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So, after answering the request for Villain!Deku and reading headcanons by @bnha-villianous-imagines for Villain!Deku (Which by the way, you guys should totally check out), I got really inspired to write out some headcanons of my own! Maybe I’ll even write a fic based off these headcanons? Idk, but I just really loved the concept, so here it is! 


Villain!Midoriya Izuku

  • With how much Izuku wanted to become a hero, to me, it’s not surprising that he’d become a villain. Those desires of his had ultimately led to him going down the wrong path, much like being on a balance beam.
  • First and foremost, one of the key factors that led him to become a villain would be the constant bullying and jeering from Katsuki. Midoriya may be timid and reserved, yes, but there has gotta be a point where too much is really, too much.
  • Personally, I think his sense of rationality was like a wire. Though his desires to become a hero like All Might was strong, but being constantly told by people that he will never make it, has resulted in that wire to fray.
  • We all know that a fraying wire is dangerous, and by that point, Izuku has already had several villainous notions running through his head, but he tries his best not to think of them, much less act on them.
  • The breaking point was when All Might broke the truth to him, where someone quirkless wouldn’t be able to become a hero.
  • In his head, he wipes away any thought of becoming a hero, and began to despise and loathe heroes and aspiring heros alike.
  • “Heroes are never there when you need them, are they? This is why I loathe and despise them, they are, after all, just hypocrites, merely serving to upkeep appearances.”
  • Midoriya is very resourceful, so he would know about the existence of the League of Villains. He wouldn’t join them immediately, but as more news articles on heroes saving the day kept surfacing, his thirst to take action was just growing stronger.
  • He re-watches the videos of All Might saving civilians, and the only thought that crosses his mind was, “God, how I wish I could take him down. Symbol of Peace, at my mercy?”
  • Instead of joining U.A as he originally intended, he would enter a normal highschool, but his collection of various quirks and its disadvantages would expand. One thing to note, however, is the two quirks circled in an angry red. One for all and Explosion.
  • At this point, he has established the fact that he has two people he wants to kick off their high horses. Bakugou Katsuki, and All Might. It would bring him immense pleasure to take down these two. His personality would suffer as well. He would definitely be crazier, cockier and extremely teasing.
  • His mom would come to realize that Izuku had changed, and had strangely, not spoken of All Might recently. It’s around the time when she realized something was wrong, that Izuku took the plunge and joined the League of Villains.
  • Though, Izuku didn’t like Shigaraki Tomura. In a sense, villain!Izuku resembled Stain a great deal.
  • Naturally, his notebook full of different heroes quirks and weaknesses would come in handy. So when the opportunity to attack USJ presented itself, he took up the offer eagerly.
  • Unfortunately, All Might wasn’t present at USJ like he expected, but Bakugou was. And boy, was he excited to meet his arch nemesis.
  • “Hey, Kacchan~ Cat’s got your tongue? Aren’t you glad to see an old friend?”
About Time

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Pairings: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, maybe a little self hatred nothing major though. 

Request:  Could you maybe write a Bucky x Fat!Reader where everyone except reader knows about Bucky’s crush on her so when Tony is working on his arm (being the little shit he is) asks reader to help and Bucky gets all flustered and stuff? Thanks, Wolfling🐺❄️

AN: @native-snowflake your request is all done babe, I hope you like it! 

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You knocked hesitantly on the door to Tony’s lab. You could see shadowy figures moving around behind the frosted glass panes so knew he was indeed inside. He’d asked FRIDAY to get you to report up to his lab as soon as possible which in Stark language meant he’d needed you there yesterday.

Working for Tony was possibly the best and at the same time worst job you’d ever had. Sure, being a lawyer in a usual firm had its terrible points, working for corporate firms who wanted nothing but to make money had never been your scene. Working for Tony Stark had seemed like a dream come true, he had money to burn so that wasn’t his issue. What he needed you to do was cope with the ever-expanding pile of HR complaints and civil lawsuits that the Avenger’s team racked up.

“Enter” Tony’s voice shouted out “but if you aren’t Y/N then you better be leaving again”

“It is me Mr Stark” you moved carefully into the Lab following Tony’s voice as you tried not to stand on anything that looked important or expensive.

“Ah Y/N my favourite person” Tony was beaming at you as you finally managed to find where he was. Stopping awkwardly because he wasn’t on his own. “Just ignore Frosty here” Tony said waving at a shirtless James Barnes who was sat on a metal workbench completely ignoring you. “Bionic man here is rusting away so we’re just getting him up and running again, you know oiling joints that sort of thing. It happens when your pushing 90”

“Alright” you agreed when Tony stared at you like he expected you to speak. “Mr Stark shall I come back when you’re not…” you motioned to Bucky’s arm “busy” you sounded pathetic and didn’t like how squeaky your voice had become.

James Barnes made you beyond nervous. With that cold blue stare that seemed to pierce through your mind deep into your soul. He almost never spoke and when he did his voice rasped in a way that made your insides melt. He was a delectable man and he never even looked twice at you. Then again, why would he? You were nothing if not average, shaped nothing like the slender and exceptionally pretty women who hung around the Avengers attempting to land one of them.  

“No come here” Tony ordered pointing to the spot directly in front of him.

Bucky still wasn’t speaking but he had managed to look at you. You bit your lip but didn’t dare to disobey your boss so moved to stand in front of him.

“Sergeant Barnes if you would be so kind?” Tony pulled on the metal arm rotating and twitching at varying different joints.

You’d never seen the fusion of metal arm to Bucky’s skin before. He was normally very careful about covering the scar, even when he wore tank tops they were cut high enough that you couldn’t see the scaring. It was bad, skin badly fused and damaged.

