it's the face of perfection okay


happy 11 years on yt to phil!!

thank you for teaching me how to love myself, from my not so perfect nose, to my not so flat stomach. you taught me how to be happy and kind, and that everyone and everything has a purpose. thank you for teaching us that its okay to be yourself, and that its okay to be weird. youve kept so many of us alive, and thats honestly so awesome. you’re under appreciated and thats stupid because you are like, the actual sunshine. so thank you phil, for being you. lov u :(

I want Magnus to initiate a kiss. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Alec-initiated kisses are great, amazing, perfect, beautiful. But I want to see Magnus grab Alec by the back of his neck, the other hand wrapped around his shirt, and I want to see him pull him down to his lips. I want to see Alec’s face as he realises this man has the power to completely ruin him with his lips. 


I’ll ask you this favour, man to man…


heyo its your favorite gay have these super old cool seflies as we celebrate the slow death of summer

Okay but Alec lounging in their bed, still sleepy despite it being 12pm, constantly yawning, his hair a mess, his breath a new weapon for killing demons, his face feeling greasy, his beautiful gorgeous boyfriend is getting ready in front of him and he’s just so incredibly foolishly ridiculously happy. And as he looks at Magnus’s flawless frame lazily moving to finally put on the outfit after spending the last hour picking it out, he stretches out his arms towards him and mumbles “Noo, come back to bed and tell me more about the time you met Mother Teresa.” Magnus chuckles, giving him a fond look and shakes his head: “You know I want to darling, but there’s a client waiting and i don’t wanna be late… another hour.” Alec pouts as he sees the perfectly sculpted chest disappear from his view and be replaced with a flowy white shirt. “Oh,” he says, a smirk tugging at his lips, “you don’t have to get dressed up for me.” Magnus looks over at him, amusement evident in his eyes, his eyebrows raised, but continuing to button up his shirt. “Fiiine,” Alec sighs dramatically and gets up from their bed to walk up to his boyfriend, wrap his hands around his waist and catch his lips in a kiss, “but I like what I saw.”


Greetings from my empty apartment…

 Okay , i have been MIA for to long so i thought i stop by with first saying i miss all you sweet and beautiful faces heheh…. and also im MOVING ! yoppppp bye bye gloomy New York and hello sunshine in Miami ! im very happy to say i got a nice place up there and plus im moving closer to my good and one of my bestfriend’s @1-800-tanisha she actually helped me look and took the time out of her busy schedule to help me find a place thats suitable for me and my pumpkin pie Blaze. 

I think its just time for a new start and what perfect way to start off spring (which is basically here) by moving lol. okay enough of the chitty chat ! i miss you guys soo soo much <333

the members of b.a.p just feel so trustworthy like they could tell me to just trust them for something and i’d be like ‘okay sure yeah what you need’ no questions asked

except youngjae

youngjae is a shady bitch

Can you read to me? | Remus Lupin


You wipe the tears from your eyes trying to calm yourself.

“Its okay” You say quietly as you sit down near under a tree by the black lake.
“Liesa?” You heard a voice you could never not recognize.

“Remus” You say trying to hide your face from your boyfriend as he took a seat next to you.

“Are you- Liesa why are you crying?” He says pulling you into his arms not even waiting for a response.

“I’m just sick of people being horrible.”

“You listen to me, non of the things they say are true. You’re beautiful and talented and you’re so so perfect” He soothes hugging you tightly.

“I dont know what i’d do with out you” You sigh as your tears stop falling.
“And you’re never going to find out” He smiles kisisng your nose.

“Remus? Can you read to me?” You ask playing with your hands.

“Of course i can” He smiles kissing your lips gently before pulling a book out of his bag.

He begins to read the pages and you rest your head on his shoulder.

Everything is so perfect. He’s so perfect.

You could feel the worry and the sadness drain from your body as you listened to his soft voice.

“Its going dark, we should probably head back to the castle” He suddenly says kissing your head

“You’re probably right” You yawn as Remus searches for something to mark the page, picking up a leaf from the ground.

You smirk as he puts the book back in his bag feeling so so so lucky.
“Come on, you can stay with me tonight, i’ll read the rest of the chapter” He says before you both walk back to the castle hand in hand.

//I feel a lot better about life when I remember that someone had to animate Prince Hans laying face-down in the snow and shaking himself like a dog.


Happy LGBTQIA+ Pride Month! I’m Daniel (he/him) and I am proud to be who I am today. Don’t let anyone tell you who to be or who you are. It may take a lot of time to feel comfortable with yourself and that’s okay but its worth it in the end. I promise. Please don’t give up. I believe in you!! 💙

(its okay, it really really is. you’re alive and you’re okay. you both are. there’s nothing more i’d ask for.)

-no. no its not okay. hey tommy, you know what? we are going to find you.  you are going to sit your bloody arse down and wait. and we will find you.

-yeah shuck-face, you’d better listen to him. good that?

-we promise. 

