does kill me that there’s almost no content for the original 1973 film (at least around here).

I mean, there’s the fact that it’s one of the finest horror films ever made, but also, its production history is completely baffling. The universe practically conspired to make this movie disappear. 

First of all, it was made on an itty bitty little budget - 500,000 GBP (that’s about $650,000). And a big chunk of that went toward building the famous final sequence. Christopher Lee, the guy the film was written as a vehicle for, worked for free so that the project could keep going.

And y’all, this film was Christopher Lee’s baby. He went around on an actual road tour of the U.S., appearing on radio stations in small towns at the asscrack of dawn just to promote this film. He loved it.

Unfortunately for him, the higher ups…did not love it. Or rather, this one particular guy really hated it, and he just so happened to be at the top of the food chain. When TWM was written and shot from 1971 to 1972, it was under the production studio called British Lion. But by 1973, when the film was completed, British Lion had been bought out by a larger studio. And thus, Barry Spikings and Michael Deeley inherited the smaller studio’s work. 

Deeley hated The Wicker Man. Fucking. HATED. It. Straight up telling Christopher Lee it was one of the worst films he’d ever seen levels of hate. FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF - etc. He didn’t want to release it at all. The film’s previous producer basically snuck around his back by submitting the film to Cannes (just to show, not for any prizes), which is how it got picked up for foreign distribution. 

Now, the original edit of the film, the longest version, was 99 minutes. Already that supposedly has 15 minutes of material shaved off, mostly Christopher Lee scenes. The show’s composer recalls scoring a psychedelic dream sequence that was never in any released cut of the film at all. 

BUT WAIT, it gets better. 

When he found out that he couldn’t just bury the picture and have done, Deeley went to Roger Corman. Yes, Roger Corman, or “that guy who directed Vincent Price a whole bunch” (and also eventually made Sharktopus yes really). This is the guy you come to with the weird unsettling cult movie. And Corman did indeed have suggestions for what an American audience would like, which ended up with the film cut down to 87 minutes with a few scenes rearranged. At that length, it could be released in the UK as a “B-movie,” i.e. the second half of a double-billing. 

So, the film goes out, Lee does his work. Some people get to see the film, sort of (though the U.S. showing was quite limited, and it only made around $50,000). But then, in 1976, the director, Robin Hardy, decides he wants to try and restore the original cut. So he calls up the studio, only to find that that’s apparently impossible.

Because Deeley told his staff to get rid of the film negatives. The famous urban legend is that he had them thrown in a landfill, though others claim they were burned). The ONLY reason it wasn’t lost forever was because a single copy of that initial cut had been sent to Corman, and he’d held onto it - and was further willing to send a duplicated copy to Hardy.

One guy’s fervent dedication to being a spiteful dick almost lost us one of the greatest films in horror. 

And THAT is a way better story than bees. 

Types of Designers on Project Runway I Don't Get
  • Designer on Project Runway: I'm more of a men's designer. I don't really do women's clothing.
  • Me, unable to remember the last time I saw a male model on the show: Then why the hell did you audition?
  • Designer on Project Runway: I don't really know much about lingerie/bathing suit design. I don't really know how to design around boobs.
  • Me, once again: What women have you been designing for then?
  • Designer on Project Runway: So this week is the avante garde challenge. I don't really know what avante garde is, so I'm just gonna wing it.
  • Me, whose entire fashion knowledge basically stems from watching this show since Season 1: How did you audition without watching at least one season of this show or studying your field? How do you not know avante garde is basically experimental or radical styling? It's the be crazy challenge!
  • Designer on Project Runway: This is an unconventional materials challenge. I wasn't expecting this. But there was this table cloth I could probably use.
  • Me: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WEREN'T EXPECTING THIS?! This is Heidi's favorite challenge! They do at least two of these per season!Every season some idiot uses an obvious fabric, and it pisses off the judges because it completely disregards the whole point of using unconventional materials in the first place. You deserve to be out. Auf Wiedersehen.

