it's the fact that he is a normal person

I know you are blindly in love but can we please acknowledge the fact that Gerard is visibly aging and stop saying that he “always looks the same wow gosh 💖💖 is this pic from 2005??😩😩😩😘😘” because he does not.
He’s aging like any other normal human being.
But please stop it’s getting ridiculous.

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- Finally a scheduled date. There’s some raunchier stuff in this, nothing too crazy, but ye hath been verily warned. Enjoy! - 

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Meeting Yoongi, while wonderful and pleasant, was still something that didn’t quite register to you. The girl sitting with him at the table drinking coffee and swapping passing witty remarks didn’t feel like you. It was almost as if you were watching the situation unfold before your very eyes from the rafters of the coffee shop, floating on some low-hanging cloud like a quasi-guardian angel. You tried to fight off the doubt and second-guessing of your actions or words by immersing yourself entirely in your studies, but even when you were re-reading a quadratic equation for the fourth time, your mind still drifted back to the encounter.

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Christmas Gifts

A/N: You all have been amazingly patient for an update, but beyond that you have been so loving of my Rami stories….so coming off my hiatus I’ve decided to share a story which has been in my phone for months for Mr. Robot. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts?

Request: You tell Elliot you love him for the first time.

Words: 1349

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see idubz is trending he's a YouTuber that wants to normalize the N word I find that do ridiculous and the fact he has a large fan gathering that calls each other that word is strange. I personally hate that channel he might have exposed a youtuber with a racist past but he also promotes everybody saying the N word as if it's just like any other word....F that dude and F his growing popularity that want to use the n word to black people.

Mediocre white boys who aren’t affected by a racial slur love to promote the free use of it because they’re more offended by being called a racist and as we all observe, a white guy sees his feelings as the upmost importance over everyone and everything else.

He better hope he don’t get punched in the throat.


stuff you probably didnt notice about the ninjago movie / trailer

i came to all of these conclusions by watching the trailer at .25 speed and taking screenshots, and by going to the official movie website! ^^ 

 ⁃lloyd is probably the only one with a dragon 

 ⁃jay has like a flying bird lookin mech 

 ⁃kai’s looks like a transformer 

 ⁃nya’s is a spider. id compare it to borg’s prosthetic 

 ⁃coles? just has a big tire 

 ⁃zane’s is the illuminati (a triangle car

 ⁃and lloyd has a dragon (might be a mechanical dragon?

 ⁃lloyd’s hair is a lot lighter and his eyebrows are brown and his eyes are green

⁃kai’s mech looks super complex and says “do not get close” on the sides

 ⁃kai can use fire in his mech but it looks like it comes from gas tanks on the back not from any elemental powers 

 ⁃which leads me to believe they will all use the elements they have from the show, but it will be from other sources and not like special powers 

 ⁃i think the ship we see in the trailer is the bounty so! the bounty makes an appearance 

 ⁃sensei wu’s beard has scratches on it?

 ⁃the ninja’s outfits all follow the same design except nya’s and zane’s 

 ⁃nya’s seems to look more like a samurai outfit (which could allude to her not being aligned with water?

 ⁃cole’s eyebrows are even bigger 

 ⁃cole has a “bass” button in his mech? he probably drops the bass at some point 

 ⁃shark people 

 ⁃like seriously so many evil guys with fish heads? i guess they replaced the snakes with sharks? 

 ⁃the buildings and stuff are like what you would see season 3 (ninjago: rebooted) and beyond 

 ⁃in one screenshot i noticed the police department so its possible they play some role just like in the show 

 ⁃lloyd can do a lot more and is much cooler 

 ⁃garmadon is tol and still has four arms 

 ⁃the shark people villains have some kind of thing around their neck? its possible they are normal ppl being forced to be evil? UPDATE: its a battery thank u person who pointed this out! 

 ⁃the shark people are wearing diving suits (again thank u for pointing this out)

 ⁃im guessing all of the ninja are high school age due to the fact that lloyd has school books which are “kung fu vol 23” and “mechanics 101” of course they could just be books he has 

 ⁃this also leads me to believe that the story arc of lloyd being a child never happens and they are all around the same age 

 ⁃lloyd sleeps in late. we know this because garmadon calls him at 7:20 am and he is still sound asleep 

 ⁃judging by the background of the title screen most of the lore remains the same. i think this because we see ninjago and it looks just like it does in the show, a really big island with a ton of water around it. so they are probably keeping the whole “first spinjitzu master created this place blah blah” 

 ⁃the ninja dont just keep their mechs in that big warehouse on the dock, they hangout there too 

