it's the fact that he is a normal person

Honestly i know its kind of silly but the more i watch game grumps the more of an inspiration Arin Hanson becomes to me. Like as someone who grew up piss poor in Florida with a shitty family who barely graduated highschool this man is just a huge motivator in my life. Not to mention how open he is with the fact that hes not 100% straight and how much he prefers colorful girly things to bland boring things that are normally marketed to men. Like ive struggled for a long time about how much i love pastels and hate sports and have felt awful about my body and here comes this successful dude with an amazing wife in an absolutely loving healthy relationship with heaps of amazing friends and he literally just wants everyone to have a good day. Like. I love this man with everything in my soul and i only hope that one day i too can be as big an inspiration to someone as he is to me and countless other people.

It’s A Wonderful Life


Mike hummed a bit at the fact that Hetty was so old, but still continued under his breath, “I’d still go for somebody as old as my mom.” He really would, if she looked as good as Hetty did. And Mike had always sort-of liked dating people older than himself, just because it felt like a personal achievement. Even though she was dead, which put an end to that fairly quickly.

He turned back to her once she spoke again, brows pinching together for only a moment before his face turned neutral again. He didn’t think that Peter was the ‘thing he loved the most’. But maybe Peter was. Mike had always cared too much, causing him to constantly act like he didn’t care at all, and he wanted to take care of the group. Needed to, almost; he always had an urge to protect something, and the group had been it for as long as he could really remember.

He did relax a bit at everything else she’d said, though. It meant that Zero wasn’t completely after Peter, and they still stood a chance in everything being okay. Which, really, was all he wanted for the group now that he was gone. And he was probably going to stay gone, if all they did to help was put some towels on his wrists. But they were trying. So that was kind of them, at least.

“Necessarily,” he repeated, then. He had thousands of questions for this woman, but that was the biggest in the moment. “Why are you here, then? If it’s not ‘necessarily’ to just let me die?” That was blunt, maybe. But it wasn’t like she didn’t know everything already.

“Because I don’t want you to die, Michael. Nor do they.” Hetty gestured someone impatiently towards Davy and Micky, who were helping Peter get to his feet. Peter was somewhat conscious, seemingly questioning Micky and Davy while they helped him to a chair. His forehead was bleeding a little, having scrapped it on one of Micky’s drums when falling. It was hard to make out what they were all saying, like someone having turned the television volume down too low. But mostly they were trying to get Peter not to panic or get too upset.

With Micky getting his crying under control for Pete’s sake, Davy crossed over to the kitchen and sat at the table with the telephone, dialing. Hetty followed Davy, who kept his gaze on Mike, worriedly, but glanced to Peter and Micky on occasion. He looked lost and overwhelmed.

“Do you recall what David said? About not having any family left?” Hetty moved her hand down Davy’s slumped back and he gave a twitch of his shoulders, sitting up straighter, “Don’t slouch, darling…” Hetty’s gaze turned to Mike again, “He was only 6 when I died. He hardly remembers me now, other than how I looked when I was dying. I had hoped to give him a large family, one his father and I never had. Plenty of brothers to have adventures with, or maybe sisters to look after and protect. Or a good mixture of both.” She shook her head and brushed Davy’s hair with her white gloved hand, though it didn’t move.

“And then he came to America and found you lot. He’s just like me, you know. He falls in love so easily. Don’t think that doesn’t count for this band as well. He loves you all dearly. So, yes, I’ve come to hopefully change your mind, Michael.” Hetty stood a bit straighter, holding her chin high and clasping her hands in front of her black frock coat. “Ultimately, it will be up to you… But there are things I can show you. How these boys lives would have turned out if they’d never met you at all… I can also show you how things will turn out if you decide to leave them. But I can tell you that the third reality, with you waking up, is far better than the rest.”

gsmudkip  asked:

If i ever sent you a message as max the blue mockingbird siren just talking to chari as a normal person would you be okay with that

(Of corse, just like i keep saying chari knows like
no sirens
so if he brings up anything with like suddenly knowing her or the fact shes a siren she will react with fear/frustration
But if its just like a normal convo im sure that’d be fine)

I am so here for early bird/night owl shallura

that shit is the cutest shit like just imagine:

Early Bird!Shiro

-When Shiro wakes up. he is awake. There is a few seconds of normal morning grogginess but once those eyes are open he is ready for the world. 