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For my 10 year anniversary I want to make a BOTW Zelda cosplay for my boyfriend and I. But I'm scared it's too complicated a project. I'm a complete novice and have only handmade 2 costumes (rey and kylo). I can imagine HOW to sew and fit every piece of my costumes but when I actuallu sit down at my sewing machine I end up getting so frustrated. I think that I'm in over my head every time I try to cosplay and I'm beginning to think cosplay is just one of those things I'm incapable of doing.

First! A gentle reminder that buying cosplays is a thing! And its still in every way, a form of cosplaying and totally cool to do and still be a cosplayer. And maybe even its part of your process. Maybe you buy the cosplay and then improve the parts you want. Get all the sewing done buy buying the cosplay outright, then paint over their details or replace their cheaper looking belts for real ones or do the armor yourself. 

That being said, cosplay is as hard as you make it. Dont feel like you HAVE to sew everything yourself. Head over to a thrift store, buy a whte turtleneck and add the designs. Get a blue dress to glue gold trim on. Etc, etc. This is a VALID way of cosplaying. 

Heck! Its how we do all our cosplaying. 

Our Pokemon GO for example, is entirely thrift store clothes. My crop jacket is a white sweater I cut down and then PAINTED yellow onto. Sylars sweater has marker lines on it. His black jacket has gold vinyl hot glued onto it. But it works!

And our Starlord and Gamora were literally Halloween costumes from Costume Supercenter that we just repainted the armor of!


I think its time i give you guys a thing ive been planning for a while. Kino sprites project. Its nothing big. Its kinda like a patreon thing but also not really. So theres going to be a goal for each pose. and that would be based on my sprites commission price. Yes. It’s a project where theres going to be amount goal before i continue. the main goal for complete three poses and his uniform + casual + underwear is 550. it will be divided i 3 goal point . if the first goal is reached i start on the first pose. second is reached i start on the second and so on. the sprites will be ps vita / desktop size / psp size.

SO thing is. I need to know who is interested. Because when the sprites is finished. i will publish it online for everyone to use. and if anyone wants new outfit for kino exclusive to you, you can commission me for it that time around.


So here we are, my first try at a Sylvaneth “4 seasons” army is over ! It’s been over for a few months now… assembling and painting these models took me roughly 2 months, each time a new league phase (lasting 2 weeks) started I did a new seasonal batch, typically with 1 hero, 1 unit of dryad and one extra… here are a few close-ups of my seasonal Sylvaneth.

Spring already had a dedicated article here, the rest is below !








Kurnoth Hunters (with bows)





Branch Nymph (head swapped with a skull to get a more sinister look)

As you can see, the Winter season is only one unit : the league pewtered out in the end and I jumped onto another project rather than painting a last piece that wouldn’t see table time. I’m nevertheless amazed by the fact that I cleared all my backlog of Sylvaneth, except for 1 Treelord and 1 Spirit of Durthu !

I admit that I’m really proud of myself, not only by its look but also by the time it took me to complete this task. These models are gorgeous and easy to paint. Even if having that many models seems daunting at first, breaking it down into four quarters with different color schemes really helped to avoid boredom. 

On top of being pleasant to the eye, this army is a lot of fun to play with very specific ways to move across the board, and jump at the enemy from (almost) unexpected angles. They are on my shelves for now, but I’ll get them back onto the battlefield as soon as possible !


soooooo thought id share some stuff i did this semester that i did in the same style as that deh poster! this was the first project that i did the whole watercolor and cut-outs thing for, its a fantastic mr. fox dvd set, complete with wrap-around cover, dvd front-thing, and booklet-insert! (shout-out to my professor for literally banning me from doing digital painting so i could make this)


June’s Featured Game: Living Playground: The Witch’s Puppets

GENRE: Supernatural, Puzzle
WARNINGS:   Both implied and shown violence to the children, Emotional abuse, Blood
SUMMARY: With what starts as a simple day at the park, siblings Tony, Pablo, and Octavio are once again caught up in a series of strange circumstances such as strange pocket dimensions, coordinated monsters, and more geese than anyone could ever want to see in their lives. Stranded with them are Haze and Seal, two witches who seem to be connected with whatever nonsense is going down. As witches tend to be.In the simplest of terms, this game is about friendship and relating to others, both the good and the bad. With an unfortunate focus on the bad. It will be mostly straightforward with only one ending. 