Your eyes finally met his. He’d been watching you stare at him and you blushed instantly embarrassed to be caught staring.

“I know. Ugly huh?” he eventually said apparently ignoring Tony and whatever he was doing to his arm.

“What? No” you shook your head. “I just… I mean I was thinking… it must have hurt”

He actually looked surprised at that as Tony snorted. “Super serum pumped Soldiers don’t get hurt” he snarked out “Unlike us mortal people”

Bucky went back to looking tense and uncomfortable at Tony’s words just reverting to staring at nothing.

“Mr Stark, you wanted to see me?” you tried to get this strange surreal experience back onto a ground you knew. “If this is about the depositions from yesterday than they’ve already been filed”

“This isn’t about your work” Tony was grinning again “I hired you Y/N so it means I know you can do your job without me helicopter parenting over you”

“So…. What?”

“You had a date last night correct?”

Bucky’s knee twitched and you wondered just how much Tony was hurting him by fiddling with screws and such in his arm.

You had had a date last night, with another guy from Tony’s HR department. You’d gone to dinner and it hadn’t even taken you until the starter was delivered for you to know that this wasn’t going to go well. He’d talked about nothing but improving his standing at Stark Industries or the new Jaguar he was going to buy with his next pay check. You’d lasted until desert before it was either walk away very quickly or blow your brains out.

That didn’t explain though why your boss was so interested in your personal life all of a sudden. “I did” you agreed “But why?”

“Why do I care?” he asked “well Y/N I’m an inherently curious person its one of my many strong points. I like to know what my employees are doing especially if my favourite lawyer is about to jet off on a honeymoon and maternity leave and all that achingly normal… stuff”

“Ignoring the fact that you could be sued for that statement Mr Stark you can rest assured I’m not going anywhere. He was much more interested in dating you than he was me” Bucky’s jaw was now tense his teeth almost grating together and you couldn’t take it anymore. “Concentrate on what you’re doing Mr Stark, you’re hurting him”

Bucky’s eyes flew to yours once more and Tony just smirked “Oh Y/N trust me it isn’t me that’s hurting Frosty”

“Excuse me?” you stared confused at him then glance at Bucky. “Are you alright? Is he hurting you?”

“I’m fine” he paused then smiled at you “thank you”

That smile caused your stomach to drop down to your toes and your brain to stop working.

“Oh, you two are just so adorable” Tony clapped his hands together in one of those ways that he managed his mood changed instantly. “Frosty take Y/N back through to legal please. You’re done and I have work that’s actually important to you know, the world”

You couldn’t keep up with his mercurial mood swings at the best of times so instead of questioning him you simply moved back to the door. Bucky was moving easily behind you and leant forward to push the door of the lab open for you.

“Thank you” you whispered, cursing yourself for an idiot. Why couldn’t you say something to him, anything.

“You know that guy was a fucking idiot if he let you walk away from him”

You almost tripped over at his words, managing to look over at him. “What?”

“Well doll, if I was ever lucky enough to take someone like you out on a date I for sure wouldn’t be letting you slip away from me”

“Take me out?” you were utterly confused at this point. “Why would someone like you ever want to be seen with someone like me?”

“What?” now Bucky was the one who was looking confused. He stopped walking making you stop as well. “What are you talking about someone like me and you?”

“James” you were squirming in embarrassment as he stared down at you “come on, please don’t make me say it”

“Say what?” he still didn’t look like he knew what you were talking about. “I don’t understand”

Sighing you couldn’t look him in the face anymore as you indicated your body. “People who look like me don’t end up with people who look like you”

You heard him snort and the suddenly his hand was on your chin lifting your face up so you had no choice but to stare up into his eyes. “You are fucking gorgeous” he stated flatly no room for questions in his tone. One corner of his mouth lifted in a small smile. “When you told Tony to concentrate because you thought he was hurting me…”

“He said it wasn’t him that was hurting you”

“He was right It wasn’t him”

“I don’t understand”

“It’s you doll” his thumb stroked back and forth across your chin a few times. “Hearing about someone else being allowed to take you out on a date. That’s what hurts me. That’s what drives me crazy”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing right now. Was James Barnes actually admitting to liking you? That couldn’t be true.

“I don’t know what to say right now” you admitted to him “I never even thought… I mean”

He cut off your babbling by using the thumb still on your chin to press against your lips silencing the words spilling out. “I tell you what why don’t a give you a question you can answer?”


“Will you come out to dinner with me?”

Finally, you smiled nodding your head at him. “I will. Of course, I will”

You got another one of those heart stopping smiles from Bucky.

“Miss Y/L/N” FRIDAY’s voice filled the hallway “Mr Stark would like me to inform you that staff fraternisation is not allowed in his hallways as per your own rules. Please take your conversation with Sergeant Barnes elsewhere and Sergeant Barnes he says about fucking time”

I know you are blindly in love but can we please acknowledge the fact that Gerard is visibly aging and stop saying that he “always looks the same wow gosh 💖💖 is this pic from 2005??😩😩😩😘😘” because he does not.
He’s aging like any other normal human being.
But please stop it’s getting ridiculous.

Christmas Gifts

A/N: You all have been amazingly patient for an update, but beyond that you have been so loving of my Rami stories….so coming off my hiatus I’ve decided to share a story which has been in my phone for months for Mr. Robot. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts?

Request: You tell Elliot you love him for the first time.

Words: 1349

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Todd Chavez is a canon asexual character, I repeat, Todd Chavez is a canon asexual character!

Bojack just made Todd cannon ace. They said the word asexual. Pardon me while I jump up and down while simultaneously crying at this huge leap forward in representation.