         Like he is isn’t an obnoxious morning person, he doesn’t try to be at least, but the sheer fact that he is so awake and has that much energy so early makes him obnoxious enough.
         Seriously no human being should be that naturally alert by 6. Its inhuman and Allura thinks he’s made some unholy soul contract to achieve it. 

-He is up with the sun and has to go for a morning run. This is nonnegotiable. If he does not burn that morning energy he is damn near restless all day that he even gets anxious.
Once he is awake he is out of bed and getting dressed for a run and doing his hardest not to wake up Allura.
         He does anyways, EVERY.EFFING.MORNING, and she feels no remorse when literally throwing something at him for doing it.

-Thankfully it means he usually mellows out to something more tolerable by the time Allura drags herself out of bed and after breakfast he tends to reach a good normal calm that he maintains throughout the day. 

-BONUS! It also means by the time Allura does drag herself out of bed he’s already made her breakfast and has coffee ready for her. Seeing him with that smile while placing a plate of food in front of her nearly melts her heart without fail. 
        She deliberately picks her spot so he’s in front of the kitchen window so he’s glowing and halo’ed by the sunlight. She will take that secret to the grave. 

Flipside - Shiro is out before 10. Like if he makes it past 9 at all he is a shuffling zombie and falling asleep on anything and anyone near him. He has fallen asleep standing more than once. He’s always embarrassed by it but Allura finds it adorable. 

Night Owl!Allura

-Allura cannot fall asleep any time before 11 and this is a fact of life. Do not even attempt to get her into bed sooner than that if you hope to sleep.
She’s not even particularly active in the middle of the night but she is simply not tired. She usually reads quietly if Shiro gets her to sit in bed with him. If not she’s off doing her own thing.
         Shiro hates when she goes out late by herself but she was craving chips and she will be damned if she’ll wait until tomorrow to get them. 

-She tries to be quiet. Most nights are spent on the living couch, watching anything with closed captions and munching on a bowl of cereal.
         She is a champ at watching something and reading subtitles at the same time. 

-She secretly just really enjoys how quiet and still it is in those wee hours where she’s the only one awake. 

-Likes to use these hours to plan out any tasks and her schedule for tomorrow.           Considers her outfits ahead of time.

-These are the hours for quiet introspection and contemplation.
Do not lie awake with Allura because she will and can trigger an early existential crisis.You will question everything in your life. 

-She is a living ‘nightblogger’ if you two are awake and just lying in bed. She is that friend. Shiro is always amused but is usually barely alive to fully comprehend his incoherent responses. Shiro, Shiro, how do guinea pigs ever survive in the wild? How did hamsters? No, Shiro, listen-

-Do not tell her you’re awake she will demand to do something or keep you up past 1 to simply talk. ‘Real talk’. Deep, honest, genuine, and emotional talks. And then will seem to almost forget the near phenomenal life advice she gave you the next day. 

-Once she is ready for bed she simply slots herself next to Shiro and pressed into his back or coax his arm over her. It takes seconds for her to be asleep. 
       She will not wake up before 9. She feels the deep-seated hatred for any hour before 9 within her soul. She will curse your first born for waking her up before then. 

-She is savage af in the mornings. Seriously do not tease her. She will drag you so hard your future great-grandkids will feel the shame.

-Due to her waking hour brunch is probably her favourite meal. 