 ⁃inside of the warehouse there is a bike, a street sign, a stop sign, some tool boxes, a videogame, a pinball machine, a table and chairs, and a jukebox 

⁃zane’s triangle car has a big gun on the front that looks blue and stuff, it probably shoots ice 

 ⁃kai’s mech and big mech chair have “21” written on them 

 ⁃cole has a motorcycle 

 ⁃cole also uses a warhammer now 

 ⁃and zane uses a bow 

 ⁃we all noticed jay has curly hair and freckles but im putting it here anyway 

⁃the movie is coming out in 3D 

 ⁃the ninjago universe is also related or in line with the same deal as the lego movie universe 

 ⁃lloyd is a master builder (lego movie

 ⁃they still have spinjitzu its probably gonna be very different from the show’s though 

 the end!!! if u have any questions or want me to explain how i came to any of these conclusions just ask! also pls remember this is all just speculation i dont know any more than anyone else

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  • What I Say: I'm fine
  • What I Mean: honestly Jack Sparrow is considered the "icon" of the Pirates movies but he's actually a pretty static character and if he has an arc at all it's served by the third film in which he decides to put someone else (Will) before his own cowardly fear of death. in reality Will and Elizabeth have pretty strong arcs that are very well served by all three movies of the original trilogy despite the fact that Curse of the Black Pearl was probably meant to be a standalone originally. Elizabeth finds the freedoms she's been seeking and lives out all of her wildest fantasies and becomes a Pirate King at the cost of a normal life with the one person she actually wanted to "settle down" with, while Will learns that being a pirate doesn't mean being a bad person, becomes a pretty shady trickster in the third film, and ultimately finds a literal "second life" as a pirate captain. his fate is also foreshadowed pretty well even when they didn't mean to, so that's pretty neat.
  • What I Really, Really Mean: the franchise could be twenty movies long but I would go see every single fucking one that has Will and Elizabeth Turner in it for 30 seconds or more

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I know most of us on here are against invading Shawn's privacy but what if you are just coincidentally in the same airport or hotel as him. Would it be okay to ask him for one picture?

I mean, this is a very hard question for me to answer, because I’m just very against tracking/stalking/following people around, no matter who they are. I don’t like thinking about how people follow Shawn when he’s going to dinner, or leaking his flights or following him when he’s hanging with the team. Shawn is a normal teenage boy and he needs time to himself. And honestly, comparing to a lot of other celebrities, Shawn actually takes his time with us and stuff like that, so I honestly do believe the least we can do, is give him some privacy in return. The least we can do - because he is literally giving us his all - is to let Shawn be Shawn and not just “Shawn Mendes”. Touring must be exhausting even though he loves it, he truly does need to relax and have time to himself just like any other person does. I would love to see everyone letting Shawn have somewhat of a normal time as well, where he can go sightseeing or have dinner or drinks with his team without being mobbed you know? 

In Shawn’s case I don’t think the worst part is asking for a picture, because Shawn always gladly do that for us and he’s always very kind to take his time to do so. And if you randomly see him on the street, then sure. No worries, it’s not a crime to ask for a picture, just think about how you act while taking a picture with him. And I get that a picture is amazing and you want to ask, but I just hate the fact of how it goes down sometimes. Like don’t scream at him, don’t yell at him, don’t push him, don’t pull him, don’t smack him, don’t kiss him, don’t touch him too much, don’t surround him, don’t scream at the other fans around, don’t push other fans either and those short of things. Just. Don’t. Do. That.

If you kindly - without yelling or pushing him or forcing your way into his personal space - ask for a picture and he agrees, then fine. Nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with putting your arm around his shoulder if he does that to you as well, nothing wrong with asking for a hug and he agrees, nothing wrong with putting your hand on his arm if he’s okay with that, but don’t attack him because you get too eager or too excited. Like I understand how you must feel in that moment and how your heart is pounding like hell but like, he’s a normal person and it freaks him out. Just remember that, you know? Keep that in the back of your mind. 

It freaks him out, being pushed and screamed at, being touched ways he doesn’t like. It makes him uncomfortable and that is not okay.  Shawn actually always tries to keep people down, so they don’t scream and yell at him or each other and he tries to get them to line up, so no one is getting pushed or anything like that and sometimes people just don’t respect that. Shawn knows pictures are a part of this and I think he really wants to do it for us, but then we need to bloody respect the fact that Shawn is a valid person too and we can’t just treat him how we want. 