EDIT: I just finished the season and it was so good. Bojack always manages to mix humor with painfully accurate satire and real emotions, so that didn’t change from previous seasons. That being said season 4 did such a good job with Todd’s story arc. It was an real and honest representation of coming out as ace and the issues that come with it (the line about love not being something he can have tore my heart out and hit super close to home). I also loved that they included ace meetings and a discussion about ace relationships and how they are possible. The writers also touched upon the difference between asexual and aromantic, which was freaking groundbreaking for a tv show. 

The little things about that arc made me so happy too, they actually used the word asexual as part of a normal conversation several times. It wasn’t a big thing, just a statement of fact. Its seems silly to be emotional over the use of a word, but the word asexual isn’t used in media period, and to use it in such a normal setting multiple times was amazing.
I also loved that Todd’s story this season wasn’t focused on his orientation. Yes, it was discussed(and i’m so glad it was dealt with in an in depth and thoughtful way), but it wasn’t his whole arc. He still did Todd things like the dentist clown thing and his usual brand of clueless hijinks. His asexuality was a footnote in his story and thats what it should be. It’s not all an ace person is, its just a part of who they are. The fact that he found a friend who just happened to be ace and their discussion about it was short and not made a big deal of was wonderful too.
In conclusion, this season was so good for many reasons, but as an asexual person who doesn’t have any real representation in the media it was a revelation to have a character even say the word, let alone identify and come out to their friends as ace (and the friends are supportive about it!) Now if you excuse me I will be watching the second coming out scene over and over. Thank you so much netflix producers and Bojack writers for some positive and realistic representation of the asexual community, you have no idea how much it means to me and many others like me.

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see idubz is trending he's a YouTuber that wants to normalize the N word I find that do ridiculous and the fact he has a large fan gathering that calls each other that word is strange. I personally hate that channel he might have exposed a youtuber with a racist past but he also promotes everybody saying the N word as if it's just like any other word....F that dude and F his growing popularity that want to use the n word to black people.

Mediocre white boys who aren’t affected by a racial slur love to promote the free use of it because they’re more offended by being called a racist and as we all observe, a white guy sees his feelings as the upmost importance over everyone and everything else.

He better hope he don’t get punched in the throat.


Love Me or Leave Me ~ Harry Styles Imagine

Sorry its short there was not much more i could put in this but enjoy 

You and Harry used to never sleep on an argument, you both used to make sure that everything was sorted out before you both fell asleep.  But, for the past few months he has been far too distant.  You both sleep in different rooms because he is out all the time and you are in bed long before he comes back, for the first few weeks you just thought he was catching up with everyone before he goes on tour, but for this to continue weeks before he is to leave you could not stand it any longer.  You thought that you would both be okay by now.  Like you usually are.  But, for unknown reason to yourself you two were still as distant as ever.  This even made you begin to question whether Harry hated you.  Which you would call yourself stupid for at the beginning, but now?  Now you were so unsure on everything that this began to make sense to you.  Maybe he was with you just because it’s the easy option and he did not want to hurt you. Harry was like this, he hated hurting and letting other people down, so maybe he was staying with you because he did not want to hurt you.  

He has begun to speak to you less, and when he does speak to you it’s as though you are some stranger who he has had a bad first impression from.  He speaks to you like you are complete dirt.  So, you decided to confront him about everything, you could no longer live with him acting like strangers and this just hurt you even more.  But, you had to confront him.  You had, had enough of all this and it was really wearing you out. So, when Harry came in from studio and you were still up this shocked him, you were always in bed by now and he was also shocked at to how much you had changed since the last time he had looked at you properly apart from a quick glance saying goodbye. He saw that under your eyes were no longer bright and clear like they always were, they had dark circles underneath and your skill was patchy with dry skin which you only got under stress.  He blamed himself, he knows this is down to him.

He sighed before making his way over to you, awaiting the conversation which he pushed away so much. He knew this was going to happen, but he was hoping to push it back a few days before tour.  So, you did not have to see him and you could fully heal. He knew it was over between the both of you, he had known for a while he no longer felt the way that he did about you, and the fact he had dragged this dying relationship on for so long made him hate himself.  You did not deserve this, not after everything you gave up for him, he just did not want to lose you as a confidant.  He had not met anyone like you, who was not using him for his title.  You looked at him like everyone did before he was famous, a normal human being.  Now the fact he was going to lose a person who had done this for him, and made him feel whole again he just could not handle it.  It was selfish keeping you here for his own needs he understands that, but you were happy… so he thought.

“Harry, I know that its late it’s just, we haven’t been talking like we used too.  You are going on tour in a few weeks and I cannot handle this any longer.  I cannot handle not having you here with me and then knowing I will be spending 6 months straight without you.  This is unfair on me” a stray tear went down your cheek, which used to be naturally rose coloured.  Now, it was as pale as though you had your life taken out of you.  Which is probably the best way you could explain what losing Harry felt like to you.

“Y/N, I cannot do this anymore.  I just do not feel like I did when we were younger and I kept you here for my own selfish needs.  With that you have all right to hate me, but I could not lose you.  Especially not before tour I needed stability before I was uprooted.  We are different people now love, you and I both know this.  I have grown since leaving the band and so have you with your job. I just cannot do this”

“Then leave me Harry, pack your bags and fucking leave me.  Because I am not going to leave after putting so much into this relationship. But, you can leave just like the coward you are” you did not mean this.  Even with Harry saying all these words about you, you knew deep down you understood him.  You always did.

“I… I don’t know what to say”

“You have said enough Harry now just go” your eyes teared up even more so you turned your back on Harry, your back on the only love you have felt in your long 24 years on this earth. You did not turn around when Harry went upstairs to grab a few cloths for a few nights while you got yourself sorted. You did not turn around when he made his way down stairs and you did not turn around when he said your name, one last time.  You could not do it.   Watch him leave just like he promised you he would never do, this had to be a dream.  A painful one at that.  