Download the demo here!

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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How much is the game gonna be?? Cause honestly I'd give a kidney to play it


SO! Kirishima’s route is the first of 4 routes that we will be offering and we HOPE to have it out for New Years eve this year!

This is a passion project so both @ghostering and I are putting a lot into this game! Its a two man team and it rely’s on our perseverance. We came up with the cost of 5$ per route so we can add more routes in the future! 

The reason for the 5$ is that we will be uploading the game to gumroad, which takes a percentage from each sale. Although, there is a tip jar! Which is completely optional, but its there ;> (for that kidney you so generously offered lmaooo)

But yeah! So each route will be 5$

I’m super glad that this game has been shown so much interest and I’m SO STOKED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL <3<3<3

The Dead Romans Society presents…

“Or se’ tu quel Virgilio…”

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between…I am happy to announce I have finally started a project I had delayed for too long: the reboot of my first long comic. It has a title, “Or se’ tu quel Virgilio…” (Dante, Inferno, 1.79, “Are you now that Vergil…), it has a renewed script, it will be completely redrawn. I will be publishing its pages more or less regularly like I did the first time. In the meantime, I will nonetheless post short comic strips as usual and I will work on the “Remedia amoris” script (my next long comic, a story about Catullus, Ovid, broken hearts to mend, and way too many elegy references). Thanks for reading!

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Hello! At what milestone will you consider the prototype to be a success? A certain number of downloads, a certain number of reviews, maybe even watching how much it gets played (if you release it over Steam ofc)? Also, will the characters themselves have any kind of Easter eggs or references? I know backdrops do, but I've become intrigued wondering if the characters themselves will reference their own content too.

oOOoh so many incredible good questions !!! let meh reply to them wahn by wahn !  (★ゝз・)ノ~*

The milestone is a very vague subject,when we say “”success””, it mostly depends on the community(all of you) and the youtubers. If we’re treated as opportunists for makin’ a game around youtubers.That would be clearly a fail. If one or multiple youtubers decide to support our project because it looks fun ,playeable and accurate .This would be a success.  Whatever we can do. Youtubers have the last word. If they’re not okay with. As cold as it is,the project would be killed and won’t reach its true potential. That would have been an attempt and a good journey anyway.

After this,downloads,reviews,fan arts are very important too. All your voices and support is why we’re there today. It would be a success if you think it is. S&P’s team opinion doesn’t count. (。・з・)ゞ As creator, for me it’s already a success.


About the easter eggs and references. You might already kno’ the design of Markimoo. It’s completely, absolutely a huge reference to FNAF . His first design was too …you kno’ obvious, so i had to change it for not gettin’ in trouble with intellectual properties.

 At the beginning, he was supposed to be made of the parts of Fnaf characters:

 ALL the characters have references from their own content. Even their chara design are related to their personality. 

If you want, i found old replies about their chara design :

No you’re right ! he never said that.

The reason implies that i contextualise the situation.

When i started to watch Jack(3 years ago i guess) the most viewed videos were kind of like this:

The fan arts. Like this :

Except Sam ,There was almost nothing about him and i was not watchin’ his videos daily (at this time, i was fully into Pewds and Ken’s channel ).

i knew he was full of energy, irish,with an hat and playing Happy wheels, skate 3 and gta a lot, i sure wanted to draw somethin’ related to the speed (because i didn’t want to fall into the irish caricature).  

I decided to follow the energetic ball of nerves that was Jack and took what i could from his let’s plays. His big eyeball was sure a good idea but it was not enough. The idea of speed was not there. (●´ω`●)ゞ

I remember mahself watching a TONS of videos this day. that was a mess and in front of this problem, i had to take a reference from a game he was playing . In this case, i took the skateboard from Skate 3.he had a bunch of videos about that and at that time, it couldn’t see any more ideas.