And they’ve tried to find some compromise or middle ground in the beginning. Allura tried to get up in the mornings with Shiro but she was a monster and ready to verbally massacre anyone that looked at her for two seconds too long. She tried to go for a run as a ‘wake-up’ but ended up calling it quits only half way through Shiro’s route.He ended up giving her a piggy-back ride home. She tried to get up as he was out the door but ended up tearing Lance apart when she saw him that morning. 

Shiro’s tried staying up with Allura, figured if they watched something the noise would help keep him awake. He ended up dozing off and snapping awake for like a solid hour. He was gone by 11, loopy and drunk and so out of it. Allura felt so bad she put him to bed. He remembered none of it and for the whole following day was still really out of it. He actually walked into a door, forgot it happened and walked into the same door again an hour later. It just did not work. 

So they’ve accepted it and are so used to it now that Shiro gets confused when someone will ask him ‘Where’s Allura?’ if it’s before 9 am.
Allura only smiles when people ask her if she gets lonely in the middle of the night when Shiro sleeps the hours away. 

Klinefelter syndrome is technically an intersex condition, with all its attendant gender/sexuality implications. In fact, Lili Elbe, subject of the 2015 Oscar-winning movie The Danish Girl, is now believed to have had Klinefelter syndrome. Kevin identifies as a heterosexual man, but for a long time, was all but asexual.

“I didn’t feel any of the things a normal boy would feel with the onset of puberty,” he says. “Because of that, I didn’t really have a gender identity or any sort of sexuality. I wasn’t attracted to girls, so the conclusion everyone jumped to was that I was gay, and no matter how hard I tried to deny that, the fact that I didn’t have a girlfriend when all the others did ‘proved’ it to them. But I wasn’t attracted to boys, either. I wasn’t attracted to anything or anyone.”

That means everything that’s a nightmare for most teenagers, thanks to the incredibly unwelcome hormones waging psychological warfare on them, were a distinct kind of nightmare for Kevin, for the opposite reason. For example, Sex Ed was “a living hell” for him. “I was surrounded by boys packed to bursting with testosterone, for whom everything was sexualized and hilarious in that manner, and by girls who were giving the boys the come-on … and there I was in the center of all that, unable to understand why I wasn’t feeling any of these (as the teachers put it) 'perfectly normal’ things. And because I didn’t feel it, and I was shy and awkward and inarticulate, being told by the teacher to answer directly sex-related questions was a form of torture.”

I Never Went Through Puberty: Life As A Perpetual Adolescent



I AM NOT LYING OR TRYING TO PULL FACTS ITS A THING IN OUR FAMILY UNCLE CALLS EVERYBODY TRASH well except gran and grandpa since you can’t call them bad words it’s forbidden




anyway I’m in love w the fact that Jake verbally expressed that they love Rosa bc its so clear that it’s a platonic familial love but Jake loves her and Terry loves her and Amy loves her and Gina loves her and Charles loves her and their love is a lil different from person to person but I’m in love w the fact that he used the word “love” and didn’t say “care about” because honestly Love is a concept that is so often boxed and packaged and limited but in reality it’s so full and rich and all encompassing and malleable and applies to everyone and I’m so glad Jake said it out loud like it was normal and True that they all love Rosa Diaz and there ain’t gotta be a single drop of romance in it for most of them but they LOVE her.

the fact that namjoon had to clear up that kook suddenly acting “weirder” than normal wasnt a sudden change, but that hes always been like this is slightly upsetting bc although its amazing that kook is opening up, its unsettling to know that ppl would’ve misunderstood him suddenly being this way & would maybe disapprove or something, forcing him to be as silent & as closed off as he was before.

my favorite 100% canon facts about benny

  • he has absolutely no musical talent at all
  • he goes on monthly benders and disappears for a few days but one time he just fucked off for like a month and then came back like nothing happened
  • he got caught trying to sneak into the bunker at caesar’s fort because someone recognized him by his hair. he was too fu cking vain too change his goddamn hair
  • ok this isnt 100% canon but its pretty safe to assume that the boot riders didnt walk around the desert talking in rat pack slang so in all likelihood he can talk like a normal person but he chooses to talk like a fucking scooby doo villain