“Y/N, I will always love you even if you do not believe that I always will” you just scoffed while wiping your eyes again, he’s trying to lighten the blow.  Just like you said he hates hurting people. But, with those final words he walked out of the place you thought would be your family home.  He closed the door on your relationship, and started your break up story.

With that you collapsed to the floor, just wanting to feel numb.

Such A Good Life, Too

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Connor Kenway (Ratonhnhaké:ton) x Caribbean-Descended!Female!Reader

Length: 745 words

Warnings: not really, italics is Iroquois language, reader is female, reader is written to be of colour and from the Caribbean

Requested by @korealchemist

Connor Kenway had truly believed that he would never get the chance to become anyone’s father. This bleak belief mainly stemmed from the multiple tragedies that littered his past. Losing his mother and his village, then discovering that his biological father happened to be in cahoots with the person responsible for the afore-mentioned situations, all led to his disbelief in a ‘normal’ future for him. Mainly, though, said belief was due to the fact that he was an Assassin, working in the shadows to ensure the freedom of the world from the Templars, someone who probably had no business becoming a father.

However, around the time the Davenport Homestead began its rapid population increase; Y/N Collins appeared in Ratonhnhaké:ton’s life.

Unlike most in Connor’s life, she hadn’t been like anyone he’d ever met. Firstly, her skin was a shade that was closer to his own, different from the many white colonists who’d taken his people’s land. If anything, her skin resembled that of the slaves who’d been forced into working for the colonists. It had eventually become known to him, that Y/N was from somewhere called the Caribbean, from a small island that Connor had never heard of. Secondly, Y/N managed to be the perfect complement to his blunt, confused and often too literal persona. She was stunning, funny and witty. Y/N was also caring and naturally nurturing, reminding him in some way of his own mother.

The two were married not too long after the Davenport church finished its construction.

Not even a year of marriage down, and the pair were blessed with the birth of their first child. It had been a perfect little boy, who they had named Achilles Kenway. He was named so, after Connor’s pseudo-father and mentor, a man who meant a lot to the orphaned Iroquois-Kanien'kehá:ka. Things had gotten even more wonderful, as two years after the birth of his son, and a year after the death of Achilles (the first), Y/N birthed the couple’s second son Ratonhnhaké:ton (the second). Whilst he was always refered to as Ratonhnhaké:ton at home, he was called Connor Kenway (the second) in public due to other’s inability to speak or properly pronounce Iroquois.

The mere idea of such a family, of Connor being a father, had been something previously unknown to Connor. But now, now everything was perfect – and he was happy, sublimely so.

Father! Look, look!” A small, long-haired boy ran up the stone steps, bounding over to the front porch of the Davenport Homestead. He was speaking in his first language, Iroquois, as he did so. The young Achilles held a small bow in his hand, a non-dangerous ‘weapon’ made by one of his father’s friends. “I shot the target!” He’d been ‘training’ for a week now, desperate to be like his tomahawk-wielding assassin-father.

Y/N, who’d been in the kitchen working on preparing a hearty meal for her family, wandered outside wiping her tanned hands on a hand-towel at the sound of her son’s voice. “Achilles!” She did not approve of his attempts to be more like his father, maily due to the fact his younger brother imitated everything his older brother did, “I told you not to play with that!”

The young Achilles pouted at his mother, hiding behind his father’s long legs, “But Mama!” He whined in his second language, mimicking his mother, as it was her second-language too.

“Y/N.” It was the only thing Connor said, but his tone and pleading eyes informed his wife he did not want to be in-between a tantrum and her scolding. “Perhaps we should eat supper, my love?”

Y/N rolled her eyes, but said nothing. She also didn’t want to deal with a tantrum. She had just put her youngest child to bed, and had been dealing with painful lower-abdomen kicking from her yet-unborn child all day. “Go, wash up.” Was all she uttered before she twirled around, waddling back into their large home.

Connor felt like he’d successfully dodged a projectile. His wife was a stubborn woman, even more so when she was pregnant, and their son had assuredly inherited that trait from her. He looked down at his eldest, who looked even more of a ‘native’ than he did, “We better listen.” His son nodded, looking very serious as he did so. “Inside, my son.”

As the family sat down for their supper, Ratonhnhaké:ton (the first) could not believe this was his life… It was such a good life, too.


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NCT’s reaction to you getting scared at a fear of them

Request: “I’m the previous anon lol sorry for being unclear. a reaction to their s/o flinching/getting scared at a fear of theirs like lightning and thunder for example.”

A/N:  °☆.。.:*・°☆


Taeil wouldn’t laugh at you out loud because he would see it as something rude to do, but he still wouldn’t be able to help himself and would let go a few giggles. “It’s fine, Y/N.” He would say in a calming voice at the same time he pats your head and looks at you with love in his eyes.

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Unlike Taeil, he wouldn’t be able to help himself and would laugh out loud at how adorable your reaction was. Johnny would put you closer to his body, hugging you to calm both of you down and smiling when he feels your sweets and involuntary butterfly kisses in his skin.

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Like Johnny, he would laugh at how easily scared both of you can get and probably joke a little about it after making sure you’re fine. “I guess now we’re scared of the same things too. We’re truly made for each other, Y/N.” A small cuddle session would start in the blink of an eye.

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He would we terrified in that moment, and he would take the fact of the way you just flinched as an oportunnity to show you a more manly side of him and hide the fact that he’s like three times even more scared than you. “Don’t worry, Y/N. I’ll protect you.”

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Your cuteness would warm his heart in just a few seconds, making him smile brightly and feel happy that he isn’t the only one feeling scared. “Its really scary, right? Let’s go somewhere more calm, Y/N.”