I was at two inches to not add jack to this game. I felt very bad to not kno’ him much better. But today, i decided to just..take my responsabilities. I feel like i f*cked up for that but when i remember that day i had to draw him, i still can’t see what i could have done better.

So yea’, you’re completely true. He never said that he liked skating or whatever but i choosed this in order to recreate that feeling of “speed is key/like a boss” . (′σω`)ノ

Hope this answer satisfy you.Sometimes, context matters and nobody asked me that before so i enjoyed replying to u!

Spells/Curses Masterlist (2)

An Auspicious Day by burglebezzlement

Simon, Baz, and Penny at Christmas, one year after the Mage’s death. A Tumblr spell, Baz’s chair collection, and three batches of cherry scones.

Cured with a Kiss by Ayame_no_kimi

It’s a simple enough love potion. Completely harmless. Its effects will dissipate under the first shared kiss.

It’s a genius plan, really. I don’t see what could possibly go wrong.

How this Began by mybabystriders

Simon and Baz carry on in the Harry Potter world and it seems like their rivalry will never end. Simon is no chosen one, just a really clumsy Gryffindor. Baz is no vampire, but he is rich and beautiful. They get paired up for a class project after years of fighting and are finally forced to spend time together doing something other than trying to knock the other off his broomstick. When their relationship becomes complicated, they are forced to consider how everything began from a different perspective.

I Never Drop My Sword by come_on_eileen

I almost didn’t get any sleep last night. I was too excited thinking over and over about the new spell, that Aunt Fiona gave me. “This one will finish him, I promise” she told me and I saw her eyes full of evil excitement and vice, while mine (I know for certain) were exactly the same.

I will finally win after all, I will win after all the damage he made by just being him, being Mage’s Heir, being The One, being Simon fucking Snow.

Listen to Your Heart by LovetheOmni

After Baz makes a teasing comment about slipping Agatha a “Love Potion No. 9,” Simon comes up with the perfect prank to give him a taste of his own medicine: a love potion called “Listen to Your Heart” that would make him confess all his heart’s embarrassing desires. Too bad Simon’s plans never work the way he wants them to.

The Match that Dulled the Fire by superocelotgirl

It’s 5th year, and Simon is driving Baz crazy, and for several reasons.

1: He either wants to kill him, or kiss him, when he’s around him.
2: When doing magic around Simon, Baz can never find the right spell to use. I mean, what spell are you supposed to use against the Chosen One?
3: Baz is hopelessly in love with him, and has practically no luck with him (or so he thinks)

So when Baz finally gathers up the courage to go against Simon, what happens? Will he end it all? Or will Simon simply distract him and his magic again?

Never Would I Ever by Vangle

What does one do when your gorgeous vampire roommate gets hit with a love spell?

Truth by DeanmonandAngel

Simon gets fed up with Baz trying to get between him and Agatha and uses a truth spell on him.

“The truth is, I’m desperately attracted to you.” by ShhIAmNotHere 

For a moment-not even a moment, a split second-I imagine him saying, “The truth is, I’m desperately attracted to you.”
- Pg. 205

What if Simon really said that at this moment, and it wasn’t just in Baz’s imagination?

Wait and See by mybabystriders 

Every eighth-year has to come up with a spell, and it isn’t easy to do alone. Somehow, Baz manages it and can’t wait to show Simon.

wish upon a star by morbidbookworm

Baz hasn’t come back for their eighth year, and Simon is getting desperate.

CH 16 - Guilt

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Sean screamed into the emptiness. He had to get out. His friends were in danger or worse…no. They couldn’t be gone.

How could let this happen? He should have known better. Should have said something. Anything. Now he had put them all in harms way. Worse, if Anti had been able to do this to them…just how far had his abilities come? Sean tried not to think too hard about it.

He ran through the darkness, there had to be something here. Some way out. Finally, in the distance a small glimmer of light. Sean sped up.

It was seeping through the cracks of a doorway. He burst through and was blinded by the sudden transition from the dark. His eyes slowly adjusted and he saw the light was coming from a strange barrier in the center of a small room.