I completely understand he gets uncomfortable if a stranger suddenly kiss his neck or grab his butt. I completely understand he freaks out when people are screaming at him or pushing and pulling him, who wouldn’t find that so scary and overwhelming? Like treat him right if you’re lucky enough to get a picture with him. Calm yourself down and don’t mob him, don’t get too much into his personal space. Take it easy and don’t push. He’s doing this for us and we cannot act that way around him. If it was me, I would get the worst anxiety in the world… 

Let Shawn have a private part of him. Let him go out to dinner or to the gym or get breakfast without following and tracking his every move. Be polite and behave properly when taking a photo with him, that’s all. If we just respect the fact he is a normal person and calmed down while taking a picture, things like what happened in Milan wouldn’t. I’m not saying you can’t ask for a picture, because sure, but just think about how it does down. Remember to think about how you treat Shawn in that moment and think about how you’d feel getting mobbed. It will all be good, if you think about how you’d want it to go down if it was you. Treat Shawn with respect. 

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I have seen Gillian countless times. Three times with David. Alone, on her own, she is almost a different person sometimes. The most relaxed I saw her without David was with Jennifer Nadel. She kind of shows a very feminine side of herself when he's there. And he constantly makes her laugh. It's kind of unreal for a "normal" person with a "normal" relationship...

He makes her glow, that’s a fact no one can ignore. Thank you for sharing, anon. 

“and he lived to wield his sword more deadly with his left hand than his right.”

Brain: Because of the old belief that lefthandedness was devilish?
Me: I beg you pardon?
Brain: I mean idk if that was a thing in England but a semi thorough google search leads to a website that says and I quote: “up until the seventies lefthandedness was considered of the devil and “corrected” to be right handed.“
Brain: So lets for argument sake say that it was in fact also a thing in England.
Brain: Having Maedhros being forced from being a "normal righthanded person” to a lefthanded one plus basically stating that he murders better with his left could be a smaller symbolism of his dark path to madness.
Me: You overthink these things with randomly know trivia?
Brain: Its what I do best.

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Hi!! Just wondering, do you think kookie underwent a double eyelid surgery? Genuine curiosity

no, i don’t think he has. his eyelids are probably hooded so sometimes his crease can disappear and look more like monolids. in fact if you look at this post you can see how his eyelids change from mono to double lidded naturally. 

he himself has talked about how his double eyelid isn’t always prominent (x, x) and that they change between mono and double lidded everyday, but he personally prefers his double eyelids. if they’re always changing, then i think it’s a pretty clear indication that he hasn’t undergone any kind of eyelid surgery. 

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Wait you use a conditioner??? Where and how??? How often do you bathe Horizon and using what???? SORRY THIS IS A NEW THING TO ME

Np! Since my migraines are triggered by scents most often (and I still let strangers get into my personal space to pet him/his coat absorbs scents) I’m bathing Horizon more than I would normally. So far he has been rinsed when his rear end got dirty with poo and fully bathed/blown out 3 times in the two weeks I’ve had him. I might manage to bath him once a week in the future, but its mostly due to the fact that it’s so easy to take him to work with me and use the dog baths/grooming stations there.

I don’t always use conditioner on him because he isn’t a terrible fan of bath time, and adding in another step obviously makes it take longer, but usually I prefer to use it if given the opportunity. When I’m at home I use kelco’s “ultra silk” conditioner, it’s what I have left over from Echo’s things. It’s supposed to break down oil or something I think? I always bought a lot of “keep your white dog white!” products for her. Anyways. At work we use an oatmeal conditioner that seems to work just as well, while also being considerably cheaper to purchase than what I use at home. When looking for a conditioner to try yourself I’d suggest looking at a grooming site like “Ryan’s pet supplies”. I like their wide range of scents and brand options :)

If you have any other questions just let me know!

(Answering publicly in case anyone else did not know about the magic that is doggy conditioner!)

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So your Bill is a totally normal human, like, flesh, blood, and everything? Any magic tricks, like floating? Does he need to sleep or eat? If so, what's his fave dreams and food? Just curious.

Nope, just a “normal” human person. Its punishment(?) for being a jerk for a trillion years. Maybe he still has some of his infinite knowledge but forgets some things and remembers other things because of having a normal memory. Havent thought much about dreams. I think whatever he dreams about would involve retribution for all the shit he has done? Or it could also be an escape from the fact that he is stuck in a human body living with a bunch of people who resent him because he recently tried to kill them. But I mean he hasnt needed to sleep in a trillion years so who knows. Also i don’t know what his favorite food would be.

imagine for @caldvr

can u do one where Dylan takes y/n to a yacht to celebrate their two year anniversary and he also invites a few of his friends and he gets protective of y/n when she’s in a bikini and like there are paps everywhere? and a co-worker hits on y/n and Dylan gets jealous?