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I feel like in that moment he would be too scared to even realize the fact that you just got scared by the same thing as him. He would only kept his eyes closed as he hugs you thighly and waits patiently for things to go normal again.

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I feel like Ten is that kind of person who when it’s nervous or scared just laughs at everything. So, he would be the whole time smiling and giggling but you wouldn’t be sure if it was because of the way you got scared or because he was crazy nervous.

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He would hold your hand and kept a reassuring smile in his face when he sees you flinching. “Are you okay there? Everything it’s fine, Y/N.” He would say to calm both of you.

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“Wow, this is really scary! Don’t look down, Sicheng, it’s scary.” You said, amused and slightly scared by how high both of you were in the Ferris wheel. He would find your reaction really adorable but would only show a small smile as a response before changing the subjet to distract himself from his phobia by talking to you.

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This angel would only giggle at your cuteness for a few seconds before grabbing your hand securely, making you know that he’s there for you and that he wouldn’t let anything happen to you.

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Another baby who would laugh at you shamelessly and then surround your waist with his arms and place sweet kisses in any exposed skin he saw. “It’s fine, baobei.”

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Even if he’s really scared, he would still act in a protective and caring way with you, especially when he sees you flinching. He would try to take you to a different place or distract both of you by doing silly things or creating a conversation with you.

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It took his eyes a few seconds to get used to the darkness of the room. When the lights went off his first reaction was to hold you which surprised you and caused you to flinch. He apologize in between laughs and hugs as you kept scolding him for scaring you like that.

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After both of you flinched at the noise of the thunder you made eye contact and one second after you were laughing like crazy. “Didn’t you said that you weren’t scare of thunders like five minutes ago?” He would tease you as he caresses your hair softly while you snuggle closer to him.

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He started to laugh at how silly both of you seem while screaming over the little spider that was across his room and laughed even harder when you walked towards the small animal to kill it but got scared when it moved. 

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He would let go a small giggle when he saw the way you flinched when the small cockroach moved but then cheer on you when he noticed how his laugh not only distracted you but also unmotivated you to complete your mission.  He would probably make fun of you even days after the inccident.

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This is the thing that most Undertale people don't do: explore how Asriel actually is/was Flowey, just without guilt and love. So thanks for getting into it even a little :)

Dawh Thank. well, i dont think its the first time tho. I think Glitchtale tackled this similar topic? I personally always think that if Asriel somehow can be brought back to his normal self, he would still remember what did he did before.

and since he has feelings now, the things that he know that are wrong and bad, all those emotions of remorse and such comes flooding back.

and its hard to just move on from essentially doing the horrible things flowey did. Its kinda hard to jsut gloss over the fact that you tried to kill everyone.

but thats my interpretation~ ))


  • What I Say: I'm fine
  • What I Mean: honestly Jack Sparrow is considered the "icon" of the Pirates movies but he's actually a pretty static character and if he has an arc at all it's served by the third film in which he decides to put someone else (Will) before his own cowardly fear of death. in reality Will and Elizabeth have pretty strong arcs that are very well served by all three movies of the original trilogy despite the fact that Curse of the Black Pearl was probably meant to be a standalone originally. Elizabeth finds the freedoms she's been seeking and lives out all of her wildest fantasies and becomes a Pirate King at the cost of a normal life with the one person she actually wanted to "settle down" with, while Will learns that being a pirate doesn't mean being a bad person, becomes a pretty shady trickster in the third film, and ultimately finds a literal "second life" as a pirate captain. his fate is also foreshadowed pretty well even when they didn't mean to, so that's pretty neat.
  • What I Really, Really Mean: the franchise could be twenty movies long but I would go see every single fucking one that has Will and Elizabeth Turner in it for 30 seconds or more

“Kiss?” someone inquired.

“Um,” the writer responded, after the words had been written. “I can explain.”

But she couldn’t. Not really.

(Only because this was already KINDA SORTA written … not really, I had 400 words and now it’s like 5000—canon to Warren is Strange THE SEQUEL [title in progress] slash Whale Song, but will definitely not stay totally canon. It’ll get somewhat rewritten to fit the context of the actual sequel once I get to that part of the story … whenever that is. Probably. Lord, if only I could explain the absolute mess that is my “Warren is Strange & etc” doc right now. I’m really sorry.)

ALL WARNINGS FROM PREVIOUS INSTALLMENTS STILL APPLY. Meaning the same shit from the video games/Warren is Strange. Just to be safe.

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anonymous asked:

I know most of us on here are against invading Shawn's privacy but what if you are just coincidentally in the same airport or hotel as him. Would it be okay to ask him for one picture?

I mean, this is a very hard question for me to answer, because I’m just very against tracking/stalking/following people around, no matter who they are. I don’t like thinking about how people follow Shawn when he’s going to dinner, or leaking his flights or following him when he’s hanging with the team. Shawn is a normal teenage boy and he needs time to himself. And honestly, comparing to a lot of other celebrities, Shawn actually takes his time with us and stuff like that, so I honestly do believe the least we can do, is give him some privacy in return. The least we can do - because he is literally giving us his all - is to let Shawn be Shawn and not just “Shawn Mendes”. Touring must be exhausting even though he loves it, he truly does need to relax and have time to himself just like any other person does. I would love to see everyone letting Shawn have somewhat of a normal time as well, where he can go sightseeing or have dinner or drinks with his team without being mobbed you know? 