He walked closer and his heart dropped. In the center of the barrier was Marvin. He was huddled on the ground face against his knees, and he was covered in bruises and blood.

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i just had this small, fun headcanon out of nowhere, but…

imagine the paladins liberate this elegant, aristocratic world from the galra and, to show their thanks, they (finally, finally) get invited to a gala in their honor, formal attire mandatory. obviously coran would go nuts. every paladin would be dressed to the nines, no exceptions, complete with elaborate costumes to dazzle the crowd and he just goes completely overboard!

keith absolutely wants none of this, but is it even possible to stop coran when he’s thrown himself head first into a project? the answer is no, and keith ends up gussied up and as uncomfortable as he’s ever been along with the rest of the team (longing for his gloves, which coran had immediately confiscated when he tried to sneak them on before leaving the castle), and coran is just thrilled until…he spots keith wearing his boots, his every day regular, non-diamond studded boots and keith they match nothing and they’re scuffed and it throws off the whole ensemble-! but keith stands his ground, the other ones were too gaudy, not good in case of emergencies, and he already lost his gloves, he wasn’t giving up the boots and coran just gives up, although he makes sure to spare none of the dramatics giving up entails, still whining even as they are escorted into the grand hall. altho he stuck to his guns for reasons, keith starts to feel bad and kind of like the odd man out cause he seems to be the only one putting up a fight about this…

suddenly he feels an elbow dig into his side and he turns to see pidge quickly flash this conspiratorial smirk at him as she lifts the skirt of the frilly dress she was forced into to reveal her own ratty sneakers underneath. Before he can react, he feels a tap on the opposite shoulder and turns to find hunk offering him a small bag of “cookies” (or as close as hunk could get to them) he had stowed away somewhere, noticing that he could see hunk’s lucky headband discretely tied under his sleeve. The feel of knuckles softly tapping against the back of his hand is what makes him realize lance had sidled up next to him at some point. He doesn’t even get a chance to question him before lance gives him one of those bright, blinding smiles and pushes something into his hand, whispering giddily that he had pickpocketed them off coran earlier, and when keith glances down he sees that lance has covertly passed him back his gloves…

Coran notices their absence and starts calling for them from inside the grand hall. hunk spirits away the cookies back inside his coat jacket, pidge drops her skirt to cover her shoes, and lance swaggers away as if the exchange had never happened. Meanwhile, keith slips his gloves on with this big, soft, goofy grin on his face, one that he shares between the other three paladins, because the camaraderie, knowing you have each other’s backs, whether in battle or at a ball, just feels…nice after going so long being the outcast


Lightning Returns Retranslation - Encounter with Bhunivelze

Well, here’s another scene, this one is one of the worst translated segments of the original game. Translate credits are a bit spread out, with primary credit going to @tensai-shoujo, and Alfheirin, though Black Sword also contributed during English cleanup. We also included some verbiage improvements @shadowmeowth made in the original video of this scene. Unlike the video released previously though by @shadowmeowth , this version separates the concept of heart and soul. This is personally one of the scenes that ticks me off the most in the localized version, so I’m glad to see this one finished.

Notably this is the first scene that isn’t merely in progress - this is effectively “complete” from a translation standpoint - its gone through translation, review, English cleanup, and technical patchup teams (with shiny italics for Bhuni). As such, this is definitely the closest video to what I plan to have in game, and therefore the video I’m the most proud of so far. For more information about this project, feel free to check out my blog, and if you or anyone you know might be interested in helping, especially if you can translate from Japanese to English, feel free to reach out to me on Tumblr. Even if you don’t, go ahead and reblog this thing as far as you can, hopefully someone will see it and reach out to me.

Fffffff @kmaknation Elv why u gotta call me out like this

(Maybe that’s what I’ll work on when I get home from work tonight)

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Could I request an imagine where Draco and the reader (slytherin) have to pair together for a project and they go over to her dorm and, though she's usually sarcastic, defensive, emotionless and generally annoyed, she literally melts when she sees her cat and it's the first time he's seen her smile and he's like shit she's actually so pretty?? And she cares about things? Like he seee her in a completely new light. Thank you!