(quick warning, there is a mention of smoking right at the end, just to let you know)

“oh wow” you said as you stepped on to the front deck of the Yacht. the view of the Californian coast line took your breath away. “its breath taking”

you turned to see your boyfriend of two years exactly Dylan staring at you. “it is”he said clearly referring to you and not the view.

you blushed and walked towards him. “Happy two year anniversary” you said looking into his eyes.

“i love you”he said.

“i love you too”you smiled and planted a kiss on his lips.

“hi you two”said a voice from behind Dylan. Dylan turned around and wrapped his arm around your waist as you looked to see who it was.

“Tyler” exclaimed Dylan excitedly and rushed over to his best friend and consumed him in a hug. they parted after a few friendly back slaps and you walked over to Tyler.

“(y/n)”he said as his arms wrapped around you, he lifted you off the ground and spun you around.

“I’m so glad you made it”you smiled up at him.

“me too”he smiled. “the others are here too”he said and looked behind him just as the others made their way to the deck.

“guys!”Dylan welcomed them all and so did you.

you were all enjoying yourselves in the golden sun. you all had drinks in your hands and a few of your friends were swimming in the crystal waters below. you smiled down at them as you stood at the edge in your black bikini with your blue mirrored sunglasses on.

you suddenly felt hands around your waist and Dylan spun you around to face him. you put your hand on his bare chest and looked out over the sea. his hand turned your face towards his and he kissed you deeply.

“what was that for?”you laughed at his sudden actions.

“just letting them know who you belong to” he said inches from your face.

“I’m sure they know that Dylan” you laughed. “we have been together for two years”

“ooh say that again”he said closing his eyes.

“what?” you asked.

“i like hearing people say it, (y/n) and Dylan, two years” he said his eyes still closed.

you laughed and stroked the stubble on his jaw. “you’re too cute O’Brien”

“hey Dylan! called Tyler.

“ill be back in a sec” Dylan said and walked off. you smiled to yourself and admired his ass in the dark blue swimming trunks that hung low on his hips.

you turned to look out and spotted a group of people on the shore. you couldn’t see who they were or what they were doing but there was quite a few of them. you continued to sip your drink and talk to your friends till Dylan came back.

“put this shirt on” he said handing you a dark red shirt of his.

“what why?, look Dylan no ones checking me out-“

“no its the paps, they are on the sore somewhere taking photos of us and you”

“oh” you said. you didn’t mind the press, they were normally nice to you and Dylan but somethings had to stay private, you had both worked hard to keep the relationship personal and not to let it get in the way of Dylans career and you didn’t like the fact they could see you in your bikini. you took the shirt from Dylan and slipped it over your head. Dylan stood with you and joked with your friends for a bit. you still felt a bit uncomfortable about people taking photos of you and Dylan could tell.

he kept you close and tried to distract you from it. finally you decided to go inside. the inside of the yacht was big. it had about 5 rooms and a central room for everyone. it had a small kitchen in the bottom and a bathroom. you made your way to your and Dylans room and sat on the end of the bed.

“are you ok?” you heard Dylans voice from the door way. he closed the door behind him and made his way over to you.

“yeh I’m ok” you said shifting your weight and kicking your heels on the floor. “i just feel a bit self conscious you know?”

Dylan nodded and swung his arm comfortingly around your shoulder. “ i know princess” he kissed your head and you leant your head on his shoulder. suddenly you had an idea.

“i need something to distract me” you said. getting up and facing him. you smirked at his confused innocent face as you walked over to the door and locked it.

when you turned around he was leaning back on his elbows smirking back at you. you stood infront of him and slipped the shirt off over your head. you let it drop and reached behind you as he looked up and down your body. his excitement evident in his eyes and trunks already. you reached behind you and untied the bikini strings.

“you didn’t think i was going to pass up the chance to have sex on a yacht did you?” you said as the top hit the floor.

“night babe” Tyler said and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“night love” you called over your shoulder and went back to looking at the thousands of stars in the jet black sky.

you placed your hands on the cold railings in front of you and leaned on them sighing with happiness.

“another drink?” asked a voice. you turned around to see a waiter in a white uniform standing in the door way.

“oh no. I’m ok thank you” you smiled at him. there was a silence before you heard him walking over to you. he stood uncomfortably close to you.

“you looked amazing in that bikini earlier” he said. you looked at him not really knowing what to say. he was young, about your age with blond hair and green eyes.

“eerrrrmmm thank you” you said.

“it was a shame when you put that top on, i was enjoying the view”

that made you feel very uncomfortable. you took a step away from him and wrapped the blanket that was around your shoulders even tighter over your body.