In Shawn’s case I don’t think the worst part is asking for a picture, because Shawn always gladly do that for us and he’s always very kind to take his time to do so. And if you randomly see him on the street, then sure. No worries, it’s not a crime to ask for a picture, just think about how you act while taking a picture with him. And I get that a picture is amazing and you want to ask, but I just hate the fact of how it goes down sometimes. Like don’t scream at him, don’t yell at him, don’t push him, don’t pull him, don’t smack him, don’t kiss him, don’t touch him too much, don’t surround him, don’t scream at the other fans around, don’t push other fans either and those short of things. Just. Don’t. Do. That.

If you kindly - without yelling or pushing him or forcing your way into his personal space - ask for a picture and he agrees, then fine. Nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with putting your arm around his shoulder if he does that to you as well, nothing wrong with asking for a hug and he agrees, nothing wrong with putting your hand on his arm if he’s okay with that, but don’t attack him because you get too eager or too excited. Like I understand how you must feel in that moment and how your heart is pounding like hell but like, he’s a normal person and it freaks him out. Just remember that, you know? Keep that in the back of your mind. 

It freaks him out, being pushed and screamed at, being touched ways he doesn’t like. It makes him uncomfortable and that is not okay.  Shawn actually always tries to keep people down, so they don’t scream and yell at him or each other and he tries to get them to line up, so no one is getting pushed or anything like that and sometimes people just don’t respect that. Shawn knows pictures are a part of this and I think he really wants to do it for us, but then we need to bloody respect the fact that Shawn is a valid person too and we can’t just treat him how we want. 

I completely understand he gets uncomfortable if a stranger suddenly kiss his neck or grab his butt. I completely understand he freaks out when people are screaming at him or pushing and pulling him, who wouldn’t find that so scary and overwhelming? Like treat him right if you’re lucky enough to get a picture with him. Calm yourself down and don’t mob him, don’t get too much into his personal space. Take it easy and don’t push. He’s doing this for us and we cannot act that way around him. If it was me, I would get the worst anxiety in the world… 

Let Shawn have a private part of him. Let him go out to dinner or to the gym or get breakfast without following and tracking his every move. Be polite and behave properly when taking a photo with him, that’s all. If we just respect the fact he is a normal person and calmed down while taking a picture, things like what happened in Milan wouldn’t. I’m not saying you can’t ask for a picture, because sure, but just think about how it does down. Remember to think about how you treat Shawn in that moment and think about how you’d feel getting mobbed. It will all be good, if you think about how you’d want it to go down if it was you. Treat Shawn with respect. 

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I have seen Gillian countless times. Three times with David. Alone, on her own, she is almost a different person sometimes. The most relaxed I saw her without David was with Jennifer Nadel. She kind of shows a very feminine side of herself when he's there. And he constantly makes her laugh. It's kind of unreal for a "normal" person with a "normal" relationship...

He makes her glow, that’s a fact no one can ignore. Thank you for sharing, anon. 

“and he lived to wield his sword more deadly with his left hand than his right.”

Brain: Because of the old belief that lefthandedness was devilish?
Me: I beg you pardon?
Brain: I mean idk if that was a thing in England but a semi thorough google search leads to a website that says and I quote: “up until the seventies lefthandedness was considered of the devil and “corrected” to be right handed.“
Brain: So lets for argument sake say that it was in fact also a thing in England.
Brain: Having Maedhros being forced from being a "normal righthanded person” to a lefthanded one plus basically stating that he murders better with his left could be a smaller symbolism of his dark path to madness.
Me: You overthink these things with randomly know trivia?
Brain: Its what I do best.