Okay so I LIVE for reunions obviously

Like Rey going on her first very lengthy, month or so long mission, just herself and co-pilot Chewbacca, and she finds herself missing Finn, missing his laugh that reverberates, his smile, his eyes - and they communicate by holos as often as they can but its just not the same as seeing him in person

And Finn throws himself into training to distract himself from the fact that he misses Rey so much, and he has no idea if it’s normal to feel this constant, steady, longing ache. He has no idea so he just tries to focus on his training but he can’t deny that he gets so excited whenever they talk via holo

And when Rey finally gets back, Finn is the first to greet her, and as soon as they see each other, they both just burst into enormous grins and there’s this exuberance between them that’s so bright and powerful and they just practically throw themselves into each other’s arms

And they both just start chattering excitedly, enthusiastically, not hugging, but keeping their hands on each other’s shoulders or arms because it’s been too long, or so it seems, and they both just can’t stop grinning

(Eventually the intensity of this longing and missing starts to deplete - especially since Finn was allowed to accompany her on the longer missions. Luke initially thought he’d be a distraction, but seeing them reunite made him realize that missing Finn was even worse for Rey. And he really likes the kid - so friendly and open and just practically emanating love for Rey)

No offense but why are u guys twisting his words and saying shit like being close to fans depresses him which tells u a lot about how much he loves his fans like thats legit not what he meant nor said at all?? We all know he hates being made into a machine who does nothing but take photos with people and force a fake smile for 3 hours straight which is why at the start of last year he said he wouldn’t take photos with fans anymore bc he just wants to experience being normal, but caved in like a week later. Don’t act like he doesn’t appreciate his fans or doesn’t sit on that stage talking to his fans mid concert or doesn’t express a million times during one show how much he loves them. Stop making this about yourselves for one fucking day and think about the fact that there may be more to it than what hes saying but he just cant express it all on social media because its too personal. Think about the fact that he literally said he feels so much pressure to meet everyones standards of him that it ends up depressing him bc he cant be good enough. And i mean why shouldnt he feel the pressure?He doesn’t smile and yall jumped his ass, he doesnt say more than hi how are you and multiple fans on twitter posted 20 tweets about how horrible he is for not talking more. People expect so much from him and when he doesnt provide them with EXACTLY what they want they drag him down to no end. How do you not expect that to bring him down?? How do you expect him to just be immune to all the bs thrown at him?? How do you expect him to have no emotions?? So if he wants to put himself and his mental health first for the first time in fucking forever than please please just let him. I know it sucks that some of you have m&g’s and now wont get to meet him but honestly think to yourself: would you want a photo of your fave unhappy af as long as u got the photo? Or would u settle for no photo but have a piece of mind knowing that he’ll now be able deliver 100% on stage and actually be happy? You all preach about putting yourself first above all so please let justin do exactly that. Let him look out for himself and his mental mindset so that he doesnt go through another downwards spiral like he did in 2013. Please.

close rp


Shay was only twenty, almost twenty one, and he already lied to the whole world. He– She, was in fact, a boy. a transgender actually. He had slender body, long blond hair and honey brown eyes. He was a singer, a great singer. He was up for only two years and he already made the whole world inlove with him. Dont get him wrong, he loved doing it. Since he was a kid he was singing, but now he was a world thing. 

He wanted to have a normal life, like every person in his age get, but he knew it couldnt be. One day, he dicided to go out to buy his food on his own. He put on jeans and a t-shirt, along with highheels, sunglasses and a hat, taking his purse and walking out, walking around happily, chuckling as he saw himself on posters and heard his songs in the stors he passed by.

He entered the groceryshop and took a basket, going around and looking for food. He sighed softly and walked around, and a secound later he was on the dloor, his sunglasses fall from his face. He stear at the other boy, quickly putting on the sunglasses and standing up. “I-Im so sorry! You okay?” He asked quietly, holding a hand out to help him up.