“i am here with someone, its our two year anniversary” you said trying to get him to go away. “could you leave me alone?” you asked in the politest way possible.

“why let that get in the way of some extra fun?” he asked.

“she asked you to leave her alone” Dylans voice boomed from behind you. you looked over your shoulder to see Dylan in a white shirt and casual jeans with a cigaret in his hand.

the man looked at Dylan and walked off into the boat again.

“thank you” you said as he walked over to you.

“dickhead” Dylan said as he took a drag of the cigaret. he offered it to you and you took it in your hand.

“yep” you laughed and took a deep breath of the smoke. you blew out the rest and passed it back to Dylan.

he put it out of the side of the rails and flicked it into the bin next to him.

“are you jealous?” you asked.

“well yeh! he was hitting on you! thats my job” he said looking down at you.

“bless, i love you” you said hugging him around his middle and looking up at the stars.

“i love you too” he said. “happy two years babe”


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Requested: By someone a really long time ago

Pairings: Steve Rogers/Captain America x Reader

Warnings: Nope!

Word Count: 1,058

A/N: I hope that you guys like this. I know that I have been posting a lot of Fantastic Beasts stuff, so hopefull this little break will be welcomed by you guys. I promise more Newt stuff is coming soon!

When your uncle offered you an internship at his office, you certainly hadn’t been expecting a secret government agency to come knocking at your door, but you couldn’t be happier that they had.

You didn’t think that you were going to fit in at SHEILD, but after a few months, you had made a few friends and you were one of their favorite interns. You were given a bit more responsibilities than everyone else. You were trusted to deliver documents with sensitive information, and had somehow become a bit of a liaison between SHEILD and the Avenger’s Tower.

At first, you had been nervous, but after a few months, they almost felt like normal people to you. You knew that they could all kill you with little to no effort, but they were all so welcoming that you usually waltzed right up to the tower.

You were invited to parties and dinners and movies nights, and eventually you were practically a member of the family. Even though they treated you like you were their younger sister, you accidentally developed a bit of a crush on a certain super soldier. He was just so nice and sweet and thoughtful, not to mention handsome.

Steve Rogers had been the most welcoming Avenger by far, and that had worked out well for you, because your supervisor had been sending you with his informational packets for the better part of a year.

You knew that they were plotting something, but you couldn’t condemn them for it. You were grateful, on some small level. Your heart still raced, and the butterflies had taken up residence in your stomach. You knew that your feelings were unfounded. Steve was nice to you, and even though he was nice to everyone, you couldn’t stop yourself from reading into it.

Regardless, you had a job to do, and there was a super soldier that need his mission information. Without much more thought, you made your way to the tower and into the elevator. “Good afternoon, Miss Y/L/N.” Jarvis said kindly.

“The same to you, Jarvis. Do you happen to know where Steve is?”

“Mister Rogers is in the gym. Would you like me to deliver you there?”

“Yes, thank you very much.” You said, a small smile finding its way onto your lips.

“It is my absolute pleasure.” Jarvis replied as the elevator rose swiftly.

You stepped out of the elevator, and you were confused for a few seconds. It was silent in the gym. Jarvis hadn’t taken you to the wrong place. Had he? That was a silly question. If Jarvis was a person, he would be the smartest one that you had ever met. In fact, being an AI made him smarter than any normal human could ever hope to be.

So, you took a timid step out of the elevator, thinking that maybe Steve hadn’t started to work out yet judging by how quiet it was. You turned the corner to find Steve huddled over on a bench, digging through his bag. As you got closer, you could hear him humming something to himself quietly.

When you got closer, you couldn’t hold your laugh in. A giggle rippled through the room, alerting Steve to your presence. His head snapped up, forgetting whatever he was digging through his bag to find.

A bright crimson streak covered both of his cheeks, and even though he ducked his head to try and hide it, the blush was painfully obvious.

“Hey,” he croaked. Steve cleared his throat and tried again, looking somehow even more sheepish than before. “Hey, Y/N. what’s up.”

It was almost comical that this man who towered over you was trying to shrink in on himself. “I just have this file for you.” you said in between giggles. Steve attempted to make himself even smaller, and as much as you hated to admit it, it wasn’t working. “Well, originally I just had a file. Now, I also kind of have a question. Were you humming the national anthem?”

Somehow, his blush became deeper. “I- uh I guess that I was.” He said quietly, his hand rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” You said happily, taking a seat beside him on the bench. “It is not a secret that you love our country.” You paused for a moment, laying a hand on his arm. “Someone needs to right now, anyways.”

“Thanks” he breathed unable to look away from where your hand was resting on his bicep.