Reality and Replica Philosophers since Kant have noticed that “existence is not a predicate”, meaning that existence is not a quality (like color, shape, size, etc.) that distinguishes one object from another. In a photograph this fact is rendered visually perspicacious – the only fact that distinguishes an object on film from the same object in the world is the fact that the latter exists and the former does not, at least not now (when the picture is viewed). But in Demand’s photographs this proposition is not true – or rather, its truth is masked. What we notice in a photograph by Demand, what draws our attention, is not the reality of the world projected on film but its artificiality, the subtle but insistent differences between the structure that is photographed and its model in the world. For example, in Corridor – once we grasp its provenance – we notice the differences between the corridor in Demand’s photograph and the real corridor upon which it is based. Unlike the corridor in the late Jeffrey Dahmer’s Milwaukee apartment building Demand’s corridor does not include (for example) light switches and number plates on the apartment doors. In Control Room our attention is drawn to the fact that unlike the control room at Fukushima, Demand’s contains no chairs and no data on the various monitors, so that the imagined technicians in Demand’s version would be physically incapable of controlling anything. In other words, what solicits our interest is the fact that what we see in the photograph is a replica – something very much like but also crucially different from its model. A replica is a representation of something in the world, one thing standing for another; what we look at in viewing a photograph by Demand is the representation and not the thing represented. Of course, the replica itself is made present in Demand’s photograph of a corridor (just as nature itself is made present in a photograph in a picture by Ansel Adams), but what is most striking is the fact that it is a replica – a replica purged of the aura of morbid curiosity that haunted one’s perception of the real thing before it was demolished (purged from the world as it were) by the City of Milwaukee, and yet lingers in newspaper photographs of it. It is as if without our morbid curiosity, the newspaper photographs would not exist at all, at least not as a public document, and yet here it is in Demand’s picture. In viewing an interior by Hido, one is struck above all by the reality of the room in the picture. What draws our interest is that despite its “realness” we cannot experience Hido’s room literally, for example by touching its walls, feeling the shag carpet beneath our feet, taking in its odors, listening for the sound of voices or footfalls or traffic, etc., and we cannot do any of this is because although the real room is made present to us in the photograph, we are not and cannot be present to or in the room. We cannot enter the space of Demand’s Corridor or Control Room because if we did, our bulk and weight would crush the structure that contains the space; we cannot enter Hido’s room because there is no way to get from here to there; it is too late and all routes to the past have closed other than memory. This is not to say that Hido’s room lacks something (as Demand’s room lacks something, namely solidity) or that it is metaphysically deficient; rather, it exists in the only way it can exist, viz as a photograph, which means that we can enter Hido’s pictured room only by means of our eyes. Our access to these rooms is restricted to visual access. The Viewer’s Exclusion The different relationships between our imagined access (or non-access) to Hido’s rooms and Demand’s rooms, respectively, register differences in the ways that human presence is excluded from the pictured rooms of each photographer. Humans have never entered and never will enter the hallway shown Demand’s Corridor because to enter it would be to crush it, destroying its perfect hygiene. Although it is built to scale, Demand’s paper construction is not meant to accommodate the human body with its density and weight. The reference to “meaning” suggests what is really at stake: were the viewer able to imaginatively enter the spaces pictured in Corridor, Room and Control Room would introduce a foreign element – specifically, our own intentionality which, because it is ours and not Demand’s, would undermine the absolute sovereignty of the latter. (This is the specific significance of Demand’s choice of subject and title in Control Room. The devices that specifically omitted from Demand’s room – levers, buttons and data – are those devices which, the in real control room at the Fukushima power plant, were unsuccessfully used to control the effects of the tsunami on the plant and its surroundings. Those manning the control room at Fukushima were unable to utilize its instruments of control to close the gap between human intentions and effects in the world when the tsunami struck, and it is precisely these devices that are missing in Demand’s picture – which implies that in Demand’s picture there is no gap between intentions and effects.) But since the world in which we actually live is a world in which things and other people do not bend to our will, the world that appears in Demand’s photographs is a world of fantasy. We cannot enter Demand’s room any more than we can enter someone else’s fantasy or a dream or a hallucination, and this implies that the spaces that appear in Demand’s photographs are private spaces. The fact that Hido’s rooms are not private spaces is registered in the fact that they are not entirely empty. They contain traces of people doing something, although that “something” is really a bit of nothing – indications of humans having left, and having left recently. That humans have stayed there for a long time is shown by conspicuous residues of wear and tear such as dirt, stains, scratches and threadbare worn carpets. That humans have recently left is indicated by the rags and disconnected wires we see in some rooms, and in others unmade beds. In this way, the interiors imply that our exclusion from the world presented in the photograph is not (as it were) a natural fact but rather something we humans have done, done to ourselves (by withdrawing) and to the world (by causing it to withdraw). Moreover, a place that has been recently been abandoned or evacuated can in principle be inhabited again, but only if we realize where we are now – because without that realization, there is no route from here to there. In this way, Hido’s photographs acknowledge the being-outside of the camera’s position as a position for which the photographer is responsible. The uncanny emptiness of Hido’s rooms – uncanny because their very emptiness seems to speak of human activity – indicates that our reality is already fantastic; and in viewing Hido’s photographs we do not abandon realty for fantasy as much as we are brought to realization that reality is fantastic because it is experienced from a position of isolation and unknownness. This explains the luminous aura of intimacy projected in these pictures which allows Hido’s empty rooms to seem more real than reality itself. The ways in which our attention is drawn to the emptiness of Demand’s and Hido’s rooms, indicates differing modalities in which the viewer is outside of the worlds that appear in each artist’s pictures. And the different modalities in which I am outside of these worlds registers different ways in which the photographs are meant. I am outside of Demand’s rooms and corridors because his fantasies belong to him and mine to me; to grasp the meaning of Demand’s picture is to grasp what the creator had in mind in creating it. I am outside of Hido’s rooms because the coherence of the world viewed on film depends on its not including the act of viewing; to understand its significance is to that we have arrived at the position from which the picture is viewed – which is a position of isolation and unknownness – by having withdrawn from the world in favor of fantasy. Hido’s rooms can be taken as images of the camera’s mechanism, for whatever the camera is, it is also an empty box, a miniature room into which light is admitted through a small opening, a window or door, and its space cannot include the person looking through the viewfinder as if through a keyhole. Does Todd Hido intend that his pictures be seen in the ways I have described in this essay? Interpreting a photograph by Thomas Demand involves grasping his specific intention in making it, and that involves understanding its provenance, the fact that it is a picture of a paper and cardboard life-size replica of something that exists in the world, a particular something that came into the world in the form of a forensic photograph of a particularly notorious scene of crime, violence or celebrity, circulated and re-circulated as “news”. To know why Demand chose a particular scene as his subject would be to know why and how it is that our society is fascinated by traumatic events that threaten its coherence – specifically, why and how such events satisfy our craving for the fantastic, as if only events that are pathological or catastrophic in nature can confirm our sense of the normal. In viewing a photograph by Todd Hido, it seems beside the point to ask whether or not the person by that name had any particular thoughts in mind when he created the photograph. The fact is it is the way it is, one way and not another way, and to describe that way is to describe how the picture is meant. And describing how the picture is meant is to describe how its creator has seized upon certain potentialities of the camera and of print-making to create things that solicit our interest in ways that artworks have always invited our attention, ways that are distinct from every other kind of object in the world.

Hands to Myself - Part I

Summary: After Alec comes out to his family, Jace drags Alec to an LGBT friendly strip club so he can ‘expand his horizons’ since he hasn’t even attempted to date or meet anybody new. Alec reluctantly agrees only because he’s grateful Jace is so supportive. While there, his eyes land on an intoxicating man whose body moves so fluidly Alec can’t keep his eyes off of him. Once Magnus is alone with him, he, too, finds himself enraptured by the younger man.