Draco sighed as, yet again, Y/N wanted him to go with her to her dormitory. He knew why. It was because she had left behind her essay for Transfiguration and didn’t want to admit to the entire class that she had been the only one to forget. So there he was, saving her from embarrassment. 

It was with a sullen silence that they travelled through the Common Room, neither one spoke and neither one wanted to break the silence, both too stubborn to be the first one. 

“Would you hurry up? We have to go back!” Draco yelled up the stairs, unable to go to her room because of the ridiculous charms in place. He sighed when he didn’t receive an answer immediately, so with a quick sticking charm on his feet, he ran up the stairs and stopped dead in the doorway.

There she was, the softest smile and most tender look in her eyes that he’d ever seen. A black and white cat was purring as she stroked its fur, murmuring quietly to it. She dipped her head and kissed the kitty over and over, until the cat raised a paw and tapped her face. She giggled and kissed the cat again, dodging the claws as she continued to stroke him. 

“I love you, you pretty kitty.” She murmured, pressing one last, long kiss to the cat’s head before she stood up, reluctantly, giving the cat a sad look as she had to walk away, essay in hand.

“I’ll be back as soon as class is finished, then we can cuddle. Bye, kitty.” The cat miaowed and she smiled widely, before she turned back to Draco, that light in her eyes but the smile fading.

“What? Why are you staring?” 

“It’s just a cat.” As always, a scathing remark was Draco’s defence.

“Shut up! My cat is family.” Y/N bit back, and Draco almost sighed in relief at her familiar tone.

His heart was pounding in his chest and he was reluctant to admit why, even to himself.

Ah, hell.

This imagine contained a little tribute to my own kitty. I hope you don’t mind.

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Yo! I luuuv your writing, bae! Can I request a scenario when RFA reacts to MC being a former reality show star? Maybe she competed on something like Project Runway or just had something like the Kardashians, it's your choice! Tnx

I thought of doing this crack, but nah… this is a very fun request! Hop you like it! ^^

RFA reacting to MC being a former reality show star

Common: MC used to be the star on “Keeping it Real!” sorry for the completely generic name lolol, a reality show about the daughters and sons of famous socialites. It’s like Real Housewives meets Laguna Beach and Keeping Up with the Kardashians with hints of Jersey Shore lololol. You were featured only on the first two seasons and got out when your father though it was bad for his image having you in something like that.


  • He found out through the press, he read a headline on a gossip website:  “Ex-Keeping it Real star dating famous musical actor? Come find more about ZenxMC!” WTF?
  • He asks you about that and you explain you were on two seasons of that reality show
  • He met reality show celebrities before due to his job, but he never thought you could be one, because you’re so… different and… discreet…
  • You explain you got off the show because your father wasn’t enjoying the attention you were getting… and you probably shouldn’t have said that because now Zen is curious to see what was going on in that show.
  • And he’s S H O O K. Like, on the first 3 episodes, he remembers seeing you in actual clothes, not just a bikini, maybe for… 2 scenes?
  • You refuse to watch yourself, so you watch him watching this and it’s so funny!
  • Because he doesn’t want to admit he’s enjoying the plot, and although he lectures you for letting yourself appear almost nude in front of cameras, you know deep inside he’s loving to see you like this.
  • He asks a few questions, most of them about your fling on the show: “What happened to you two?” “Well, the producers asked us to date for a while, most of it was fake…” He’s so relieved… wait! Most of it? Why not all of it?
  • But he forgets this when you show him one of your last episodes, when you ask your friend for advice on how to interact with this hot actor you’ve been paying attention for a while… and she tells you to just talk to him on Tripter…
  • Cue to Zen scrolling his Tripter mentions to find you… yeah, this will take a few hours…