You followed his eye line, and after a few moments, realized that you might have been making him feel uncomfortable. “I’m sorry.” You said, drawing your hand away and standing up from the bench. “That was unprofessional.” You said in a hard voice, turning and making your way across the gym, hoping that once you got out of the room you might find it in yourself to be able to breathe.

You were halfway out of the room when you felt a strong arm wrap around your own, pulling you back into something firm but surprisingly warm and comforting. You peeked open your eyes and looked up to see Steve standing above you, his breathing a bit ragged as he looked down at you. “I, I wouldn’t mind it if you were unprofessional.” He said. You had to take a moment to think about how someone that was so imposing could speak in such a soft way. “In fact, I might prefer it.”

And then, he was kissing you, and after a few clumsy moments, your own lips fell in sync with his. You felt like you were going to float right off of the ground. You were indescribably happy. It felt as if everything in your life had fallen into place, and finally, it all made sense.

The way that you would catch Steve staring at you from across the room, something unidentifiable in his eyes. You hadn’t been able to decide what it was before, but it made sense now. It was love. The same love that was reflected in your eyes every time you looked at him.

It was butterflies in your stomach, head in the clouds, tongue tied every time I think about you love. And you were happy to report that you felt the exact same way.

anyway I’m in love w the fact that Jake verbally expressed that they love Rosa bc its so clear that it’s a platonic familial love but Jake loves her and Terry loves her and Amy loves her and Gina loves her and Charles loves her and their love is a lil different from person to person but I’m in love w the fact that he used the word “love” and didn’t say “care about” because honestly Love is a concept that is so often boxed and packaged and limited but in reality it’s so full and rich and all encompassing and malleable and applies to everyone and I’m so glad Jake said it out loud like it was normal and True that they all love Rosa Diaz and there ain’t gotta be a single drop of romance in it for most of them but they LOVE her.

I am so here for early bird/night owl shallura

that shit is the cutest shit like just imagine:

Early Bird!Shiro

-When Shiro wakes up. he is awake. There is a few seconds of normal morning grogginess but once those eyes are open he is ready for the world. 

         Like he is isn’t an obnoxious morning person, he doesn’t try to be at least, but the sheer fact that he is so awake and has that much energy so early makes him obnoxious enough.
         Seriously no human being should be that naturally alert by 6. Its inhuman and Allura thinks he’s made some unholy soul contract to achieve it. 

-He is up with the sun and has to go for a morning run. This is nonnegotiable. If he does not burn that morning energy he is damn near restless all day that he even gets anxious.
Once he is awake he is out of bed and getting dressed for a run and doing his hardest not to wake up Allura.
         He does anyways, EVERY.EFFING.MORNING, and she feels no remorse when literally throwing something at him for doing it.

-Thankfully it means he usually mellows out to something more tolerable by the time Allura drags herself out of bed and after breakfast he tends to reach a good normal calm that he maintains throughout the day. 

-BONUS! It also means by the time Allura does drag herself out of bed he’s already made her breakfast and has coffee ready for her. Seeing him with that smile while placing a plate of food in front of her nearly melts her heart without fail. 
        She deliberately picks her spot so he’s in front of the kitchen window so he’s glowing and halo’ed by the sunlight. She will take that secret to the grave. 

Flipside - Shiro is out before 10. Like if he makes it past 9 at all he is a shuffling zombie and falling asleep on anything and anyone near him. He has fallen asleep standing more than once. He’s always embarrassed by it but Allura finds it adorable. 

Night Owl!Allura

-Allura cannot fall asleep any time before 11 and this is a fact of life. Do not even attempt to get her into bed sooner than that if you hope to sleep.
She’s not even particularly active in the middle of the night but she is simply not tired. She usually reads quietly if Shiro gets her to sit in bed with him. If not she’s off doing her own thing.
         Shiro hates when she goes out late by herself but she was craving chips and she will be damned if she’ll wait until tomorrow to get them. 

-She tries to be quiet. Most nights are spent on the living couch, watching anything with closed captions and munching on a bowl of cereal.
         She is a champ at watching something and reading subtitles at the same time. 

-She secretly just really enjoys how quiet and still it is in those wee hours where she’s the only one awake. 

-Likes to use these hours to plan out any tasks and her schedule for tomorrow.           Considers her outfits ahead of time.

-These are the hours for quiet introspection and contemplation.
Do not lie awake with Allura because she will and can trigger an early existential crisis.You will question everything in your life. 