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut, Romance, Friendship, Everyone is Human AU

Warning: Mentions of internalized homophobia

Author: dylanobrienstyler

A/N: I did my best with my very limited knowledge of what goes on in these sorts of places – sorry for any inaccuracies as I needed to improvise a lot. Title inspired from Selena Gomez’ song of the same name. This will be a two-part series. Feedback of all kinds is very welcome!!

Also can be read on AO3!

Chapter One - Magnetism

“You know, we really don’t have to do this.”

His adoptive brother threw him a look, lips twisted in a smirk. “Oh come ON, Alec. It’s been almost a month since you came out, and I have yet to see you even TRY to charm a fellow man. You need to see what you’re missing!”

“Jace, do you really think I’m going to have a romantic awakening at a strip club?” Alec asked, eyebrows raised, but Jace simply scoffed.

“It’s going to be fun, Alec. It won’t kill you to have fun, you know.”

Alec rolled his eyes and followed the blonde into the club. Pandemonium. The neon lights were lit up in the colours of the pansexual flag, and Alec swallowed before entering.

He had heard of the LGBT club, known for its wildly accepted collection of personalities, gender identities and sexualities showcased, and, of course, the fact that much of it was sans clothing. New York was a place for everyone to be included, and that club was a strong confirmation of that statement. Still, Alec had never been nor even knew much about it until Jace was showing him pictures on his phone that afternoon while shaking his arm to beg Alec to let him take him.

Alec normally would have said no, but he knew Jace was trying really hard to be supportive, and Alec appreciated his effort, especially since one half of their family certainly didn’t share his enthusiasm. But Alec knew Jace wanted him to be happy, and that was enough to make Alec grumble out an agreement.

Coming back to the present, Alec passed over cover money to the bouncer, accepting the stamp on the back of his hand, before shrugging his hands into his pockets and rocking back on his heels.

It was an interesting sight – Alec hadn’t been much of a bar guy, even after he turned twenty-one. He was more of a pub kind of person; sipping at a beer and eating fried foods while live music played or something equally relaxing was actually enjoyable. Here, there were a lot of sweaty, barely clad bodies writhing around and an overabundance of bright lights and synthetic fog happening.

“I really don’t know if this is my scene.” Alec commented to Jace, louder than he’d normally speak but it was necessary to be heard over the pumping music bursting from the speakers.

“Just give it an hour, please? If you really hate it, we’ll go home after that.” Jace promised.

Alec exhaled slowly but nodded, heading for the nearest bar. If he was going to stick around, he’d definitely need some alcohol.

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Why I'm Not (That) Bummed About How Jerza Concluded

Like LOADS of jerza fans out there, I think that after everything between Erza and Jellal, people were expecting something a little…bigger than what we got as far as confirming that they’re canon.

That said, I’m not entirely too disappointed, even after giving it some further thought.

In the first place, being that FT is a shonen, romance is not meant to be the main course, more that side dish (Or dessert?). So yeah, got that point out of the way.

Secondly, Erza and Jellal were always in a very complicated relationship, at least from my perspective. I mean sure, they’ve cared about each other since childhood, share a lot of the same scars, etc, but with Jellal getting possessed and being all evil for a while…well, yeah that poor guy was all kinds of psychologically dented there. He came to terms with it, I like to think, in part thanks to Crime Sorciere, but in that time, from what I can tell, he and Erza didn’t get to spend all that much time seeing each other. Personally, I’d like to think that that almost-kiss was pretty clear in its own way.

Basically, the fact that now that Jellal’s no longer a fugitive from the law and he and Erza are just “seeing each other” as it’s implied makes sense to me. Yeah Erza definitely deserves that dream wedding and she and Jellal both deserve to be happy with each other, but honestly, after all that complicated crap, it’s nice for them to just be able to see each other and date like a normal couple would. After all that insanity, normal is definitely what they need.

And then maybe Jellal’ll pop that question to that fiancee of his (cause we all know who that is, especially Erza). ;)

anonymous asked:

What I love is the fact alex is the only person on the tapes that clay didn't get pissed off at or yell he would always talk to Alex as normal and even when Alex told clay what he did he responds "that doesn't seem like something you would do" it's like clay knew alex was genuinely a good person and he didn't judge him for one mistake he made

I found it so cute how he actually struggled to see how Alex could’ve made the list.

I also think it was a really great thing to add Clay also the reassuring the boy that it wasn’t so bad. It was great they showed how even a boy as innocent and nice as Clay could see the POV the boys saw making the list, I think that will really help them in the second season when they’re exploring how they raise boys into men, and how they could do that batter.

One of my favourite scenes ever (as I’ve mentioned before, because of Alex’s matching red shoes and shirt) is when Clay and Alex are just sat in silence on the bleachers. I think Alex has a beautiful heart, but maybe he just takes things really personally, and that’s why he did what he did when Jessica wouldn’t sleep with him.

I really do think that Alex never meant for the list to become what it was. He was angry at his girlfriend, he wanted his friends to stay his friends, he panicked and lashed out. Clay could understand that a little bit too, not having been great with girls himself, and also not having many friends to turn to.

I think Clay and Alex could be a beautiful friendship, and I really hope we get to see more of them in season two

Outside Opinions on Vik’s Disstrack

Since so many people who don’t follow the Sidemen or only follow KSI are watching the disstracks because they have been trending a lot, I feel like so many people who don’t know Vik’s personality are taking his track so seriously. I’ve seen so many comments saying that it is completely crap and that everyone (mainly Simon) is just sucking his dick, but they don’t realize that nobody expected Vik to actually join in with a track. He is not the type of person who normally joins in with this type of beef, on top of the fact that he is not into rap as much as the others (from what I’ve seen/heard). This is why everyone is freaking out over it, along with the fact that Vik actually had some sick disses on Deji, and shut down all of Deji’s disses on him.