  • He finds out when someone recognizes you and asks for a picture when you two went out to get some coffee
  • He seems confused and you explain to him
  • He remembers binge-watching this show, but doesn’t remember much of it, he would remember if he ever saw you, then you explain you were only on the first two seasons
  • He feels bad that you got fired, you explain you quit because your father wasn’t enjoying the attention you were getting.
  • He’s not sure if he wants to see it, then… from what he remembers of that weird show, it was kinda of… lame? But maybe with you on it, it was more interesting?
  • So you show him, and he’s a blushing mess through the entire thing. So much half-nudity…
  • And how come you were always on a bikini? A-A-And why are you and this girl fighting? And this girl was in love with that guy, but her mother wants her to date this rich man? And why were you crying? Oh no…
  • He’s so caught up with all the drama, it’s cute to see him so thrilling, and he’s legitimately curious about what happened to you after you left the show, the season finale implied that you were going to find a job to be more independent from your family… did you do it?
  • You try not to laugh, and explain most of it was suggested by the producers. “But… is it not a reality show?” Oh my, do you really want to ruin this guy’s illusions about reality TV?


  • She thought you were kinda familiar… and you’re very surprised she would be able to recognize you, because…well, you never thought she would know a TV show like that…
  • When you tell her, she’s… pretty okay with that. Like… so what?
  • But she is a bit curious… she’s dating a celebrity, sorta… she feels like she should know exactly what you’ve been doing to show she’s totally supportive.
  • You explain why you left the show and now she’s little worried…
  • You tell her to brace herself, and not even that makes her feel less shocked. What is… going on?
  • So much swearing… nobody has clothes on… you and this girl were fighting, and one minute later you’re crying and hugging each other, but in that confession cam, you say you can never forget that backstabbing bitch… WHAT. IS. GOING. ON?
  • It’s not that she’s really interested, she’s just trying to understand… at least that’s what she told you, without looking at you, she can’t take her eyes off of the screen.
  • You swear you saw a tear rolling down when somebody tells a very sad story, and you tease her.
  • “Don’t laugh, MC! He feels really sorry for fighting with you like that! People tell he’s a player, but deep down he has a very soft side only you could see it! Why didn’t you forgive him, MC? Why?”
  • “Because he was a player…” “But… but… he’s so sensitive and… sweet… and look at his eyes, MC.”
  • Watch out, Zen. You’re getting competition for her fangirling.


  • He actually was invited to be featured on it, which was promptly declined. He had no idea what was this about, and he didn’t want to know.
  • Now he regrets it, if he only knew he would have the chance to meet you there…
  • And you’re like… “Oh, do you really regret it?”
  • NO, HE DOESN’T! What is this? What’s happening? How come you are always on a bikini?
  • Wants to invite your father for dinner and shake his hand for dragging you out of this freakshow. What were you thinking?
  • Was it for money? But apparently you were already rich? For the exposure, then? Why you would like to expose yourself… like that?
  • “Well, what can I say? They like rich people being stupid, and we like being loved for doing barely nothing… Reality TV stars can be very relevant! Kim Kardashian turned her own name into a whole empire!”
  • You show him articles about that, how much the Kardashians win for episode and for Instagram posts, he’s very interested in all that, as if this turned into a… business meeting.
  • He picks his phone and calls Jaehee: “Assistant Kang, get me in touch with E! Network, I have an idea for them that features my two beautiful princesses. Of course the other princess is MC…” Please, no.


  • Background check™
  • As soon as he saw you through the CCTV, he held back a shriek, he couldn’t fanboy then…
  • But now he can! Are you kidding? He loves this show! And as a huge fan, he knows it hasn’t been as good since you quit…
  • He already knew the whole thing with your father, it was all over Reddit by then…
  • Absolutely wants to marathon the two first seasons, it’ll be so special having you by his side while he watches one of his favorite shows.
  • You are shocked as he repeats the lines and tells you what’s going to happen next.
  • He also tells you trivia facts, and you’re like: “Yeah, I know… I was there.”
  • Doesn’t stop telling how much of a fan he is, he even shows you past chats with the RFA when he used your catchphrases randomly just to mess with the others, you think it’s kinda cute…
  • Not that cute when he releases a petition trying to convince the producers to bring you back…
  • He refuses to shut it down, so you ask Saeran to do it when it reaches more than 30k signatures.