(thank you.)

post-TDC au in which all the trails only happened in their head like a dream. no one died in real world. the cure was made. all the infected was cured. everything’s perfect. but there’s only one thing - when they wake up, no one will remember thomas anymore.

okay so we always talking about shiros eyeliner right

and let me tell you that its pretty on point 

like even sad that shit is spot on but you know who has even better eyeliner than spacedad????????

yup look at that, zoom in that winged eyeliner (even under her eye) if fucking perfect 

even in distress that could wing could cut my face and take down voltron in one go 

I like the idea of the Rebels crew naming Kallus. Like being a spy and living in a Imperial Army, he’s learned to throw it away (he’s not an individual their, just a blank face) and Kallus becomes one of his many aliases. He can’t exactly remember his old name.

So the Ghost all put names in a tin and draw them out. Of course Zeb wins (though Hera was close), and gives him a name in the Lasat language.

i hate when i tell people who my bias in seventeen is and they are like “why? why jun?” and make me explain why junhui. like serious, when i talk about jisoo everybody is like “okay, jisoo, of course” and no one makes me explain why i like joshua. more people need to see that junhui is as perfect as everyone in svt, really.

Matt EspinosaSmut

Can I have a long matthew Espinosa smut please? I love your account its amazing!

We love you!

*Warning language and sexual content.*

It was just a lazy day at home, I hadn’t even woken up yet, until the sound of thunder awoke me with a jolt. I groan and roll to my side as I feel Matt wrap his arm around you waist. I open my eyes slightly to see his perfect face, eyes still closed.

“It’s okay babygirl, just a loud noise.” Matt mumbles sleepily kissing me weakly as I kiss back. Matt slowly falls back to sleep as I sadly, stay awake, listening to the rain and thunder outside as I study Matt’s face, every little detail. After a while Matt rolls over onto his back as I take this as my perfect opportunity. I lay on my slide and move closer to Matt, running my nails up and down his chest as I make my way to his cock. I slowly run my finger tips up and down his cock, as I wrap my hand around him properly, I move my hand up and down. I look up and see Matt looking at me, with his lips parted. I go slightly faster as I kiss and suck his neck, leaving a few hickies. 

“I want you to go first babe.” Matt groans as I apply a little more pressure around his cock, moving my hand slowly. Matt stops my hand and gets ontop of me. “I said, you go first.” Matt states sternly kissing down my naked body. As he reaches my pussy, he runs his tongue right against my clit.  “shit.” I moan as I throw my head back. 

Matt continues to use his tongue to play around with my clit, causing me to end up with my fingers in his hair tugging and pulling. Moaning his name loud. Matt takes his mouth away causing me to whimper at the loss of contact as my breathing is hitched, due to Matt sliding to fingers deep inside of me. “Fuck Matt.” I groan as I arch my back slightly. “So wet for me baby, so tight around my fingers.” Matt watching his fingers. 

“I’m going to cum.” I moan as Matt works his fingers faster.

“Cum for me baby, be a good little girl.” Matt says smirking up at me as my legs shake slightly and I cum all over Matt’s fingers. Matt moans as he takes his fingers out and licks them clean. “You taste so fucking good.” I blush as I pull Matt towards me kissing him. 

Matt runs his cock up and down my slit as I run my nails down his back. “Just fuck me.” I beg as he smiles and kisses me, as I wrap my arms around his shoulders as he slides deep inside of me. Both of us moaning. 

Matt goes faster as I pull him closer to me. “God you’re so fucking sexy.” Matt moans as I run my nails down his back, earning a groan to fall from Matt’s lips. 

After a while I flip Matt and I over so I’m riding him. I start to bounce on his cock causing Matt to grab my boobs. Sitting up as he places a hand on my back and starts kissing my cleavage. I throw my head back and keep my hips moving. 

The rain outside our window gets louder and heavier. I wrap my arms around Matt’s neck kiss him. “I’m gonna cum babe.” 

“Me to baby, just hold on.” Matt mumbles as I bite my lip, Matt grabs my ass causing me to moan. 

“I’m cumming.” I scream as my body tenses, Matt pulling me closer to him as he cums straight after me.

Matt lays back keeping me on top of him as both of our chests rise and fall. 

“Good morning.” I smirk kissing him. 

Matt laughs at me and kisses me, “Morning my girl.”

I smile and kiss Matt, standing up and walking to the bathroom. I turn and look back at Matt. “Are you going to join me?” I say winking as Matt is instantly up off the bed and ushering me into the bathroom. 

This is going to be the best rainy day.

- End - 

A/n: Sorry if it wasn’t as long as you hoped. But I hope you enjoy reading it and that it is somewhat close to what you were thinking. Thank you for the request. Have a good week loves. Requests are open, don’t forget. - Sarah x 

Jimin’s Junk

Due to popular request, a study of what’s inside Park Jimin’s pants:

1. Abs + Junk Power Duo

Because who the fuck told him it was okay to flash his abs and thrust his package practically in our faces?

2. Choreography

Because, damn son, those moves are definitely working in your favour…


Like he’s literally grabbing his dick!! I can’t survive!!

3. Just, well, standing.

I mean he’s not even doing anything and he’s still drawing attention to his crotch? Thanks Park Jimin, thanks.

I mean he does stand out…


^rlly study this one, its bigger than you first think….

To conclude, we are blessed to witness such a beautiful crotch and yoongi is a lucky man

yo its okay for movies to have similar plots because so many movies i love share similar story elements all the time. it happens. but i guess i’m just salty about coco because i know its going to be way more popular than book of life when book of life was such a labor of love :/