-She is a living ‘nightblogger’ if you two are awake and just lying in bed. She is that friend. Shiro is always amused but is usually barely alive to fully comprehend his incoherent responses. Shiro, Shiro, how do guinea pigs ever survive in the wild? How did hamsters? No, Shiro, listen-

-Do not tell her you’re awake she will demand to do something or keep you up past 1 to simply talk. ‘Real talk’. Deep, honest, genuine, and emotional talks. And then will seem to almost forget the near phenomenal life advice she gave you the next day. 

-Once she is ready for bed she simply slots herself next to Shiro and pressed into his back or coax his arm over her. It takes seconds for her to be asleep. 
       She will not wake up before 9. She feels the deep-seated hatred for any hour before 9 within her soul. She will curse your first born for waking her up before then. 

-She is savage af in the mornings. Seriously do not tease her. She will drag you so hard your future great-grandkids will feel the shame.

-Due to her waking hour brunch is probably her favourite meal. 

And they’ve tried to find some compromise or middle ground in the beginning. Allura tried to get up in the mornings with Shiro but she was a monster and ready to verbally massacre anyone that looked at her for two seconds too long. She tried to go for a run as a ‘wake-up’ but ended up calling it quits only half way through Shiro’s route.He ended up giving her a piggy-back ride home. She tried to get up as he was out the door but ended up tearing Lance apart when she saw him that morning. 

Shiro’s tried staying up with Allura, figured if they watched something the noise would help keep him awake. He ended up dozing off and snapping awake for like a solid hour. He was gone by 11, loopy and drunk and so out of it. Allura felt so bad she put him to bed. He remembered none of it and for the whole following day was still really out of it. He actually walked into a door, forgot it happened and walked into the same door again an hour later. It just did not work. 

So they’ve accepted it and are so used to it now that Shiro gets confused when someone will ask him ‘Where’s Allura?’ if it’s before 9 am.
Allura only smiles when people ask her if she gets lonely in the middle of the night when Shiro sleeps the hours away. 


at the end of DGM’s third volume, hoshino states that kanda is the dumbest of the four protagonists, in that case allen, lenalee, lavi and himself. now i don’t think that’s exactly wrong, he’s pretty clueless and often enough seems confused by the obvious ( “hey, this kid is growing a ball on his forehead” being a notable example ). i could probably find more specific examples, but anyone who has read the manga can confirm. but can that truly be attributed to poor intelligence?

it’s easy to forget, between his dashing looks and arrogant demeanor, that kanda is only ‘really’ nine to ten years old ( more on that when i can be assed to make a post about the current/past life thing ). so while he’s learned a lot about mature matters like grief, death, war and other things that are unfortunately part of his daily life, the fact that he hasn’t received any proper, normal education means he doesn’t know much about common things. naturally, this means he’s easily seen as dumb. and it’s true : he’s mostly ignorant, clueless & uneducated; though i personally disapprove the use of the word 'dumb’ in that context, its clear that he’s perceived this way.

now, bear with me here; this is going to sound weird ( “ozzie, i dont think we read the same series”, i hear you say. “this bitch is crazy” ). but i think kanda’s strenght lies in emotional intelligence. i know, i know - he’s rude and tactless and gives no fucks, clearly he’s insensitive, etc. etc. but here it goes.
my use of the term 'emotional intelligence’ is probably broader and blurrier than its true implications in psychology, and for this i apologize & allow psychology enthusiast to throw stones at me. but if there’s anything we know about kanda as an individual, it’s that he feels strongly; often anger, mind you, but also other people’s emotions. i base this opinion on the following facts: his reaction to lenalee about louverrier ( vol. 14, ch. 138, p.10 ) and noticing neah’s appearances in allen’s personality, being one of the first to do so - not that he gave a shit, tough. there may be other instances proving that, despite his usual disregard for them, kanda is very perceptive to other people’s emotions and behavior.

as for the other aspects of emotional intelligence, mostly related to control of perceived emotions… that’s another story. kanda has absolutely no tact, and probably doesn’t even have a notion of what tact is. but nonetheless, for a kid who murdered his best friend before he turned ten, i think he’s taking things pretty philosophically. this is much more in the realm of headcanon than actual canon, but i believe that despite his initial impulsiveness  kanda manages to come to terms with his emotions quile well, seemingly unhindered by any trauma related to his childhood’s events in a matter of a few years and also as a youth, the part of one’s life where memory and behavior are so strongly influenced.  though some people theorize that he probably forgot about those events, the fact that he remembers 'that person’ ( and thus the illusions of his past life ) and yet does not seem to suffer existential crises every morning is something i find admirable.
regardless, i’ve spent way too much time on this, and its probably not as eloquent and clear as it should be, but… it’s something. it makes about as much sense as anything involving “kanda” and “emotional intelligence” should, but i think it tells a lot about my insight on the character. 

Caring ➵ Percival Graves Imagine

☆ p r o m p t : “let me fix that for you.”

☆ nothing too romantic here, just a little something cute to fuel my obsession with Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.


You had barely entered your office at MACUSA when you noticed the white note on your desk. Of course, it baffled you - no one actually wrote down things anymore.

Getting rid of your long coat, you couldn’t help but skip towards the desk, despite being in heels (even though they were short and didn’t incapacitate you in any way, because Aurors needed to be ready for anything at any time).

Miss (Y/L/N),

Stop by my office for a new field task - more details when you do so.

P. Graves

You couldn’t help but scoff. Couldn’t the man have just sent the request through one of your co-workers, those who actually stuck around him for as long as they could, hoping to get praise … or a raise? Even though he looked handsome enough to turn MACUSA’s female workers’ heads, you only put up with him because he was your boss. He was authoritative and always had a snarky comment for everything.

You grabbed your wand from the inside pocket of your coat and left your office, heading for Graves’ instead. You had just heard he returned from a field mission and you were slightly confused by the fact that he wanted to see you so soon after coming back - Graves was the type of man to put himself before others and he liked to relax properly after a task before calling in the inferior Aurors to throw orders at them.

You were an intelligent woman and a very bright witch and you knew you were his equal - in fact, he had never treated you like something else. It was normal for him to be rude towards everyone, so you didn’t quite take it personally.

After greeting other colleagues on the way to Graves’ office, you found yourself knocking on its door.

“Come in,” a voice came from inside and you pushed the doorknob, slithering into the room.

“You wanted to see me, Mister Graves?” you rhetorically asked, moving closer to the desk in the center of the big office.

When the desk was the only one between the two of you, that’s when you managed to see the bright red scratches on the man’s jaw, going down to his neck and disappearing beneath his white shirt.

“Indeed, Miss (Y/L/N), I did,” he spoke, but you couldn’t tear your gaze off the injuries that marked his skin. “If you could be kind enough to stop staring, I’d explain what your next task is about.”

You felt your cheeks start to burn, but you recollected yourself and abstained from squinting your eyes at the man. After a moment of silence from the both of you, he spoke again.


“Yes, thank you,” you responded, sounding more cold than polite, and Graves stood up from his chair, heading towards the small table near the desk, where a kettle already full of always hot coffee was.

Then you noticed his walk was stiff and that he was trying not to extend his neck too much.

“Merlin’s beard, listen to me this once and sit down,” you said loudly and surprinsingly, the man stopped in his tracks and turned around. By the time he did that, you were already near the coffee table, pouring the hot beverage into two mugs.

When you approached the desk, mugs in hands, Graves was not-so-peacefully sitting in his armchair, his face distorted with pain.

“What happened?” you questioned, knowing too well that you might not get an answer. After all, you were talking to Percival Graves, one of the most fluent wizards in sarcasm that you knew.

“Since when do you feel entitled to know this sort of things, (Y/N)?” he answered and the use of your first name slightly confused you.

You huffed and the man winced as he extended his arm towards the mug of coffee.

“At least let me fix that for you,” you offered, surprising even yourself with the sudden outburst of kindness.

Graves eyed you perhaps suspiciously for a couple of short moments as you gestured towards the scratches, but then he nodded and you got up, setting the mug aside.

Retrieving your wand from your skirt’s pocket - because Queenie Goldstein, a close witch friend of yours, helped modify some of your clothing to make it more suitable for your Auror job - you sat on the wide armrest, your knee mere inches away from Graves’ leg. He carefully turned his head, exposing the red scratches even more. You pointed your wand at them and mentally cast a healing spell that you hoped would work. If only the forever stubborn Graves would have told you what injured him, you’d have known if you could actually heal him or just embarass yourself because a healing spell was useless and things were more serious.

To your relief, the scratches began fading, leaving behind not even scar tissue. Damn, you really were great at this.

“All done,” you beamed, standing up and dusting your skirt off. You took a step towards the opposite armchair when you felt something grip your hand.

Your body froze, but your gaze didn’t - as you looked down, you saw that Graves had grabbed your hand, his fingers warm against your palm.

Graves was holding your hand and you didn’t even flinch.

“Thank you,” he muttered, and you brought yourself to nod shortly, a tiny smile creeping its way onto your lips.

Graves delayed the discussion about your next task for another time and you left his office, not even caring that your cheeks started to burn wildly after you closed the door behind you or that you were uncapable of maintaining a fully serious expression as you walked back towards your office.

Because, maybe, good things were going to follow.

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